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12 Hour Yeast Fix

Calling all yeast infection sufferers... if you're tired of the pain
and misery, please read every word on this page carefully... it may
change your life...

Until now you've probably been terrified that your condition is

... that you're always going to have to live with the pain, the
embarrassment of a yeast infection that just won't leave you in peace.

The truth is, that's simply not the case...

You're about to discover how you can start feeling relief in just
hours from now, no matter how bad your infection is...

In fact, read every word on this page, and you'll see:

* How to quickly and easily cure your yeast infection...
* Why your Doctor's treatments may actually be harmful to you...

* And why everything you've done so far has probably only made things

Before we go any further though, I want to show you one of my success
stories... just so you know that it's okay to hope, that there's light
at the end of your tunnel:

“Turned my life around... I am now totally yeast free"

“My life was just awful - I had continuous joint and muscle pains,
constipation, stomach cramps, and I never had the energy to do

I was always tired, and it was all making me terribly depressed. I
had no idea that it was all being caused by a yeast infection... to be
honest I didn't even know what a yeast infection was.

Since trying Barbara's guide, my life has quickly improved. My
symptoms lessened immediately, and I have much more energy, so I can
do more with my life.

I am now totally yeast free.

The surprising part is that I also lost weight... I've lost 14lbs and
counting in the 3 months since I used the guide, and I can finally fit
into my old clothes.

This guide has literally turned my life around.

My only regret is that I didn't find something like this sooner. I'd
recommend it to anyone who's suffering from a yeast infection they
can't beat.”

Jackie F. Norfolk, UK

From: Barbara Moore
Location: A yeast-free zone

Dear Friend...

Let's face it...

... you're probably very frustrated right now.

You're suffering with no hope of a cure or any relief, and you don't
know where to turn.

And you're right to be frustrated... nobody understands the suffering
and embarrassment you're going through right now...

But don't worry... in just a second I'm going to show you exactly why
that is.

You're going to see why you've been struggling for so long without
relief... and it's going to completely change your opinion of your
Doctor and the healthcare system forever...

First though, I want to take a moment to reassure you - you're going
to be okay.

It's important that you understand it, so I'll say it again - you're
going to be okay

You're about to see techniques that really can beat your yeast
infection symptoms in just 12 hours...

But first I have a revelation for you...

... and it may make you angry, it may upset you, but please keep
reading. I promise you it will be worth it...

The sad truth is that your Doctor is just treating symptoms of your
yeast infection.

And most Doctors know that's all they're doing...

... but most of them are so overworked that the best they can do is
spend a quick minute or two with each patient before they have to move

Which means they never have time to get into the details with you, and
find out what's actually causing your infection... so they're forced
to just give you pills and creams for the symptoms.

Think about it... if you've got a cold, you're not going to cure it
with a Kleenex are you?

Of course not. You may stop your nose running briefly... but it will
soon start up again, won't it?

Your yeast infection is no different.

And believe me, I know that from experience.

I had a severe yeast infection starting in my early-twenties...

... the only problem was, I didn't KNOW it was a yeast infection. All
I knew is that I was experiencing some pretty awful vaginal discharge,
almost constantly, I was in pain each time I peed, and sex was just
about the worst pain I'd ever experienced.

But aside from all that... I always had this awful itchy, irritated

It's embarrassing, but I felt like I needed to scratch down there
almost constantly.

Needless to say all that had a terrible effect on my life. I've never
been a particularly shy person, but this condition really damaged my
confidence. I mean, I didn't even have a boyfriend for 7 years...

... and the whole time my other 20-something friends are going out,
meeting guys, getting married, and there I was, too scared to even go
on a single date.

Seriously... I was so scared I couldn't even date a single guy...

I was terrified the date would lead somewhere, and I'd have to make
excuses about why I was afraid to get intimate...

... and let's be honest - most guys in their 20s aren't going to be
too happy to find that sex is not at option, ever, are they?

The crazy thing is, I went through it alone.

My Doctor was next to useless (he even gave me some so-called natural
remedies that made me worse (don't worry, I'll explain those

So it was left to me to help myself. And to be honest, I became a
little obsessed with my condition.

I spent months researching... libraries... magazines... the internet
(slow as it was back then)... and to be honest, at first I didn't even
know for sure I had a yeast infection.

In fact, right now, maybe you're not sure YOU have a yeast

Let me ask you - are any of the following familiar?

* You've got the urge to urinate more and more frequently
* You experience pain or stinging sensation when you urinate

* Each time you have sex you're feeling more and more sensitive and
* You're having increased vaginal discharge, which sometimes smells

* Rashes, spots or boils in or around the genital area
* Itching/irritation around or inside your vagina
* Unrelenting and uncomfortable pain in your pelvic region

I'm not a Doctor, but if this stuff seems even a little bit familiar
to you, then there's a good chance you've got a yeast infection.

Anyway, back to the story. By the time I realized I had a yeast
infection, I'd amassed so much info from printed web pages and books
I'd bought, that I figured I knew more than my Doctor on the subject.

So I just carried on researching... but with ONE major difference.

I actually started applying all the different remedies I was finding.

I was basically using myself as a test subject... not a good idea
usually, but I was so desperate, I really didn't know what else to do.

From there it was a case of 2 steps forward, one step back, at best.
One week I'd think something was working, the next week it would stop,
and my symptoms would actually worsen...

I was cured.

No more symptoms.

No more irritation and itching

No more embarrassing excuses about never finding dates or boyfriends.

Suddenly I was free to live my life how I'd always wanted to...

... and so I did.

But recently, a friend of mine confided in me that she'd been
suffering from a terrible yeast infection for years.

I had no idea, I just thought she was one of those people who was
always sick, you know?

The funny thing was, she had no idea that I'd suffered from a
painful, humiliating yeast infection for 7 years...

... and so I dug out all my old research, and went to work on her. To
my surprise, without all the trial and error, I was able to cure her
symptoms in less than a week.

It was at that point she starting telling me I should release this
information into the world... after all, there are millions of women
in the world suffering from yeast infections without even realizing
what's happening to them.

* Finally be free of your yeast infection symptoms just 12 hours
from now
* No creams, pills, or expensive prescription meds...
* A natural, permanent cure that's suitable for everyone...

If you're sick and tired of the pain, the constant ill health, and
never knowing how to make yourself better, this is exactly what you

Seriously, you can stop searching...

You've finally found the one way to find completely natural and
healthy relief from your infection... and it really can happen
surprisingly quickly.

I'm not just saying that either, listen to how it's helped just one of
my happy customers:

“There is no better way to treat candida”

“Everyone should read this book, particularly women who suffer from
recurring vaginal yeast infections. There is no better way to treat
candida overgrowth but by holistic approaches. The natural remedies
described in your book are perfectly aligned with what I've researched
and have used with success in the past.

All other techniques/treatments I've used haven't worked - I have
used pharmaceutical treatments, as well as natural treatments in the
past. Pharmaceutical treatments simply masked symptoms, but they
eventually returned. Since learning about natural treatments, however,
my yeast overgrowth has significantly decreased.

Thanks for sharing this information (Barbara).

The information contained in the book is informative, factual,
helpful and presented in an easy-to-understand format.”

Laura Sands, California

And Laura's story is just one of the happy success stories you'll
see as you read every word on this page...

You see, the 12 Hour Yeast Fix really is a very simple method that
just about anybody can use to beat their yeast infection in no time at

Imagine for a second, how good it would be to feel your symptoms
starting to fade over the next 12 hours.

No more annoying doctor visits...

No more feeling dirty, like you've got something to be embarrassed

No more endlessly hoping that you'll kicks this illness once and for

Can you imagine that? Finally being free of your infection? You could
literally wake up tomorrow morning symptom free.

Wouldn't that make a huge difference to your life?

I'll tell you, beating my infection improved my life literally

Suddenly I had confidence that I hadn't had for years... I was
literally like a new person.

And it was great - my whole existence improved almost immediately.

Here's just some of the things revealed inside this guide (and your
Doctor will NEVER tell you most of this)

* How to be completely symptom free in just 12 hours... yes, you
read that right... 12 hours to completely yeast free existence, with
no pills, crazy creams or expensive prescriptions... if you're
desperate, this is exactly what you need...
* Why you get yeast infections... the truth behind this can be VERY
shocking... but once you understand, you can make sure that you never
get another one ever again...
* Discover the 29 methods for beating your symptoms the same day
they appear... your Doctor will never reveal this stuff, but it's
very, very effective...
* The 5 simple steps to naturally curing your yeast infection - and
making sure that it stays cured permanently, and that you never have
to worry about it recurring...
* How to completely cleanse your body, and help your own immune
system beat your infection... this is just like having a blank slate,
and getting to start over - only this time you'll never have to worry
about getting a yeast infection ever again...
* Why your diet may be the thing that's making your infection so
hard to shake... many of us are making it much harder than it needs to
be to beat our infection, and I'll show you how to turn that around
* How to make sure you don't pass your infection onto your little
ones - this can and does happen, but don't worry - if it's already
happened to you, I'll show you how to help them beat it for good,
before it becomes a serious problem in their lives
* Why your Doctor is actually making your condition WORSE... this is
very scary stuff once you realize it, but the fact is, your Doctor
probably isn't helping you - even if you think he's doing a great job!
* The big problem with prescription medication... and why, if you're
on prescription medication now, you're practically leaving an open
invite for your infection to never ever leave your body, and get
steadily worse...

That sounds like a lot already I know, but there's actually way more
valuable information inside this great guide.

You see, 12 Hour Yeast Fix is completely different from any other
yeast remedy you've tried.

You've probably been pushed from place to place - maybe you've seen
multiple Doctors, consultants, Pharmacists, and they probably all told
you something different, didn't they?

Not only that, but they probably gave you completely conflicting
advice, didn't they?

Well don't worry.

Inside 12 Hour Yeast Fix, I won't just show you how to beat your
infection (although, that's what you're looking for, right?)

I'll also tell you exactly why you got a yeast infection - and why
you may have had it for years before even realizing what the problem

For example, right now I'm going to take a moment to show you exactly
what a yeast infection is... and I'll bet nobody ever took the time to
explain it to you before, did they?

Good question. A lot of women (sufferers included) have no real idea,
which is why you hear so many wrong definitions, and you get so much
conflicting information.

Here's a correct definition though:

Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection of any of the Candida
species, commonly referred to as a yeast infection.

Put simply, it's caused by an overgrowth of yeast in your body, most
commonly in the vaginal area. There are many causes and many different
symptoms, which makes it very difficult to diagnose and treat.

Common Causes:

* Vaginal detergents/douches

* Pregnancy

* Birth Control pills

* Sex

* Dietary issue

Scary I know, but any time the delicate balance of bacteria in your
vagina is disturbed, you're at risk from experiencing a yeast
overgrowth. When this happens, the symptoms can range from mild
irritation and increased discharge to serious illness and even death
(but more about that in a little while)

That's pretty nasty isn't it?

Well, the worst part is that conventional medicine is next to useless
when it comes to identifying and treating a yeast infection. There are
so many symptoms, and they show up in so many different ways for
different people, sometimes, even knowing that you have one is

But that's okay - I'm not a Doctor. I'm not paid extra by
pharmaceutical corporations to push certain drugs onto you... I'm just
someone who was once in your position, and I want you to know that
there IS a solution out there.

Because let's face it - a yeast infection can ruin your life.

When I had mine, at first I had no idea what was going on. I honestly
thought I had some other kind of nagging illness, or lots of different
problems, because the symptoms were so varied.

The worst thing by far was the embarrassment though - I was so
embarrassed by the nasty discharge and odors I was getting from my
vagina, that I was literally afraid to get intimate with anyone.

Put bluntly, my yeast infection cost me about 7 years of boyfriends
and sex.

Not to mention the other stuff - my symptoms ranged from migraine
headaches to constipation and bloating...

... and God, every time my period came, it hit hard. And it seemed to
get worse each month.

It's not surprising that most women find yeast infections can
completely ruin their lives, is it?

The really scary thing is that because the symptoms can be so varied,
most women with yeast infections don't even know they have them!

You've probably been misdiagnosed so many times, and that means
everything you do to try and fix your illness actually makes your
yeast infection worse.

Seriously - I'm not kidding when I say the symptoms are
wide-ranging... and most of them have NOTHING to do with your vagina
or infected area...

... check them out below:


* Chest Pains

* Insomnia

* Mood Swings

* Diarrhea

* Skin rashes

* Swollen joints

* Depression

* Blurred vision

* Dandruff

* Nasal Congestion

All those are just a handful of the terrifying symptoms that can
happen to your body once the yeast takes hold.

There are plenty more, too... and they've got NOTHING to do with your
vagina, or infected area.

So listen... even if you're not sure you've actually got a yeast
infection, if you've been experiencing anything even remotely like
these symptoms, you really may have something to worry about

And that sounds scary enough, but here comes the really scary part...

I'm not kidding... if left to develop long enough, yeast infections
can and do open the doors to some other, very serious (and life
threatening) illnesses...

Right now, your yeast infection is stopping your body from getting
the essential vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. Your body
simply can't absorb it, as the yeast is getting there first.

If this continues too long, you'll leave your body wide open to
attacks from all kinds of illnesses and viruses... not to mention
leaving an open invitation for the yeast cells to run wild and spread
even further.

And yes, you guessed it, that will make your immune system even

Even a common cold or virus is hard to kick at this stage, and your
body will likely go into a "vicious cycle" of contracting one illness
after another, going on and on, until your immune system simply cannot
recover and you get struck down by something serious.

Without proper nutrition, your body cannot fix itself and grow
stronger, but a yeast infection is preventing you getting that

Once your yeast cells overgrow, there's a danger they'll mutate into
mycelia. The mycelia cells grow legs and attached themselves to your
intestinal walls, and bowel. The legs create small rips in those
walls, which allows more yeast cells, undigested foods, toxins, and
even your own human waste to enter your blood stream.

This can happen in as little as six months, and the mutated cells
will also work hard to steal the nutrients from the foods you eat,
leaving you incapable of rebuilding your immune system.

As if all that's not bad enough, the mycelia cells are also
generating their own harmful toxins, such as acetaldhyde to help
weaken your immune system even further.

Once these toxins build up, they can attack your internal organs, and
reduce their functionality. If this gets to your liver or kidneys,
your body won't be able to expel all the waste that it needs to,
resulting in a dangerous toxin build up in your body, which causes
further damage.

When that stage is reached, it's only a matter of time before the
yeast attacks and starts to weaken your heart, lungs, and even your

Just when you think things can't possibly get worse, they do.

Once the yeast infection fungus has found it's way into your
bloodstream, another of the harmful toxins it will distribute is
ethanol. This attacks your blood cells directly, and makes it much
harder for them to function normally.

In short, you'll start to feel constantly tired, run down, and leave
you open for other, serious illnesses to attack you, as your body
slowly stops functioning properly.

It's at this stage when you can normally experience the more serious
health problems, such as kidney failure, blood disorders, and severe
depression, brought on by the yeast infection interfering with the
chemical balances in your brain.

Isn't that terrifying?

You see, unless you fully beat your yeast infection, and get the
yeast overgrowth out of your body for good, it will NEVER leave...

... and you'll get worse and worse, and probably never really get to
the root cause of what's wrong with you... which leaves you open to
even worse things.

If your infection is allowed to continue ravaging your body, you
could be left with a permanently weakened immune system, infertility,
and even life threatening kidney failure.

Believe it or not, an untreated yeast infection really can snowball
into a life-threating illness.

And the whole time, your Doctor will have probably no idea how to
help you.

I'm not kidding or exaggerating when I say it really doesn't have to
be like that for you.

You're here. You've found it.

Your search really is over, because 12 Hour Yeast Fix is the only way
I've ever seen to help you banish your infection from your life

It really can help you, just like it's already helped many other

And to put it mildly, people are usually blown away by their

See what these happy customers said:

“the most comprehensive candida resource I have found”

“Since I was first diagnosed with candida I have spent hours
researching candida over the internet but I am yet to find a resource
as comprehensive as yours. Your book was the only source I've found
that explained why the immune system was affected and how it became so
easy to pick up infection after infection. This being my only
noticeable problem (other than thrush) it was great to finally
understand how and why it happened, and to get a definitive answer
that it was candida causing me to pick up a new virus every two/three

I've tried using prescribed anti fungals with no success (and now
know why from your book). I've never been a big believer before in
natural treatments, having studied a medical-based degree myself, but
after exhausting all medical
possibilities I turned to alternative medicine and have found that
it's worked wonders and definitely won't be so narrow minded about
natural therapies/alternative medicine in the future

This has been the most comprehensive candida resource I have found.
I have spent many hours over many months trying to learn more about my
condition and none went into as much detail as you have. It is a great
resource to keep for future reference.”

Melissa, (details kept private by request)

“My thrush has disappeared completely”

“I made 2 trips to the doctor who prescribed anti fungal creams,
they didn't work but when I tried the advice in the ebook my symptoms
soon cleared up. My thrush has disappeared completely since following
the diet advice in the ebook, and the symptoms have not returned.

The ebook is well written and provides lots of weapons to promptly
resolve any yeast infection very easily. A lot of great, detailed
step-by-step advice and easy to follow instructions.

I feel the ebook is a must for anyone who has a yeast infection who
wants to resolve their problem quickly, and is frustrated with other
uneffective prescriptions or treatments.”

Abraham, Birmingham, UK

That sounds great doesn't it?

... and to be honest, it is. When you finally kick your infection,
you'll feel like you just woke up from a bad dream. It really will be
the first day of the rest of your life.

There'll be no more worrying about what's wrong with you, wondering
why you're always so tired, why your periods are such an ordeal...

... all that stuff can fade into the distance once you've gotten your
infection under your control.

What's more, you'll probably get a huge confidence boost, too. I know
I did.

The sad thing is, when you have a yeast infection, it's very hard to
let other people know isn't it? So it's like you're carrying a dirty
little secret around with you every day of your life. And the thing
with secrets, is that they get heavier and heavier the longer you
carry them.

At the worst points of my infection, I just wanted to break down and
tell my girlfriends all about it, but I was just too embarrassed -
ashamed even. You see, a lot of people mistakenly relate yeast
infections with poor personal hygiene, so if we do come out and tell
somebody, we're often worried they'll think we're dirty, aren't we?

So really, although 12 Hour Yeast Fix can beat your infection for
good, what it's actually doing is giving you your freedom back...

... I mean, I actually stopped taking vacations when I was infected -
I was so afraid that swimming in the ocean or the intense heat would
cause some kind of problem for me.

You see, there's one major side effect from the 12 Hour Yeast Fix

... and that's weight loss.

Once you use my natural techniques, your body will be so in tune with
itself, any excess weight you're carrying can just fall off you...

Obviously, each body is different, we all weigh different amounts,
and it depends on your diet and other stuff, but I've seen people lose
as much as 10 - 15lbs.

Imagine that - not only beating your yeast infection, but losing
15lbs while you do it...

That would really change your life, wouldn't it?

It doesn't stop there either - check out a few of the other benefits
you'll see:

* How to spot the early warning signs of a yeast infection (with
these, you're NEVER in danger of getting another one...)
* Get my custom-written, 15 question quiz that will most likely let
you know whether you've got a yeast infection or not, with MUCH more
accuracy than most Doctors...
* Why your vacations may actually be causing your yeast
infections... seriously, the most relaxed part of your life may be
causing your misery... but don't worry, I'll show you how to put a
stop to it FAST
* How to completely overhaul your immune system so your body easily
overcomes even the strongest yeast infection with no need for risky
medicines or expensive prescriptions...
* Why the medications you've already tried may have made your
infection ten times stronger and many times harder to get rid of...
but don't worry, I'll show you how to do it
* The 10 "yeast ">... and I'll tell you in just a second (and don't
worry, I promise you it's WAY less than you're thinking)

But first, it's very important that you understand exactly what
you're getting.

You see, 12 Hour Yeast Fix is a total package, containing everything
you need to beat your yeast infection for good, in almost no time at

So you're getting:

12 Hour Yeast Fix

The main 137 page guide where I'll show you exactly why you're
infected, what it means, and most importantly how to beat the
infection as soon as possible...

... and the best part is it's totally natural, and you won't be
relying on wacky creams or pills...

Your Quick-Start Guide

If you're in pain or you just can't take it any more, don't worry,
because the quick start guide will show you exactly what you need to
do to start making a difference now...

And listen, there's a lot more for you too...

You see, I know that the only way for you to beat your infection is
to take serious action.

And to reward you for taking action and downloading this today, I'm
also going to throw in these fast action bonuses:

(By the way, non of this stuff is available anywhere else)

Yeast Free Diet -- $67 Value

Diet has a HUGE effect on your body, and can be a big reason behind
yeast infections. Here you get everything you need to turf that nasty
infection out of your body for good, including Meal Plans, Shopping
List, 3 Day Detox Diet, Food Diary - it's all here

Stress Free Life -- $47 Value

Believe it or not, stress can be one of the biggest factors in your
infection. It's hard to know what to do about it though, so here
you'll get everything you need to find out whether you're stressed,
what to do if you are, and how to stay stress free forever...

Aromatherapy To Beat Your Yeast Infection -- $17 Value

For years, many people have been quietly using aromatherapy to beat
all manner of illnesses, including severe yeast infections. Here, I
show you exactly how to use these techniques the right way, to really
help you...

Stay Yeast Free -- $17 Value

Okay, now you've beaten your infection, the last thing you want is
for it to come back, right? That's why I've included this final
bonus... you'll see how to monitor your body and watch for the early
warning signs of the dreaded yeast trying to come back...

You're getting everything you could need to beat your infection for

And don't forget, those bonuses are what you get for getting this

Well, the short answer to that is nowhere near as much as you'd

Before we get into that though, let me ask you a question...

... how much is it worth to you to get rid of your yeast infection?

How much would you pay for me to wave a magic wand, and have you wake
up tomorrow with no sign of ever having had an infection?

Seriously, if you could put a number on it, what would it be? Two
hundred dollars? A thousand?

Back when I was still suffering, I'd have paid literally anything to
be free of it. I'd have quite honestly cleaned out my bank account to
fix that situation.

It held me back in every aspect of my life, and stopping that was
priceless to me... I literally can't put a value on it...

I mean, I would have happily paid ten grand for it, fifty grand,
whatever. If I had it, I'd have paid it.

After all, I was already paying out $75-$100 a month on prescription
medication that my clueless doctor insisted I take...

... so even three or four hundred bucks would have been a bargain,
because after a couple of months I'd be SAVING money on what I used to

But don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for anything like $400

I'm not even asking you to pay $200...

... in fact, not even $100.

If you act on this right now, you'll get the whole 12 Hour Yeast Fix
package for just $59.95
(keep reading, I've just slashed the price and given you a huge today
only discount)

12 Hour Yeast Fix is exactly what you need...

... a simple, effective cure for your yeast infection.

You see, I've already watched it work wonders on other people just
like you.

And I'm so confident that it's going to work for you too, that I'm
going to give you a whole 56 days to try it out.

That's 8 whole weeks!

So go ahead, download my guide right now... and if you're not
completely cured within 8 weeks, let me know, and I'll provide an
instant, no-questions refund.

And when I say no questions, I mean it.

You won't find me asking you to prove that you tried it, why you
didn't like it, or anything like that.

The bottom line is, if you're not happy, I'm not happy, so if you
decide you want a refund, I'll make sure you get every penny of your
cash back, quickly and politely.

No questions, no arguments, and no excuses.

Your peace of mind is just that important to me.

I'm making sure that I'm the only person taking a risk here, so go
ahead, take advantage of me today...

I'm serious about helping you beat your yeast infection, just like
I was serious about promising you a huge discount for today only.

So if you go ahead and place your order right now, you can get the
whole package for just $37.

Just $37 to permanently cure your condition, and get your freedom

Couple that with my no-risk guarantee, and you have a win-win

Hit the button below, and make it happen, right now...

Let's be honest with each other...

... we both know that the pain and suffering of a yeast infection can
completely ruin your life.

But in front of you right now you have something that could be your
ticket to a completely yeast-free life... a life that contains all the
freedom you've been trying to get back.

And it's going to cost you just $37.

Think about it for a second - what else are you going to do with $37?

It doesn't get you much these days.

You could maybe buy some groceries... put some gas in the car...

... or maybe you could just put it toward your prescription
yeast-infection meds, if you're on them.

But let's face it... none of those things are going to help you beat
your infection, are they?

I mean, even if you are on prescription meds, chances are you've been
on them for some time, and they haven't made a whole lot of difference
have they?

Think about it this way... if I asked you to pay monthly for this
(which I'm not), $37 over a year would be just $3.08 per month...

... 71 cents a year...

... or just 10 cents a day.

Isn't it worth a measly ten cents a day to be permanently free of your
yeast infection for the rest of your life?

Of course it is...

So go ahead and hit the button below right now:

Let's talk about this sensibly for a moment...

... after all, beating your infection is serious business.

And that means that right now, you're standing at a crossroads...

In one direction is the same old life you've been living...

The same constant pain from your infection...

The same embarrassment and discomfort...

... and the same endlessly wishing it would finally end


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I really wish I could take this next step for you... but I can't.

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That means you've got absolutely nothing to lose, and your health and
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On this page you've seen the story of how I beat my own and my
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be truly life threatening.

You've also seen undeniable proof from normal everyday people who are
already enjoying relief because of 12 Hour Yeast Fix.

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But from here, it's up to you.

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To your yeast-free existence,

Barbara Moore

P.S.- Don't forget - the secrets and techniques I'm revealing in this
guide aren't the usual run-of-the-mill stuff your Doctor has been
fobbing you off with -- this is stuff that can really help you beat
your symptoms in just 12 hours...

P.P.S.- I'm reserving the right to increase the price of this at any
time - if you're seeing a $37 price tag today, please be aware that if
you come back it may have risen to $57...

P.P.P.S.- One final thing you need to know - you get my guide and all
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P.P.P.P.S.- I know that men sometimes get yeast infections too, and
often their Doctors will be totally clueless... so I've made 100% sure
that the techniques in here work just as well for men as well as

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