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The Wine Connoisseur



Secrets of How To Order Wine
Like a Seasoned Pro Every Time
Amaze your
friends when you "speak wine" to the waiter just like
you'd been doing it all your life!

Dear Friend,
Ever been to a fancy
restaurant and had to order the wine? 
Ever feel a little unsure of what the "right" wine really is?
If you've ever wished you could select wines with confidence... knowing which wine to
order with certain dishes, and which wines to avoid...
If you long to appreciate wine, but want to do so without
becoming a "snob"...
Then these pages were written
just for you.

"The following are actual testimonials about The
Wine Connoisseur"
"Thanks for publishing such a great book. All the information I have read has been really useful. I can really impress my work friends now."
Stuart Hawkings - Brighton

"Since buying this e-book I have been able to help friends and family with confidence. Everyone now asks my advice before buying any wine. Cheers!."
Dave Preston - Wales
"Amazing value, bottoms up!"
Su Williamson - London
Its nice to know red wine is actually good for you - the book goes into so much more detail about why. At least now I have an excuse to drink more!
Darren Harman - Durham

I can order with fish, red meats, cheese with confidence.
Ellie Miles - Oxford



















Here's the story...
What's the Fuss All About?
Why is there a "right" way to appreciate wine?
Isn't it just a matter of drinking "what you like"?
Yes and no.
Yes, because it's okay to select a few wines that you
like and drink them when you want.
No, because if you give some thought to what food you
will be enjoying with your wine, the flavors of the food
and wine can be combined in ways that enhances your enjoyment
of both.
When you understand how the qualities of the grapes,
the age of the wine, where the grapes are grown and how...you
can make better choices about what wine to drink at any
meal or occasion.
It's not a matter of selecting the "right" wine; it's
a matter of selecting the one that will be the most enjoyable.
And once you know how, it's not that tough to do.
Let's start with the most basic decision...
Red or White?
When you go to a restaurant or if you’re just going
to buy yourself a few bottles of wine, it can be surprisingly
difficult to choose between a red wine or a white wine. 
The choice for me at least stems more from personal preference. 
If I know that I don’t like a certain red wine
I’ll avoid that and maybe go on to selecting a white
And if I’m in the mood to be lulled by something
that is rich and heavy, I might find myself swaying towards
a good red wine. 
The thing with choosing reds and white wines though is
that you simply can’t compare the two against each
Both are distinctly different from each other, and both
have their good sides and their not so good sides. 
Basically though it
comes down to choice: which wine would you prefer
to drink today? 
There - was that so hard?
Not at all.
And this is the kind of easy-to-follow advice I give
in my new ebook, The
Wine Connoisseur . 
In my book, I walk you through all the basics of appreciating,
ordering, and drinking wine.
And the best part is, it's not hard to do at all.
Who Am I And Why Should
You Listen To Me?
I am not a "wine snob".
I'm a regular person, like you.
I enjoy wine, and I was ignorant of how to order wines
until I decided to learn all about it.
I did the research.
Read the books.
Drank a lot of wine (sure, a tough job, but I was willing
to "take one for the team").
And I like things simplified and spelled out.
So that's what I did -- I wrote it all down, simplified
and explained step-by-step.
And I've gone from knowing nothing about wine appreciation
to being good at it!
You can too,
because I took all the lessons I've learned...
Both the things that worked for me and also the things
that did not work...
I compiled my notes into a handy, simple-to-follow guide
that is quick & easy to read!
What You'll Learn From This

This book spells out exactly
what you need to know about wines.
In my book, The
Wine Connoisseur, you'll learn:

The keys to choosing
between red & white; it's not what you think.

"The French Paradox" - why drinking wine can make
you live longer (at least according to 60

How to choose the
right wines for any food or occasion.

The truth about antioxidants in wine, and what this
critical information means to your health.

All your wine questions
answered clearly, in non-technical language.

Now, how do I know you can learn these things?
Because I learned them...by trial and error.
And if I can do this, I know you can too.
Plus, I put all this information  into a fast-reading,
easy-to-follow ebook (electronic book) you can download
mere seconds from now.
Once you get a copy of this book and follow its intsructions...
You Too Can "Speak Wine"!
Maybe you don't see yourself as a wine connoiseur yet.
And maybe your family and friends don't think so either
-- yet.
Maybe they would laugh
if you told them about your new ambitions.
But they won't be laughing when you order wine with the
confidence of someone who's been doing it all their life.
Can't you just see it now?
... Just Some Of What You'll Learn
In The Wine Connoisseur
Here's just a little taste of what's inside this book
(which you can be reading in less than 2 minutes from
now if you want)...

What the fuss is all about -
surprising reasons why wine appreciation matters,
and how it can make your life better. (page 12)

wine is good for you - what the French and
60 Minutes know about drinking wine that you don't.
(page 16)

Champagne mysteries revealed...
this quick study guide will teach you everything
you need to know about bubbly.  (page 19)

wine... it's easier than you think to make
your own wine. Here's everything you need to know. 
(page 21-35)

The different types of wine. This
quick-study guide will be your roadmap to the world
of wines. (page 31-36)

or not? How to know whether you should chill
any wine, instantly. (page 38)

of the world. The differences and advantages
of wines from France, Napa Valley, and Australia
.(page 42)

How to have a "wine cellar" no
matter where you live. The specific details
of how to store your wine for maximum life and flavor,
including the secrets of "calm storage", angles,
light and humidity.  (page 43-47)

quick & simple guide to picking the right wine
for any meal.   You'll love this
"thumbnail guide" to which wines go best with which
foods. (page 48)

rules for attending a wine tasting.  
This guide will help you avoid embarassment, and
have you conducting yourself like a pro. (page 62)

comprensive list of wine accessories. From
corkscrew to wine chiller, from aerator to glass
wash...if it's made for wine lovers, we cover it.
(page 67-70)

Think about what your life will be like when you know
these wine secrets (along with all the other ones I reveal
in this one-of-a-kind book).
How Much Does The Book Cost?
The real question is ask is: how
much is it worth to finally know all the stuff
about wine you've always wanted to know?
I suppose you could do what most people do -- just "make
it up as you go", and use the "trial and error" method.
But why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge
I've put into this simple book?
And I boil all down for you in very simple, easy to understand
than 100 pages -- no fluff, all information you can put
to work right now.
your copy of the book for just $47.
I'll send you not only the book itself, but also the
audio book (which you can listen to on your iPod or other
MP3 player, or on your computer... or even burn it to
CD). And if it doesn't work - I'll send you back your
Doesn't $47 seem reasonable? And just in case you missed
what I was saying, let me be clear...
You Get The Book PLUS The
Audio Book!

When you order your copy of The
Wine Connoisseur today, you get the book in two
different formats:

Downloadable eBook.
You can be reading The
Wine Connoisseur in as little as 2 minutes from
right now (even if it's 2am on a Sunday!). My automated
system will deliver your copy as a downloadable PDF
file (which can be read on any computer). You can read
the book on your computer, or you can print it out if
you like.
Download your copy.

Downloadable Audio
book. I'll also deliver you the Audio book version
in MP3 format. You can listen to it on your iPod or
other MP3 device, burn it to a CD, or just listen to
it right on your computer. The choice is yours!
Download your copy.

Try The Book Risk-Free For 8 Full Weeks!
There's no need to make up your mind right

Get your copy of the book.
Read it.
Show off your new knowledge
of wines.
See if it works for you -- if it gets you started on
your new wine appreciation hobby (it will).
I don't want you to take any risk at all in ordering
this book. So here's what I'm willing to do: you get the
book and audio, and put me to the test for EIGHT
If  at the end of the 8 weeks you don't feel amazed,
dazzled, and delighted with all your new appreciation
of wines, then please...
Simply ask for a refund. 
I'll give you 100% of your money back. No
hassle. No questions.

8-Week Unconditional Guarantee"
My personal promise to you:

If The
Wine Connoisseur doesn't work for you,
I don't want to keep your money.
your copy of the book right now.
If it doesn't fulfill your every
expectation, help you
appreciate, order, and enjoy wines like a true
connoiseur, and leave your friends
and family asking, "How did you learn all
If you're not 100%
thrilled and delighted with the results... 
Just ask for a refund and I'll
send you every penny of your money back. 
It's that simple, and the risk
is 100% on my part... not yours.

Don't forget - you have up to 56 days to decide ... 
For that matter, you get to keep everything
(how could I make you "un-download" your book and audio
book, even if I wanted to?).
If you were less than honest, you could
download you book and easily rip me off. 
But I'm placing my faith in you, I trust
you won't do such a thing!

Order Your Own Personal Copy Of The
Wine Connoisseur Right

Download Form
I want to finally learn how to I can become The
Wine Connoisseur I've always wanted
to be.. please give
me INSTANT ACCESS to my downloadable
copy of The
Wine Connoisseur right now...

Clickbank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer
specializing in digitally delivered products.
I will be able to immediately
download my eBook (electronic
book)... even if it's 2am on a Sunday.

I understand that I
have 56 days (8 weeks) to test each
and every bit of information in your
book and if I am not 100% thrilled
with the The
Wine Connoisseur, I can get
a full refund from my PayPal transaction (After this time we are not able to refund any money through PayPal).

I understand I also
get the audio book version, which
means I can listen to a professional
recording of the entire book, any
time I want, as many times as I want.
The recording can be played on my
computer, on my iPod, burned to a
CD -- any way I want to use it!

The instant my order is
approved, I'll download my copy of the


What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose...
...and a satisfying new appreciation of wine to enjoy!
Do it now.


Simon Dorn


Now's your chance to finally
get started appreciating wine. This one is
a no-brainer thanks to your 8-week guarantee. Do
it now...


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