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A Suppressed Method for Generating Absolutely Free Electric Energy, and never paying a single dime for electricity again.


A rarely known device that uses "Ambient Vibration Energy"... and turns it into free electricity... so you can fully eliminate your power bill for life!  



The secret is out - and there's nothing THEY can do to stop it.

Now you can harness "ambient vibrations" and energy fields... and... with a very simple device you can build yourself... turn it into free energy you can use to power ANY household appliances!

And with a large enough generator, you can say goodbye to the annoying electricity bill... and even give power back to the grid!

How? Simple: by using the massive untapped resources of "ambient vibrations" that are all around us (more about this in a moment)

It's amazing - and it's real. Here's a small scale example of the technology in action:



In the above video, you can see just how easy it is to charge a regular mobile... and you can build the generator for just $2 (that's not a misprint... just TWO DOLLARS!)

But what if you could scale the device, and power up something larger, like a refrigerator? Or better yet... why not go even further, and power up an entire household?

It's possible - when you get our detailed blueprints and step-by-step "how to" instructions! In fact, going off-grid with your own "Ambient Vibration Energy (AVE) Generator" is as easy as 1-2-3


"Why Should I Use an A.V.E. Generator?"


The question is, why shouldn't you? A.V.E. generators are simple to build, extremely affordable, and reliable. In fact, here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing an A.V.E. Generator in your house TODAY:

generates FREE energy 24/7 - so you can slash your monthly electricity bill by 30%... 60%... or even 100%!

extremely affordable to build: materials cost anything between $2 (small scale generators) to around $172 (large scale generators to power up an entire household)

set-and-forget: requires almost no maintainance whatsoever!

weather-proof: unlike solar panels or wind turbines, you don't need good weather

simple to build: with our step by step instructions, you can build one even if you have no DIY experience... or you've never used a soldering iron before.

and best of all - it's 100% "green", emission-free energy!

How It Works


It's simple: you'll get the full instructions on how to build an "ambient vibration electricity" generator - so you can power up anything and everything:

... from small devices like mobile phones or mp3 players...

... to medium-size appliances like stereos, radios, TV sets...

... and even electricity-guzzlers like refrigerators, plasma TVs or water heaters!

And if you follow our instructions, you'll even be able to get off the grid by the end of the month!

The AVE Generator is an easy to build device that uses a "dish" antenna to tap into an unlimited storehouse of wave energy from the atmosphere, and turn it into a steady flow of electricity.

Where does all this electricity come from? Two sources actually: man made (radio stations, mobile communication relays) and natural. And the good news is, you too can "make electricity out of thin air"... and power your home for free.
"Works best when placed outside..."
"Hey - I'm writing this in a hurry - still can't believe my eyes! I've literally finished building my AVE Generator 15 minutes ago and I've been glued to the multimeter ever since! It seems to work best when placed outside... I'll keep you guys posted about my results!"

Lance Ek, Denver, Colorado

"If This Technology Really Works,
Why Aren't More People Using It?"


Here's the problem with "ambient vibration" energy: the moment you discover how to use it, Big Energy loses a customer. They don't want this. So they're using every trick in the book to put a lid on this amazing technology.

Ambient vibration energy is far from new. In fact, scientists have been working on similar technologies for almost 200 hundred years.

Consider Nikola Tesla, possibly the greatest physicist and inventor ever to be born. Using his fame, Tesla secured a massive investment from J.P. Morgan for what should have been a game-changing invention.

Tesla built a 20-story transmission tower on Long Island, with the purpose of transmitting electricity wirelessly to a receiver. Yet this invention wasn't sitting well with the corporate fat cats. Wireless electricity would have made metering impossible - so when JP Morgan found out what the invention was really about, he pulled the plug on the financing (Tesla actually died broke because of this...)

Now... we're not going to show you how to transmit electricity wirelessly, because you don't need to. All you need to know is how to harness the endless pool of "ambient energy" in the atmosphere.
"Goodbye Energy Robber Barrons..."
"Thanks to the AVE Generator I've finally said goodbye to the energy robber barrons! I'm off the grid, and loving every minute of it!"

Ted Lage, Chicago, Illinois
"Juicing up my TV and refrigerator..."
"Hey, I'm writing to let you know that I've finally built my first generator with my son. Total costs: around $45 (found all the supplies at a local store).

Now I'm juicing up my TV and refrigerator... I'll tell you, this is an amazing technology and I'm so excited to see it in action!"

Jamie Gahan, Austin, Texas

How Much Can You Save?

It all depends on how much you're currently paying on electricity... and on how far you want to take your project.

You can power up just a few household appliances... or you can get entirely off the grid. The choice is yours. But the bottom line is - you can start saving hundreds of dollars each month with your own AVE Generator - as soon as this month!

What's more, you don't have to break the bank with super-expensive equipment. Last time we checked, a medium-sized solar panel system was little over $10,000. Wind power systems aren't cheap either... expect to throw at least $5,000 on a decent turbine.

But because the h-gh-output AVE Generator costs just $170 to build, you can save all that money... and use it for something more useful (you can buy a new car with what you'd pay on a retail solar panel system!)

How Much Does It Cost?

Think about it: how much is your energy independence worth to you? To some, the hundreds of dollars they save each month are a godsend (especially during these tough times).

But to others, the feeling of complete freedom is much more important. Knowing that you don't owe anyone a red cent... and that the electric company is actually PAYING you for the excess electricity. You can't put a price tag on this.

And since ambiental vibration energy is so abundant (virtually limitless), there's no reason why more people shouldn't enjoy it.

So here's the deal:

The AVE Generator DIY guide is on sale today - and you can try it for just $47!. You can built a test-device for just $2 (as you've seen in the video above), or a larger one for more (costs up to $170 if you want to power up an average household).

You'll get 50 pages of step-by-step instructions and detailed blueprints - so that you can build it even if you lack the technical skills (don't worry... building one will be a lot easier than you might think).

What's more, you'll get out 24/7 technical support - so if you get stuck, we're here to help.

PLUS... you're covered by our 60-day No-Hassle, No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee. Here's how it works:

Our 60-Day No Hassle, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Try the AVE Generator today. Build a small scale generator, and power up your ipod to see the technology in action. Then, build a stronger generator. See what it's like to power up your refrigerator, plasma TV, or stereo system with FREE, 100% clean energy.

And then decide.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the AVE Generator DIY Guidebook, you owe us nothing. Just send us an email at support@electricityblueprint.com and we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

And because the guide is in electronic format, you can keep it - just as a way of saying "thank you" for keeping an open mind.

Fair enough?




On Sale For A Limited Time!

A regular $197 Price (Now Just $47!)


Yes! I want to slash my electricity bill by 30%... 60% or even 100%!

I want to save hundreds of dollars each month - with FREE energy from my DIY A.V.E. Generator.

I understand that I'll receive everything I need in order to build my own generator (even if I'm low-tech and I've never built anything before).

I’m aware that this package gives me everything I need to gain my energy independence, and get off the grid.



[“Yes! Give Me Instant Access to the AVE Generator Guidebook”](http://1.electricbp.pay.clickbank.net/)


"They Laughed At Me..."
"I showed the AVE Generator to my neighbor and he laughed at me... saying I was crazy for trying this stuff. Guess who's laughing now: while he's paying a small fortune to the electric company each month, I've cut my bill by half in just a month!"

Mathew Heidler, Miami, Florida

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