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Access to Internet, preferred through your own computer.
2 hours of your time every day 6 days a week
Ability to understand read and write English       IS THIS POSSIBLE, AND WHAT IS THE JOB ?     YES, it's very possible, I will guide you, by taking your hand through it step by step, in the very extreme details, until you become a big enterpriser in the biggest ever industry, the Information Technology. You will become an IT Moderator, an Information Technology Broker.
What I will be doing exactly?

You will get work or projects that need to be done by professionals in specific field, ( I will show you how to get lots of this kind of work ), and give this work or the projects to a specialist in that field to do it for you ( I will show you how to find many such professionals. ) Of course, with a big difference being in the amount you charged the project owner and the amount you will pay the specialist for doing the work.

Is profit guaranteed?

YES, 100% Guaranteed profit, as you will be taking advance payment from projects owners, and paying the professionals who will do these projects AFTER the work is completed and the clients are fully satisfied. You are always in control.

As an IT Broker how much I can earn?

In worse cases, you can earn equal to what the IT Professionals earn, while they are the ones who do the work, and you just broker it. In many cases you can make 10 times what IT professionals make, this profession is far more profitable than broking properties.

How is it possible to earn 10 times the IT Professionals?

Yes, it's very possible, it can even be 100 times more, here is how:
The works you will be getting are from big companies, in USA, UK Europe…etc. where these companies' management pays IT professionals a huge hourly salary.
You will get this work done from individual professionals, who live in poor countries and who take little monthly salary, like Romania, Russia, Ukraine, India and many others. There will be a huge difference in how much you will be charging your clients, and how much you will be paying professionals to get the work done.

Also, a professional can take work according to his executing capacity, an example would be, if a programmer takes a project to make certain software/website...etc, and that needs one month's time, he cannot take another project during this month.

While you, as you are not the one who will be doing this software, you will not be busy all month long as the professional who is doing it himself. You are free until the software gets done, you can take a 100 more projects and give them to 100 more professionals. With this you end up making 100 times more than any IT professional.

"I do not know programming or designing, not even any of the technical terms."

You do not need to know, as you are not the person who will do the work. You will outsource it to the real one who do know.

Is it all about programming and designing?

NO, there will be far much more than this, to name some: Translation, Data Entry, Content Writing .... and many more.

Will I be able to understand and do this work?

YES, you will and you will be very successful, all you need is the above infrastructure, willingness, and desire to succeed, along with some patience when you first start.

What Will The Tutorial Show Me? :
Where you will get clients. How to convince them to give you the work. How to take advance payments and securities. Where to find professionals who will do this work. How to make professionals accept doing the work for a fraction of its cost. How to make professionals finish the work to the clients demands. How to get payments from clients and how to pay professionals, as well as when. How to make clients come to you for more work again, and again, and again... How to build your very own virtual IT Company, with No Budget, No Investment, Or any pervious Knowledge.
Clients will only know you, as they give the work to you, and you give them the completed work back (regardless of who actually did the work), and you will end up an IT service provider company.

If you do what is mentioned in this tutorial "WORD BY WORD", you end up getting what is promised here "WORD BY WORD".


One time payment of just $29.95


Yes Believe it, just for $29.95 this is a special offer, for a limited time.


This tutorial is a digital PDF tutorial you will get instant access to the download link.

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