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" Baccarat Money Machine Indisputably Proves A Flat Bet System Can Trade With a 70% + Winning Shoe and a 3.5 + Unit Average Per Shoe Win Rate Accuracy In EVERY SINGLE Casino Condition And boost your Bankroll each and every session you play."

"The Search For The Perfect Baccarat Money Machine Over?"     Barry Black Baccarat Playing Professional (20 + Years) Founder Baccarat Money Machine   Average products are a result of average people... Great products are a result of experience, thought, and long term dedication. Some people learn this the hard way, some are intelligent enough to recognize good from bad....or, GREAT from bad. You know that playing experience, Especially in casino baccarat (even the online version), is a vital element in the design of the ultimate system. 20 + years of baccarat experience have bared its fruits...it has proven that outstanding frontier-breaking concepts can establish new standards...new records.
I have paid the right price for the right knowledge...and both you and me know that the bottom line is all about knowledge. There is no way around it, perfection comes from knowledge.
Baccarat Money Machine™ is A Direct Outcome From 20 Years of Learning And Experiencing...From Seeing What Works and What Doesn't...

  ... From Taking Working Concepts And Perfecting Them
To The Next Level   No matter how you look at it, it's all about taking things into the next level.     That is where extreme profits come from...
  The Next Level In a Winning System that Masters and Overwhelms the Casino – Baccarat Money Machine™: Online Casino and Live Casino Dynamic Performance     20 years of playing experience in the toughest trenches...in the most sophisticated casinos in the world...have bared its fruits.   We have all paid our dues when it comes to playing Baccarat and other casino games...   Listen closely...any idiot can design a gambling system...that’s easy. Just go on Google and type “gambling system” (well, you probably have by now!)...see how many results you see.   How many of these systems were designed with extensive baccarat playing experience?   How many of these systems have a built in money management strategy created by a designer actually having a degree in finance and a doctorate degree. The designer who formulated Baccarat Money Machine knows how financial management works... and at the same time having true long term playing experience... he knows all the psycohlogical tricks the casino tries to play on the unsuspecting underprepared and vulnerable gambler.   Or better yet...   How Many Of These Systems Have Been Designed By People That Actually
Understand That A Truly Profitable Strategy Is One That Is Accurate In
EVERY CASINO Playing Condition?   (We will cover the “every single playing condition” part in just a moment)   We' ll let you in a little secret...   Over 90% of gambling systems (including baccarat systems) has been designed to work well in a specific set of defined, limited patterns...either:   Certainly, we would have not played the same system for years if our system was designed to cover just a defined set of limited patterns. We would have gone broke by now if our system was limited to a defined set of limited patterns approach.   The only way to CONSISTENTLY increase your bankroll significantly is by having a system that works with deadly accuracy in every playing condition.   Again ... Significantly Increasing Your Bankroll =
EVERY SINGLE PLAYING CONDITION! EVERY SINGLE SESSION YOU PLAY!   Read the above sentence 50 times if you have to because that's the reality of this business.   Each business has its own reality...in PLAYING BACCARAT, accurate multi-condition performance is what rules...is what makes the crucial difference...  
Baccarat Money Machine™ Is The Outcome of Our Personal 20 Years of Combined Playing and Testing Experience....You Can Count On The Best of The Best...You Can Count on the Perfect (and Only) “Multi-Condition” System on The Market.   We are allowing baccarat players, gamblers, or anyone who likes to make money easily for that matter to succeed in this “business” We are giving you the chance to access something that is priceless: EXPERIENCE.
VMB Technology
“The New Frontier in Profitability and Accuracy”

    3.5 Units per Shoe Win Rate – Flat Betting!!!!!!
    “Advanced Intelligence: Extreme Performance, Extreme Accuracy...Unheard Of CONSISTENCY...A New Intelligence Frontier Has Been Established...”   We are proud to be innovators...there is no other way to put it.   We are proud to be able to bring to the table what 20 + years of combined playing experience delivers....   Volatility Minimization Barometer (VMB) is our contribution to the baccarat players and gamblers of the world....it is what will take you from being an average player to a top gun money making machine.   It's the first time this level of sophisticated intelligence has been taken to the next level.  
VMB is the culmination of over two decades of “in the trenches” playing experience and testing.
  (VMB Technology = Top Performance Every Session, Every Casino Condition
>>>>>>> Live Casino or On Line)   Sometimes you have a revolutionary idea...a new concept in mind. You believe in it but yes, it’s just a concept.   That's what happened to us when we developed the Volatility Minimization Barometer (VMB) index.   You see...when you are a playing professional in this business you know exactly what the problem is when it comes to consistent performance.   We talked about this previously and I will say it again because this is KEY:   Performance In Gambling Systems Has Been Limited (UNTIL TODAY)
Because Of Volatility, Emotions and Lack of Money Management and Overall Confidence – Let Alone a Winning System.   The typical scenario: A gambling system performs extremely well for a certain period of time and then BOOM...you give all profits away.   Why? Because the cards changed or the casino conditions changed. Volatility changed. Behavior changed.   20 + years of combined experience have taught us that there are 2 certainties in gambling:  
A.) The Cards Will Have A Different “Face” In Different Periods...
AND B.) A Gambling System That Can't Deal With Changing Shoe Conditions Properly Is Not Worth The Time It Takes To Learn It   Whatever you decide to do in your Baccarat playing or any casino card games, always take the above two points into consideration. Trust us, these two rules are non-negotiable!   So...   No matter How We Looked At It, The Only Way To Achieve Extremely Accurate “Multi-Casino” Condition Performance is by employing a different method of analysis and technology.   We had the Volatility Minimization Barometer (VMB) figured out...playing it visually and manually it did exactly what we speculated it will do:  
See Into The Immediate Future...See What WILL Happen In The
Shoe With Incredible Accuracy Rate

  And, by the way...we discussed this previously...   (and this is what every gambling system designer doesn't get), a system’s performance is the direct result of the level of knowledge the developer has in the card's behavior...   This knowledge can only be acquired through long term experience, dedication and persistence.   Our job has been two-fold:   1. Take the playing of Baccarat and VMB into the next level... a 100% replicable system that can be played by anyone…anytime…anywhere!   2. Boost performance to levels never seen.   The next frontier had to be broken...let me rephrase this, the next frontier HAS BEEN broken...  
“Taking a Vastly Different Type of Intelligence Into New Technological Grounds, Combining It With 20 Years Of Playing Experience And Knowledge To Produce A System That Sees Into The Future With Mind Blowing Accuracy: To The Tune Of 70+% Accuracy and an Incredible 3.5+ Unit Per Shoe Flat Bet Win Rate”
  Baccarat Money Machine™ was born and it validated our long term theory that it is possible to see into the immediate future with extreme accuracy....   That it is possible to take what we learned throughout 20 + years and integrate it into the best Baccarat system the industry has ever seen.   Bottom line, 70+% Accurate, High Flat Bet Per Shoe Win Rate accuracy is possible over a long period of time (consistenly) ONLY if you can predict the immediate future...   ...and ONLY if you can fuse new “never before seen” technology and real, long term playing experience...   What is the difference between what you see here and what you will or have seen in ANY other Baccarat system’s performance results?   Two things: consistency, lack of volatility and incredible performance.   If you are new to Baccarat you probably don't know the trick...but let me open your eyes a bit....and please focus here since its one of the most important lessons you will learn.   Over 90% of highly touted systems marketed provide you proof of top performance...something like this:   “Since 2006 XXXX system Has Nailed 8.5 units per shoe....”   Well, the claim might be true. The system might have produced those type of results.   But....WHEN?  
Did it produce them consistently and EVENLY throughout time?
Did it have ONE SINGLE period of great performance and that's it?

How many LARGE losses did the system produce as well?
How long does it take to recover from a losing series of shoes?   Can you see the difference between a system producing consistent and even results throughout time versus a system producing good results in ONLY a specific period and taking a long time to recover from a losing period?   The first one guarantees you will make money NOW, the other guarantees you lost the opportunity to make money! As simple as that...   For us, for the trained baccarat professionals, it’s obvious...for someone that just started out in this business it’s not.   I suppose some people have to learn this the hard way...spending money buying countless systems, depleting bankrolls, etc...   The smarter people do their math, they know how to look at things properly...  
Baccarat Money Machine ™ HAS Proven to Generate Unheard of Industry Breaking Performance Session after Session, YEAR AFTER YEAR ...Steadily And Consistently Producing A Much As
3.5+ Units Per Shoe NET Profit...

Flat betting to boot!
  You know the saying “Most Gamblers Lose, Casinos Always Win.”   Well, not true. Those who are winners are those that did their homework...they were able to separate B.S. from what's real...   Most importantly though, they are able to understand the fact that real long term success is based on “experience-based” system design.   My friend, absolutely nothing beats experience...period!     Not Only Has Baccarat Money Machine™ Withstood the Test of Time...Because of VMB Technology it has Adapted to the NEW Reality so the Bottom Line is You Can Make as Much Money as You Want….Period!   The fact is, and we can say this because of our 20 + years of playing experience, there is no better way to make a killing in the casino than at playing Baccarat – the game that has the best odds in the house – and with Baccarat Money MachineTM the killing is all but assured!   Further, this reality is here to stay for a VERY long time.   Remember the following 2 points:   I. Very few systems can adapt well to changing card conditions   II. From the ones that can, NOT ONE can see the immediate future and trade it
with 70% accuracy over a long period of time.   Let's conclude all this...   Can you drive a normal car in rough terrain? NO.   Can you drive a 4 wheel drive car in rough terrain? YES.   Can you drive a 4 wheel drive car in normal terrain? YES.   I can't put it simpler than that! Baccarat Money Machine is a “4 wheel drive car”...
multi terrain, multi-performance!     Ok...if you are new to baccarat or casino gaming, the above might look like “Chinese” to you...we completely understand.   However...please pay close attention since what we have done will revolutionize the gambling industry...it will make some casinos very unhappy...   It will finally give YOU, the player, an UNFAIR advantage...and advantage absolutely no one will ever be able to take away from you.   Please pay close attention here...   Casinos try to make money from you, the player. They frequently make A LOT of money.   Now, all casinos play against you...this means that if you win, they lose. As simple as that.   Most people don't know this but it’s the annoying reality: casinos will do anything they can so that you do not finish the race with a big jackpot. Your emotions, greed, lack of money management, alcoholic consumption, envy, jealousy, distraction, and so forth, are real live factors that the casinos exploit in their effort to take your money.   They DON’T care about losing systems.  However, they are only concerned with very profitable systems!   If you have a real profitable system, some casinos will take immediate action to cease this “winning” activity and keep you on the premises once they determine you are beating them on a consistent basis:   1. Treat you to free luxurious rooms   2. Comp the breakfasts, lunches and dinners you consume all day.   3. Pay for expensive shows anywhere in the nearby area  
Now, where else can you do something you like, win money at it and the people you beat pay you good money and treat you like a king on top of all else! No other industry acts in this manner. For example, compare the Forex trading industry. If you use automated robot systems to beat the brokers, they might close your account, raise the spread on the currency pair you are trading during specific hours your robot trades (making the robot not profitable anymore), and/or not allow you to start trading with the robot EVEN if you already have a live account open. Not the case with Baccarat and casino gambling.

  We have also established a new industry standard when it comes to the learning of a baccarat system...     The Average Time From Learning To Complete Implementation
And Operation is less than 2 hours!    
Now you understand why it is possible to shorten the distance from point A to point B by so much? Bottom line...it’s all in how well you explain to someone how to do something.   But why are we telling you about all this process we went through to perfect the installation and operation of Baccarat Money Machine? Because we want you to understand that you CAN do this – no matter how sophisticated or experienced you may or may not be.   The Price   Baccarat Money Machine is the FIRST system of its kind...it’s not just a VERY profitable system...   It’s the first system in the market that:   Uses The Brand New VMB Technology
Establishes A New Intelligence Frontier In The Industry
Is The First System That Is A True MULTI-CASINO Condition Performer
Is Capable Of Seeing Into The Immediate Future OF THE ENTIRE SHOE With Uncanny Accuracy
WILL Make You Consistent Profits Without Stress or Volatility
Is Easy to Understand and Implement

As you can see, there is MUCH more to a Baccarat system than it just being profitable...and Baccarat Money Machine has it all.   How in the world do you price the most accurate and profitable income opportunity that’s proven its ability to generate astounding results month after month, year after year..?   It would certainly be much easier if the Baccarat Money Machine system was “just another” system like so many others out there.   But it is not. It’s the real deal. It’s what many people have been waiting for. It’s a true pass to financial freedom. A REAL way to grow wealthy.   We honestly believe that it’s a life changing solution.   You can even turn it into a business. Imagine tomorrow waking up naturally… no alarm clock, no stress, no commuting... no agenda. The day is yours to do as you please because you’re financially secure. Things happen on YOUR terms and not on somebody else's! Imagine being one of the few that can count on the “Casino Buster” VMB technology.   The only thing you “have” to do is play at the casino for fun and entertainment or play online and then to check your bankroll growth every day... the profits that keep on rolling in and your bankroll building up.   It’s actually funny how one’s life can change in a matter of moments and how dealing with the hardships in life can be a thing of the past.   If we charged what the Baccarat Money Machine is truly worth, the only thing I would achieve is to put it out of the reach of 99% of the reading this page because they couldn't afford it. It’s that simple.   You know the reason why we are selling the system - we told you that earlier but we will say it again:   After 20 years of baccarat playing experience we want to prove to the industry we are the best...we want to leave a legacy...we want to be recognized by our peers. We have been playing Baccarat Money Machine for years ourselves and with our friends and relatives.    What better way to achieve all that than to let other people trade with our new technological advancement...let people SEE for themselves that we are responsible for taking this level of Intelligence into the next level.   Our conclusion is...   If the number of system users doesn't’t affect the Baccarat Money Machine’s profitability, why not make it accessible to those that don't have $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 (which we could easily charge for a Baccarat system boasting such performance and technological advancements)?   Why not give others a chance to live a great life if it doesn't affect us or anyone else playing with the system   It’s a win-win situation for everyone...   With the above in mind, we initially decided to charge $299.00 for the Baccarat Money Machine system. It's a fair price and affordable for most people.   HOWEVER...   As part of this special launch to the retail public, the first 200 copies will be offered for an introductory price of $100.00- no subscription - no ongoing payments whatsoever! We are excited about this launch and want you to enjoy it as well.  After the first 200 copies, we will most likely terminate this offer and elect not to release any more copies!!!!!   It's our present to the first 200 lucky Baccarat Money Machine system owners... take advantage of it!  You’ll be the most successful gamblers in gaming history!   NOTE: This is NOT a marketing gimmick. We will either significantly raise the price of the system or simply suspend any further release once the first 200 copies fly off the shelve.  System ownership will be something of value and secure – rather than a product used by everyone and vulnerable to casino suspicion.    One last thing...   We are shouldering all the risk...   We TRULY don’t want your money if you’re not 200% satisfied with the Baccarat Money MachineTM system. Notice we said “200%”! It’s not enough for us to know that you’re only “happy”. We want you to be blown away and excited and we know we will achieve this.   Let's make this formal:     Take advantage of the time-limited introductory price while you can.
If at ANY time within the next 150 days, after playing 50 shoes (which we can confirm), you have not won at least 100 units minimum with Baccarat Money Machine™ simply e-mail us and we’ll refund every cent of your purchase.   No questions asked, no ifs, no buts, no whys! Your satisfaction is our success and if we can't fulfill your satisfaction we don't want your money.
* Secure 100% No Risk Acceptance Form

YES Barry!

I'm sick and tired of being pushed around by the casinos.

I'm ready to "strike back" by using the Baccarat Money Machine to generate steady, massive profits with minimal risk... systematically.

I understand as soon as I place my order over the secure 256-bit SSL servers... I'll have immediate access to download the Baccarat Money Magic manual.

So just ten minutes from now... you could be mastering an "unbeatable"
baccarat system...

I also know that since you're selling this E- manual through ClickBank... the world's leading distributor of online purchases... my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

In fact... once I purchase your system... I've got a whole sixty days to try it out.

If at ANY time during that period I don't think Baccarat Money Magic is making money for me... I'm welcome to return it for a quick, hassle-free refund of every cent I paid - and I understand that I must provide you with copies of at least 25 baccarat shoes actually played.

But I know I've gotta move fast...

After all... I know the system is strictly limited to just 500 copies... due to you not wanting too many people to have access and over expose it to the greedy casinos. This is a limited time offer and once it's gone... I may never have another chance to get my hands on an profit-generating machine like this.

That's why I'm not taking ANY chances... and I've decided to place my order right now!


[]Your E-manual is now waiting for you! Order Today
[ORDER NOW ](http://www.baccaratchampion.com/cbdp/buy.php?url=http://1.bacmm.pay.clickbank.net&fn1=Baccarat.pdf&desc1=Baccarat_Money_Magic_Platinum&)      
Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved

* We will allow for the return of the Baccarat Money Magic system within 60 days from the date of purchase if the customer can provide proof that they have played at least 25 shoes and have not made a profit using the system, which proof shall consist of true copies of the actual baccarat shoes played showing said loss. After 60 days all sales are

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