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Tap into the collective wisdom… A journey into the minds of masters

Video Marketing Pioneers – Insights from those who are shaping the landscape of video marketing!

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This groundbreaking research and analysis organized by Randy Berry represents a significant contribution to the emerging field of Internet Marketing.  This work should serve as a tertiary resource for marketers seeking to add value to their websites by providing entertaining and informative content promoting products and services.  Contemporary video consumption online clearly demonstrates the utility of this form of website content as a viable Internet Marketing tactic.  This compilation demonstrates that as marketing tools, online video presents information while providing entertainment and establishing a sense of community. This contribution sets precedent for future research and serves as a significant resource for marketers seeking to apply videos as an element of a profitable Internet Marketing strategy.

(Excerpt from foreword by Dr. David Butler, Internet Marketing Masters of Science Program, Full Sail University)

What can you learn from ten of the most inspired, creative video marketing wizards on the planet? Plenty. Most surprising is that connecting deeply with people who see your message – a basic, timeless principle of marketing – is still critical. Is there a formula for successful video marketing? Yes. But it may not be what you think it is – and it has to do with shifting your perspective –something many find impossible to do.

Are you a student of marketing interested in how video can impact an organization? Are you an Internet marketer who sees the promise of video but wants to go beyond talking heads to produce a remarkable video for your organization? Are you simply curious?
Open these pages. Go beyond theory. Witness on these pages, the present and future of video marketing, through the minds of the creators in the book you are holding in your hands.
Exclusive interviews with:
Alicia Werner, the Zipper Lady Preston Rahn, VideoSalesLeads.com Orin Schepps, Consultancellc.com Lynn Scheurell, MyCreativeCatalyst.com Brennan White and Matt Peters, Pandemic Labs Eric Keiles, Square2 Marketing Chris Pape, Genuine Interactive Jesse Wroblewski, Generations Beyond Lisa Blackstone, HorseAndRiderClub.com Stephanie Hubbard, Bee Keeper Productions

And a bonus interview with John Barton, WhiteKnightPro.com

[]( http://1.50wise4.pay.clickbank.net/)

[]( http://1.50wise4.pay.clickbank.net/)

This title is currently only available for purchase in the USA.

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