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Mini-Site Master | Why Pay When You Can Do It Yourself

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Now It's Easier Than Ever To Create 'One Attention Grabbing
Mini-Site After Another' With Step-By-Step Video Training, Pre-Built
Templates, Ready Made Sales Letters, STUNNING Graphic Images, Instant
Products ">

NO Programming Skills Required!...

_ _NO Design Experience Required!...

_ _NO HTML Knowledge Required!...

If you're struggling to make money online, and you're ready to
generate more 'Sales Notifications' than you ever dreamed possible,
then this could very well be the most important minutes of your
Internet Marketing life!...

Dear Fed-Up Internet Marketer, What if I told you that in the
next few hours, you would know exactly what it takes to create your
own automated mini-sites FROM SCRATCH that have the power to pump
money into your online accounts DAILY... then be able to duplicate
this simple process over and over again in ANY niche you desire???

Believe me when I say, having the ability to produce your own
mini-sites versus being at the mercy of 'other people' will open up
many, many doors for you as an online marketer...

Whether you're an information publisher who wants to fire their
designer and pocket the extra cash, a Clickbank vendor wanting to
churn out best-seller after best-seller, an affiliate marketer looking
for an easy way to create "pre-sell" pages and landing pages, or if
you're just getting started online and want to make a serious

What I'm going to share with you today literally has the potential to
CHANGE YOUR LIFE and put you on a playing field that, up until now,
has been nothing more than a BIG FAT fantasy.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every day knowing that instead of
having to drag yourself out of bed to go to work, you can simply
"play" at your computer for a few hours and add another money-stream
to your business?

How cool would it be to see a commercial for a Caribbean Cruise, call
your travel agent and book it, then put up a mini-site that actually
PAYS FOR IT 10 times over?

Isn't having the peace of mind an automated income gives you worth
learning a few new skills? Skills you most certainly should learn
ANYWAY, if you want to become a true marketing pro.

When it comes to creating profit-pulling mini-sites, you only have a
few options:

1. You could hire someone to do it for you, but then you're bound by
their schedule and talents. Not to mention if you're planning on
building a REAL business centered around MULTIPLE products and
NUMEROUS income streams, this can become rather expensive, rather

2. You could search the web trying to piece together all the
knowledge and tools required, but chances are you'll end up wanting to
blow your brains out before you even get started. And if you do manage
to figure it all out, I'd be willing to bet your attempts to build
"professional" mini-sites will end with FAR LESS than desirable

3. You could learn the hard way by going at it alone, armed with a
"free tutorial" or a worthless ebook - but this path could seriously
take years and years to travel! I'm all for learning from your
mistakes, but why make them if you don't have to...

Instead, why not learn from MY mistakes as I guide you through the
entire process of creating KILLER mini-sites from the ground up!

Look, I know what's been holding you back from creating your own
mini-sites, but I don't want you to sweat this a moment longer. It's
NOT that you don't have the desire to achieve, or the willingness to
learn, because I'm sure you do...

Simply put, you don't have the proper knowledge, tools, and resources
to pull it off. You're scared you won't be able to learn the
"technical" side of things, and the thought of HTML, CSS, and other
"geek speak" lingo has you running the opposite direction.

You want a mini-site empire of your own, but the surrounding mystery
leaves you wondering if it's just "too complicated" for you to grasp.

How do I know this?

Because I've been where you're at, hesitant to make a decision and
unsure of where to begin, or even how I was going to make money. Yes,
I know this all too well. But fortunately I didn't give up, and now
it's time to give back.

When I started on my quest to build my own mini-site system, I wasn't
a bit sure if I could achieve the success I was after. Over a couple
years period of time I must have spent a small fortune on graphic
designers and copywriters, only to find that my pocketbook couldn't
keep up with my ideas.

There is nothing worse than having great ideas for products and
services you KNOW you could make money with, but then having no
resources to bring them to life.

During this time I come to realize there is a HUGE gap between the
people who have the ability to put up mini-site after mini-site, and
those folks who's only option is to sign up as an affiliate because
they have NO IDEA how to get to the other side.

Let me ask you something, would you rather BE one of millions of
other affiliates all fighting for scraps, spending your hard-earned
dollar doing all the advertising - or would you rather HAVE affiliates
spending THEIR money doing all YOUR advertising for you, bringing you
FREE sales, leads, and profits as a result?

Clearly the real money is on the other side.

Now there's certainly nothing wrong with promoting products as an
affiliate, but wouldn't it be nice for a change to have OTHER PEOPLE
promoting products for YOU???

If that sounds like what you're after, and you'd like to learn a
simple process for eliminating the "mess" in your head when it comes
to quality mini-site creation, then look no further - you've found the
holy grail of Mini-Site Marketing success!

Learning to create your own mini-sites is an invaluable skill you CAN
learn, and I'll show you precisely how to do it. I've compiled my
years of experience and research into a complete video series that
will take you from Rookie Status to MASTER Status in just a few short

Not only will I let you 'peek over my shoulder' as I walk you through
this simple process, but I'm actually going to provide you with a few
"shortcuts" that will have you up and running quickly, ready to make
money as soon as TODAY!

BUT -- If you want the most bang for your buck, you've gotta be quick
on the draw - this offer is going to disappear forever just minutes
from now, so let's get to it...

Introducing The 'Mini-Site Master' Success Pack Destined To Turn YOU
Into A True Marketing Professional...

When putting together this one-of-a-kind package, I not only wanted
to include my complete video instruction, but I sat down and asked
myself how I could make your mini-site creation efforts that must

...and thus the Mini-Site Master Success Pack was born!

Featuring step-by-step video instruction, pre-built templates,
ready-made sales letters, graphic images, instant *turnkey* products,
and easy-to-use software, this package has proven to be THE source for
both up and coming mini-site creators, as well as seasoned pros!

By locking in your copy today, you will instantly receive everything
needed to start pumping out PROFESSIONAL QUALITY mini-sites starting
just moments from now. If you'd like to sling-shot yourself into the
realm of marketers who actually make money online, now's your chance!

The clock is ticking, so let's have a brief look at all that's

Power Module #1: Mini-Site Master 12 Part Video Success Series

Inside Power Module 1 you'll receive a complete system for quickly
and easily creating your own mini-sites starting from scratch.

This 12-part series has been professionally recorded and walks you
through the simple process. The "meat" of the course focuses on using
two very popular programs: FrontPage and Photoshop. These are two very
powerful software tools that take all the "grunt work" out of building
your mini-sites.

Both of these tools are extremely user friendly and allow you to see
what your pages will look like as you're working on them. With these
two programs there is no longer a need to worry about learning HTML,
no programming experience required, no hassles and NO headaches!

Although you could get a basic website set up without this training,
creating a mini-site you can make money with is a totally different
ballgame. By taking the Mini-Site Master Course, you will have all the
knowledge you need to start building "profitable" mini-sites in no

And the best part is you don't have to wade through pages and pages
of DULL and BORING, put you to sleep 'manuals' that do nothing more
than overcomplicate the process. Throughout these 12 lessons I make it
as simple as possible to learn how to maximize these two programs and
build the most effective mini-sites in existence!

Super Mini-Site Building Made Quick And Easy!

Imagine creating the ultimate mini-sites for yourself and/or your
clients - with absolutely ZERO programming and ZERO HTML knowledge
required! Forget all the mumbo-jumbo "tech jargon" that's made the
process so hard for you in the past...

These videos will dramatically decrease your learning curve and cut
back considerably the usual time and expense it takes to create your
mini-sites. In no time at all you'll be popping out unique and
original *automated* money-makers with just a little effort!

Perhaps you've tried Photoshop or FrontPage before, but found these
programs difficult to work with, and you're skeptical about giving it
another try... Well, rest assured my easy video instruction will solve
that problem for you once and for all.

See, learning with video makes it a whole lot easier to really
understand what it is you're supposed to be doing. This way you can
hit the ground running while discovering more in-depth uses for these
programs as you go. Plus it really is a whole lot easier to have
specific steps to follow, instead of trying to figure it all out on
your own. Believe me, these programs can be tricky and if you don't
know what to do first, what to do second, etc. then you will end up
wasting a lot of precious time.

The Mini-Site Master Course makes learning to create professional
mini-sites a total breeze! In just a few short hours you'll be well on
your way to mastering FrontPage ">

And not only will you receive my simple, step-by-step instruction
revealing all you need to know to become a Master Mini-Site Creator,
but you'll simply be amazed at just how easy it is to apply your new
skills! If you've dreamed of building dynamite mini-sites that have
your visitors rushing to hit the order button, now's your chance!

Power Module #2: 40 Pre-Built HOT NICHE Mini-Site Templates

Learning to build professional mini-sites is something you'll
definitely want to undertake, but what if you need money NOW and want
to get started IMMEDIATELY?...

Well my friend, that's where Power Module 2 comes into play...
Featuring 10 HOT NICHE Topics with 40 (yes, FOURTY) pre-built
templates you can use to get started TODAY!

Here are your 10 HOT NICHE Topics:

As you can see, these are super-quality mini-site templates covering
some of the HOTTEST niches in the world!

Power Module #3: 5 Ready-Made HOT NICHE Sales Letters

So you've got a mini-site set up and ready to go, what's next?

Well, you're going to need a sales letter to convince your visitors
of the many benefits of doing business with you, and writing sales
copy is not always an easy task...

If you've tried your hand at writing copy before then you know
exactly what I'm talking about. Hiring a professional copywriter can
literally end up costing you thousands of dollars, so I've decided to
provide you with yet another shortcut...

Inside Power Module 3 you'll find five ready-made sales letter
templates created to specifically match 5 of the hot niche mini-sites
above. Each template is fully customizable to fit your product and
covers some of the most common problems faced by the niche - this way
you can easily tailor the sales letter however you want, without
having to spend days and days rewriting it.

These templates are so easy to follow, you'll have them ready for use
in just a few simple steps!

And while I'm at it I'll even throw in MATCHING EBOOKS to go with
your five sales letter templates, so you'll truly have everything
needed to get started quickly!

Power Module #4: 2,500+ High Quality Web Graphic Images

To help you spice things up I'm including a huge collection of
2,500+ Web 2.0 graphic images you can simply "copy ">supreme quality
graphics you will acutally WANT to use...

Power Module #5: 24 Turnkey HOT NICHE Info Products

You're absolutely going to LOVE Power Module 5 which includes
twenty-four smokin' HOT niche ebooks including complete mini-site
templates, full graphic packs, AND ready-made sales letters...

Simply plug in your name and order links, upload to your web server
and you're in business! Never before has it been this easy to have TWO
DOZEN instant mini-sites set up ready to make YOU money!

These 24 ebooks also come with 100% UNRESTRICTED Private Label
Rights, allowing you to edit the content as you see fit, add your name
as author, plug in your affiliate links, or whatever you'd like to
make them as unique as possible.

Just this module alone is worth the small price we're asking for the
entire package!

Here are your 24 niche info products:

...The ebooks listed below average 25-30 pages of solid content with
sales letter, graphics pack ">

Power Module #6: 20 WordPress Sales Page Themes ">
Now you can easily create SEO Optimized Mini-Site Sales Pages hosted
on the Wordpress platform and use the power of this number one
blogging program to run your mini-sites and reap the benefits, with
the sole intention to help you get more leads and make more sales!

These themes are so simple to use, yet SO extremely powerful! Simply
upload to your web server, add your content, and start selling! We've
spent HOURS making sure they are ready to go, that they work with ANY
version of Wordpress, and, needless to say, they are flawless.

By using these themes versus a static HTML template, you are sure to
drive in much more FREE traffic because the search engines LOVE THEM!

You receive an UNLIMITED site license and can sell UNLIMITED
products! There's 20 different themes to choose from, all ready for
you to plug, play, ">

There is no need to tweak any of the code and you don't need to know
a thing about html or php. Just write your post (or sales page) as
normal, choose where you want your header, links, etc., click
"Publish" and you're done!

Power Module #7: Ecover Creator Pro Software

PLUS -- If You're Able To Get In The Door Within The Next Minutes
I'm Throwing In The Following BONUS MODULES Completely Free Of

Bonus Module #8: Freelancing Profits Report

Once you've mastered mini-site design and creation, the next step is
to really crank things up by becoming an UNEMPLOYED Freelancer by
exchanging your valuable skills for INSANE profits!

Look, do you want to quit your job and go full time with Internet
Marketing? If so, then hiring yourself out to others to create their
mini-sites for them is an EXCELLENT way to accomplish this!

Thousands upon thousands of online marketers and Internet business
owners will pay big money to oursource this type of work, and inside
my 25 page bonus guide I'll show you step-by-step how easy it is to
get started!

Bonus Module #9: Instant Squeeze Page Maker

A critical element to your mini-site marketing success is being able
to capture your site visitors details so you can follow up with them
in the future with related offers and special deals for other

And having a 'squeeze page' makes this a breeze!

Just put up a squeeze page in front of your sales page and watch the
subscribers pour in! Typically it is not easy to build high converting
squeeze pages, but with this new software you will be generating them
instantly at the push of a button instantly!

Bonus Module #10: Really Easy FTP Uploader

Being able to get your mini-sites from your computer to your web
host is obviously very important. Most FTP programs you will find are
extremely complicated, but with Really Easy FTP Uploader this task is
now a walk in the park...

Simply activate the program, select your website files on your PC,
enter your hosting account login details and click a button - the
software will do the rest!

The best part is anytime you change or modify your files, you can
update your web host at the click of a button automatically!

Make no doubt about it, the Mini-Site Master Pack contains
EVERYTHING NEEDED to launch your own profitable mini-site empire like
a pro!

HOLY COW!!!... I Am Absolutely Blown Away By Your MONSTER Mini-Site
Package! How Do I Get Started???

Whoa, slow down a bit... I know you're anxious to get going, and I'm
sure you're trying to beat the clock (which by the way is now at
minutes and counting) but I want to be totally certain you understand
*exactly* what it is you're getting today.

Bottom line, it doesn't really matter how much (or how little) it
costs if you don't understand the value of what's being offered.

So with that said, let's have a quip recap of all you're about to
receive when you secure your copy of Mini-Site Master:

* 12 Professionally Recorded, Up-Beat Videos That Will Walk You
Through The Entire Mini-Site Creation Process From Start To Finish

* 40 High Quality, Pre-Built Mini-Site Templates Covering 10 Hot
Niche Topics (Value-$2,000)

* 5 Ready-Made, Customizable Sales Letter Templates w/ Matching
Ebooks (Value-$1,250)

* 2,500+ Web Page Graphic Images (Value-$500)

* 24 Turnkey Info Product Packages With Unrestricted Private Label
Rights (Value-$3,700)

* 20 SEO Optimized Wordpress Sales Page Themes ">(Value-$500)

* Ecover Creator Pro Software (Value-$67)

* 25 Page Freelancing Profits Report (Value-$27)

* Instant Squeeze Page Maker Software (Value-$37)

* Really Easy FTP Uploader (Value-$37)

That's $8,315 in total REAL-WORLD value... but you're not going to
pay anywhere close to that today! Especially since you're here
visiting us for the first time.

See, as long as you haven't left the page or the timer didn't run
down to zero, then you can actually save $100 off the total price by
taking advantage of our "First Time Visit Offer"...

It's no big secret that I would like to do business with you NOW, and
if you're game then I'm going to REALLY make it worth your while by
letting you have EVERYTHING described above for the insanely low price
of just $147 $47 one time and not a single penny more!

The way I see it, if you're ready and willing to step up to the plate
and TAKE ACTION then I'm prepared to offer you my best deal up front.
I think it's more than fair, and I'm sure you do too. Especially since
each individual module could be sold as it's own product, and most
likely will be by the time I'm through.

This is no 'sales trick' and I'm not kidding around here... If you
leave the page then you pay full price, bottom line.

Look, can you imagine how you're going to feel if you DON'T take
advantage of this ridiculous offer and you come back here to visit and
the price is higher, or I've removed the bonuses, or even worse you're
forced to pay SEPARATELY for each product?! You won't be too thrilled
if that happens, so let's be sure not to let it.

And to make it that much easier to say YES today, I'm going to really
make it a no-brainer deal you can't refuse by helping you earn back
your investment starting RIGHT NOW!

By signing up today, not only will you receive my complete video
instruction, pre-built templates, ready-made sales letters, HUGE
graphics pack, two dozen ebooks, and all the extras... but you will
ALSO be automatically enrolled in our lucrative JV Partner Program
which pays out a generous 75% commission for each and every copy of
Mini-Site Master that you sell.

I'll provide pre-written marketing material and ready-to-go graphic
images you can use in your promotions, along with my award winning
support each step of the way.

This is a 'customer only' program, and I can't wait to see you on the
other side...

Mini-Site Master Is Guaranteed To
Work... Or It's FREE!

If you think you could save yourself a whole bunch of money cutting
out the "middleman", and you're ready to get started building
mini-sites for yourself - but not by yourself - then now's your chance
to take control of your Internet Marketing future once and for all by
grabbing the Mini-Site Master Package before it's too late.

To help 'push you over the fence' I'd like to offer you my own
personal you make money or it's FREE money back guarantee that states
if you aren't head-over-heals thrilled with this program and all it
has to offer, and if you feel you have given it an honest effort and
you're still not seeing results, then you get your money back and you
still get to keep the material.

I don't believe you'll find a better offer than this anywhere on the
Internet, so let's not delay a moment longer. Give it a try and see
for yourself what an awesome feeling it is to be in control of your
own online destiny.

Here's how easy it is to get started:

Be one of the next 100 8 people to place your order within the next
minutes and receive a full $100 off the everyday selling price. Your
purchase is risk free and you have a full 60 days to review the
material and decide if it's right for you.

Upon successful completion of your secure purchase, you will receive
immediate access to our thank you page where you can download all 10
modules individually at your convenience.

There's no risk and no obligation, so why not give Mini-Site Master a
try by clicking the order button below:

Risk Free Acceptance Form:


I realize by taking advantage of this One Time Offer I will get
access to all 10 modules complete with everything needed to start
making money online with my own mini-site empire!

I understand that this is strictly a one time offer, and if I exit
the page or let the timer run out then I will not be able to return to
this same page and the price will automatically increase. On that
basis, LET ME IN!...


PRIVATE DOWNLOAD PAGE. Limited One Time Special Offer Ends In:

To Your Mini-Site Marketing Success,

PS: All successful marketers have two things in common: They all have
their own products, and they all have their own MINI-SITES to sell
those products! Why should your business be any different? This offer
will not be made again, so and thank me later!

PPS: Still doubting yourself? Well don't sweat it... I am personally
going to take you by the hand and walk you through each and every
detail of the entire mini-site design process. Not only that, but
remember I'm also giving your business a QUICK JOLT by providing all
the tools and resources needed to build profit-pulling mini-sites
starting from day one. If you've been struggling to make money online,
then do yourself a favor and


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