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Welcome To The Webs #1 Resource To Help You Through Your Child Custody Case Or Divorce Case

Going through a custody battle is never easy.

And if you landed on this website and are fighting for custody of your child you need to know:

How to be prepared to defend yourself in court
What kind of behaviour gives you the best chances for winning custody
How to properly testify in court
What kind of Child Custody Witnesses will assure your success
The rules you MUST follow when dealing with the opposite side
The MOST important mistake most people make that costs them
Plus MUCH more

How Important are Your Kids to you? Don’t think about getting into a Custody Battle without this Information. My Program is available Right Now to Guarantee your Child Custody Rights.

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Your Attorney can’t Protect You. Don’t take the Chance of Losing Your Child Custody Rights. My Program will give you a Step by Step Method to assure your Right to Your Children

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“Dear Friend,

During my 30 years of Divorce and Child Custody Practice, I have represented thousands of people just like you, and I can certainly help you too.

Whether you are fighting it out in court with attorneys, representing yourself, or looking for a way to resolve your case outside of court, I am here to help you. Without certain essential information, you chances of success are extremely limited.

Divorce Laws and Child Custody Laws are confusing. You need someone to guide you through your action, and to give you the help, information and strategy that you need to obtain a successful outcome in your case.

I will give you tools, products and services to help you get your Divorce or Child Custody case over quickly, with the least amount of stress and with dollars in your pocket.

You will finally be in control of your case and can get on with your life.

To your Success,”


Dianne R. Ophelia

Attorney, Author, Coach and Mediator

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