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Do You Suspect that Your Husband, or Wife, or Girlfriend or Boyfriend is cheating on You?

You had a sinking feeling they were cheating...
it's why you're here...

You know the feeling. That tiny little ember of an idea that something isn't right. That your loved one is certainly acting strangely and you just can't put your finger on it...

But maybe you can - - maybe your intuition is telling your mind that the overwhelming factors are so strong... but your heart refuses to acknowledge the very thought of them cheating on you.

  From: Peter & Tina Maxwell

    We're Peter and Tina Maxwell and we admit we had both been cheated on by prior spouses. We met at church and were at first, not willing to jump into a relationship for fear of being hurt. We did wind up going for coffee after choir practice one afternoon, and as we sat chatting about what we did for a living, our likes and dislikes... we let our emotions get the better of us and we really talked. We talked for quite while about the hurt that our ex-spouses caused us. How we both didn't want to trust anyone for fearing of being hurt and humiliated again.

    We vowed right then and there to pool our resources to write a book on "How To Spot A Cheater" to be so fantastic it could help anyone discover if their loved ones were cheating on them. Since Peter is a writer with several books in print, and both of us having heard the lies and excuses from cheating spouses, writing this book became easier - and really helped us both get closer together as we found this common bond.

    When we finished the book we asked our friends to read it... this, in a way, was not going to be pretty. We had given a copy of the book to our friend Josh... and it became apparent to him that his girlfriend of 4 years had been having an affair with her boss when she traveled on business. Josh used one of our methods to catch her and devastated as he was, he wrote us a note thanking us for opening his eyes.

"I have struggled trying to find a way to write this - I feel stupid, embarrassed, humiliated and angry for what Nicole did to me. I couldn't believe she had been cheating on me with her boss all this time. In a way I could sort of feel that something wasn't right, but didn't want to believe it - or ask her for fear she would leave. After reading your book it really opened my eyes to what was going on all around me. Just in time too... I was going to ask Nicole to marry me - that would have been a nightmare - thanks friends, I owe you."
    - Josh.


Come on now, stop lying to yourself! You realize that little voice in your head, or the nagging feeling you get of something amiss is really your keen sense of intuition. The very first time you get that "odd" feeling you may tend to dismiss it as jealousy or some other feeling... but when you add up some of the weird and out of place things happening in your love life it tends to be quite hard to simply dismiss them at all.

    What if I told you that those nagging feelings could be real and that the only way to discover if they had merit was to do... something so simple... you'd know within the day what those signals were trying to relay to you?

    What if I told you the tell-tale cheating signs of what is happening right now in your relationship, and like a fortune teller I could tell you what the cheater will do next? You would think it pretty strange that I had these amazing abilities! You'd wonder how we could possibly have known any of the things your "alleged" cheating partner has done and will do... next...

Before you make hasty accusations,
get the undeniable proof of what is
going on behind your back...
without the cheater finding out

Like most people just beginning a secret new relationship, cheating or otherwise, mistakes will be made, lies will be told - and it will be the same lies told almost verbatim as they have been told since people started cheating on one another.

    But do you even know what to look for?

    Are you confident you have all the pieces of the puzzle to confront the alleged cheater? Or maybe you think you do... and this is where trouble starts. What if they really did have to work late? What if their car did break down? The "what if's" can pile up... that is unless you knew the real secrets about a cheaters behavior and actions... and of course how to follow through with a solid plan of action.

It would be pretty easy catching them in the act of betrayal... but what if the cheaters hid their affairs well - let me tell you, there is trace evidence everywhere - and Peter and I are going to show you where to find it!

Often the intuitive feelings are correct. That we women can sense when something is not right with our mate - but, and this is important, you must have solid proof before you go off half-cocked into an accusational rant... and here's why:

You must know how to gather evidence prior to outing them

If you accuse your spouse, lover boyfriend or other of cheating on you and you don't have concrete proof, the cheater will protect their secrets even better making it almost impossible to catch them the second time... and there will always be a second time... and a third... and a fourth...

... And what about sexually transmitted diseases?

    Having even a small idea that your spouse is cheating on you is mindblowing enough. You will be agonizing over their whereabouts every time they leave the house. You have to get answers now! One other thing that most people are afraid to bring up is the thought of your lover coming home to you with a sexually transmitted disease.
   Sexually transmitted diseases are always a constant threat. A cheating spouse can bring home HIV2, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Scabies, Crabs, Gonorrhea... and since most diseases are present in the mucous areas of the body, in such areas as the: Mouth Throat Genital tract Penis Rectum Vagina
- - and if you are pregnant and given a sexually transmitted disease how could you cure it without affecting the baby? We all know that anything the mother ingests or is given directly affects the fetus.

Then again, even though your cheating spouse may have worn a condom or had their sex partner wear a condom - during intercourse - what about "unprotected oral sex"? There are other diseases that can be caught just by touching diseased affected skin - Diseases like: Syphilis, Herpes and Genital Warts can be contagious just by touching the affected area of the other person. Not to mention crabs and scabies!

Some cheaters don't really give thought to the diseases of another person when it comes to having sex with them. All consciousness is thrown out the window for those few minutes. Never giving thought to what they may be bringing home to their families.

How shocking a story when a cheating man comes home and hugs and kisses you or your children. Can you and your children be afflicted with "herpes" or "warts"? Yes You Can - - especially if the cheater hadn't washed the affected area... the hands, fingers... lips.

Genital Warts and Herpes cannot be cured and "never" goes away. It can remain dormant but the carrier will always be infected with it and infect those around them.

DID YOU KNOW:Untreated syphilis during pregnancy, especially early syphilis; can lead to stillbirth, neonatal death or infant disorders such as deafness, neurologic impairment and bone deformities? Also, if a woman is not treated for this disease, it could lead to severe infection in her reproductive organs which could cause infertility!

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If you don't read this book you'll still be falling for
the same old lies and deceitful tricks almost every
cheater comes to know how to use

Have you heard these excuses lately:

Don't be a victim of Lies... you deserve the truth

"The Cheating Manual"

In our book
"The Cheating Manual"
you'll discover how some of the best Private Investigators operate in the field to catch cheaters.

...all total over 140 pages of some of the most secretive bits of clandestine information that almost only private detectives and trained investigators know about.

You'll learn things like:
 The three things you need to start doing right now (page #)   Getting your mind in the right place to begin any investigation (page #)   How to "find" hidden email accounts on your home computer (page #)   The family car holds so many clues... and where to find them (page #)   You think your spouse was tired before... test them (page #)   The not so obvious signs of infidelity. (page ##)   Did you know there are several ways to track a person... legally? (page #)   The multiple signs of a cheater (page #)    something (page #)   Turn your spouse's mistress or boytoy into your biggest ally (page #)   Catching the cheater with a simple little tool most "pros" don't want you to know about (page #)   Now that you caught the cheater... then what? (page #) 

But if you still need a few reasons to download and read this book right now, here are some free gifts for you just for ordering today.

For a limited time my publisher says to offer some bonus material as we really need to get the word out about our book before it goes to print. Once it goes to print she has ordered that the site comes down... and all the bonus product with it. So here's your chance to get some of Peters other fine books for one low price -

"The Cheating Manual" Big BONUS Package

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1. Records Web Sites Viewed
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It intercepts everything (including passwords, emails, chats, documents etc), monitors clipboard changes and all Internet browsing. It collects and stores this information on a secret location on your hard drive to view it later. Please read the [application *disclaimer](disclaimer.html).
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FREE BOOK: Body Language Secrets

Pete Maxwell's newest book on how to detect liars by their body language. A book so controversial that most lie detector operators are trying to debunk (just to keep their jobs). People give off so many awkward clues when lying while they talk... and their body movements can't lie!

There are 52 pages of invaluable information on how to spot peoples moods, reactions and honesty while talking with them. Judge for yourself if someone is telling you the truth or being open and honest. Right now this bonus book is a free download, but only during Peter & Tina's book campaign here on CheatingManual.com - after this it will be sent to the publisher for printing and will no longer be available as an instant download...
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FREE REPORT: "How To Spot Liars"

This new report by Peter and Tina Maxwell takes us deep inside the mind of someone who is lying and brings to light the twitches, movements and actions they are emanating. A simple "Cheater Checklist" guide of recent occurrences you may have witnessed in your partner. Use this handy guide to determine if that person is being truthful or not. While this is a free download today, it may not be in the future -
This report could cost you $27 in the future, not to mention the hurt and anguish when a lie is discovered later - but today its free and of course the information is extremely priceless when it comes to your well-being.

FREE BOOK: Finding The Right Relationship

Tina Maxwell has penned an exciting book on how to discover the true partner you have benn longing and waiting for. As most people deem love as a simple feeling, Tina expresses that love should be a deep understanding of the other person.

Finding and attracting your true love is not always a simple task, but neither is rushing into a bad relationship. Here we give the answers to these questions:
1. How to find an attract the right love
2. When is the right time to say "I love you"
3. What makes up our compatibilities
4. Romantic love and commitment
5. When is the right time to end the relationship
6. Knowing when the time is right to be with someone

We welcome you to open up your mind and explore the love you have to give the "right" person in your life. Because love is a terrible thing to waste...
Download this free book today and save yourself $19 and the fear of choosing the wrong love. Get all the facts about your love life now.

FREE BOOK: A Balanced Life

We live in a world of limitless convenience that were designed to give us more leisure time. But, it would seem that with all of the stimuli overload of social sites, flashy ads and the opportunity to be someone else, if even for a little while - has given us more time for work as well as more time to consider other options when it comes to love and life.

While it's not unusual for men and women to work sixty or seventy hours per week on average, that leaves the spouse of the "workaholic" to often fend for themselves when it comes to companionship during the course of the day. If you are one of the enlightened few, you have already come to the conclusion that giving up a social and family life is too great a price to pay for career success.

The author speculates that as we spend more time apart from our loved ones, we tend to grow into the mindset of not truly needing them and falling into a dimensia of sorts whereupon we tend to pull the family apart. "A Balanced Life" motivates the reader to consider other alternatives to a career vs. the job and of course "work" vs. "family". Setting goals is the key to dealing with this type of stress, and keeping ones balance in life is the focus. This is an instant download and of course it is free up until the time our publisher tells us to remove the site - get this boiok now while it saves you $29.95

FREE BOOK: Boost Your Self Esteem

Your own self-esteem is something more fundamental than the normal "ups and downs" associated with relationship changes. For people with good basic self-esteem, these normal "ups and downs" may lead to temporary fluctuations in how they feel about themselves. In contrast, for people with relationship problems due to infidelity typically have poor basic self-esteem.

Peter Maxwell has written another self-help manual that takes the reader through a myriad of self-esteem problems typically associated with infidelity and provides the reader with a self-assessment and positive affirmations.

We know you may be hurting and that your self-esteem may be at its lowest point which is why we urge you to download this manual now - - -

"Boost Your Self Esteem" is totally free with your order of "The Cheating Manual" and saves you $19.97 - but only for a short period of time.

FREE BOOK: Save Your Marriage

This new approach to marriage survival and relationship resurrection focuses on the unpleasant sides of divorce, the emotional tolls it has on families and works into managing marriages.

Not just a generalized book on saving a marriage but an in depth look on what keeps most people together and then works through most marital problems such as:

a. Infidelity
b. Money Problems
c. Jealousy
d. Alone Time
... and a host of other issues.

Get your copy today before the publisher tells us to stop. This download would normally cost you $27, but today its our gift to you for your order.

Are you made to feel guilty for accusing
or suspecting your partner of cheating?
[]   YES,   I want and need to instantly download "The Cheating Manual" to find out for sure if my partner is cheating on me - and if so, what to do about it!
Yes! I want to ease my mind and know for sure if my spouse is cheating

Yes! I want to know how the best Private Investigators catch cheaters!

Yes! I want and DESERVE to be happy!

NO! I NEVER want to sleep in a bed used by my husband and his mistress!

Yes! I have to know if my intuition is correct without ruining my relationship
      if I am wrong


Yes! I want instant access to your manual and the bonus material

Yes! I want "The Cheating Manual" before the price goes up!
     (I know this limited offer will end soon)



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Get on with your life . . . you deserve better - -

You are also backed by my personal 60 day Guarantee. If for any reason you decide the book is not for you simply return it for a full refund.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by buying now and reading everything I have to say - this is a life changing manual for your peace of mind and new life and you have absolutely everything to gain!

Be advised: This Discounted Offer May Expire At Any Time!

For me to keep providing this website and to continue to expand on its content, I will soon have to raise the cost by twenty dollars to at least $67. If you are at all concerned with saving yourself from a nightmare of living with a suspected cheater and the "fear of not knowing", I urge you to download this manual right now! Not only will you save yourself $20 but you'll also have the peace of mind you fully deserve.

Just for a little while, stop following your heart...
and go with your intuition and gut instinct

Having even a small idea that your spouse is cheating on you is mindblowing enough. You will be agonizing over their whereabouts every time they leave the house. You'll also wonder if they picked up a sexually transmitted disease and will it spread to you, your children and throughout your immediate family? You have to get answers now!

If you are scared or nervous about purchasing the book and don't know what to expect if your spouse or lover finds it... not to worry. No one but you will know - this is an instant, secure download. If you need to delete the book for any reason, no problem, you can go back as many times as you wish to download it again - and you are entitled to any future updates! The charge will be from "ClickBank/Keynetics" so it won't even have a purchase description. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing what is going on behind your back - its time for you to step up and take charge.

Wishing you peace of mind,

Tina Maxwell (and Pete)

P.S. There is no time like the present to get your life in order and really where you believe you need to be - We should know - we were in your shoes only a few short years ago.

P.P.S. The future of your relationship depends on what you DO TODAY, in this moment. Not what you put off till tomorrow.

P.P.P.S. Don't forget, when you are sitting alone in a quiet home while your spouse is out on the town... you'll have two types of thoughts racing through your head:
The way your life is... The way it could be... what's it going to be for you?
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