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Build Outbound Links Quick as a Flash

Improve The Quality of Your Blog with Relevant Links

Blogroll Builder is an elegantly simple WordPress plugin that lets you get on with the business of building relevant outbound links without fuss or hassle. Adding outbound links increases the relevancy of your blog for both your visitors and the search engines.

Perfect for affiliate marketers, niche marketing, auto bloggers, multi-site bloggers or anyone looking to speed up the process of building a set of authority links.

Increase Relevancy and Save Time

Linking from your blog to good quality websites improves its natural footprint and helps to integrate it into the topic eco-system in which it lives. This is an especially important consideration if you are buildling auto-blogs or blogging across multiple sites and want them to appear hand-crafted and human. However, adding relevant, high quality links to those blogs can be a time consuming task that requires some research if you are just starting out with an unfamiliar topic. Blogroll Builder offers a solution that dramatically decreases the time and effort it takes to find and add links to your WordPress blog.

Google already knows which sites are the most relevant to your market, so why not let it do all the work? Using as little as the name of your blog, Google results are automatically delivered straight into the WordPress administration interface where they can be edited to your heart's content and saved directly into your blogroll.

Blogroll Builder doesn't require much thought but it does speed up a tedious task!

How It Works
Define your search parameters choose the most relevant Google search engine for your blog topic
Blogroll Builder can retrieve results from these [local Google indexes](http://www.google.com/supported_domains) enter your search term
(the blog title term is automatically entered the first time round for you) select how many search results you want to see Conduct the search Just hit that search button! Review the results choose which results you want to turn into outbound links view the website to check if it is appropriate edit result entries to better suit your requirements
(trim titles and simplify links as desired) Save your links select which link category (blogroll) your want to show these links under save the results

What You Get
A copy of the Blogroll Builder plugin for WordPress 2.9+ Direct delivery via download after payment has been made Free updates for the lifetime of the software Free support via our contact form A multi-site licence. Use it on as many of your blogs as you want.

Blogroll Builder WordPress Plugin

Price: $27
Enter discount code:
[] [](http://1.cbref9n64k.pay.clickbank.net)
By purchasing Blogroll Builder you agree to the terms of set out in the [End User Licence Agreement](eula.php).

Your transction will be securely handled by our 3rd party payment processor.

Blogroll Builder is a plugin for [WordPress](http://www.wordpress.org)

Blogroll Builder
Build outbound links quickly Find relevant, themed sites Edit links in place Publish instantly to blogroll Easy installation No settings to configure Saves time and effort!

Operating Requirements
Wordpress 2.9+ PHP 5 with cURL


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