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Are You Sick And Tired Of Paying For Insurance And Then When

You Have A Claim, They Don't Want To Pay You?  
Dear Homeowner;

I am a claim expert who has sat and watched people get ripped off by insurance
companies and I am TIRED of it!!   Hi, my name is Jay Hatfield, and I want to introduce myself to you and then show you how to STOP the ridiculous treatment that insurance companies hand out to you when you have a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane loss!!

Take a look at just an example of how I help people who have had some kind of a loss.  What you see in this picture is not just a burned down house, this is a HOME to a family -- a husband, a wife, and children, and they get treated like DIRT!!

The adjuster said he would pay them $121,430.00 to rebuild, and I ended up getting them OVER $237,600.00!!  THAT my friend, is the amount that the insurance company should have given them in the beginning, but it took us about 4 months to get that for the insured.   This is what I do and I want to show you my secrets of how to do it also without paying for a public adjuster, like me. How to Get the MOST from Your Insurance Claim ...

Ask Yourself This One Question:

"Would You Let the Wolf Stand Guard Over the Chicken Coup?"

If you answered NO, then you need to continue reading...
I am, for the FIRST time, revealing my letters that are full of secrets that help to get the homeowner the money they deserve!!  EVERYTHING I will teach you is legal, ethical, and moral and as a public adjuster, I ONLY abide by what the policy states is owed to the insured.   My letters will teach you how to handle different situations at different stages of your claim.  It is not enough to just talk to your insurance adjuster, who could not CARE LESS ABOUT YOU, by the way, but you have to understand and KNOW how to fight their way of doing what they do every single day.

For exmaple, the picture of the home to your left is where the insurance company told the insured they had only had coverage that would cover part of the damages.  They hired me as their public adjuster, and we got them an additional $103,000!!!!  How did I do that? Umm, it was my letters....LETTERS that YOU now have access to, for a FRACTION of what that insured paid me to fight for them.   
 About The President

 Jay Hatfield is a Licensed Certified Public Adjuster.  He is also a Claims Expert and  has testified several times in court for the benefit of the insured.  He has been hired  many times as an insurance claims expert and Jay also  works as an claim
 appraiser on insurance losses.
 He has represented insureds during mediations and has worked numerous times with  the
 insured’s attorney in Depositions, Examinations Under Oath, & Mediations as an expert witness
 several times.  Jay has the mentality to be one of the best when it comes to  making sure his
 clients have the best protection and preparation for their insurance claims.  He  continues to be on
 the cutting edge of the insurance industry and attends several seminars and training sessions
 each year as well as being in a network with other claim experts where  insurance issues are
 discussed, normally, weekly.

 He is an active member of AMPIA also known as Association of Midwest Public Insurance  Adjusters and is a  licensed contractor.

 Jay has worked for years in behalf of the insureds only.  Jay says:

 “We do not want to take one dime from the insurance company that is not owed to the insured,
 but  we do not want the insurance company to keep one dime they owe the insured either.  I
 settle  most of the claims of my clients in a quick manner by working with the insurance adjuster,  but if  the client ever has to go to court, they can be assured that they have a claim that has been  very  well documented.”


You will learn many things in this FREE REPORT that adjusters and insurance companies DO NOT like for the insured to know about. Things such as, and this is just a SHORT list of things you NEED to know about...

1.  What the adjuster is required to keep in his file that...

2.  What the adjuster must tell you that they almost
     never do... 

3.  What the adjuster must comply and give you within 10 days...

4.  What must happen within 30 days that you don't    
     know about, because they don't want you to know...

5.   Why it is dangerous for you to agree to settle your claim, and
      what the adjuster hopes you never find out because if you do,
      he could be in deep trouble   
Insurance Insights:

What You Should KNOW

I laugh inside every time someone is concerned about hiring a public adjuster and paying him fee of 10% when they will get over $80,000 JUST BECAUSE they hired the public adjuster to work for them.  Listen, when I get a customer of mine an extra $80,000 to $400,000 or whatever amount that it ends up being, THEY DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM PAYING ME 10% to 15% of that amount.

My letters allow YOU to save thousands of dollars!!!   

Believe it or not, people who believe that they can fight the insurance company and win everything that they are owed on their claim are usually fooling themselves.  Unless you understand how, why, Click Picture of Letter to Enlarge [](Sample%20letter%20for%20purchaser%20to%20see%20on%20website%20%20PDF.pdf) when and at what point the insurance company is working for THEMSELVES, they have the upper hand on you.  I say this from experience of seeing and witnessing how and what they have done for years that I have been in the business. 

It absolutely confuses me when someone says they are fighting with their adjuster for $175,000, and more, on their homeowner’s claim, yet they don't want to spend the amount of money from my website to actually see how I have handled the same type of situation, successfully.  I say this not to brag, but I have the knowledge and know how that you NEED to get what you DESERVE to be paid on your claim.  If that means spending $39.00 on my site to help you have the knowledge to win an additional $100,000, doesn't it make good sense to buy it now?

You could easily spend $150-250/hr on a lawyer only to find out he really is not a claim expert and knows nothing or very little about property insurance claims.  There are very FEW attorneys who are claim experts and really understand and KNOW property claims.  I have been hired by several attorneys to work for the case as their expert witness.  The reason they hire me is because I understand insurance claims. 

I can’t say it strong enough to you, that in all of my years as a public adjuster, it has taken one extra little bit of that "special knowledge", that I have worked VERY hard to obtain, for a denied claim of an insured, or just about to be denied claim for that insured, to be paid. Many times, that little bit of extra knowledge that I have, has done wonders for the insured, and it will for you also.  The same is true for people who believe their claim is being paid by the adjuster "just fine", only to realize later that they lost thousands of dollars due to not being willing to accept the knowledge of someone who REALLY understands how the "wolf got into the chicken coop to start with." 

The sad fact is that most people believe they KNOW more than they really do. In most areas of life, you can get by with that thinking all right, but when it comes to dealing with your claim, you had better turn to someone who REALLY DOES KNOW what they are talking about.   

Would you rather spend hours, days, weeks or months looking for that one bit of information in the policy or in the law (which, no offense intended, you and most attorneys would probably never find or know what to do with anyway), while your legal and policy time limits slip away, or get it INSTANTLY in a guaranteed informational eBook from us?   I just do not know how to make it any more clear than that, my friend.  I have had people tell me that they did not want to pay me anything because their adjuster is working with them "just fine", to only find out later that they almost lost $340,000!!!!  They did finally hire our company and we were able to get that for them, but because of their small mistake, they almost lost it all.  This is not hype; I take this very seriously, and YOU SHOULD ALSO. 

It amazes me when people tell me that “MY adjuster said he/she would pay a certain amount of dollars for my total home loss.  But the value of my home is more than what the adjuster is now saying he/she will pay me. What can I do?" LISTEN TO THIS, and I say this kindly, THAT ADJUSTER DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU!!!!  Don't get confused about who is working for whom, because they WANT you to "feel" that they are looking out for your best interest, when they really are NOT.

There is no way that you can learn how to play this game if you have an insurance claim, not a chance!!  You can do all of the research you want online, but you WILL come up short, very short, unless you can find someone, like us, who has the REAL knowledge of how the business really is.  It is sad, but I tell people all the time that the insurance claim game, is just that, a game!!  YOU MUST have the knowledge to play, IF you want to win!!  One letter or information that you will get from me, can easily change the way your claim is handled, and truly, it may take more than one letter or bit of information, but the cost from me could save you thousands of dollars; or should I say MAKE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

I have seen very smart men and women, and some of them were attorneys, believe they knew what the adjuster’s next move was going to be, only to find out that they were wrong.  How can you know if you have not worked in the field of insurance claims?  YOU CAN'T.  That does NOT make you a dummy, it makes you smart to realize you NEED someone who is on YOUR side!!  You must be able to have the right answer, and the correct information to be able to fight the insurance company. Like it or not, I am telling you the truth.

This is where IPA's eBooks come into play. You can learn the thought process for making your own best decision. You can get the most common strategies and maneuvers that adjusters use, and, you get the best response, moves and strategies to choose from and modify for your own unique circumstances. These maneuvers and strategies are based on MY OWN PROVEN EXPERIENCES as a “public adjuster” working "against" insurance companies for years.

My goal is to teach you how to “work your own claim for little dollars, and WIN". 


Jay Hatfield
 Check out some of my ebook letters below.  Read the description and choose one or choose all
 of them, but if you have a claim, YOU NEED the help that they will supply to you.  You have a  choice  right about now... You can TRY to study, read, go to seminars, call friends or whoever to  learn in  weeks what you STILL will not learn that my ebook letters will supply to you.

Insurance adjusters tell you that you need to sign a waiver for them to be able to do their job.  In my experience, I always read the policy and see what it says about waivers BEFORE anything is signed.

If someone has waived their rights before I become involved in a claim, I immediately submit the following letter explaining why, and for what reasons the insured does not want to waive their rights because...

What do you get:  A letter with written full explanations that has been used on hundreds of other claims. 
PDF Format  [Click Here to PURCHASE  Cost is $49.00](http://1.1marching.pay.clickbank.net)
This subject is something I am once again very passionate about, because I have seen so many insureds dig a hole that they just were not able to get out of.  It is usually after they get into this deep hole that they then come to us.

I give you examples about how to complete a Proof of Loss based on how I have assisted insureds for years to do.  I also give you an actual Proof of Loss that I have completed for an insured for your viewing.  I believe it is important for an insured to protect themselves from any insurance adjuster, who works SOLELY for the insurance company.  It protects their claim and allows them to be awarded what is rightfully theirs from the insurance company.

What you get:  A document showing how I always create a Proof of Loss for an insured.  It has protected MANY insureds and it will continue doing just that in the future.
PDF Format  [Click Here to PURCHASE  Cost is $49.00](http://2.1marching.pay.clickbank.net) BONUS REPORT PAY ME MY MONEY:
There are many things you can do, but most of all you have to find out exactly what he is up to? What I mean by that is this:  Your adjuster, regardless of what they say, works for the insurance company. They do NOT work for you, you must understand that.  If they can save the insurance company money by not paying you everything you are owed, TRUST ME, they will.

I show you want to look for and how to avoid getting yourself into a trap that, if you are not very careful, is hard to get out of. 

What you get:  A letter showing and explaining how to get an insurance adjuster to get past their stuck price that they want to pay and how to get them to release more money to you.   PDF Format
[Click Here to PURCHASE  Cost is $49.00](http://3.1marching.pay.clickbank.net) BONUS REPORT GETTING PAID WHAT IS FAIR:
I have said this many times, and I tell people this:  I would not allow the wolf to gaurd my chicken coop, and I feel the same exact way about an insurance adjuster who works directly for an insurance company.  Sorry, but that is what I have witnessed over the many years in this business and it is very sad, but true.

I have seen insurance adjusters be kind to an insured before the insured hired me and it was pretty clear that the intentions of the insurance adjuster was going to not be good for the insured. Once that happens, it is sometimes very hard for the insured to get out of their trap, and the insurance adjuster KNOW what they are doing. 

What you get:  A letter showing and explaining to the insurance adjuster that YOU know and understand what you should be  paid.  PDF Format
[Click Here to PURCHASE  Cost is $39.00](http://4.1marching.pay.clickbank.net) BONUS REPORT CONTENTS:
OH BOY!!  This could be your biggest nightmare!  I have seen more claims get into trouble over this one request,  before my company was hired, than just about any other thing.  Your personal property contents are easy to present to the insurance company for payment, BUT, you must do it in a way that protects the rest of your claim and allows you to get paid for ALL of your contents.

The objective is to see if they can find anything that does not make good reason.  There is no way that you can remember all of your contents and every place you purchased everything, no way!!  Yet, the insurance adjuster will tell you that it is alright, just do your best while all the time they KNOW what their true intention is AFTER they have you sign the bottom line of their "forms", where it says you have sworn to tell the truth.  Remember this:  You don't always see a bear trap, until it is too late!!  THIS IS A MUST read.

What you get:  Some documents showing how to document your contents by the policy.  Make sure you read your policy and abide by it.   PDF Format
[Click Here to PURCHASE  Cost is $49.00](http://5.1marching.pay.clickbank.net)
All offers on this website are only good in the United States of America. All products are delivered by immediately direct download in PDF form CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have ANY questions, please email me at publicadj@yahoo.com [Legal Notice](Legal%20Notices.htm)

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