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You Too Can Be Free From The Risk of Identity Theft Without a Monthly Fee

Here's the facts: Your personal information is vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands. If you shop online, have a credit card account, a bank account, a job, visited a hospital or Doctor's office, your personal information is out there; and identity thieves are just waiting to get their hands on it!

According to the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) most recent report on credit fraud, nearly 10 million Americans are victimized by credit fraud and identity theft EVERY year!

Credit fraud is becoming so common, it's not if your identity is stolen, it's when will it be stolen. 
When your personal information falls into the wrong hands and is used fraudulently, you may not find out about it for months or even longer. In fact, most victims don't realize their identities were stolen until they try to obtain a loan or credit card, or worse when the debt collectors begin calling.
According to the same FTC report over one third of all victims of identity theft reported experiencing serious problems in addition to out-of-pocket monetary losses including being harassed by collection agents, being denied new credit, being unable to use existing credit cards, being unable to obtain loans, having their utilities cut off, being subject to a criminal investigation or civil suit, having difficulties accessing their bank accounts, or even being arrested!
It doesn't end there: Victims of identity theft report spending up to 55 hours fixing the problems caused by the theft of their identity.  Can you really afford to not protect yourself?
So just what can you do to protect yourself and your family?
Until now, in order to protect yourself many people just like you were forced to pay for credit monitoring services that charge expensive monthly fees.  Do you really want to pay hundreds of dollars a year for the rest of your life, just to protect your identity and credit rating?
Stop identity thieves cold in less than 15 minutes from right now!
Credit-Sentry.com is unlike the other credit protection services.  Instead of charging ongoing monthly fees, Credit-Sentry will enable you to completely stop identity thieves in their tracks cold, and it takes less than 15 minutes to set up.
Why choose Credit-Sentry? 
Unlike expensive monitoring services that charge you a monthly fee for the rest of your life, Credit-Sentry empowers you to protect yourself using little know secrets that the credit bureaus and other monitoring services don't want you to know about.  Credit-Sentry.com will show you step by step how you can protect yourself for life, and it takes less than 15 minutes.

Why is Credit-Sentry better than credit monitoring?

Simple, credit monitoring alerts you to potential fraudulent use of your credit AFTER it already occurred.  Credit-Sentry prevents the fraudulent activity BEFORE it happens.  Here's an example--Would you rather prevent a thief from entering your home or have an army of people prepared to go to every pawn shop to recover your items after they were stolen?
Is Credit-Sentry safe?

Since you'll never have to provide Credit-Sentry with your personal information, like your Social Security number and date of birth, Credit-Sentry is actually safer than traditional credit monitoring services that require you to provide your private sensitive information.

How Does Credit-Sentry work?

For a one-time low fee, Credit-Sentry will show you how you can protect yourself for life.  Just pay a small one-time fee that the credit bureaus may charge.  This credit bureau fee, if charged, varies by state but will never exceed $10.  Again this is a one-time fee that protects you for life; it is not a monthly fee.

Do I have to pay Credit-Sentry for each member of my family?

No, Credit-Sentry's fee is a one-time fee for access to this little known secret information.  After paying the one-time fee, you can use guidance Credit-Sentry provides to protect all the member's of your family including your minor children.

If this really works, how come I never heard of this before?

Simple, the credit bureaus make money by selling your credit information.  When you use Credit-Sentry the credit bureaus can only sell the information to those that you explicitly give them permission to access your credit report.  This severely cuts down the revenue the credit bureaus can earn selling your information.  Therefore, it's in the credit bureaus' best interest to keep this information hidden.

Here's an example--Have you ever received a pre-approved offer in the mail from a credit card company, auto loan company, or for a mortgage refinance?  What actually happened is the credit bureau sold a list of qualified potential applicants to those companies, so they accessed your credit profile without you ever applying for a loan.  This alone opens up the flood gates to identity theft.  Once you use Credit-Sentry's service, the credit bureaus will no longer be able to sell your credit profile without your explicit permission.  It's the equivalent to locking your credit report in a safe where only you have access. 

Try Credit-Sentry 100% Risk Free

We are so sure you'll be satisfied with the Credit-Sentry system, we offer a 100% no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.

Get Credit-Sentry today and get protected for a one time fee of just $29.95


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