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Amy's Testimonial


5 Clothing sizes LOST!

Total body transformation!

" I was very sceptical about the boot camp bible. I was proved wrong within the first week. The results are out of this world.”




This is the WEIGHT LOSS solution that YOU have been looking for!

The secrets are finally out... how to get a flat tummy, toned thighs and get into your skinny jeans! The buzz about The Boot Camp Bible diet is simple. It's not just for one reason that it works, it delivers mind blowing results with a money back guarantee!

The very fact your reading this tells me your looking for RESULTS and fast? Before I tell you more make sure you have taken advantage of the Top 7 weight loss strategies that you can implement immediatley to increase weight loss. Simply enter your name and email on the right hand side and they will be in your inbox quicker than Usain Bolt.

Now do you want to discover the secrets of the UK's top fat loss expert at boot camps that'll literally shred ugly, wobbly stubborn fat from your tummy, thighs, hips and butt as well as your love handles and bingo wings. REGARDLESS of what you've tried before?


You must stop and read this for a minute. You're about to learn the secret about losing weight that most people will never know about! Let me tell you how it works...

The Boot Camp Bible Diet has been designed to help women and men like yourself who work really hard in gyms, with personal trainers, in exercise classes and running the streets, who are not seeing results they'd hoped for and want results fast.

At some point you have probably joined a gym, tried a few classes, done a few minutes on the treadmill you couldn't work and ignored by the fitness team. After all this you discovered you do not like gyms! What are you doing to get rid of your tummy now? You know you need to workout. Well it's time to action against your jelly belly!

Does this sound like you? then you must read on...


How would you like to...

Burn 5 hours worth of calories in less than 60 minutes. No need to do back to back classes like you do at your local gym!

Have Unlimited fat burning sessions at Ipswich Boot Camps with the UK's leading rapid fat loss expert at a fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

Have 20 of the most enthusiastic and motivated workout buddies, keeping you training hard and achieving more results.

Have Simple, EFFECTIVE and LASER LIKE workouts designed for ONLY rapid fat loss and fitness. Melt fat, get rid of stress and turbo charge your energy levels with our one of a kind routines.

Take part in the Only program of its type that GUARANTEES RESULTS. Instead of the classes being a random selection of exercises, or just jogging around the streets, we created a format that means the group stays together and enjoys the workout, and everyone benefits from a fantastic fat burning workout!


I am a overweight, will I cope?

You never run for more than 50 meters at any point in the workouts, but you will burn plenty of calories. The sessions are delivered in a fun, game orientated manner in order to help you get into great shape without even knowing you are exercising!

If you haven't done any exercises for ages and feel depressed at the thought of having to start again...Do not worry, you are in safe hands. Colchester boot camps is designed for all levels of ability.

Colchester Boot Camps was designed with you in mind. The aim is get you using every muscle in every exercise. If you work all 600 muscles in every workout and even in every exercise, you'll burn far more calories and lose far more fat.

You will love Colchester boot camps just like everyone else. You will find it fun and fantastic at burning body fat, strengthening soft and saggy muscles and making your body firmer and fitter...and most importantly FAST!



Who wrote the Boot Camp Bible?

The Boot Camp Bible was written by Peronal Trainer Dan Thompson. It is likely you have no idea who I am or who my team of coaches are? I have boot camps all over the U.K. Rather than dazzle you with credentials and titles behind my name, I'll tell you that myself and my team are all one on one personal trainers all on the front line training clients to get the fastest fat loss results in the U.K.

My "Unique Fundamentals" are the underlying principles of making massive changes to my clients lives, with goal achievement, nutritional responsibility, lifestyle adaptation as well as tailored training programs to suit each individual client.


Dan, I am ready to kick crazy diets, out of control fat hormones and boring workouts to the curb... And get in the best shape of my life right now!

Yes, I'm ready to quit impossible diets!

Yes, I’m ready to fit into my “skinny” jeans!

Yes, I'm ready to "Shut Down" my fat hormones!

Yes, I'm ready for new and exciting workouts!

Yes, I'm ready for results in 60 days or my money back!

Yes, I'm ready to start! Okay I'm ready to kick start my weight loss. Downloading your copy is simple... just [click here](registration.html).





For just £17.97 you get access to everything...


Part 1 - A new beginning. If you’re serious about getting into shape, you need the right lifestyle changes and exercise; not just one of them but BOTH. The whole point of The Boot Camp Bible is to help you achieve what you want fast. But we hope you are so impressed you will change your lifestyle for the better! Learn the rules, the does and don'ts.


Part 2 - The plan. You will gain the results you want if you really want them and that means getting rid of all confectionary items and junk food. You can do all the training in the world, but you can not out train bad eating habits. Your eating equates to around 75% of your overall results, it’s that important! You literally are what you eat. Learn what you should be eating to be a fat burning furnace and why!


Part 3 - 14 day example plan. Including recipes, tips and information about supplements you can take to speed warp your fat loss. There is no point telling you what you need to do unless you have examples to work with. This exact meal plan lost Nick 24lbs in his first month alone and the reason why my boot campers drop inches every month.


Part 4 - The workouts. The belly busting boot camp workouts used at my very own boot camp to guarantee you burn fat and fast. No equipment needed, all workouts are less than 60 minutes. The workouts are simple to follow.



Part 5 - Goal setting to achieve mind blowing success! The boot camp bible also teaches you how to write 30 goals that excite you, inspire you and give yourself only 30 days to complete them. That’s right, 30 days! Simply by setting goals you are 300% more likely to achieve these goals just because you have written them down. Just think what you could achieve with the powerful goal setting techniques I will teach you.


No bonuses?!

This is the part when I am supposed to tell you when you buy The Boot Camp Bible you will get £1767 worth of bonus e-books as a extra gift. Frankly most of them are not worth a penny, simply contain affiliate links to promote other products and best of all you have all the tools you need to succeed within The Boot Camp Bible. So I am not going to bore you with extra bonus books that clog up your hard drive and never get looked at.

But simply tell you if you want awesome guaranteed results like Nick achieved, you have nothing else to do but click 'Add to Cart' Below.





60 Day 100% Money back guarantee!

These unique training and nutrition methods work that we have got complete confidence in offering you a 100% money back guarantee! I offer a 100% money back guarantee with my boot camps and personal training, it is only right I give a 60 day money back guarantee that covers you if you decide at any time that the boot camp bible is not working for you... Although, the program WILL work for you if you apply the techniques. I'm sure you can tell that from all of the testimonials you saw above that many of my boot campers have achieved?





PLEASE NOTE: The Boot Camp Bible is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC


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