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The Flat Tummy Makeover | Female Fat Loss & The Body Of Your Dreams



Hi text-decoration: underline;">this question:

Have you began to wonder if 'that flat toned tummy' and effective
weight loss is only possible for a certain 'type' of woman?

If that's the case then you have landed on the exact perfect website
to completely change that misconception and show you the truth about a
real female body makeover.

You see on this single page I am going to explain to you in very
simple terms exactly why and how any woman can and will transform
their entire body (not just their tummy) and their lifestyle by
understanding the simple reality of a proven, quick, fat loss color:
rgb(153, 51, 153); text-decoration: underline;">Warning: This is not a
'fad diet' or a 'book of sit-ups'. This is a serious yet simple and
effective female body makeover system with step by step guidance from
diet to a proven time saving exercise program to completely transform
your body - with immediate effect. If you are looking for a 'typical
quick fix' then you're in the wrong place, honestly. But if you've
been searching for THE one solution that WILL transform your body -
both inside and out - then this will be the most important website you
ever come to and the most important words you ever read.

The Problem: Everything Else Only Gives A Few Parts of The Jigsaw...

For you to completely transform your body you need a complete system
that does not only give a small part of the puzzle.

Your body reacts to a sensibly targeted approach but it has to have
all the tools to create your dream physique.

Some programs give a workout or two. Some give you only diet tips.
Some others will focus on the 'mindset' and the need to 'believe' you
can do this! Well believe all you want, but if you're not following a
total system then you'll soon find yourself bored, fed up and sitting
frustrated on top of that dreaded plateau where results stop and
depression sets in.

I know what is needed to not only help you focus, but also give you a
blueprint for results, a road map that will melt stubborn tummy fat
and exercises that you'll enjoy and be done with in rapid time.

All in all you need a system. Because when you have a proven system
for your new tummy makeover and body transformation you'll find the
journey to your stunning results quicker, a hundred times more
enjoyable and actually worth your time and effort.

This jigsaw includes all the pieces. Nothing is missing.

The Truth: Your Flat Tummy Program Should Also Transform Your Entire
Body! (*Important!)

Ok, so you see and understand that a full system that covers all the
bases for total body makeover is needed and you'll then get results;
the likes of which you've never experienced before. But I want to
share with you the exciting truth about following this proven system.
It's really exciting and just what any woman should be thrilled to

Your body will not react and change if you just try to do one part of
the jigsaw - say 'spot training your tummy muscles' to get them flat
and sexy. No. The huge benefit to you and all other women reading this
page is that by following the right system that you've found on this
page - to give you a flat, toned, lean sexy stomach - you'll also
absolutely transform your entire physique!

Let me repeat what I've just said: you'll also absolutely transform
your entire physique!

Understand that you are about to be guided in a quick, proven system
that will change every area of you physical body as well as your
health, your confidence, your self-esteem and your lifestyle.

Why would any woman want to 'just' train their tummy when they can
get a whole new body using a quicker, more effective and more
enjoyable system? Does'nt make sense does it...

Don't worry - you've just saved yourself endless hours of continued
searching for 'an answer'. Everything is covered for you right here in
one simple, effective and exciting system.

So: The Solution. A FULL Body Makeover...And Not Just Any Type Of

Ok, I didn't sit in a basement and make this stuff up. :)

I've been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, in numerous
countries around the world and working alongside many hundreds of
brilliant people who all had input for my continued education and an
excited willingness to test my ever improving female body
transformation techniques.

And the big thing is this: I specialize in and enjoy the thrill of
seeing women transform their bodies and their lives.

I run bootcamps and train clients all with the sole focus of
continually giving women worldwide the 'complete package' of a truly
stunning body that alters their lives.

And you know that when someone has a passion it usually means they
focus entirely on it. Well that's what I do. I change ladies bodies by
giving them THE system to follow to get results. I call it The Flat
Tummy Makeover™.

And I can do this because I realized quickly the right way to deliver
those results. Yep, I tested it, I understood it, my clients
understood it and got amazing results and I put it all down in this
full makoever system. Isn't that good of me :)

So in The Flat Tummy Makeover™ you're going to get a complete
female body makeover jigsaw with all the pieces easily laid out for
you to follow. AND - you'll also get the most incredible, lean, sexy
tight tummy in the process. Doesn't that sound like the way to do it!

You see I know what its like to get frustrated with little to no
results. I've seen it over and over with new clients who have hit the
'brick wall' and thats why I get excited when I re-train these ladies
or have them attend their first ever bootcamp with me...

The Flat Tummy Makeover™ destroys frustration and gives them the
blueprint that is both exciting and successful. And it does'nt mimick
every other 'program' out there because it offers the complete female
body makeover package - all the pieces, not just a few!

But I'll let you see here what some of these women have to say, how
about that:


"Tristan's concept to work the abs is a sure way to build strength in
the core. After having a baby, my stomach muscles were stretched
beyond belief, but with Tristan's abs workouts, I have managed to get
rid of my mommy belly and on my way to a washboard stomach!"
-Trisha Ventker
Author of Internet Dates From Hell


"I've been working with Tristan for the last five months and my core
has never been stronger. Tristan is very methodical while planning his
abdominal exercises, ensuring that all of the abdominal muscle groups
are included. With Tristan's help, my entire body is stronger and more
toned than it has been since high school!"
Laura Fitzgerald
Woodridge, IL


"Working with Tristan, makes us really focus on abdominal and tummy
muscles. This core workout is challenging but so worthwhile, and
regular, so the same muscles are focused on in each session. This has
helped me improve my overall posture, and I use the exercises in my
routines when working out in the gym. Good practice, and good
Pat Sullivan
Bronx, NY


"Tristan, I just finished going through your system. Oh my goodness,
awesome, full, well written, and so much more - I've not purchased a
book on tummy muscles but a full body makeover system! In a few short
weeks I've noticed muscles come alive like never before."
Cori Fratelli
San Diego, CA


"Tristan's approach to training really helped me get results. He knows
how to push you past your comfort zone, while still maintaining a
watchful eye and ensuring proper form and function. The methods he
uses really emphasize core stability and strength so that you are
constantly working that 'problem area' midsection as well as other
parts of the body. I would recommend his product and services to women
of all ages and ability levels, you won't regret it!"
Brianna 'Breezy'
Memphis, TN


As Well As Everything You've Just Read, Here's the Biggy: This System
Is The Only One You'll EVER Need!

Yes, you read it correctly. I'm not a fan of confusion. I like to
keep it simple. In chatting with and researching the feedback from my
female customers and clients I quickly saw that women everywhere are

They were all asking for one system that would not only deliver
results but also provide them with something they could understand
quickly, fit into their lives then use over and over.

Well, it made perfect sense to me. After all I see daily just how
busy my own wife is. And its funny how so many of my female clients
all sound just as busy as her! Is it a female thing? Of course it is!
Try discussing this with the guys they'll look at you like: 'What's
the fuss?' LOL! - Women can multi task and need things that work, can
be done quickly and that fit into their lives. Men don't understand

So I modified The Flat Tummy Makeover™ to be the only system
available in the fat loss and fitness industry that can be re-used in
different ways over and over. Once you have this you don't need
anything else. You use it, get to quickly understand it, add it into
your hectic life....and in fact let it actually make things a bit
easier because not only will you get a stunning body but:

You'll get a whole new understanding of fat loss training.

You'll learn proven exercises.

You'll know when to change up your workouts.

You'll know what to eat and what not to eat.

You'll even be able to take a few weeks off completely then come back
to it with not fat gain as your new body will now be a fat burning

All in all this system is a 'lifestyle system' that you'll quickly
understand and then you'' control. it will fit into your life and not
need changing.

So let me now introduce The Flat Tummy Makeover™ system properly:

The Ultimate height: 502px;" alt="the flat tummy makeover"
src="images/the-flat-tummy-makeover-pack.jpg" />

OK: I want this to be open and available to every single woman out
there and affordable for all so that this becomes a real 'no brainer'
and the simplest decision you ever make:

*It's important to note here that the time and research that went
into everything in this system would be reflected in a big $ figure
when assuming my typical private training fees, the time spent
designing the programs and recording all the exercises in clear photo
form...plus all the other tweaks and edits...But again: I want all
women - you - to be able to do this, and do it right...

Therefore, I'd like to give you this opportunity to get started right
now on the FULL 9 Element $832.95 package: The Flat Tummy Makeover™
System for a one time introductory discount price of

$197 $39.97

*Important Note: I want to again make clear thought that this is not
one of those 'quick solutions' or a 'book of ab exercises to do every
night'. This is a serious, proven, intelligent female body makeover

This is designed to give you stunning results by implementing the
best female only, fully targeted body makeover system available
anywhere. It shows you how to train the right way to get that sexy,
fit and lean female physique - a result that is never obtained with
half measures.

Having said that its also a huge factor in my training systems and
classes to make this all enjoyable to do! So I've set it up to be the
most enjoyable and effective system any woman can use.

This will give you stunning results if you commit and follow what it
says, in the fastest time with absolutely no boredom or monotony. The
Flat Tummy Makeover™ is challenging, but refreshing. Exciting and
worthwhile. And proven to put a smile of satisfaction on your face as
well as sculpting the dream feminine body all women are entitled to

So fair warning to all: its both challenging and exhilarating!

Now, to those of you who are serious, focused and ready to finally
stop searching and get started on the path to a guaranteed stunning
female physique then this is for you and I'm genuinely excited for
your future.

There is a certain way a woman should train and live to get the body
they are entitled to. It requires dedication, and this is it, there is
nothing like it anywhere. Its been created for you, and its
ready...for you.

Q: How Am I Covered If It Does Not Work For Me?

Honestly, I know this works or I'd not have put it into a full system
and spent a lot of my time away from my family and friends getting
this site up for women everywhere. But if for whatever reason you feel
its not working for you then you can rest easy on my integrity and
honesty and our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I only ask that you don't take advantage of me or this guarantee, but
give this a real try for the new body that is awaiting you.

But the guarantee is of course in place as I'm an honest person who
wants to serve you right and see you happy.

You have nothing to lose. Give The Flat Tummy Makeover™ a try and
I know you'll be comfortable in the knowledge that I'm honest and
fair, but more importantly excited by the fact that you're now on the
proven path to total female body makeover, fat loss, a lean, sexy
tight tummy and much much more...

So Here's The Question: Are You Ready To Melt That Stomach Fat, Tone
Up A Flat, Sexy Tummy & Completely Transform Your Body ">Any woman can
do this. It can and will be you next.

Because there is a blueprint set up here for you to follow.

It will fit into your lifestyle - not the other way round.
It will provide you a total understanding of female fitness, diet and
fat loss.
It will put you on the path to success in your body and your life.

And most importantly this system now puts you in control of your body
and how it looks as you learn the one proven FULL system for your
female body transformation: The Flat Tummy Makeover™

This must be the easiest decision you'll ever make.

I'm genuinely excited to now be your trainer, to be helping you and
to see your stunning body transformation results. Remember, this is
not just going to transform your tummy! This is the system for a whole
new body & lifestyle.

Your Friend height: 120px;" alt="female fat loss and flat tummy
author" src="images/mysig-pic.jpg" />

Tristan Lewis NASM-CPT
Female Fat Loss Expert
Pro Trainer / Fitness Specialist

P.S. Don't forget that with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee I'm
basically giving you 60 risk free days to try everything, see the
changes, watch how The Flat Tummy Makeover™ fits into your life and
gives you both a new body and new confidence and allow you to
experience exactly what so many other women have: that there is a new
system that delivers on its promises and its ready to change your life
right now.

P.P.S. Have some more questions? Have a browse here:

Q: What is The Flat Tummy Makeover™ System even better!) or in fact
any woman keen to find a FULL system to give them a complete female
body makeover with everything covered from diet to the right proven
exercises, then this is it. I specialize in female fat loss and
conditioning. I create programs for women of all ages to get the best
bodies ever and I focused 110% on putting that into a system for women
who could not train with me due to location and/or schedule. In a
nutshell this IS a female body transformation system that has the
'beautiful' side effect of also giving you a sexy, flat, tight tummy.
I'm not giving you a bit of the puzzle and hoping you find the rest. I
have given it all and you just follow it and transform your body. Its
really a done-for-you system, the only thing I can't do it actually
make you move! That part's up to you :)

Q: Will I lose fat?

A: Yes. The simple thing you should learn from this if nothing else
is that you are going to create a thing called an 'energy imbalance'.
Put simple you are going to be burning off more calories than you
consume. This system will guarantee that, if you eat correct and
follow the workouts. Its not possible not to burn extra calories. I
test and monitor this with my female clients. The system is designed
to make sure you are in a fat burning state for around 75% of your

Q: I'm not 'young' - can I still do this?

A: Without a doubt. I train ladies of all ages from 18-68. I have
specifically put this together to give all women the basics of correct
diet and calorie intake and then I implement fresh, new and proven
exercise programs of all levels from beginner basic to Advanced Pro+
that are varied and stimulating. I don't want to leave any lady out of
this because I know how good this is for women and everyone should get
the chance to do this system.

Q: What if I've never worked out before - can I still get the system
and get a flat tummy?

A: Yes you most certainly can :) I've always felt it vitally
important for all women to train and eat right. The Flat Tummy
Makeover™ System is a womans 'holy grail' if you like - and that
means any woman. I have a beginner program in there that you will work
your way into as well as loads of foundation info to give even a
person with no previous knowledge or experience a great understanding
of the female body and how it will be changing from 'frumpy' to fit
and attractive. Any woman deserves to have a great healthy body:
that's why I did this.

Q: I would love to get going right now! Can I or if not how long is
your shipping period?

A: The good news is you can do this right this second. The system is
downloadable so you can download it immediately on the next few pages
after you purchase.

Q: Tristan, I love the idea of this program you've put together and
your explanation on the page - but what if its not for me?

A: Thanks :) I love helping women transform their bodies. I trust my
abilities and my knowledge completely. At the same time I love the
relationship I have with all my ladies in bootcamp, class and my
female friends even more. I treat you the way I'd expect to be treated
in return and if its not for you then you get 100% of your money back,
no questions asked. You see I trust you and I don't feel you'd
genuinely take advantage of me. So if its not for you, no worries, I
respect that. All in all I want to help you, I know this will do it
for all women if followed. And at the same time I want you to know its
risk free - not just becasue that's good business but importantly
because that's how I treat my friends - its just the right way to be.


The legal stuff: Because of recent rulings and clarifications from
the FTC, we now want to briefly discuss just what 'typical results'
actually are. The simple fact is most people never do a thing with the
products they purchase, so therefore their typical results are zero.
This really all comes down to you. Obviously. You didn't need telling
did you? Of course not. There is never going to be a pill or potion
that gives you eternal life. So unrealistic people are fair warned and
those living in the real world: exciting times ahead! Cheers.

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