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Testimonials-What Others Are Saying:

"The learning games you have are great! My kids enjoy them and they are learning quicker than ever!"

"Wow! I can't believe the amount of learning tools and educational items that are included..Thanks"

"Your learning to count drag games & learn your shapes and colors games are indespensible for practicing & learning"


























































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Preschool Learning for your kids is extremely important at this early age in their childhood development!

What you teach them now will have a HUGE IMPACT on the rest of their lives!

Starting your preschool children or preschoollers on this well targetted, preschool learning curriculum & educational lesson plans package now.. will JUMPSTART their early mental development, childhood development and provide your child with an extreme educational advantage!

Parents & preschool teachers are always looking for the best preschool learning activities & educational curriculum and lesson plans to teach kids at home or in class.

Counting, learning preschool math, learn shapes, learn alphabets, learn colors, learn to print letters, print numbers, draw shapes.

Also learning to identify objects, pronunciate & spell certain words as well as teaching with quality preschool science experiments, preschool art activities & more are crucial to teaching and educating children while improving their childhood development.

Imagine being able to have all the preschool learning & teaching resources you need to teach your preschoolers math, how to print letters, how to learn to count, simple preschool reading, preschool music & songs for learning, learning colors, learning shapes, science, creative preschool art and other invaluable preschool activities & curriculum--



The Preschool Genius Learning Package does all this and more!

Your preschool children will be learning all their essential preschool curriculums & preschool basics FASTER & EASIER with this Amazing, complete Preschool Learning & Teaching Program!

This Complete Preschool Learning Package can be used over and over again.




This Preschool Genius Package teaches and provides your preschool child with quality, essential educational early learning skills, preschool learning activities, preschool games & more.

This complete educational curriculum covers a huge assortment of learning areas & essentials for teaching your preschool kids including:

learning the complete alphabet (+ letter recognition) simple reading & word recognition simple spelling & pronunciation of common words learning numbers learning to count learning simple math learning shapes learning their colors Flash card learning-identifying common household items to expand vocabulary skills learn to print numbers & letters learn to draw shapes creative drag & drop PC games to develop co-ordination, cognitive skills & creativity..



Professional Preschool Videos & Preschool Resources
Preschool Learning Activity Videos & Preschool Teaching & Learning Videos (kids stories, songs, professional art, curriculum and more.)


Preschool Learning Activity E-Books

(Reg. Price $14.99 each)
Preschool Creative Art Activities E-Book -provides professional preschool creative art & activities for kids, expanding their minds & imaginations. The Ultimate Science & Sensory E-Book -provides a wide variety of preschool science experiments & sensory learning activities & preschool ideas for teaching preschool kids & expanding their early mental development.

Our 'Preschool Genius[](http://3.evilknevil.pay.clickbank.net ) L

earning Package' Has It All!

Over '150' Preschool Learning PC Games & Professional Learning Activities For Teaching Your Kids:


Packed full of over '100' Preschool Learning Tools & Professional Preschool Teaching Activities.

These include (custom made) PC Interactive Learning to Count games, Preschool File Folder activities, Preschool Printables, Preschool Creative Art E-Books, Science & Sensory Experiments E-Book, Preschool Circle time songs & Educational Songs (.mp3 audio), Drag & Drop Educational Games, Professional Preschool Teaching & Learning Videos, Preschool activities, kids stories and more!



*This Complete Preschool Learning GENIUS Package is a $150.00 VALUE!

$80.0 VLIMITED TIME ONLY $39.99 Now! $24.99 (Click The Image)

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*Requires winzip (.zip files), adobe acrobat reader (.pdf files)-These programs are Free To Download!

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Preschool Genius Learning Package

What You Get Inside This Complete Preschool Learning Package:

Over '150' Preschool Learning Tools- Preschool Learning PC Games, Preschool Videos, Educational Songs, Learning Printables, Preschool Science & Art Curriculum E-Books & More! WOW!



Learn The Alphabet (PC Game):
A custom made PC game teaching your preschool child the Alphabet. Audibly sounds each 'letter' of the alphabet for your child to accelerate learning.
Shows lower case and upper case examples of letters.
Each letter shows 2-3 images of various objects that start with each letter along with spelling of the word. Great teaching tool to get fast results!
Learn Your Numbers & Counting (PC Game): A custom made PC game teaching counting up to 15. Audibly sounds each 'number' name.
Each number shows its proper spelling as well as samples of groups of objects for each number totalling that number amount shown. Great Math & Counting tool!
Also has counting 'practice' activities for children to count the objects and then pick the proper answer. This teaches your child to recognize numbers and become pro counters!
Learn Your Shapes (PC game): A custom made game that teaches your child to recognize their 'shapes' as well as recognize the proper spelling of their shapes names.
Each common shape (triangles, diamonds, square, circle etc.) is shown. Audibly sounds each 'shape' name as well as proper spelling of the shape name.
Includes 'shape' recognition practice activities and quizzes for identifing the proper shape and match it to its name.
Learn Your Colors (PC Game): A custom made PC game teaching the most common basic colors to children. Audibly sounds each 'color' name.
Each color sample shows proper spelling of 'color' name for reading.
Practice activities included for identifing colors and matching them to their proper name.
Preschool Flash Cards (PC Game): A great educational item to get your preschool children learning to identify various 'household' items and objects. Helps them to identify, learn & pronounce different everyday items & a great way to stimulate their minds and get them thinking quicker. Increases Early Mental Development!
Themed Drag & Drop (PC Games): A series of Preschool Learning Fun Drag and Drop games that can be played over and over again on the computer. Funny characters that can be dressed up with different items, pieces of clothing & expressions. These are great for co-ordination and general creativity. Fun for Preschool kids.
A Series Of Themed Learn To Count (PC Games): Learn to count games with various themes & sounds to help tell them when they are correct! These games teach kids to identify their numbers as well as count. This will put your preschool kids on the fast track to learning to count faster than ever before. A fun, effective series of PC games to teach your preschool kids to count!
Fun with Preschool Songs (.mp3 format): A series of preschool learning & fun circle time songs for you and your preschool kids to learn & practice. These songs teach different things as well as allow your preschooler to discover music by singing and dancing. All songs are in .mp3 format and can be listened to on your PC or in any .mp3 compatible CD player. A series of cute, preschool songs your kids will love. Educational songs as well.
Preschool Learn To Print Numbers & Letters: Teaching your preschool children to Print their Numbers & Print their Letters is a great way to give them an educational edge at an early age. Learning to print their numbers and letters will help them to be 'school ready' at a much earlier age and will boost their educational success so they can focus on more preschool learning in other areas. Great Teaching tool to accelerate your child's learning skills & printing!


Creative Art For Kids (Professional Preschool Learning E-Book): A professional preschool arts & crafts idea book that provides creative art ideas & preschool activities for your kids.

Creative art is important for stimulating your preschool childs mind & expanding their creativity & imagination! Art is a great educational and creative tool!

These professional preschool art ideas are a great way for your preschool children to learn & have fun! * This Preschool Art E-Book regularily sells for $14.99 - it is included in this Preschool Genius Learning package for this low price of $39.99 $24.99 .

The Ultimate Science & Sensory (Professional Preschool Learning E-Book): Another professional preschool activity ebook teaching various science experiments & sensory activities to help preschool children learn science and develop observational skills, while having fun.

Science & Sensory helps to stimulate your child's mind and increases their observational skills, reasoning skills and allows them to become more curious regarding 'how things work', as well as exploring new things all while increasing their intellectual learning skills and cognitive skills.

Science & Sensory is fun for preschool kids!* This Preschool Science E-Book regularily sells for $14.99 - it is included in this Preschool Genius Learning package for this low price of $39.99 $24.99
Preschool Printables & File Folder Games: A group of printable learning activities for teaching preschool counting, preschool numbers & learning different shapes.   These learning printables can be printed anytime by your printer and used for quick activities to educate your preschool children in different areas of their learning curriculum.   Some printables are actually designed to be file folder games to teach counting to your kids.

Preschool Learning Videos & Professional Child Activity Learning Videos: You can browse through and watch your prefered preschool learning video based on a variety of preschool activities & preschool teaching ideas.

There are well over 100 different preschool learning videos dealing with different professional activities for preschool teaching & learning.

This is an invaluable resource to have at your finger tips for teaching your preschool kids as well as trying new teaching ideas with your kids at home or in a daycare setting.

Great Resource of Professional Preschool Videos & Learning Activities!

Preschool Learning Coloring Book (PC Game): Your Preschool children can color some of their favorite characters online in this Flash based coloring book game.

Your preschool kids simply pick the color they wish to use and click the image to color their favorite characters.

It's that easy..but your kids will love it! This helps them to learn their colors as well as expand creativity whild having fun!

Preschool Drag & Drop Puzzle & Sound (PC Game): A Bonus puzzle type game where you drag the various funny items to the proper place. Game has various fun sound effects. Game challenges kids to identify the funny shapes and place them where they belong. Fun to Play!




All these Professional preschool learning tools, educational resources, learning games, preschool videos will make teaching your kids easier than you ever thought possible!  
**Over 150Professional Preschool Learning items in total! All for a 1 time payment of ONLY $39.99. $24.99  
Keep in mind-this package has a value of $150.00 - (some consider it priceless!)
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*Requires winzip (.zip files), adobe acrobat reader (.pdf files)-These programs are Free To Download!

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*The Preschool Genius Learning Package requires the latest version of Flash Player installed.

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