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Did You Cross Your Fingers And Hope Your Website Developer Put All The
Right Legal Forms On Your Website?


Discover The 7 Legal Essentials For Less Than The Cost Of An Hour With
Your Lawyer

_Dear Website Owner_

According to internetworldstats.com, at the end of 2009 there are an
estimated 1.8 billion internet users worldwide, with about 260 million
internet users in North America.

On those numbers alone, if you are doing business on the internet
your chances of being sued are better than winning the lottery.

It's not easy trying to make sure everything is covered when you're
starting a new venture, whether that is a business or a new website
for your business.

Only 1 Person Out Of 1.8 Billion People Has To Start A Law Suit For
You To Lose Your Business

Some people are prepared to take a risk and hope they don't get
caught out. Nine out of ten websites might even get away with it, but
trust Murphy’s Law to make that tenth person YOU.

Doing business on the internet is not all that different from running
a store. It's still a business and you have responsibilities to your
customers. Only now, your store is open 24 hours a day to customers
are all over the world.

Running A Business Online Is Not So Different From A Corner Store, You
Still Have To Obey The Law

Every time you turn around there seems to be something else that's
got to be put in to place.

When you open up a store there is usually loads of help available
through neighboring store owners, government departments and helpful
relatives. Your store is visible, and you with it.

Who Can You Turn To For Advice About Your Online Business?

When you start a website, unless you start telling people, no one is
going to know. A lot of people start small, from home, doing it all
themselves and guessing about the fundamentals – like legal

Lots of really helpful friends can show you how to set things up
online, its so easy to get started and every second person seems to be
able to build a website these days! That's the great part – but
there aren't many people who've been successful in their online

Are You Acting The Ostrich, Head In The Sand, About Getting The Legal
Side Of Your Online Business Together?

Just like running a store, to keep out of trouble you just need to
know the laws that apply and take sensible precautions to look after
your business.

After all the time and money you've invested to get your website up
and running it would be a disaster to lose it just as you start making
to money you always wanted to make!

But Where Do You Start?

Well, if you're in business online or you're researching business
online you'll know that the first thing you need to do is find a niche
and decide on a product or product range. Got it? Great.

Now, have you checked to find out if you are restricted from selling
those products in countries around the world? Bet you haven't! Do you
know where to look? Do you know who to talk to?

Can You Be Accused Of False Advertising?

What about advertising? There are rules around what you can and can't
say when you advertise products and new laws get introduced all the

If you get your advertising wrong you can be ordered to spend
thousands of dollars recalling products, refunding money and
publicizing apologies.

Not to mention the fines...

and the damage to your business reputation…

You Actually Need Permission To Use That Picture…

What about all the pretty pictures you’re using in your online
advertising? Did you just grab them free from the internet? Lots of
people do it, why can’t you? Did you know that just because its
online doesn’t mean that you can just use it? The internet is not
the same thing as Public Domain or Creative Commons licensing.

Don't Have Your Host Pull Down Your Website For Legal Breaches…

Google has been answering a claim in the European International Court
about the use of trademarks in adwords lately, and there is a similar
claim before the courts in Australia as well – the fall out from
those cases could change the online marketing landscape yet again!

Google Slapped For Using Trademarked Adwords!

Wouldn't you prefer to know where you stand? Haven't you got enough
to worry about in your business with supply and marketing and accounts
to worry about the legal issues around your website as well?

Get peace of mind! Sleep at night knowing that you've got all your
online legals in order. And do it without having to spend months and
hundreds or thousands of dollars with a lawyer just to find out where
you’re at!

Your Online Business Keeping You Awake At Night?

Wouldn't it be great if someone could do all the hard work for you,
checking the relevant international laws, putting together the
information you need to know about and you could sleep at night,
knowing that you've covered of all the issues not just locally, but


I've been practicing law for over 12 years now working with all sorts
of businesses. Since I started working with business focused
specifically at an online market rather than simply having a brochure
website as an extension of an existing business, I've discovered that
the legal issues are pretty similar.

There are even some areas of law that you might not think would apply
to an online business, but they do.

Unfortunately, because a lot of law firms are focused on the high end
of the market, there don't seem to be a lot of lawyers out there
looking after people like you.

It's Easy, Once You Know What Is Important

That's where I can help. I've worked out the 7 Legal Essentials For
Your Website and how those laws apply in a purely online environment.

I've researched all over the world and put together the information
you need to know for your website, where ever it gets seen. And it's
not going to cost you thousands or take weeks to get it! You can get
this information now. All you need to do is click the ORDER NOW button
below and place your secure order.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is! Don’t get caught out and
don’t let your friends get caught out in their budding businesses

It Only Takes 1 Lawsuit To Shut Down Your Website – The Lifeblood Of
Your Business!

With millions of websites around the world what’s the chances of
you’re site being one that gets negative attention? The more money
you make online the higher the chances. Why would you take that risk?
You’ve spent the time and the energy to put together a nice little
earner. Protect it!

Now, some of you might feel that getting the legals right for your
website is too big a task. It’s not. Ever heard the expression
“You don’t know what you don’t know”?

Get Peace Of Mind

To get peace of mind you just need to know the legal essentials and
whether or not you have them covered.

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