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"If you can, you will quickly find that the greatest rate of return you will earn is on your own personal spending. Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting rich."

Mark Cuban



Don't Buy Anything! Until you read this...

Are you paying too much at the grocery or department store?  Do you often buy those "on sale" items, only to find that they aren't that cheap?  Do you often buy in bulk only to realize you actually paid more money? If so, you need to keep reading.


Did you know?

Grocery and department stores use a range of tools to part you with your money…Everything in the store from the background music to that lovely smell of baked bread is there to make you spend money.


But what if you could turn the tables?  What if you could spend significantly less money when you shop?  What if we could show you how we saved over $7,566 each year? 


Imagine the looks on your family and friends face when you tell them you are going on a overseas holiday from the money you saved, by make a few "little changes" to your shopping habits.

Let's Give You The Power!

You can achieve the above!  With the help of 1011 Money Saving Tips E-Book, every time you go out shopping, and even on purchases around your home, you will be spending less and keeping more of your hard-earned cash for yourself.  Sound good? 


With all of this clever marketing going on, it's no wonder there are countless articles and e-books on how to save money…With the right tips, and clear direction on how to implement them, you can stand to save $000s of dollars (or more) each year.  Let us show you how!

So who are we anyway and why should you listen to us?

Hello, my name is Rusty O'Connor, and I am the author of the 1011 money saving tips e-book.  Myself and my co-authors have being involved in authoring, finance, debt reduction, goal setting and money saving e-books for the last ten years, and have developed up range of products to suit a variety of individuals.  In other words, we know our stuff!


One thing we address in our other e-books, is to ensuring that people stick to their financial goals.  This is important, as a customer, you don't want to buy a book that is going to sit on a shelf.  You want to buy a book that you can easily follow step by step to improve your life.


This is true for money saving tips.  What makes our product different, is that we wrote the money saving tips in a way that is easy to follow, and easy to incorporate into your life.  This was no easy task! 

In fact, we didn't know where to start!  After some head scratching, we decided to go straight to our customers and do some research. So we approached a number of our new and old customers, and also interviewed several psychologists, marketers and financial researchers.  The results we found were quite surprising.


After several months of research, hard work and sweat, we found an interesting conclusion:

 money saving lists by themselves are not enough to change spending habits!


People like you don't just want a list of money saving tips to take away with them.  What they want is a list of relevant money saving tips, broken down into easy to follow categories, and then a clear plan to put them into practice.  So thats what we created with our 1011 Money Saving Tips!




So what does 1011 Money Saving Tips contain?


let's look at what you get when you purchase 1011 Money Saving Tips:

v  Immediate benefits:  From day one you will be saving money whenever you shop!

v  More money for you:  Follow the tips, and you will dramatically increase your disposal income.

v  A better life style for less:  We show you how to improve your lifestyle while still spending less money.

v  Relevant tips: regardless of lifestyle or location:  The tips are unique and universal.  No matter where you live or your lifestyle, they will work for you!

v  Clear instructions:  We hold your hand and make sure you use the tips!

v  Tips in clear sections:  Your time is valuable.  Our tips are provided in easy to follow sections to save you time – and money!
v  You will become a great provider:  Whether you are married or single, or have children you will easily be able to provide for your family, and have money left over for holidays!


Let's give you some more details!

1011 and money saving tips broken down into the following categories:

·         Family:  We show you how to spend pennies on the dollar for your family.  Whether it is organizing a birthday party on a budget, or getting good quality clothes cheaply it is all included in this section.


·         Groceries:  Sick of spending too much at the grocery store?  Then this section is for you.  Inside you will find 106 tips that will help you to save money and make wise shopping choices:


·         Home:  Let's face it.  We can spend a lot of money and waste a lot of money at home.  Read this section if you want to slash your utilities costs or fix your house on a budget.


·         Entertainment:  We all have to have fun!  But we don't want to break the bank while doing it.  In the entertainment section you will learn how to get bargains when eating out, how to get drinks cheaper, and how to get reductions on amusement parks or other entertainment.  We want you to have the same amount of fun, but for a lot cheaper!


·         Financial:  This is the nuts and bolts of money saving.  You can save large amounts of money by changing your accounts, your mortgage or on your insurance.  This section includes 145 tips to help you save money.


·         Travel:  We all love travel…Am I right?  However, coming back to find a huge credit bill in your letter box isn't always the best way to ease back into normality.  In this section we show you how to avoid it!  Whether it is booking flights, car travel, hotels or even on a cruise, we have you covered to ensure a great holiday at a great price.


·         Office:  Whether you work at home, or in a rented office, there will be something for you in this chapter.  Saving money on supplies, equipment or furniture…we have you covered.


·         Pets:  Yes we love them!  But they can be costly.  This section shows you had to reduce your costs of pet ownership…regardless of your pet.


So how did we save over $7,566?


I hear you ask…"so how do you arrive at that number?".  But implementing the tips as described in the e-book we were able to save over $630 per months on our expenditure.  After 12 months we had saved $7566!


As well as providing 1011 money saving tips, you will also receive worksheets which will help to ensure you incorporate money saving tips every month.  What could be simpler…we provide tips, and then help you to make sure that they don't just sit on a shelf, but are actually used every day.

In fact, we are so confident that it will work for you; we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee…but more about that later. 



But don't take our word for it.  Here is what some of our satisfied customers had to say:


"Finally…a money saving tip e-book which is practical and easy to follow.  Thank you!"

(Gordon Tilley New York)




"Practical and easy to follow…well done!"

(Sandra Berry South Africa)




I have had your e-book for four weeks and have already saved over $600.  Definitely a good investment

 (David Bradshaw – London)




So easy to follow, the tips are broken down into very relevant categories.

 (Susan Fraser Australia)



I'm going to buy a copy for my kids.  If they start out young image how much they would save.


Burt Davies (USA – Chicago)



Lets talk cheese!  After all it's what we want to help you save!

So how much do you think this product costs?  Over the course of a year you stand to save over $7,566, and that is only if you are a couple!  Imagine the savings you will make if you are a family.
So what would you expect to pay, $797, $597?  Even at those two prices you would be getting exceptional value!

But, don't worry, we want to help you, so for a limited time we are offering a ridiculous price.  A price that has our account going batty, and our marketing manager shaking his head!  They said the absolute lowest price we could offer it for would be $197!  But nuts to that!


We want everyone to be able to use this information, not just a few.  While $197 represents exception value, considering you can save over $7,566 in the first year, we are offering the low low low price of $97!  That right…its not a type, there isn't a zero missing, it’s a one off limited time only low price of $97.


Of course it goes without saying, this offer can't last forever…in fact it is only available for the next 100 clients.  After that we will be raising the price back up to $197.  So if you are the 101'st order…sorry, you will have to pay $197.  Don't miss this opportunity!  Click on the buy now link below!




So for the price of a meal out for you and your partner, you can have access to 1011 Money Saving Tips, and the opportunity to save huge amounts of money.  Imagine how many meals out you could have?  Especially when you read the tips on how to save money at restaurants!


But wait.  There's more!

Like we said...we want to give you the most value that we can!

Not only will we give you 1011 Money Saving Tips, we will also throw in our Debt Eliminator E-book, valued at $129, absolutely free!

The Debt Eliminator will take you through a step by step guide to getting out of debt and staying out of debt.


These two products combined will save you a small fortune each year, and will have you out of debt within five to seven years, including your Mortgage!  What's more your disposable income will rapidly increase within the first year!


It's your free gift.



Buy the product at our risk not yours!  We want you to be completely satisfied with the product.  If you are not satisfied neither are we.  That’s why we have a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

Our Guarantee Policy

If you are not 100 percent completely satisfied with 1011 Money Saving Tips, return the product within 60 days and we will refund all of your money in full.  No questions asked! 



What have you got to lose?  If you decide you don't like 1011 Money Saving Tips, tell us, and we will have the money back in your account within 24 hours, and you still keep the bonus the Debt Eliminator valued at $129.





·         You get 1011 money saving tips, the same tips that saved us over $7,566 a year!

·         You receive a specific step by step plan on how to incorporate these tips into your lifestyle

·         You receive a free bonus The Debt Eliminator valued at $129, that will have you out of debt within 5 -7 years

·         You are safe with our 100 percent, no questions asked, money back guarantee


All of this for our, limited time only, amazing low price of $97.  But hurry.  This is only limited to the next 100 customers.


So what are you waiting for?  Order now and start saving money!



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