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How To Find, Evaluate and Buy a Laundromat - The Package






Author: Jason Lombardo

Publisher: Julian John Publishing

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Pages: 124

Is A Laundromat Right For You?

This book gives you a look from the inside, an owners perspective.
After reading this book you will be able to answer that question
without a doubt.

Are You Looking To Invest In A Laundromat But Don't Know Where To

I start with the basics and then get more advanced.  I walk you
right through all the steps of finding, evaluating and ultimately

Whats The Need?

You need to know the laundry business before you buy a laundry
business. Understanding how the numbers work and where your customers
will come from is a necessity to buying and running a successful

Why Do I Need This Book?

This book could save you thousands. I have some insider tips to help
you evaluate a Laundromats worth. You don't want to pay too much.

Do You Know What Common Expenses A Laundromat Has?

Knowing what to look for and what looks right is the key. Is the
seller purposly leaving anything off of their P&L? What are their
turns per day? This is all needed information to evaluate a
laundromats worth. I have the tools you need.

Have You Ever Heard Of A Water Analysis?

Thats when a perspective buyer backs into a sellers revenue using a
water bill. I show you how that's done and I have a great spreadsheet
to make it easy.

I could go on and on with questions and answers but the bottom line
here is you need to be a knowledgeable buyer. This book gives the
tools needed to be a knowledgeable buyer. Be confident in your
negotiations with a seller by knowing what they know. Learn the
insider tips and tricks to the trade. You need to be 100% sure that
you are making the right business decision.

About The Author:

When I bought my first Laundromat I paid too much. I didn’t know it
at the time. Everything turned out great and we are profitable but the
road could of have been much easier. I just didn’t know what I know

At the time I was recently unemployed, I had been in management for
many years and I was fired. I knew this was coming and I had been
planning an escape for a while. I was buying rental properties hoping
to supplement my income to the point that I wouldn’t need this
crumby job anymore. I wasn’t quite there yet and the day after a job
interview I was fired.

I went down this road that lead me to where I am today. I started by
looking at businesses for sale, everything from online businesses to
franchises. Then I stumbled upon some Laundromats for sale. I always
wanted a Laundromat, it’s a cash business, few to no employees and
it seemed to be a good fit for me.

In this process I started where a lot of you are now, looking for
information on the web, searching for books or anything that I can get
my hands on to give me some insight or guidance. I purchased a couple
books and I got some takeaways from them but they didn’t go into any
real detail.

So when I started writing this book I decided I am going to give
everyone an inside look at the business. If I would have had a
successful owner operator talk me through the process and show me what
to look for then I wouldn’t have paid so much for my Laundromat.

I am that guy and I am here for you. My name is Jason Lombardo and I
am the author of How to Find, Evaluate and Buy a Laundromat. I am a
successful laundromat owner-operator who has developed some techniques
throughout the years to help others become owners themselves.

In this book I give you the knowledge you need to help guide you
through the whole process from start to finish. I want everyone to
have the tools and knowledge that I didn’t have then.


How do you find a laundromat for sale? There are the usual places,
but I'm talking about the ones that never hit the market. I have a
couple tips in the book that will lead you in the right direction. We
want to find them before they hit the market.

One big eye opener for most people is how laundromat owners count
their money. This is important to know if you are serious about buying
a laundry. You need to know how to calculate turns per day to fully
understand the financial end of things.


You really need to look at everything. I dig deep here. You need to
verify everything. What are their gross sales? What are their
expenses? Does everything make sense? I want supporting documents,
water bills, natural gas bills and electric bills.

I spend most of my time on the pro-forma. I do a full 12 months of
past income and expenses and then a full 12 months of projected income
and expenses.

What's it worth? Everyone has a philosophy, I share mine in the book.
The price needs to be fair and it needs to be based off of the net
income. Why? If the laundry isn't making any money it's going to be
worth less. We are in business to make money. I am not going to pay
top dollar for someone else's failure.


This is where the fun starts. It's exciting but also can be very
stressful. Just ask my wife, I was pacing back and forth all night.
Something's just need to be in the offer, we discuss this in detail.
We cover it all from warranties, writing offers, business plans and
financing. Be sure to cover all of your bases before you buy.


With this unique package deal you not only get the book but you also
get all of our spreadsheets. You need to do your homework. Profit &
Loss statements made easy. Water analysis made easy. Project future
revenue easily.

We Include:

Forecast By Turns & Water Usage

This sheet in my opinion is the most valuable sheet for both owners
and buyers.  This will help you compare water usage to see if the
seller is being truthful.  Maybe you think that you can do more turns
per day than the previous owner, projections are made simple with this
sheet.  Do you want to see how much revenue you can make with time of
day pricing?  This sheet can do that.  What if you want to raise
your vending price on one or all of your equipment? Done with a few
clicks of a mouse. 

Pro-Forma Or Profit & Loss Statement

One of the most important tools when buying any business is the
pro-forma.  You will need to do a full 12 month pro-forma to project
income and expenses.  Then you can see what your net income is at
different times of the year.  This sheet comes loaded with the most
common expense types for attended and unattended Laundromats. 

Month In Review

When you’re an owner you will need to know how many turns you are
doing.  This sheet makes that easy whether you are weighing your
quarters or counting them with a counter.  This sheet will give you
weekly and monthly turns per day information.  It also breaks down
your utility percentage as it relates to your gross revenue, both
individual percentages and as a whole.  Ever wonder if your water
bill is correct?  This sheet, once setup, will project water usage in
CCF’s, HCF’s and gallons.

Collection Sheet

Collect on any day with this easy to use sheet.  Simply print it off
and take it to the Laundromat on collection day.  Gather all the
information you need to enter sales into your “Month In Review”
sheet. This sheet is fully customizable to fit the equipment in your

Become An Educated Buyer Now!


Digital Download

PDF Format

Pages: 124

Also Includes all Spreadsheets


Digital Download immediately after payment.


_It's very insightful, easy to follow and straight to the point.
Bottom line? Great Book._

Joe D

_This book is a must read for anyone looking to buy a laundromat. I
never knew you could determine a Laundromat's revenue from a water

Matt S

_I love how you can project revenue with these spreadsheets. They are
so easy to use!_

Craig B

Copyright(c) 2010 Lombardo Holdings LLC |

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