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To those smart homeowners that want to save thousands on their energy bills… starting right now:

Who Wants To Take Advantage Of Renewable Energy, Save Money And Even MAKE MONEY From The Energy Companies That Have Held You To Ransom For All These Years? 

Now Tom Eden, Edens Green Energy, can show you exactly how to do that!

He Has ALREADY done it so all you have to do is follow his EASY STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE and find out how you can save money and make money by generating YOUR OWN electricity!


Dear Fellow Homeowner,

Have you ever looked at your energy bills and wondered exactly what you were paying for? Wondered why your bills were so high? Felt helpless but outraged because you had no choice but to pay those extortionate prices? Well, if all of the above sounds familiar then you can save money on your electric bill today and help to save the environment at the same time! Everyone wins, aside from the energy companies of course!

Believe it or not Edens Green Energy can help you to cut your electric bill by 80%... or even get rid of it altogether and make the ENERGY COMPANIES PAY YOU!

That’s right! The energy companies could pay you!

We all know the environment is suffering as a result of non-renewable energy so you can really make an impact in that way, but why not save as much money where you can to make sure that your living costs are as low as possible as well? Improve your bank balance and our world instead.

In short, stop flushing your money down the toilet and start using your own renewable electricity!


Just a pathetic 6.1% of all energy resources in the United States are renewable, meaning that the vast majority of sources are NOT. 93.9% to be exact.

Why is this significant? Well, energy companies cannot make the same billion dollar profits with renewable sources and cannot get their hands on as much of your cash. This is why they DO NOT want you to know about solar and wind power for the home and EXACTLY why I am about to tell you everything you should know… and enough to take your cash out of their hands and put their cash into your pocket!

It is easy to create YOUR OWN ENERGY with very little effort on your part.

Trust me, I’ve been there and done it! As Edens Green Energy, I’ve made sure that everything in my step-by-step guide is

  EASY to understand
  EASY to follow
  EASY to recreate
  EASY to enjoy the benefits!

There are so many benefits of generating your own electricity that it is obvious the main problem is the myth that it is difficult. It really isn’t. In fact, you may never have done DIY before and would STILL be able to generate energy. A 10 year old could do it! So what are you waiting for? 

The BEST Way To Save Money
And Generate Your Own Energy

How much is all this going to cost, I hear you ask! Well, taking into account the installation, specialist electricians, expensive parts… STOP RIGHT THERE! You DO NOT NEED any of those things. In fact, you do not need to spend a fortune on anything to generate your own energy.

You can choose solar power or wind power to suit your own wants and needs and implement it for… (drum roll please)… less than $200!

All you need is Edens Green Energy and the knowledge that comes with it and you are fully equipped to generate your own renewable energy. No expensive parts. No technical jargon. No ongoing fees. Just plain English, common sense and inexpensive parts that you can easily get a hold of.

No need to spend $1000’s on installation professionals either. Just do it yourself.

Tried And Tested: These
Ordinary People Did!

          Tester #1 – Laura Fellows

Dear Mr Williams,

Thank you so much for asking me to try out Edens Green Energy eBook. I found the chapters enlightening and insightful… not to mention easy to follow. I usually let my husband do the DIY but felt confident enough to attempt building my solar panel myself with your help of course. It worked a treat!

UK energy prices are extortionate at the moment so I was glad of an opportunity to save money, as I am sure anybody would be in these trying times.

Thanks once again, and please let me know if you offer any more publications in the future.

Mrs L Fellows

Birmingham, UK


         Tester #2 – Michael Gibson


I’d just like to say thanks for asking me to try your renewable energy build. I had a blast and the results are absolutely fantastic! My wind turbine was up and running in a little under four hours and it hasn’t stopped working since.

Building another one with the kids next weekend because they want to save the world (like Superman!) and looking forward to my next electricity bills. Never thought I’d think that let alone write it.

Thanks again man. You’re a star!

Michael Gibson

Tallahassee, FL

         Tester #3 – Parminder Khan

Dear Sir,

Much thanks for the book you provided me with for building energy panels. I would just like to say that the pictures are good and the instructions were easy. I am not good with English but my energy panel work well.


P Khan

New York, NY


        Tester #4 – Charlotte Asimov

One word Mr Williams – WOW! I built one of your solar panels this weekend and found the instructions clear and concise, the diagrams wonderfully clear and the information easy to take in. What more could I ask for? Not quite sure what I expected but you managed to go above and beyond it.

Thanks again!

Charlie Asimov

Ontario, Canada

PS – Where do I send my full recommendation to because everyone NEEDS this!

And 246 other testers all had similar comments.

They loved it and so will you!

So now you know what real people think of it, why should you get it? What will it do for you?

First of all, you have to know what Edens Green Energy can GIVE you:

A choice of two highly functional and proven electricity generation systems – wind or solar power

Specific instructions that can be modified to suit your requirements, as explained in the guide

Step by step instructions to walk you through the building process with diagrams. This is in plain English and is jargon free

A list of components for each system that can be found in any good hardware store

If you cannot choose between the two components then why even try? You can easily build both for less than $400 and save that off your first couple of bills to recoup the costs!

You have everything you need right here in Edens Green Energy guide… so let’s do it!

Solar Energy:

In this guide, I’ll show you how to build your own solar panel for next to nothing. Using simple components or FREE solar panels that can be found, you can build your own system in next to no time!

Good for any kind of use, the electricity that solar panels will generate for you will give you the boot you need to cut household costs and enjoy life as well as doing your bit for the environment.

Attractive and functional, the solar panel can definitely give you the energy supply you need to gain ground on the companies… and make your money back from them. All for less than $200 and a few hours of your time!


Wind Energy:

For less than $200, Edens Green Energy can show you how to build your own wind turbine to generate all the energy you need for your home.

The guide will give you a step by step process to build an efficient and effective way to generate electricity. You can build your own turbine in just a few hours and be generating energy that very same day.

The instructions are written in jargon free plain English so anyone can understand them. Get the whole family involved and start saving, and even making, cash!

The 9 Reasons Why You NEED This Guide And MUST Generate Your Own Energy In The Coming Years:
1. You will save hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime, with immediate savings completely possible. 2. You will be using RENEWABLE energy, your own renewable energy, so you can do your bit to save the planet 3. The whole family can get involved! Build your turbines and panels with your kids and teach them something about the environment 4. You would be in full control of your household expenses so there would be no more putting up with rising energy prices as and when they occur 5. You can choose to go off grid so you don’t have to deal with the energy companies at all, or you can choose to use a little. It is completely your choice! 6. This is THE cheapest way to build your own solar panels and wind turbines so you can literally make back expenses in no time. 7. Make money FROM the energy companies by selling your left over electricity to them. This helps the environment of course but it also helps your bank balance! 8. You control your energy sources. Make one solar panel, ten wind turbines or a combination of the two. Make as many as you like to generate your electricity. 9. You can save money to help your household through hard economic times. You can also have peace of mind that you are doing your bit!


There is a FABULOUS limited time offer available at the moment so get your copy quick before this essential, comprehensive and innovative guide returns to the
full price of $150!

Want to know exactly how much our amazing discount is… and watch the savings start to roll?

You can get all of this for just $19.95!

Yes, $19.95!

Yes… that price may be too good to be true but it IS true. The 42 page guide fully equips you to revolutionize your life, save ridiculous amounts of money and help to build a better future for your family and yet costs that little!

You will not find a better value for money guide to generating your own energy out there. Not only will anyone be able to understand it but you will also be able to fully follow it.

Tried and tested, Edens Green Energy can help you to take control. So many satisfied customers CANNOT be wrong!

So Why Buy Edens Green Energy?

Save thousands by making your own solar panels and wind turbines rather than spending up to $10,000 to buy a system

Solar panel or wind turbine? Doesn’t matter! It’ll pay for itself in the first month

You only pay for Edens Green Energy once! No further payments for updates and upgrades in the future

The limited time discount can end at any time so take advantage NOW!

[ ](http://1.ege2010.pay.clickbank.net/)

You have nothing to lose, no risk and
absolutely no time to waste!

Iron-Clad 60 Days 100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee
We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our Edens Green Energy system that we are offering a full guarantee on each purchase!

If after 60 days you are not completely happy then simply email us, providing us with your full and unrestricted feedback and we will offer you full and immediate help.

If you are still not satisfied after tapping into our support system then we will promptly and immediately complete a full refund. That’s right, every single penny! 

         [ ](http://1.ege2010.pay.clickbank.net/)

So you have a 42 page eBook with everything you need to know to generate your own energy and an amazing 60 day money back guarantee to fall back on… what more could you want?

Well, how about the following?

Bonus # 1: Lifetime Support & Updates:
You will never have to pay for updates should they be released.  You are also entitled to use our FREE customer service so in the rare event that you experience a problem then you have someone to call on – us!

Bonus # 2: Save Home Energy Report:
This quick report will give you a better insight into where you can save energy within your home so you can start saving energy as well as generating it!

Bonus # 3: Special Parts List:
All the parts you will need are listed in this easy to use chart. As such, it makes your job of building your own source of energy that much easier.

Bonus # 4: IRS TAX Rebate Forms:
Yes, you’re going to want to use these! These forms are easy to fill in, come with complete instructions and help you to claim what is rightfully and financially yours!

Bonus # 5: Sizing Calculator:
This fantastic sizing chart makes it much easier for you to calculate the size of your solar panel or wind turbine. Why struggle to do it yourself when we can help you out?

That’s everything you need right there in one package and they all come as extra special bonuses. You do not need to pay any extra to get all the tools you need to go green. Instead, they come as part of the $19.95 package! You will NEVER PAY A PENNY MORE… EVER!

     [ ](http://1.ege2010.pay.clickbank.net/)

Just imagine how different your home life could be in a month’s time…

No more high electric prices. No more bowing to huge corporations with more concern for profits than your bank account. No more damaging our planet!

Say YES instead to a comfortable home, a clear conscience and an enhanced bank balance!

You owe it to your family and yourself to at least try. With nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain, now is the time to take advantage of Edens Green Energy!


Tom Eden

The Inventor And Founder Of Edens Green Energy 

P.S. – Remember that there IS NO RISK. If you are not happy then I will offer a full refund with no strings attached.

P.P.S. – You can download my guide INSTANTLY and can start saving money on your energy bills from this moment onwards. Why pay more than you have to when you can have instant access to a revolutionary system that can save you hundreds of thousands over the years?

P.P.P.S. – With the 5 bonuses, a 60 day money back guarantee and the original 42 page eBook, this is the best value for money guide available anywhere so make sure that you take advantage of this one time limited special offer.





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