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Here in this training manual yow will find a comprehensive idea of
playing better golf.

* How to set up.
* How to position ball .
* How to take swing.
* Bunker shot .
* Chipping.
* Pitching.
* And much other technique including mental training.

Learn the best golf in two weeks time An incredible distance and cut
your handicap by 12 - 16 strokes by this manual.

Dear friends,

How many times you visited golf pro for training and they charge you
100 $ . But you end up with nothing. They tell you to practice and
nothing concrete shows up they tell you to work hard.

My goal is to shed off 12-16 strokes. It is technique of playing and
I have written this manual for average and below average golfer.

I have priced this book for us dollar$ 35.

Golf is simple if you know how to do it You will see .I guarantee


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