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Alchemy Sound Therapy: The Secret To Long Term Health, Vitality and Happiness Through The Energy Of Creation, Sound

Now By Popular Demand, You Can Access My Entire Collection Of Music, Meditations and Sound Therapy

(The relaxing music, sounds, meditations and brainwave entrainment sessions  is royalty free music, great for CD audio backgrounds, video music production, websites, music on hold, background music in spas, retail  hotels, restaurants. You do not need to have a performance license to play this music, so this is perfect for yoga teachers and others who do not want to spend an extortionate amount on license fees. However this does not apply to those who are wishing to use this music for commercial purposes such as advertising and reselling of the original material. Please contact me if you wish to use this music for those purposes)

Here is a list of the content that you will find in the exclusive members area:
Brainwave Entrainment Technology – 12 + sessions of audio and video (10 hours +) in the ever growing library of binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones helping you to achieve theta and delta states whenever you desire. These have been expertly crafted and engineered by leading health professionals and audio engineers. Ancient Solfeggio Harmonics – Growing selection of audio and video (2 hours+) covering the full spectrum of solfeggio frequencies with your choice of accompanying guided Shaktipat meditations. Ascension Soundtracks – a growing library of audio and video (7 hours +) expertly crafted to be the soundtrack to achieving fully ascended states of awareness, produced by professional musicians and sound engineers from around the globe. Kundalini Awakening Tribal Trance and Dance Music Videos and Audio – dancing and rhythm are integral to achieving full awakened states. This is a growing library of trance inducing tribal rhythms. Shaktipat Chakra Tuning and Activation Chants – Powerful selection of chants and sounds to activate and awaken specific Chakra centers in both audio and video format Qabalistic Chants – Various exercises using the Tree of Life which will enable you to synchronise to the blueprint of creation itself. Longevity + Wellness Life Extension Pack - written by myself (current health and wellness advisor to a major supermarket chain) and other leading health professionals, covering weight loss, nutrition, healthy recipes, exercise and more. Self Sufficiency Training - including how to set up your own internet business and enjoy the new age business model and lifestyle. (Financial stress is one of the leading causes of bad health and this could be the solution. Weekly Live Advanced Meditations Over Skype & Ustream Your Chance To Be A Part Of A Project To Create Sustainable Eco Communities Of Earthships and Enlightened Beings Living In Close Proximity With Fractalized Geometric Architecture… Get Access To My Fresh Daily Updates Of New. Original Content Made Spontaneously For Members Of AlchemySoundTherapy.com And Much Much More…..
For a detailed instruction on what sound therapy techniques are included? Please read our [FAQ’s](http://www.alchemysoundtherapy.com/f-a-q.html)

YES! I want to make sure that every aspect of my life is smoothly Alchemized into harmony and bliss!

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(You will then be rebilled for $27 a month until you cancel)

You made the right choice!


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“Sound therapy is a divine medium for creation, growth and regeneration.”

Dear Friend,

Music has played a role in the healing and creative process since the beginning of our recorded history.

Almost every religion and the esoteric teachings of the ancient mystery schools states that God used Divine Sound to Create the Universe and all lifeforms within them.

A sacred science using sound for healing developed in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece. Pythagorus was one of the wise teachers of this practice. He showed how certain musical chords, melodies and sequences could initiate a healing response in the body

Plato also a major advocate for using sound in healing stated:

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just, and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate and eternal form.”

Sound Therapy For Healing:

A new field of research called epigenetics has emerged that outside forces can change your DNA throughout your life, switching on or off genes.

Dr Raymond Rife in the 1930’s was successfully killing viruses and bacteria without harming body cells using frequencies of energy produced by electromagnetic waves. Unfortunately a lot of his work has since been destroyed by FDA agents and other involved in keeping his work hidden to protect the commercial interests of Big Pharma.

But there thankfully there has been a revival with a growing bed of research from modern scientists.

In particular the work of  Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and Goldman and Gurin, also finding that there is a direct link between a persons thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and emotions and the strength of their immune system.

For you to enjoy long lasting happiness, vitality and success it is important to have a strong immune system

“Your immune system is highly complex but amazing mechanism, vital to your overall health.”

When referring to the immune system’s physical parts, we call the collection of these parts the lymphatic system, though the entire immune system, on a molecular level, goes much further, for even the tiniest cell in our bodies can create chemicals to aid in the defense of the entire system.

Your immune system also has an intelligence of its own.

The new paradigm is that is a circulating consciousness and your mind does not just reside in the skull.

“Your thoughts and emotions have a powerful effect on your immune system too.”

In a nutshell, feeling good and thinking positive does wonders for your immune system.

Stress, negative thinking and feeling worthless on the other hand has a very harmful effect.

You may eat a diet of healthy fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water, jog 5 miles a day but if you have recently gone through a divorce, had your home repossessed or been fired from your job, you can and probably will get quite sick

Recent studies from Harvard Medical School have shown that our immune cells have receptors that are also found in our brain influenced by our thoughts

Some immune cells have been shown to produce chemicals that are produced in the brain.

There are one group of chemicals produced by your immune system that have a magical effect on your health.

These are known as Interleukins.

Interleukins are hormones that carry messages between the immune cells to orchestrate the entire battle that goes on inside your body to protect you from the harmful invaders.
Interleukin is shown to be one of the most powerful anticancer agents Pharmaceutical companies have now synthesized Interleukin-2 as a cancer treatment at a whopping cost of $40,000 a dose.

“But your body actually creates these interleukins F.R.E.E of charge whenever you do something that deeply excites and resonates with you.”

Sound provides a focus to meditation, healing and ritual.

“Sound can be used as a tool that can help trasmute our frequencies from the low-frequency energies of guilt and fear, to higher vibrations of love, joy and peace.”

It is in these higher states of consciousness that the deepest and most powerful healing takes place.

Sound therapy works on the principle that everything in the universe is energy in vibration.

Behind our own perception of reality is interconnected matrix of energy fields. Every particle in the universe dances with a cosmic rhythm that the Hindus call, Shiva’s dance. The pulse of this energy is sound. Music flows as vibrations of energy through the cosmic intelligence that governs life and healing itself.

“At heart we are all one energy, and music is the language of the soul.”

This cosmic dance of energy can be perceived as sound vibrations even though the actual frequencies involved are way above our normal human hearing. Sound energy shapes and structures the energy fields that brings the apparent physical universe into being.

Sound Therapy For Creativity, Intuition and Higher States Of Conciousness:

Many creation stories of ancient religions views sound as the original creator.

In the bible, the first line of the Lord’s prayer can be translated as “Oh Creator Of The Sacred Sound”

In the hopi Indian creation story their god sang a web of sound around the earth thus bringing everything into being.

For the tibetans, saraswati the goddess of poetry, medicine and sacred sound sang the universe into being.

Every single particle in our universe has its own special vibration. The atoms of your DNA, cells, body organs , enzyme and, hormones have their own frequency of vibration. You can resonate with any frequency by sounding the right vibration. If you combine this using the energy of thought with a healing intention then the disturbed organs or cells can be restored to balance.

Creativity is a process of making something out of nothing. From nothing there is first the creation of a thought leading to an idea or action.

“Sometimes all you need is to meditate on a paticular sound or listen to an inspirational piece of music in order to get that life transforming thought or idea.”

YES! I want to make sure that every aspect of my life is smoothly Alchemized into harmony and bliss!

You made the right choice!

Try for 7 Days For Only $4.97!

(You will then be rebilled for $27 a month until you cancel)



From the Studio of Amaya,


Namaste and thank you for your interest in AlchemySoundTherapy.com

You are probably like most people, including me thinking, oh no, not another self growth/ personal development product.

You have probably seen the floods of new products claiming things like

“The Secret, Behind The Secret’s Secret “


“Cosmic Ordering, how to place an order in the universe and manifest anything you want.”

Or “The Latest and Most Powerful Binaural Beats In The World Ever!”

Its probably pretty hard to know what’s what and whether any of this stuff really works.

Well I am going to try to explain a few of these things to you, but I have to emphasize a point, there is one thing that all of these new age products tend to miss out from their sales pages and I am taking a risk here but I feel its my place to be totally honest.

One of my closest friends who is a very successful music producer put things really nicely when asked in an interview, what is the secret to your success?

He replied quite simply…

“Just do the work!”

To put it quite bluntly none of this stuff will ever work unless, and I have to repeat



If you are looking for some kind of magic pill that’s going to totally transform your life just by sitting down, meditating and listening to some relaxing music then you have come to the wrong place. You will better off finding another product that you will be desperate to refund immediately the moment you realize nothing in your life has actually changed even though you sat there, did what they asked, visualized and meditated.

What is Alchemy?

The common myth is that alchemy is the age old quest of turning lead into gold. Those more enlightended realize that this is simply a metaphor of self-improvement and personal development, turning your impure self into your pure golden potential. It is the realization that you can have anything you desire in this universe, even immortality, if you are prepared to do the work and create the discipline in order to achieve it.

Alchemy is an Ancient Mystical Science that is classically believed to have originated with the Egyptians, although its practice in other forms can be found as far back as man himself. Alchemy has been mistakenly identified with insane pseudo-scientists who were trying to turn led into gold; however chemistry was just one branch on the tall, tall tree of Alchemy. Alchemy is the art of transmutation, softness is only another degree of hardness, cold is a degree of heat, and so forth. All things follow this polarization, and all things can be transmuted along the lines of this “Fohat”. Matter is just another degree of Mind, and Mind another degree of Spirit. The very stuff that our very body is comprised of is capable of being transmuted in this way, being drawn upwards from finite time into Infinite time, being drawn upwards from hate to Love, from ignorant to Genius, from poor to prosperous, from matter to Energy. Alchemy in yourself is all about creating new connections within your DNA. It is becoming part of public discussion recently through the work of people such as Dr. Bruce Lipton that our genes are actually directly affected by Consciousness, by our emotions, our thoughts, our habits; all of these can have an influence on our genes.
“You have the entire code within you already! It’s just a matter of navigating this code like a map of your being.”

But this process can be accelerated when you are provided with the right information and have personal guidance from someone who you can trust.

“My own personal discovery of alchemy is a living testimonial to the above statement.”

A few years ago I decided it would be a good idea to do a degree in pharmacy. I had an interest in Shamanism, Herbalism and Ayurveda and so I thought Pharmacy would provide me with a career where I could be like a modern day Shaman or healer. Oh how wrong I was. Pure shamanism of the past used the process of white magick to invoke a healing response within the body. In Ayurveda, doctors had a profound knowledge of the true reasons why the body gets sick and how to detoxify the system to accelerate the healing process. Unfortunately modern pharmacy has forgotten or ignored all of this and instead has become a charade of bad science using black magick as a means to manipulate, control and manifest a lot of money in the process. Of course not all pharmacy is bad, some drugs do work with miraculous results but the amount of money the health care system generates for drug companies leads to its inevitable corruption.

“I felt like I was selling my soul and I went through life from one disaster to the next.”

I had a major passion for music and I went on a long journey trying to pave a career within the music biz in order to escape the pharmacy dispensary. But the further up the ladder I got the more I realized that the music industry was no different to the pharmaceutical one. Black majick again was rife. Fat cats didn’t care about the music, they just want to turn unsuspecting wannabees into talismans of money, power and greed and then just throw them out as objects once a better money maker comes a long. The same pattern of: build a person up, make them rich and famous, sell lots of news stories and merchandise, then destroy them in front of the public, like the sacrificial lamb, sell even more stories and merchendise and so on.

What is the true value of this kind of music other than to make money and may be teach us a lesson to us to not to buy into their nonsense!

The music industry was not a place I wanted to be and so I was forced back into the pharmacy day job…..

Something had to change. It was too much, my soul had descended into a pit of despair….

So I went on a major search for information. Information that would help out of this rut…..

“I clearly wasn’t going to find this on the TV, the radio or from the government.

So my search went online.”

One of the first things I came across was a short film called, The Secret. You have probably heard of it and may have even read the book. So I got incredibly excited at the process of being able to manifest whatever I desired by visualizing my dreams every day.  Of course nothing materialized immediately but I was launched into this huge world of new age thinking and awareness.

I started going to lots of seminars, workshops and my life began on its journey of personal development and self-discovery.

I met and heard talks by many people who were living their dream lives after having read self-development books like The Secret, Think and Grow Rich and attended seminars by people like Anthony Robbins.

But they all had one thing in common. Instead of becoming just serial seminar junkies, they took fast and immediate action on the new knowledge they had devoured!

There was certainly a true formula for success and it reminds me of a speech from a very well revered

speaker on success called Jim Rohn:

“From testimonials and personal experience we have enough to information to conclude that it is possible to design and live and extraordinary life.”

He then goes on to say…

“We need ideas (for the goals and plans) + inspiration (for the emotional vitality)”


“Wisdom and faith deposited into activity = a successful result.”

I learned things like how to change your emotional state in any situation, why we really get sick, the power of intentional healing, activating your chakras and even how to attract more money using the internet as a tool.

Feeling empowered I wanted to put my new knowledge to work and finally leave my dreaded pharmacy job.

After frantically looking for ways out of my career, pursuing silly get rich quick schemes, I realized I was looking for a magic pill to solve my problems. I went off track until I remembered that the secret to real manifestation is to firstly be grateful for what you already have, and for me that meant making peace with my job.

Why did I do pharmacy in the first place? I wanted to help improve peoples lives and so that is exactly what I would do, rather than a legal drug pusher I currently was.

So I decided to apply some of my new knowledge in the pharmacies where I worked. Instead of just giving out drugs, information was to become my new remedy of choice.

“By writing out little shopping lists for my patients based on their conditions for food, diet, tools and links to various websites for more information, I started to see miraculous results.”

Within a few weeks, some patients who followed my advice came off their medication, or were less dependent on them and many found a new sense of wellbeing.

It was this series of results that then enabled me to go from sad and depressed pharmacist to becoming the health and wellness advisor to one of the largest supermarket chains in the world

It was also around this time that I discovered something that is now extremely important to my life.

The youtube channel of Shaktipat Seer

After a series of sessions working on my chakras with an emphasis on my third eye some miraculous things started to happen. My lost passion for music was renewed. My creative juices were overflowing. I started to learn also about music and sound as healing methods through James various video tutorials.

I started to make my own music in this way with the intention to promote healing and inspire creativity and intuition.

This led to our collaboration with Shaktipat Seer providing equally powerful music videos to my tracks and birth of AlchemyMeditations.com

I now had my own dispensary worth of musical healing tracks and after testing them out on my own patients, I realized from the results that I had found exactly what I had been searching for all this time.

“Each successful event in my life further energized the passion for my new life.”

By sharing your passions and helping people get what they want is the key to a life of fulfillment….

So finally after much demand we have put together a package of powerful sessions using the most effective methods from all types of sound therapy combined with special meditations selected to invoke the creative, regenerative and healing process from within your DNA.

As A Member you will receive:

Access to our forums- Where you will be able to build relationships with your fellow Ascending Brothers and Sisters for the path ahead! Ask as many questions as you like of me on the Questions & Answers section- Burning Soul-wrenching questions that you have always wanted to ask; I will always be around to help guide your progress! We will help guide your progress – Discover the Inner Alchemy of your being, by the “Outer Alchemy” that is your life! We can show you how to attract relationships, create a new career in the New Age field, manage your life from this new perspective, and whatever else you can think of! Access to Advanced Sound Therapy – Including hours and hours of Brainwave Entrainment, Solfeggio Harmonics, Ascension Soundtracks, Tribal Trance + Dance Music, DNA Activation Music, Shaktipat Chakra Tuning and Activation Chants (also Qabalistic Meditations, Hermetic, Buddhist, and many more),

Why choose our sound therapy over others?

Ill let these testimonials answer that question:

In a place called Silence
The Female Celestial chant lulls towards my dreamland that sings in
accord to awaken the beat of the heart within the Male companion. The rhythm of dance resonates to each
point of the planet Earth, all musical notes in a Uni-que-verse, strikes my spiritual ear with bliss, this is how amaya’s
music make me feel”

Carla Bua,


My name is Rob, I have been watching these videos for about a year now and put them into practice in my every day life, you will not add anything to yourself, but remove from yourself to reveal what was always there. This has changed my life drastically…my Consciousness is no longer subject to my mind, its the other way around now, my pineal gland began to activate after only a month of meditation and the practice of silencing the mind, “it feels like an elecrtic sponge on your forehead.” As the year went by I strengthened my silence, and I am no longer trapped in the illusions of life, (fear is one of those) ..its like your made of electric bliss..nothing can touch you..I began to see waves of energetic color after only about 3 or 4 months of meditation.. it started as violet purple-ish waves going from the bottom left and right of my vision to the top middle….that eventually turned to the colors pink and green. If you wish to go to infinity and beyond, this is for you, if you were never a follower, and want to free yourself of culture and bull dung, this is for you, for even within the thickest and most chaotic minds and personalities there is the stillness of pure consciousness….give it a try, toss out the ours and go with natural the flow of the river, you will love the feeling as soon as it strikes you, and you will be non definable, Namaste to all.”



This was awesome, I tapped into the Akashic Records using this. I saw the history of earth and different events through mental images almost as clear as a motion picture at the movie theater. Also felt my self as a spaceship, or lightship…. Having a very amazing relationship with every atom, electron, every aspect of light…

Thank you so much, I will do this daily, and I can feel this is going to open me up a lot…. Really getting my vortexs spinning and really reconnecting my DNA strands…

Look forward to the next meditation!!!!”

Christopher Vivace

You really have something going here with these Amaya. I suggest you patent this as this is really revolutionary.”

Bryan Krantz,


Good work, Amaya I really like your music very much!
You should found a new music-genre, called lovelectro keep up the good work
I want more!.”

Felix Kammerlander,


YES! I want to make sure that every aspect of my life is smoothly Alchemized into harmony and bliss!

You made the right choice!

Try for 7 Days For Only $4.97!

(You will then be rebilled for $27 a month until you cancel)


I personally guarantee as a member you will:
Experience Higher Dimensions of your Consciousness,

Activate Your Kundalini Shakti

Activate, Cleanse, And Balance Your Chakras,

See Higher Planes, (visions and energy)

See Colored Lights of Energy

Activate Your Psychic Potential

Become Nirvana

Heal Blockages

Attract Health

Attract Wealth

Attract Love

Attract Anything You Desire

Gain A Heightened Sense of Perception of Reality

Feel Amazing, Feel Like Your Floating

Become Much More Intelligent – (GENIUS LEVEL)

Experience And Unleash Compassion of God

Experience Higher Self As One With You


And Much MORE

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied in 60 days I will refund your money, no questions asked.
Here is a list of our common [FAQ’s](http://www.alchemysoundtherapy.com/f-a-q.html) that should answer any questions you may have

Thank you very much for helping to support me in my endeavors,

I look forward to a long life with all of you bringing the Age of Enlightenment to the Earth..


Amaya + Shaktipat Seer

P.S Just $4.97 for 7 days, then $27 a month, the price of a couple of pizzas, you get access to my massive dispensary of ever growing sonic vitamins

P.P.S This is one of the very few health professional tested, produced and approved sound therapy collections you will ever find on the internet. Backed with a 100%, 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee

P.P.P.S Your exclusive membership not only gives you access to the alchemizing aural content, you will also have the exclusive experience of the Shaktipat Seer’s tried and tested shakitpat kundalini meditations, chakra tunings, kabbalist meditations, an internet business course, diet plans, motivational guides and a forum and Skype chat where you can become part of our ever growing Alchemy community all focused on rebuilding the new age with sustainable eco communities of love, peace and prosperity for all.

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