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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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"Last Month I Earned Around $11,000 - $12,000, This
Month I Am On Course To Do 2 - 3 Times That Amount..."

"I joined Dominate IM just over a month ago as a complete newbie. I honestly knew very little about what the big boys were doing. Although I had heard a few figures bandied about, I thought maybe they were in jest.

Well within a few days I had read enough to put a system in place that seems to be working in a modest way, last month I earned around $11,000 - $12,000 (I'm not sure of the conversion rate) and this month I am on course to do 2 - 3 times that amount. Now just stop and think for a second. In my real offline job I earn less than half of what I have done here. Next month I will earn four times or even six times my normal wage.

When I first started with this IM stuff (yes I know I'm back tracking) I had trouble convincing my wife that money could be made online, now my problem seems to be finding the right time to let her know that I no longer want my real world job (prestigious as it is). I would rather sit at home, study some more methods from Dominate IM and expand my online enterprises.

My goal is to be making $1000 - $2000 a day online, and with the help of Dominate IM I KNOW that I will achieve this. All I had to do was to lose the scarcity mindset, get rid of the fear that was holding me back, and learn some solid workable methods.

If you're wondering if this is right for you then ask yourself one question. ARE YOU READY TO START MAKING SOME SERIOUS MONEY? Disregard this testimonial, even though I have no reason to lie (I'm paying for my entry into this the same as everyone else, they should be writing ME a testimonial). It doesn't matter what I think, it doesn't matter what your peers think, it doesn't matter what your partner thinks, it only matters that you are sick to death of all the hype and BS and are ready to start making some serious money. Start taking note of everyone else's opinion AFTER you have had some success (and trust me, by then it won't matter).

Do I sound overly enthusiastic? I hope so, this is the best thing I have ever done. Oh, and when you get inside, say hello "

- Choronzon
"$3000 In 3 Weeks Since I Started..."
"Well this really isn't a support ticket at all.  The real reason is to say thanks for the membership, this is my first time ever attempting this sort of thing.  I managed to make $3000 in 3 weeks since I started.  My goal is to make $1000 a day within the next 3 months and then grow from there... keep up the good work guys."

- nelson
"I've Profited About $750 From One Technique..."
"I have been in since 10/16 and today it is 10/20. Since I joined I've profited about $750 from one technique. And, I have to say that I am disappointed... And, by disappointment, I mean that I have not had enough time to implement some other techniques yet because I feel the ONE technique I am running so far is the tip of the iceberg.

Similar to what has been said, I took a technique and put a spin on it. I believe that is important to do with any technique you learn. Otherwise, you are just following the herd.

So, in case you didn't catch the sarcasm... I highly recommend the site. It is great for beginner to intermediate and it gives you a foundation to get to that uber level."

- tengallonhat
  [ ](http://1.eliteroi.pay.clickbank.net/)  
"Yesterday $224... Sunday $232..."
"I have 16 different offers being rotated through my website.

Earnings for each offer vary from about $5 to about $20 (which seems to be a fairly safe bet on hearing other peoples views) and I'm up close to $500 in two days. Thankfully my risk is minimized due to using a different network for each offer, if one or two catch on, I lose maybe $30 which I can deal with.

Oh yes, since this is an ongoing thread my last two days have seen the following results

Yesterday $225
Sunday $232"

- junga
"Tripled My Membership Money In One Day..."
"Well I'm another happy member, I tripled my membership money in one day with just one of the methods taught. Heaps of original spins on money making methods, with great follow up support in the forum. You really have to be an asshat muppet to not turn a profit on this membership."

- roadie

"I too have tripled my initial membership (about $160) in like 2 hours of lazy work."

- doseph
"I'm Up To $230 Today!..."
"Well I am happy to report that so far I have earned my monthly membership and then some.
Although I got off to a bit of a slow start, I did manage to get a couple of methods off the ground.

So here's what I've done so far:

Method #1: $117
Method #2: $40

My goal is to make at least $100 a day by November 1st, but I am confident that I will be able to make my CC payment and pay for my memberships so that works for me.

You know, the give a man a fish or teach a man to fish thing........

Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing the new additions in the new month!

Update: I'm up to $230 today!"

- laptopdiva
"I've Literally Increased My Online Income
By Around 1000%..."
"I've been here from day 1 and I have to say that this has been the best investment I've made in the past few years. Before joining, I've been struggling to make some decent money online; I remember when I would go nuts over that $33.92 sale from Clickbank or that $1 click from Adsense. But now after joining Dominate IM, I've literally increased my online income by around 1000% with a steady increase every day. For a measly $97, this is well worth it and I can't wait for what methods next month will bring!"

- Rampage
"Made My Money Back And Doubled It..."
"I've also made my money back and doubled it from the methods learnt and I've only focused on two so far. I see no point though in posting proof of earning/screenshots etc until that money is in my bank and even then there's probably no point as some people are never satisfied."

- ak2ae
"I Tripled My Membership Money In The First 10 Days..."
"I tripled my membership money in the first 10 days with one of the methods. I'll earn up to 500$ in the next 10 days with only 2 hours of work per day.  Mainly because I'm 16 years old and don't have enough time to do it ;)

Thank you guys!"

- Viko
"I Have Made About $250 In The Last Week..."
"First off this site has made me realize that making a real income online is truly possible. I had very limited experience in many areas of marketing online but this site has shown me the Light! By just using one method I have made about $250 in the last week and that's just starting out!

I would highly recommend anyone who has no knowledge to even experienced marketers to check out Dominate IM. I am just beginning with some of the methods and techniques and I can truly say that your earning potential is truly unlimited. All you need to do is put in the effort and the guys over at Dominate IM will show you the way!"

- lee_c1836

"I agree - the monthly fee is almost ridiculously irrelevant. There's so much great stuff in there that anyone with an ounce of motivation will make their fee back many, many times each month.

What I particularly love (and which was a great surprise to me), is that the white hat methods are just as exciting as the other methods, with incredible potential.

Get in while you can! This is an amazing opportunity."

- nessa2shoes

"Dominate IM is absolutely awesome, all of the admins are very helpful and they're always willing to give a helping hand.

If you miss this out, you'd really have a serious pain in the ass!

Overall, I really do love this site, thank you so much for creating this site."

- wyffgoal
  [ ](http://1.eliteroi.pay.clickbank.net/)  
"$452.81 In Just A Few Days..."
"I was one of the blessed ones who got in Dominate IM at pre-launch for 50.00. All jokes aside you may feel free to laugh as I do not care I want to tell you a little about myself.

I live in a very poor town. I work at Burger King for a living. I barely get by in life. I am uneducated. So 50.00 was really a big deal to me at the time. I still joined and glad I did. I would forever be kicking my self in the butt if I would not have joined. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Just a couple of weeks later I can honestly say I am moving up. I am awaiting payment for one of the techniques they showed here. Why one? Honestly I just wanted to focus on one of them to learn that one before I moved onto another one.

The next method I will be trying out is a sure winner as well. But honestly I do not wish to try that method until I fine tune it and make it a little more personal. So that it is not exactly like they showed here. Why do that? To teach myself how to think outside the box. If I take one of their methods and remake it into my own I should be able to do that an unlimited amount of times. So the method never gets old. Because soon as it does I will have the knowledge gained here to easily revamp it into a new method.

Here at Dominate IM the admins really brought their A game. I will be honest I am not making thousands a DAY. I am still working at Burger King. I am still living in a poor town. But I now see that there is a better smarter way. I now know that the plight I am in is only temporary. As thanks to the wonderful admins here At Dominate IM they have given me the tools to succeed. Allow me to make a prediction. Within 2 months I will no longer work at Burger King. Here in 4 months I will move to Florida. That is my goal and it is obtainable."

- Valwardon

"So far the material and support forum are quite solid and I'm impressed. The active discussions and support after each method is published goes a long way toward maximizing one's potential success with said methods.

The admins are very responsive to questions and are quick to clarify anything that might not be immediately understood by some members, as well as to critique and comment in real time to individual members' implementation issues.

It's quite excellent, as far as I'm concerned."

- sinewave

"Don't let this one pass you by guys! I've been in there for, what only a week? And I'm already implementing 3 great ideas presented by the big 6. Please don't misinterpret what I'm tryin to say tho - you're not gonna get rich overnight (although you can get some bank pretty quick with one of the methods).

Part of making money is knowing how to do it, and they provide this without a doubt! Blueprints, videos, and best of all the support is there. The other part is actually gettin off your ass and doin' it (they'll try to get you to do this too, but they can only do so much lol). All I'm saying is, these methods and techniques will blow your mind. Simple as that."

- tigerlocc

"I joined this site before the launch date, and I just want to say that these guys provide EXACTLY what they say: Clear and unique tutorials, a busy forum where there is always a senior member to answer questions, and basically the knowledge that anyone serious about making a living online should become familiar with.

I plan to remain a member for as long as they keep the content fresh and up-to-date.

Great site guys!"

- headspin

"Dominate IM:

1. Several methods of making money online that appear fresh and unique and complete and when asked questions regarding the methods = QUALITY THOROUGH RESPONSE.

2. Not really any promises made other than coaching to make money online. What's there = Methods and coaching to make money online.

Great stuff!"

- parrot head

"You're Getting Mentoring That You Simply
Won't Find Anywhere Else..."

"Here's why you should join:

If you aren't a lazy bastard, and you're willing, you can learn how to THINK like a marketer in this forum. Because it's a place where you can find...

1) Privacy. It's not perfect but there are things being discussed in this forum that simply will not show up in a public forum unless someone is retarded enough to try to sell them as a DP ebook. Anyone that stupid should just go and apply at McDonald's because if you can't learn to think like a business person, get out of this business. And yes, this is a business. Why would you give away your competitive edge?

2) Knowledge. The builders know their shit. You're getting mentoring that you simply won't find anywhere else. Direct access to other people's knowledge. Remember that success requires wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience; experience comes from mistakes you make yourself or learning from others. Here you get the benefit of not having to spend hundreds of hours  fucking up.

Let me say that again: Here you get the benefit of not having to spend hundreds of hours fucking up. M'kay?

3) Gestalt. Look it up. The whole of the forum including all the non-ubers is an incredible environment. The questions I haven't thought of, someone else has. The questions they've missed, I'm trying to think of. There's a synergy being built unlike anything I've seen before and I'm approaching the 2 year mark in this industry.

4) Practicality. None of what's being discussed is fluff. There are no "thanks great post" posts, no flaming of noobies, no attitudes and no slackers. I spend about 15 minutes a day in the forum. The rest of my time is spent doing what I learn and more importantly learning from what I'm doing.

5) Inspiration. EVERYONE is supportive inside. No exceptions.

If that's not enough... I was going to say something witty and sarcastic, but seriously, if that's not enough get some therapy because there's something broken inside you."

- scubaslick

"It's really easy and I hope everyone will earn some money. Now I have like a million ideas, but I need more money to do some things. But anyway, here are my stats...

10.29 $22.5
10.30 $32.5
10.31 $15
11.01 $2.5 ( 0 post)
11.01 $7.5 ( 0 post)
11.03 $45

Will update it regularly..

I encourage everyone to make their own "success" threads because they really can motivate you to work when u see that others can make money with specific method."

- plantacja

"I signed up at the beginning, and I have to say, it was a GREAT decision. Dominate IM is a seriously no bullshit site. They have set up great policies for meaningless posts/threads, and the admins (and quite a few helpful members) are very quick to respond. The methods they have taught in the first month alone have completely opened my eyes to the potential of
all of this. I'm really looking forward to November.

As we can't post "thanks" type shit on the boards there, I'll just take this opportunity here to thank all of you guys for the great site. It's really kick ass, and very user-friendly as well."

- profsoandso
"I've Made $500 Plus Since Joining..."
"A very honest review of Dominate IM is that it is WORTH IT. I was waiting to post a review because I actually don't want other people to know about it. I've made $500 plus since joining. Thanks to all of you guys who put Dominate IM together, it's really starting to change things for me and I cant wait for the November update. By the way you guys please limit the membership, we cant let everyone know the secrets.

In addition to the above...

Well the next day I did about 30 or so posts and it took me about an hour. The earnings were 36.45. Right now it is day 3 and I haven't even started my posting yet and I have 12.15 in the account. That gives my account a total of $62.10 for an hour and a half of work. That's about $41 per hour. Seems good to me, its the best paying job I've ever had."

- vivalafeva

"First thing I'd like to say is this site is just completely awesome. I'm not even half way through your techniques, but the first few I've seen are just amazing. Anyone can easily make up the cost of the membership to this site within a day or two of applying some of your easiest techniques. Much, much thanks!"

- McMoney

"I did a few ads manually, probably took like 1hr or so (whilst watching TV) and I made $40 - it's really pretty easy. I've got 100001 ideas going through my head so got bored of it even though it works great"

- meathead1234

"Rob's programs are about as pure gold as they come.  I have personally made tens of thousands of dollars from his past programs.  I totally trust very few people on these forums, but the one person I trust more than anyone is Rob. He flat out has Grade A products, and as long as he produces them, I am buying them because I know I will make my money back 1000 fold.

Dominate IM is ran by Rob and some of the most brilliant people in the game. To top it off, they are damn near giving this away. $97 is a drop in the bucket compared to what even a blind/half retarded monkey could make with this info in a week."

- Jaz74
  [ ](http://1.eliteroi.pay.clickbank.net/)  

"I should probably say that I've been a member of this site since the first second it opened and I've only read one article. I've been acting more than I've been reading (thank god finally) but that SINGLE article I read was a completely unique and awesome Idea I had never thought of. Now it's on me to actually check out the rest of the content, of which there is plenty. The whole reason I'm even paying the monthly is so that I have access to the forum.

The guys are responding fast, updating and customizing to users and have already helped a couple of the members along personally. Even at my minor amount of exploration I can still easily say its worth the monthly fee."

- shortattract

"I've made about $135 in the last 4 days!"

- wedge421

"Started this a few days ago, has excellent potential!

Here's my stats so far:

$5.40 $2.50
$8.10 $6.00
$1.35 $2.00
$5.40 $4.00

$48.25 so far...almost have next month paid for.

I'm purposely starting very slow, as I am new with both these networks (and I want to get paid). I'm taking some time tweaking the ads, titles and emails and tracking to see what is getting flagged. Then it's time to go all out!"

- Spdbmp

"I only had time to post another 12 ads last night but my stats now look like this:

10/22 $19.04
10/23 $51.52
10/24 $5.60 (Today)

Total: $76.16"

- simmo

"Minimum Of $100 Per Day..."

"I can honestly say that the one project that fit me will provide me a minimum of $100 per day. And while I have not got my check yet the money is in the bank. Hard working admins are working the learning curve and it gets better week after week.

There are growing pains, but if you need to start earning an income get in before the price goes up (again). As a noob, I was allowed to ask any question that I desired. And I usually got an answer. But I got enough information to recommend it to anyone looking to make a reasonable income."

- Cassycan

"I've been around long enough to know when there's value in a membership. I've been marketing online since 1998 and have had many swings, made a lot of $ over periods of time as well have had dry spells. I am currently in a rebuilding phase and this membership will be a big piece of that process. There are short term, long term, offline and of course online methods that are discussed nowhere else, and the community is very responsive and sharing. That's my early observation. I'm not in there to see if it makes me $, I'm there to expand and develop long term acquaintances which from what I can see, won't be hard at all."

- stymied

"As an old happy customer of Rob, I would say he did it again! The methods he and his partners showed in the forum are really easy and quick to start with no investment. He partnered with other experienced marketers to provide you a variety of different methods. With these methods, you can start making money within 24 hours! admins are really helpful and will answer your concerns instantly. They also provide you free custom scripts to get the job done! I highly recommend this site."

- htownzz

"I Made Over $500.00 From That Offer Alone..."

"I started this the day it was posted. My first day doing this I made $64.00. Below is what I made so far daily just from this method.

It works like mentioned. I stopped using the (revealed inside) method because I fear to many of us have used it now, but it still converts really well. I made over $500.00 from that offer alone with a conversion rate of 31%.

Here are my daily stats...

Day 1 $64.00
Day 2 $41.00
Day 3 $36.00
Day 4 $22.00
Day 5 $78.00
Day 6 $60.00
Day 7 $51.00
Day 8 $95.00
Day 9 $4.00     (weekend with no posts done)
Day 10 $20.00  (weekend with no posts done)
Day 11 $65.00
Day 12 $35.00
Day 13 $23.00  (today) (7 posts so far)"

- Chiefsurf

"Now I Have $156 From Just One Ad!..."

"I am so excited that i had to post this...

Before registering I was doing parking with sexy videos uploaded on youtube doing about 3-4$/day maximum. Then I read the thread about this website and I was kinda skeptic as many people start their own communities promising they teach you a lot of stuff, but you end up paying for basic stuff and not making any money. When I saw who is in the "staff" I said ok I will give it a go. In fact I'm spending my money on pool, darts, and cigarettes anyway so let's see what DIM can bring me.

And here we go... I've been reading the methods and the easiest for me seemed to be (revealed inside). So I've given it a go.

1st day I made around 12$.
2nd day I made another 38$ which in total is approximately 50$ in 2 days.

Now when I checked my account I have made another 50$ just from those ads. So in 3 days I made 100$ and I think it's quite a huge success (well for me it is).

Update: Now I have $156 from just one ad!"

- in10sero
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