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Are you thinking of giving yourself and your family the greyhound they’ve been begging for?  Is it getting harder and harder to leave those handsome greyhounds you see at ‘Meet and Greets’?

If you want more information before deciding which greyhound to choose, or even to help you decide if you should get a greyhound, then you’re smart.

Many people rush into dog ownership without a second thought.  They get caught up in the cute eyes, and the soft coat?

Do you know 40% of all families give up their dog during the first year of ownership?  This can be heartbreaking for you and your family members, especially your children.

While picking a greyhound can seem like a simple decision, how will you feel if you make the WRONG choice?  Choosing a greyhound to complement your family will ensure a long, beautiful friendship and relationship with your ‘grey.’

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“Avoid Greyhound Adoption Heartache”


My name is Regan Black and I’m a paranormal romance writer, but I’m also a greyhound owner, wife and mom. When I first got married, my husband and I were looking for a dog to add to our life that wasn’t yappy.   At the time we were living in a small townhome.

I know the heartache of choosing the wrong dog personality for your family. As a greyhound foster mom I’ve seen families, children and even grown ups cry as they returned the hound that didn’t fit their family. It happens when people don’t know what information is important when choosing the right greyhound for their family.

Our first greyhound was Bubbles. She lived and cared for us for over 12 years. Bubbles was patient, understanding and well-mannered around toddlers who wanted to “love on her.”

As time passed we’ve added other greyhounds to our family. Some have been forever ‘greys’, while others spent time in our home learning to adjust from the track to being a couch potato.

As I’ve watched our family and other families adopt greyhounds, I’ve discovered tips and hints to make the adjustment easier and smoother. I know you don’t want to make a mistake or harm or disappoint yourself or your children or other family members. As a greyhound foster family I knew it was important for people to have a ready reference-information to look at when you had a question.

As a writer, I made it my responsibility to gather the information, tips, secrets, hints and other trivia, my family and I have learned with 20+ years of owning greyhounds and having 30 greyhounds in our lives. What I have learned can help you avoid making mistakes and have a smooth transition to your life as a greyhound owner.

What dog lovers are saying…


First off, wow. What a great “book”! I was brought to tears a couple of times (the way you described meeting Brody …and, a reminder of the story of Levi…heartbreaking and happy all at the same time. It’s a great guide!  I love it,

Mary Aquino
Founding President  [Greyhound Pets of America-Charleston](http://www.adoptcharlestongreys.org/)

“A ‘Good Greyhound’ Does NOT Mean Right For YOUR Family”

You probably already guessed that certain greyhounds like Bubbles, are fantastic with kids. But what suits the lifestyle and personality of one family will not work for another. There IS a greyhound that will fit in with your family, but you’ll need help figuring out which one.

After my extensive experience I decided to help other prospective greyhound owners, by creating an easy to read guide that shows you why some greyhound are better suited for families than others; how to determine which ‘grey’ would suit your family the best; and what special thing you need to consider when selecting a greyhound for your children.

What I also found is that there is much more than ‘good greyhound’ that should be considered. Save yourself and your family from frustration by discovering adoption tips before you choose your greyhound.

So don’t miss out on this exceptional resource you will use over and over again and the joy you will experience when owning the perfect greyhound for your family!

Why learn by trial and error and risk the heartbreak of a failed match?

You don’t have to spend the time, the heartache of the wrong greyhound bonding with your family.
You won’t have to spend time or money  on dozens of books, websites trying to find the make it or break it information to get the answers you need to pick the right greyhound for your family…

Adopt A Greyhound Guide is the resource 100% devoted to assisting prospective greyhound owners, parents, and others who are thinking about getting a greyhound as their fast friend…

In one place you can find the information you want to choose the best greyhound for your family in a simple to understand guide.

What Veterinarians Are Saying–[](http://adoptagreyhoundguide.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/allisonchappelldvm.jpg)

“The ‘Adopt A Greyhound Guide’ is amazingly thorough and informative! People who read this manual will be well prepared for life with a greyhound. Regan has done a wonderful job combining facts about the breed and tender stories of her own life experiences with these terrific dogs. She clearly has a passion for retired racing greyhounds.”

Allison Chappell, DVM
[Veterinarian ](http://www.danielislandvet.com/)Daniel Island SC

You know, there are plenty of books about dogs, and greyhounds on the market, but only ONE that focuses exclusively on making a smooth transition from greyhound racetrack to family pet written by an experienced  greyhound owner and foster greyhound Mom.

‘Adopt A Greyhound Guide’ is an easy read. You can download the book right away and skim through the information in less than an hour. When faced with making the choice for your ‘right’ greyhound, can you afford not to?

You’re busy and really want to have the right greyhound for your family…
With this guide you will choose the BEST greyhound  for you.  Don’t you owe that to yourself, your family and the greyhound you choose?

Because I’m sure the guide will be helpful, I’m giving you my 100% satisfaction guarantee of quality.

You won’t have to wait for delivery or go to the bookstore to pick up the ‘Adopt A Greyhound Guide .’

Just click the Download Button to Gain immediate access to Adopt A Greyhound Guide ‘.

Make the right choice for you and your family!



** ebook is in PDF format

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Thank you.
Live the greyhound adventure,


Regan Black
Greyhound Owner and foster Mom to Greyhounds

P.S. The tips and hints I’ve included in this manual can make the difference of having the love of the perfect greyhound for your family or having to make a heartache of a decision to return the dog.

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