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"Who Else Wants to Get $104.78 Worth of FREE Electricity Delivered to Their Home... Right Over Their Existing Power Lines... Every Month for the Rest of Their Lives?"

We've been getting an average of $104.78 worth of free electricity delivered to our home... right over our existing electric company's power lines... every month for the past 13 years. We've shown thousands of people how to do this in that time, and we can show YOU how to begin doing the same thing within 30 days, with no investment, no matter where you live in the United States!


Would you like to receive FREE electricity like we do?

We've received over $16,436 worth of free electricity in 13 years ...

...and it’s possible for YOU to do this also, without cutting back on your lifestyle in any way, and without any major investments or hassle like installing huge banks of solar panels or windmills.

Hi! I'm Dan Vester. I've written a special report about how we do this, and more importantly, about how YOU can do this just like we do. The report is titled How To Get FREE Electricity From Your Power Company -- Legally !!!

The report's in PDF format, and easily readable on any computer, whether IBM or Mac.

If you don't already have Adobe Reader for reading PDF documents (most computers already have it installed from the factory), I'll show you how to download and install it for free from the Adobe Website.

You can read the book on your computer screen, or print it, whichever you prefer (or do both if you want to!)

Most residential electric users like you can get a substantial amount of free electricity delivered to their homes just by applying for it!

Follow the simple steps outlined in the report and you can be receiving free electricity within 30 days!

Eligibility has nothing to do with income levels, all applicants are normally approved quickly and easily!

In most cases there is absolutely no cost to you to get started. A simple application is all that is required, and can be done over the phone or even online in some cases.

Typical consumers can receive anywhere from $25 to $200 a month in free electricity!

Hi Dan!

I really liked the information that I purchased from you! It was very thorough and helpful. I liked it so much, that I tell all of our customers where they can get your information…. We send many people your way because most people pay way too much for electricity! Keep up the good work! -- Ray Tokaya, Marion, New York


CNBC's "Steals & Deals" Show Features The Report...

When CNBC heard about "How To Get Free Electricity From Your Power Company -- Legally !!!", they were so intrigued that they flew Reporter Chip Wallace and his camera crew out from New York on special assignment to interview Dan for 90 minutes at his home.

Amazed and impressed with what they learned, Chip and his crew immediately flew back to New York and then interviewed prominent Electric Industry Leaders to verify the information in the report. A couple of weeks later, CNBC aired a special segment of the nationally syndicated "Steals and Deals" TV show featuring the report...and the interviews with the Electric Industry Leaders acknowledging that the information contained in Dan's report was correct and accurate!

"The positive impact was unbelievable! National TV coverage like that is priceless!... and I am deeply grateful for Chip Wallaces's reporting and the Nationwide TV coverage provided by the 'Steals and Deals' show!"


Here's what recent buyers have to say about the report:
Nice product, very helpful !! -- John W., Plainview, Texas

Things they don't tell us - BUT SHOULD!! -- Tom M., Tucson, Arizona

Excellent information! -- Keith A., Knoxville, Tennessee

Item as advertised, very professional material.-- Eric S., Placerville, California

Product was all that seller represented. Thanks! A+++ -- Ron C., San Diego, California

Some very useful information! -- Chris M., Dallas, Texas

Got the report and it was very informative,Thanks! G & H Enterprises -- Bruce G., Las Vegas, Nevada

Great informative information, just as described. Thanks for the BIG savings! -- Susan S., La Center, Washington

Info was all that was advertised. Very good info and quick service! -- Alice T., Dalton, Pennsylvania

A very nice find!!! Thanks much!!!! A+! -- Rebecca M., Yelm, Washington

Your satisfaction is 100% Moneyback Guaranteed...

You will be able to download the report immediately after purchasing it below, no need to wait for the snail mail. Read the report and see what you think. I urge you to carefully check things out. You are welcome to take up to 60 days to check out what I show you, and if you're not completely satisified with your purchase, simply email me anytime within 60 days of your purchase requesting your money back and I'll immediately refund your entire purchase price...

...That's right, a 100% refund, and because there is NO shipping and handling for downloaded information, it's truly a 100% no-risk purchase on your part. That guarantee is backed by Clickbank, the largest e-tailer of ebooks in the world!


 Hi Dan - I received your report and read it through, and the ideas are great! I think the ideas you present are very insightful, and I have kept your report because I'm sure it will be helpful to us. Thanks! -- Joanna Wright, Greenville, South Carolina


You get INSTANT delivery of the report, right over the internet!...

There's no waiting for the mail -- After you [click on the link below,](http://www.howtogetfreeelectricity.com/cgi-bin/click.cgi?id=2) you'll be able to select your payment method (Credit Card, PayPal or E-check), review your order prior to completing the purchase, and then download your copy of "How To Get FREE Electricity From Your Power Company – Legally !!!", all in less than 5 minutes!

[Click here now to get your copy so YOU can start getting FREE electricity! ](http://www.howtogetfreeelectricity.com/cgi-bin/click.cgi?id=3)


Dan Vester

Remember, when you act today, you can immediately download your copy of "How To Get Free Electricity From Your Power Company -- Legally !!! " that will show you how I get...and how YOU can get...$100 a month or more in free electricity from your power company every month -- and it's all completely LEGAL! You'll learn how I've received over $16,436 worth of free electricity, and most importantly, your purchase is 100% Moneyback Guaranteed for a full 60 days!

For LESS than the price of dinner and a movie, you'll learn how to get FREE Electricity from your local electric utility company!... and best of all, your purchase is risk-free, so act now by clicking the link below...


[Click here NOW to start your download!](http://www.howtogetfreeelectricity.com/cgi-bin/click.cgi?id=4)



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