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The world's foremost sports handicapping organization provides top plays to you... daily!

"Finally!  An Honest, Value Driven Handicapping Service That Provides a Continual Stream of Winners You Can Bank On!"

Feel the unbelievable rush of bloodying your bookmaker week after week after week!

There's absolutely nothing to learn; we do 100% of the work for you. If you can read and type your own email address, YOU can start making BIG MONEY TODAY!

We are Highridge Sports Investments (HSI), The Working Man's Handicapping Service. We are an organization of people who earn a living by betting on sports... 365 days a year.

What we offer here is NOT a get rich quick scheme, so if that's what you're after, keep on looking. What we do offer is a proven methodology that picks winners on a very consistent basis. Our handicappers cover NFL/College Football, NFL/College Basketball, Major League Baseball and NHL Hockey, so you can put your money to work all year.

We know what you're thinking: "If your method is so great, why share

Easy... we have been successfully investing in sporting events since 1992, and last year we decided to go online for one simple reason: We see a lot of "false profit" handicapping organizations these days, taking people's money for what essentially amounts to a coin toss... and it pisses us off! Allow us to illustrate a few examples we have uncovered that may be familiar to you:

Example 1: The Flip-Flop - The flip-flop handicapping organization claims to have a myriad of "handicapping experts", and you can purchase the "expertise" of any of these experts for anywhere from $400-$1500 per month. They all claim to have winning records, but do not provide historical data, actual statistics, or any plausible evidence of such. At any given time during the year at least one of them is "on an incredible 37-4 run". (Yeah right!)

After you purchase the picks from these "experts", you discover they are picking both sides of games and providing either one side or the other to each individual client... so they always have clients that win and clients that lose. That makes us angry! They shouldn't be able to get away with this business practice and it should be considered a criminal offense!

Example 2: The Up-Sell - The up-sell handicapping organizations are very brazen in their tactics. They sell you an annual membership for around $4000, which you quickly learn is for "low-rated" picks only. The "top-rated" picks, which involve "inside information that no one else knows", cost anywhere from $500-$1000 per selection... and there is no guarantee they will win.

A telemarketer calls you half an hour before each "big-game" to get your credit card information and provide you with your selection. What the average Joe doesn't realize is that half of the people on the up-seller's list HAVE THE OTHER TEAM!. Half of the clients always win and the other half lose. We have great disdain for these organizations; they prey on the gullibility of John Q. Bettor!

Example 3: The One-Man Gang (Our favorite) - Thse guys claim to have "a PHD in statistics from Harvard" (or wherever; as if that matters for sports handicapping) and further claim to "personally make all of the game selections". Let us explain the facts of handicapping life: It takes about two hours to properly handicap any sporting event... so when there are 11 basketball games, 13 baseball games, and 11 hockey games all on the same day, how can one person properly evaluate the potential investment opportunities? They can't!

The one-man gangs claim to have a "remarkable winning record", but offer no specific statistical data, no substantiated historical records and no plausible evidence of success whatsoever. Most likely, the one-man gang handicapper does not even have a real website; only a pitch page. Let us tell you something... a picture of a Ferrari and a photo-shopped picture of an account balance is not plausible evidence of anything beyond basic software skills! Don't you think someone who could afford a Ferrari could also afford to have a proper website built? (LMAO) Unfortunately, people don't find out until they've wasted their hard earned money. This just burns us up! Why do people fall for this crap? We don't buy it, and you shouldn't, either!


You might as well just burn your money. No one profits over the long term utilizing any handicapping organization that operates any of these ways except the Handicapper!



OK, now that we've shown what you don't want, let us explain what you get with HSI:

1. A comprehensive history of our results. I mean every single selection ever made. [CLICK HERE](http://promo1.hsisports.com/stats/stats.html) to have a look at our historical records since we went on-line in 2009.

NOTE: HSI is an upstanding member of the Handicapping Police. All our picks are made available for the whole world to see five minutes after the start of every game IN ACCORDANCE WITH INDUSTRY STANDARDS OF CONDUCT... since day one!

2. A time tested, systematic methodology for evaluating every single sporting event, every single day of the year to ensure YOUR profits. [CLICK HERE](http://promo1.hsisports.com/handi.html) to read our Handicapping Process, Methodology and what to expect.

3. The most talented and dedicated team of sports handicappers in the world. Remember, each of us wagers up to $10,000 of our own money on each pick posted on our website. You can bet your bottom dollar we leave no stones unturned.

4. The table below shows how much profit you could make... PER MONTH!:

Per Unit Wager Level Monthly Profit Potential (USD) $100 $1,943.00 $250 $4,857.50 $500 $9,921.50 $1,000 $19,430.00 $5,000 $99,215.00 $10,000 $198,430.00

NOTE: These projections are based on verifiable [Historical Data](http://promo1.hsisports.com/stats/stats.html) that you can review; not on unverifiable wild claims, photo-shopped pictures of some bank account, or a picture of an expensive sports car. Still, they are projections and not guarantees. After all, they don't call it gambling for nothing!

5. No coin flips, flip-flops, or up-sells ever... just one to five highly analyzed, high quality investment opportunities every single day! Every subscriber receives the same set of verified plays that we invest in ourselves EVERY DAY!

6. A dedicated team of support personnel available to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with any issue that may arise.

7. [Guidelines for Beginners](http://promo1.hsisports.com/neophytes.html). If you are new to sports betting, the document provided here will teach you everything you need to know in 10 minutes!

You get all of this for the low, low price of [$100](http://1.hsisports.pay.clickbank.net) for 7 days of FULL ACCESS ($14.33 per day) OR [$125](http://2.hsisports.pay.clickbank.net) for a 2 week recurring subscription*... OUR BEST VALUE! That's just $8.92 per day for the top picks in professional and college sports!

Still not convinced? Do yourself a favor and watch the video below for a testimonial from a satisfied HSI client.

OK, we admit it... the video is just a shameless attempt to get your attention, "Mr. D" is an actor and the Highridge Hotties are models. However, the yacht in the video is owned by an HSI Sports client who graciously permitted us to use it for the shoot. We know... we dissed handicappers who use these tactics, but we just couldn't resist in this case... because it's the truth! The yacht is currently for sale, and you can view the listing [here](http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1990/Vantare-Cockpit-Motoryacht-2106919/San-Pedro/CA/United-States). The owner is moving up to a larger yacht.


Before you make your purchase, let us explain the process:

Click on the access type you wish to purchase.

You will be taken to a page where you enter contact and credit card or PayPal information and confirm your purchase.

Once you confirm your purchase, you will be taken to another page, where you will be given instructions on how to access the site.

The first step of Site Access is Registration. It is imperative you enter the same email address for registration that you used to make your purchase. If you don't, the account won't be activated.

When you complete the Registration process, you will receive an email with your Password.

Your subscription will then be activated in our system. We will notify of activation within 24 hours of your registration

That's all there is to it. It sounds complicated, but it isn't. Just select one of the subscription options shown below and be on your way to fleecing your Sportsbook!

Questions? Click [HERE](mailto:sales@hsisports.com) to send us an email and we'll do our best to answer them. Otherwise...

[ 7 DAYS OF FULL ACCESS TO HSI SPORTS](http://1.hsisports.pay.clickbank.net) [ 14 DAY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION* TO HSI SPORTS](http://2.hsisports.pay.clickbank.net)

Do yourself a favor…..if you decide not to sign up with us, at least find a handicapping service that provides the key elements of a reputable service as described above!

Thank you very much for your valuable time!

The HSI Sports handicapping team.

HSI Sports - "Bringing honesty, profitability, and value to sports investors around the globe"

* A recurring subscription is one where your access is automatically renewed and payment method automatically rebilled at the termination of each subscription period, unless cancelled in advance. You will be notified via email when your current subscription is about to expire.



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