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Warning: This strategy is so supremely powerful it nearly ruined my
lifeproceed with EXTREME CAUTION

WARNING: This strategy is so supremely powerful it nearly ruined my
life... proceed with EXTREME CAUTION

Now you can discover

"The Darkest, Most Dangerous
Money Making Secret In
The Known Universe"

And How It Accidentally Generated A Record Breaking 14,987 Customers
In 7 Days... And
Poured In $293,583.14 Per Month In Recurring
Income While I Barely Lifted A Finger

Dear Brave Marketer ,

I tremble as I type this letter...

In factI promised myself over 2 years ago that I'd never speak or
think about this again

But here I am.

About to turn an industry upside down.

About to unleash what is certainly the most dangerous and powerful
money making method known to man.

I wish I could take credit for finding it out myself.

But instead....

The Secret Found Me...

And it shocked me to my core.

And I'm not easily surprised.

Heck, I'm the guy who's created more millionaires with my courses
than any other wannabe out there.

Before your gurus were teaching you

They were learning from me

Warren Whitlock "I've used the principles taught by Matt Bacak
to earn over "

(specific results withheld due to FTC regulations)

"I've used the principles taught by Matt Bacak to earn over ...If
you're in business today, and expect to stay alive in the future.. you
MUST learn how to do this."

--Warren Whitlock, Marketing Results Coach, (Las Vegas, Nevada)

We're currently gathering case studies to determine the typical
results with this system...don't assume anything you see here is
typical just yet...

Mark Joyner "He'll just hold your hand and show you how to make
a wad of cash..."

"Matt Bacak is one of the smartest marketers alive, but who cares,
right? What matters to you is that he's a consummate teacher. He will
not blow your mind with complex ideas - he'll just hold your hand and
show you how to make a wad of cash."

--Mark Joyner, #1 Bestselling Author of "Integration Marketing"

Mike Litman "...He's definitely a Must read, Must hear, and Must

Matt is without a doubt 'The Powerful Promoter!' If you want to
quickly increase your revenues and line your pockets with money again
and again, he's definitely a Must read, Must hear, and Must see!"

--Mike Litman, #1 International best-selling author of Conversations
with Millionaires (New York, NY)

Here's How It Happened

You've seen Lord of the Rings, right?

Sure you have.

Then you know the story of the "One Ring"

_It was a dasterdly combination of 9 other powerful amuletsthat
combined to create ONE RING that held..._

_the most powerful force in the universe_

There's Just One Problem...
It's Was A Double Edge Sword

It carried miraculous qualities for those who possesed it

But actually trying to use it caused blood curling danger

Good movie.

But who cares, right?

Here's the shocking thing:
I watched that movie thinking the notion of the "ONE RING" was just

But it isn't.

It's so real it's scary...

Only it doesn't make you invisible or immortal.

It makes you rich. Faster than a cheetah on Red Bull.

(this is a snapshot of my shopping cart during this time)

I Call It

"The Secret Money Ring"

And When I First "Tried It On" It Was Like
I Had Awoken A Sleeping Giant Of
Unlimited Money Making Power... Nothing prepared me for its power...

All I had done was combine 9 of my proven underground launch tactics

Next thing I knew...

an historic avalanche of traffic was relentlessly pouring cash in
hand customers through my sales funnel like I'd busted the Hoover Dam
of Profits.

So why didn't I tell you about this sooner?

Why did I wait until now?

Because having that sort of head-shaking cash pour in that fastisn't
all it's cracked up to be.

It Nearly Ruined Me
My servers weren't ready for it.

They crumbled like a sand castle being hit by a wrecking ball

Gmail shut down our customer service desk because of the volume...

The credit card companies put my account on lock-down because of
"suspicious activity".

I had HUNDREDS of angry customers with proverbial pitch forks in

My name was dragged through the mud in ways that would make Spitzer

And What Happened Next Stays Between You and Me...
I hit a new low when my own father met me at a party to tell me
that I had "shamed the family name."

That was more than I could take.

I went head-long into a dark depression.

I did nothing but watch bad movies for two and a half weeks

All the moneyit mean't less than nothing to me.

I almost wished I could just go back to my old life.

Back when creating a $293,583.14 per month in recurring revenue in 7
days just wasn't possible

It literally took months to repair the damage

That's When I Vowed To Bury The Method The money making ectasy just
wasn't worth the chaos that followed.

I went back to my "old strategies."

And tried to pretend nothing had happened.

I TRIED to pretend.

But I couldn't.

I knew what I had seen.

And I couldn't put the genie back in the bottle.

On a misty morning in April a thought hit me like a sack of bricks.

There Had To Be Ways To Harness
The Power Of The Secret Money Ring
Without It Ruining My Life
And that's when the ideas started to come

* Ways to handle all that traffic.

* Ways to handle all that money.

* Ways to ensure that customer support issues PRACTICALLY

* Ways to harness the power of the Secret Money Ringto do EXTREME
good and no evil.

When I felt that it was finally ready to be unleashed on the public
once again

I Revealed The Secret Money Ring Only Once In A Closed Door Seminar
On December 6th To A Spellbound Audience

Matt Bacak is a #1 Barnes and Noble Bestselling Author

"At its peak, The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan outranked both the
Oprah-driven vehicle A Million Little Pieces and the unstoppable Harry

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/01/prweb335354.htm

I shared the secrets exposed once and for all:

* How to have other big list owners dumping traffic on your site by
the truckload

* I shared the sneaky trick that almost forces affiliates to do
your bidding like they're under your spell...

* How to hijack billion dollar secrets that companies like
Microsoft, Intel and McDonals use to dominate markets, and skyrocket
their reputations at the same time

* My hidden source of email subject lines that shock the senses,
and demand to be openedor else

* The ONE missing element that separates 7 figure launches from the
copycats who can't sell their way out of a paper bag...

* The customer service nightmare just waiting to happen in your
business..and how to obliterate it in seconds.

* How you can LEGALLY and ethically copy-paste your way to
multi-million promotions without EVER hiring a copywriter!

* How to eliminate the "traffic headache" forever...while working
far less than you do now!

* And so much more...

Had you been there then....

You wouldn't be here now looking for new ways to boost your

You'd be busy counting your newfound wealth...

Lucky for you it was recorded...

And you're about to get access to every last "cloak and dagger"
tatic that others had to pay a small fortune to get....

The strategies have been refined...

The safeguards are in place...

And now the time has come...

For you to enter the world of

The Secret Money Ring

Matt Bacak was featured in a full 8-page spread
inside $1,000,000aire Blueprints Magazine in 2007

"Matt Bacak began investing his first earnings at the tender age of
12, a young businessman in the making. Now, 15 years later, Bacak
survived failed businesses, botched partnerships, heavy credit card
debt and bankruptcy - all in preparation for the accomplishments he
achieved today as a well-established Internet marketer and
best-selling author."

Excerpt from $1,000,000aire Blueprints Magazine

With The Secret Money Ring In Hand... You'll Wield Almost
"Miraculous" Money Making Powers...
Powers you may not be ready for.

Powers that could be used for great goodor great evil.

That choice isn't in my hands anymore.

That's now for you to decide.

But I believe everything happens for a reason..

I believe that if you're still reading this letter

...you deserve to experience the power of this system.

It's time for you to finally break ahead of the pack...

And write your own success story.

Before you get in I want you to realize how your life is about to

So go with me and imagine..

Imagine so much money flowing to your bank accountyou'll think you
did something illegal.

Imagine sitting back as raging rivers of cash march steadily into
your bank account for 7 days straight

All while you kick your feet up on your lazyboy and sip a margarita

Your predictable automatic marketing weapon has it under control

That Dream Doesn't Have To Be Just A Dream Anymore...

In fact,

The key to that life is

But things get even better...because:

Daegan Smith "...My monthly income increases on average by a

(specific results withheld due to FTC regulations)

Hey Matt,

I just wanted to share a few stats I've had in my business by just
following one simple strategy you've taught.

I opened a new shopping cart to track the progress of just this one
part of my business and as you'll see my income from this ONE strategy
alone has NOT only increased my monthly revenue in this part of my
business by per month, but on top of that each month I keep plugging
away my monthly income increases on average by a month.

Do the math. . .

I keep this up and by December that number should jump to around
a month - putting just this one part of the business at per year
for 2009. The future looks bright, and I haven't even put ALL your
advice into action, expect another update soon.

What Matt says, if you just go out and do it will make you money
hands down. Spending money with Matt is one of the best investments
I've made in my life.

To the top,

--Daegan Smith

We're currently gathering case studies to determine the typical
results with this system...don't assume anything you see here is
typical just yet...

When You Get The "Secret Money Ring," I'm Going to Hand You
Backdoor Access To My Award Winning Coaching Club... "IM Gold"

You see I'm a fanatic when it comes your success.

And I know that while the Secret Money Ring can make you a heaping
wad of cash...

One course just can't be enough to achieve long term financial

And that is exactly where IM Gold shines...

IM Gold has been taking rank rookies and transforming them into some
of the most arrogant trash talking hotshots in the industry.

(I just taught them how to make money...the arrogance they taught

For 8 years I've had these game-changing training sessions without

In short order IM Gold quickly got a reputation as the home of the
serious entrepreneur who wants to turn fleeting success into a
bulletproof, rock solid cash generation machine.

And Now It's Your Turn... It's time for me to show you how to
create your own predictable and unstoppable engine of wealth.

That's why I'm gonna get each issue of it in your handsand charge
you a tiny fraction of what it's worth.

Now I know you're wondering about the price of this historic package

And one thing's for sure

The Price Isn't What You'd Think...
I gave this package to a few of my $12,000 clients and asked them
what they think it's worth.

Their jaws dropped at the content.

But when they recovered they DEMANDED that it never be offered for
less than $3,000.

One client suggested breaking it up into 5 home study courses and
offering them all for $1,997 a piece (a steal even at that price).

You're getting a seminar others had pay four figures to see

A seminar that can turn your financial situation around on a dime

So The Real Question Is...

What Would You Be Willing To Pay For The Keys To Create Your Own
Fantasy Lifestyle?
Sure you'd put thousands on the table...

Just as my former clients have.

But relax.

Because you're not going to pay thousands...

You see I know you're hurting

Because I've been there

I've had to decide between trying a new biz op and replacing my
shoes with three holes in them

I know you're frustrated.

And know many of you have been at this game for a whileand still
haven't got where you want to be

So today's going to be your big break

Because you're not going to pay $2,000 for this.

Not even $1,000 for the "Secret Money RIng" and a FULL 14 days of IM

In fact, we'll keep this under $500 for you

(Going that low already has my clients doubting my sanity)

But I'm going to go under $200 too

So you get the "Secret Money Ring" and 14 days of IM Gold free...

For the humiliating price of...







Just $1!

The "Not So Fine" Print...

Be aware that if you decide to stick with IM Gold past the first 14
days it's going to be just $67.95 a month...

My former clients are laughing and crying at the same time as they
hear you can get access to my bulging marketing brain on a monthly
basis for that pathetic price...

I mean seriously...

That's a whopping $2.26 (less than a latte) per day if you decide to
remain a member...

You can cancel at any time by calling customer support at
770-623-3008 or by email at matt@powerfulpromoter.com.

You're also backed by my personal 60 day full satisfaction

Just ask and we'll grant you a full refund. You can even keep Secret
Money Ring as our way of saying thank you for trying it all out.

A total 14 days is plenty of time to decide whether to stick with it
or not. If you decide to stay and if you have the guts to be a true
success story, I'm going to show you how to make epic piles of cash...

But If You're 1 Of The First 500 Buyers It Gets Better.A WHOLE Lot

You're getting My First Million.

My First Million

Standard Retail Price: $497

A step-by-step walk through the journey of my first Million Dollars

It can be your journey too.

* The 5 niches where I and my top students made all our money.

* Avoid all my biggest mistakes (you're already making 2 of them).

* Steal all my best traffic strategies.

* Find out how I took it to the next level.

And As If That Wasn't Enough
It Gets Better For The First 500 One of my most successful coaching
studentsJason "The Traffic Pump" Parker wants to arm all you brave
souls with another round of ammo

I'm talking about first rate products that'll have your server
counter spinning with 7 new unstoppable traffic streams virtually

Traffic Pyramid

Software Traffic Loophole

Viral Traffic Generators

The million dollar course alone is worth the price of a small
tropical island.

Heck you can pick this up and replicate my first million even faster
than I did, without all the mistakes, pitfalls and headaches

And Parker's traffic secrets will ensure you never lack a steady
stream of leads that will fill your coffers on a daily basis.

But here's the thing...

All bonuses will be gone forever when the 500th copy is sold.

Now I don't envy you.

You've Got A Decision To Make...
A decision to continue to struggle upstream towards a goal you may
never reach.

Or to cut ahead of the pack and join the ranks of the elite money

What's it gonna be

You'd better figure it out fast..

Because right now you're reading this along with 30,000 other

Many of them are your competitors.

And they're about to snap this up with all the bonuses

Are you gonna let them do that?

Or are you going to finally take control over your future?

My suggestion?

Kick your doubts to the curb...

And Bear Hug Your Dreams
And Never Let Go
Just think about it.

That free time you so desperately need.

The freedom you crave.

The life of luxury and the unbridled joy of complete financial

The "Secret Money Ring" can provide it all

And the monthly coaching is there to ensure that your success never
leaves you.

Your Life Is About To Radically Change.. Or You Go Back To Your 9-5
And Keep Making Somebody Else Rich...

It's your choice.

Here's the form that changes everything.

Enter your primary email address fast for the ride of your life!


Your Primary Email:

I've been in the money making niche for over 8 years now and this is
my livelihood.

That's why I guard my reputation like a bear guards his cubs.

So if you're not happy, I'm not happy.

And I'm not going anywhere. The contact address for me is at the
bottom of this site if you have any concerns about your purchase.

But trust me when I tell you...

A refund is going be the last thing on your mind once you get

Matt Bacak

P.S. Every day you don't order you're going to see others succeeding
with the "Secret Money Ring".you'll be up at night thinking about how
it could've been you But it's not too late.... .

P.P.S. The "Ring of Money" isn't for the light of heart...most folks
are not ready for the kind of life-changing money it can produce
practically overnight...if you'd rather take the slow and steady route
I completely understand. I wish you the best.

Copyright © 2010 Bleeding Edge Innovations Inc. Office: 770-623-3008

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