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For Over 10-Years Gregg D., founder of Awakened Recoveries, has assisted hundreds of people in their Twelve Step program for various addictions. By applying the principles of his Addictions Free Living System you will...

NOTE: Addictions Free Living is a method of practicing the principles of the Twelve Steps as a continuing way of life... allowing you to experience true freedom from your addiction. If you are unsure whether you are an alcoholic or addict, then [click here for important information on how to begin your recovery process](http://addictionsfreeliving.com/begin-recovery.html).

Gregg D.
Awakened Recoveries

arly in recovery you are constantly struggling with the obsessive thinking and compulsive desire to drink, or drug, or act out.

But your recovery experience need not remain limited to this constrained life.

People who are not addicted don’t spend time thinking about their addiction.

That's True Freedom...

And that's the freedom achieved in Addictions Free Living.

Finding Your Path to True Freedom from Alcoholism
and Addiction

While the Twelve Step path enables you to recover – the extent and quality of that recovery is very much dependent upon the nature of the Step work you actually do.

Addictions Free Living is specifically designed to lead you through the Twelve Step program in a manner that will result in this true freedom from your addiction.

By following the system laid out in Addictions Free Living, you will be led through the actual work of the Twelve Steps to bring internal change to yourself first. As the Twelve and Twelve says:
A.A.’s Twelve Steps are a group of principles, spiritual in their nature, which, if practiced as a way of life, can expel the obsession to drink and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole.”
There it is! It is the actual working of the Steps – “practiced as a way of life” – that results in Addictions Free Living. You remain clean and sober – not by resisting your addiction – but because you are practicing the principles of the Twelve Steps as a way of life!

If you’re ready to begin the work laid out in the Twelve Steps that for millions of people has provided freedom from various addictions, then you are ready to begin Addictions Free Living.

Attend One of Gregg's Recovery Retreats in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Addictions Free Living is the culmination of years of professional writing and teaching by recovered alcoholic Gregg D.

Drawing on his years of experience in leading retreats for the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement, the Wilson House, and the Anonymous Foundation, among others, Gregg is now able to present his life-changing teachings and practices in six easy to access modules.

Because the format and materials of Addictions Free Living are drawn from his previous work, you will feel like you are participating in a workshop or retreat, but without having to leave home.

Stop Clinging By Your Fingernails to Your Twelve Step Meetings as Your Source of Sobriety

Returning to an A.A. meeting after relapse, the story often told even by an oldtimer is that he stopped going to meetings and then picked up a drink.

Seldom is the story what may be closer to the truth – “I worked the Steps in a half-hearted manner, clung to my meetings for my sobriety, and then relapsed when I stopped going to meetings.”

But there is another way...

The A.A. literature itself is clear that true freedom from addiction is provided by you working the Steps – rather than desperately clinging to meetings to avoid relapsing into your addiction.

When you have completed the system laid out in Addictions Free Living, your life will have changed profoundly: you will experience actual freedom from the “obsession” of your addiction and will feel yourself to be “happily and usefully whole.”

Then, experience your Twelve Step meetings at a wholly new depth -- “a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other” -- as A.A. boldly describes itself.

Click Play to Watch the First 10 Minutes of the Addictions Free Living System

What Do You Get With Addictions Free Living?

Six Life Changing Modules Guide You to True Freedom From Your Addiction.

First, each Module's PDF explains the life goal to be achieved, complete with extensive footnoted analysis of the Twelve Step literature. NOTE: PDFs are easily read through Acrobat Reader.

Then, in the Module's accompanying video, Gregg will make the message a real and meaningful part of your life.

Having reached the life changing goal, you are now ready to start the next Module...

Module 1:
The Causes of Your Addiction
Go beyond the medical and psychological explanations for your addiction to learn the two basic causes of alcoholism and addiction as first identified by the founders and pioneers of Alcoholics Anonymous – the same two causes now identified by research as the key elements of addiction relapse.

Module 2:
Working on the Primary Causes of Addiction
Listen to Gregg’s detailed explanation of these primary causes of addiction, colored by stories from his own experience. Begin to see how these causes have run your life into your particular addiction, and how to change that with practices from the Twelve Steps.

Module 3:
Finding Humility in the Alchemy of Recovery
Discover the surprising twist involved in the work at the heart of the Twelve Steps, and the depth of change that comes with the two shortest Steps of all.

Module 4:
Working on the Immediate Causes of Addiction
Now continue with Gregg as he moves the discussion to the immediate causes of addiction – leading you into deeper investigation of your life. And follow the insight that takes you full circle back to the completion of your work begun in Module 2.

Module 5:
Getting Free at the Roots
Dive deep to the very foundations of your addiction. Begin to dismantle the very engine that drives all your addictive behaviors.

Module 6:
Finding Your Spiritual Awakening
Experience the openness of your own personal spiritual awakening as you witness the profound changes in heart and mind flowing from the depth of your Twelve Step work following Gregg’s guidance in these dynamic modules.

Your Life After Completing The Addictions Free Living System

Following the suggestions and guidance offered in the Addictions Free Living System you can expect to realize in your personal life the profound changes promised in the A.A. literature – what you may think of as the true indicia of freedom from addiction.

Where you used to think of your mind as a “bad neighborhood to be in,” you now find that your “thought-life will be placed on a much higher plane,” and will be “more and more on the plane of inspiration.”

Finding the “emotional balance” promised at the Eleventh Step, and the “emotional sobriety” that comes with the spiritual awakening of the Twelfth Step, you will actually feel different as you “now become able to do, feel, and believe that which [you] could not do before.”

And then the ultimate promise for the addict: you finally begin to “react sanely and normally” to your addiction with a “new attitude” that seems to come “without any thought or effort on our part.” The experience of true freedom from your addiction.

Yes! I'm ready to follow these proven techniques
and finally gain True Freedom from My Addiction!

I understand that by placing my secure order right now, I will be getting instant access to the complete Addictions Free Living System

I'm aware that I'm getting six life changing modules, each containing both a PDF and video

I fully understand that this system includes everything I need to gain true freedom from my addiction

And I'm Getting the Addictions Free Living System for $97, Backed by a 60 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

[Download Addictions Free Living Now!](http://1.addictionf.pay.clickbank.net)

Why a Digital Product?

Gregg's first book, The Spirituality of Sobriety: Finding the Spiritual Awakening in Recovery from Alcoholism, quickly became the basis for Gregg’s professional workshop trainings and recovery retreats.

While the book and his retreats have been warmly received, reviewed and recommended by treatment professionals as well as the recovery community, Gregg started searching for a more convenient forum to bring his message to an audience that was seeking more from him.

Reluctant to leave his mountain home to take on the publication of a second book and a more intense travel schedule for workshops and retreats, Gregg chose to utilize the new capabilities of web-delivered media to provide a broader and more expansive program for his work and permit a more interactive relationship with his audience.

Teaming with Clickbank, we are now able to provide Addictions Free Living as easy-to-access downloadable modules. Beginning with his Basic Program available now, the Addictions Free Living System will soon add two Advanced Sessions with three additional modules each and a complete week-end retreat experience all available as downloads.

We hope you, too, will enjoy the convenience of being able to download Gregg into your own home rather than having to travel to see him!

Teaming with Clickbank we are now able to provide Addictions Free Living

P.S. Still Not Convinced Addictions Free Living Can Help?

Download It Right Now... Absolutely Free

Module 0:
Beginning Your Journey to Addictions Free Living
Meet Gregg in his home as he tells the story of the beginnings of Alcoholics Anonymous and then explores the surprising use of A.A.'s Twelve Step program for recovery from other addictions. Gregg concludes with a clear statement of intention for the goal you can expect to achieve with Addictions Free Living.

P.S. Clickbank is the company that handles my sales. It makes sure that you can place your order any time day or night and get immediate access to the Addictions Free Living system.

Praise for Gregg's Book The Spirituality of Sobriety
For those individuals early in sobriety, still struggling with not drinking, this book provides a gentle introduction to spirituality and the Twelve Steps. It touches on the heart of each Step and lights the path to a more loving, peaceful way of life.

- Susan Schavi - Rehabilitation Therapist, Addictions Services Division of Conneticut Valley Hospital, Middletown, CT

The Spirituality of Sobriety presents an excellent description of many of the principles of AA and how they can affect recovery…. It does an excellent job describing AA principles of spirituality.

- Terence T. Gorski - President of CENAPS and author of Staying Sober and Passages Through Recovery

I think your book is great and I was wondering if you have written anything else, or if you plan on writing any more books? I have read this book over and over and really enjoy your writings.

I don’t know how I ended up hooking up with you, but glad I did. Your wisdom and experience that you have shared in your book is priceless. I’m paying attention this time (a novel concept, I know!).

A heartfelt, probing reflection on the deeper mysteries of recovery.

- Tav Sparks - Addictions Therapist in transpersonal recovery and author of The Wide Open Door: The Twelve Steps, Spiritual Tradition & the New Psychology

Comments on Gregg's Weekend Retreats and Profesional Workshops
I came to this retreat specifically to experience Gregg’s second presentation here – it totally exceeded my expectations! Bring Gregg back next year!!!

Opened new ways of thinking. Broadened my understanding of the Twelve Steps.

This may sound rather dramatic, but your seminar was a gift from God. I’m not a recovering alcoholic, but I’m recovering from co-dependency, chronic self-defeating thinking, depression and anxiety.

To get to the meat of this letter, the meditation exercises were particularly helpful – especially the first one where your emphasis was on separating the ‘true self’ from the constant stream of thoughts which interfere with connecting to the genuine center of our being…

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated what you had to say and am enjoying your book.

Since attending your retreat on meditation at The Wilson House, I’ve been able to meditate for the first time in sobriety. I wanted to say thank you for your service. Your presentation and gratitude for AA have helped me tremendously.

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