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Thank you for joining BuySellShort.net. Your log-on information and chat room log-on information will be emailed to you shortly. If you have any questions feel free to email us at feedback@buysellshort.com

See our October 12th Market call when we called for the largest daily rally ever and the next day it happened!

ONE MONTH PREMIUM PACKAGE – Includes daily trading email alerts, stock market videos and access to our real time live chat room ($89 per month)

Our PREMIUM PACKAGE is our best value. This includes all video newsletters, email trading alerts as well as access to our LIVE CHAT room where our top technical trader guides you through the market on a daily basis

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If you are unhappy with our service we have a 60 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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BuySellShort.com Trades
by Gain
Stock Date Buy Price High w/in 30 days Gain/
Loss IGOI 16-Feb 1.20 1.72 43% VTRO 16-Feb 0.35 0.41 17% MRNA 17-Feb 0.95 1.12 18% BBI 17-Feb 0.38 0.44 16% ANX 18-Feb 0.305 0.32 5% PTN 18-Feb 0.305 0.35 15% RPC 18-Feb 0.25 0.32 28% LJPC 18-Feb 0.13 0.19 46% MBRK 21-Feb 0.45 0.58 29% ADAT 22-Feb 1.05 1.07 2% PDEX 22-Feb 0.53 0.59 11% KAD 23-Feb 0.44 0.53 20% VTRO 23-Feb 0.29 0.40 38%

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