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Learn how to physically feel God communicating with you.

Is this possible? Yes! I have felt God's energy flowing into me on hundreds of occasions. I will share with you how to make this happen for you.

What do you mean? "Physically feel him communicating with you" You will feel God just as real as you feel it when someone pinches you. God will communicate to your very essence through bursts of divine energy. You will feel these bursts or waves of energy flow into your body.

What does it feel like? It kind of feels like when you get the shivers, however it is very different from that as well. It is much more intense and pleasing then getting the shivers. You will feel amazing when God reveals his presence and existence to you through physical and deep inner communication. Your body will absorb the energy and it will pass through you like waves of intense bliss and pleasure.

The first time it happened to me I was so amazed that I just couldn't believe it. Yet I knew I had just communicated with God. It is simply amazing the first time, and the second and third time it is just as amazing, I assure you.

It is very intense, there is no other feeling like it in the world. You cannot mistake this feeling for anything but God's own presence touching you.

Don't mistake this feeling I am describing as warmth,

shivers, or any other bodily feeling we may experience.

Anyone can experience this if they try.

Many people have different views on God, religion, the soul, etc...

There are so many views about God that many people have given up, they just don't want to believe in God because there are so many different enigmas associated with him.

For example:

Priests who have abused children...

Fear of going to hell...

The idea of a vengeful and judgemental God...

The many wars that were brought upon our world due in part to religion...

Many people just choose to not believe in anything anymore, it seems safer that way...

What it if all these reasons had nothing to do with God.

Here is our belief of what God is. We respect other people's views on God, and our definition of what God is should not in any way impact other people's views or religious practices.

God is intelligent, creative, and pure energy. It's that simple... This intelligent invisible energy called God (by us) permeates all things. It is the creative force behind all things. It is everywhere at all times, and it is always available to us if we call upon it.

Is it possible to tap into that energy and communicate with it?


It is just waiting to communicate with us, it loves interacting with us, it is there to help us, to teach us, to comfort us, to love us, to heal us.

Can this energy that I will feel, physically cure me???

While this energy may have certain health benefits, I would never advise you to stop using regular health treatment for any condition you may have.

This field of energy we call God is not researched by scientists, nor is it studied by any known group or research company. So claiming it can cure you of any disease would be something I cannot do with certainty. It can do wonders to reduce your anxiety, stress, and fatigue though.

The one thing that is for certain, is that it feels amazing when you communicate with God and it will bring you peace of spirit.

It will calm you.

When God communicates with you it will prove to you once and for all without any shadow of a doubt that God exists.

Many people argue about whether God exists. I don't even listen for a second to them, why??

Because I feel him physically touching me with his very presence. Yes Physically!!! Just like water washing over you when you shower, except imagine the water is energy and it is washing over you and into you.

Imagine the most beautiful illuminated spirit you can imagine for a minute. Like they show on some tv shows related to God, angels or the like.

Imagine that white beautiful energy-based spirit entering your body.

That is what God touching you feels like.

Just imagining it isn't enough though, you need to experience it with your whole being.

This website will show you in depth how to communicate with God on a regular basis.

Here are some of the benefits I believe communication with this Highly Intelligent Energy can give you:

Increased Intelligence and creativity.

Increased Awareness, (higher awareness). You will be more aware of why certain things happen the way they do throughout your day.

Better overall health (it relieves stress and anxiety).

Feeling of Incredible Power and ultimate fulfillment. Nothing in this world can fulfill you and make you feel as good as God's energy can.

Anyone can feel God's energy flowing into their soul and body by learning a few simple skills.

There is a piece of God inside you, God would never forget about you, or deny your existence, he would never deny a part of himself.

Feeling God physically in their body seems impossible to most people when they hear it.

Yet I know for a fact that it is true. I feel it almost every day.

When you are around happy people you often feel happier then if you were hanging around sad people right? That is because the energy the happy people are emanating is entering you. If you are around sad people the sad person's energy will permeate into you and make you feel less happy.

There is a difference though between human energy and divine energy which is what I am talking about.

It is an energy you can't feel from other humans, it is very impressive when it enters your body. You will say to yourself "Oh my God" . God Exists, it's amazing.

It was so amazing, that after the first time I communicated with God, I lost 30 pounds and became very healthy. Whether this will happen to others is anyone's guess. If you are already slim then this won't happen to you probably, however you will feel amazing, and refreshed, and assured that God is on your side.

No one talks about God anymore in public, because it has become so taboo. People think you are crazy if you talk about God, or they think you are a born again something or other.

In my opinion you don't have to go to church to know God, you don't have to kneel, you don't have to eat unleaven bread or anything like that.

Through the use of this website you will learn exactly how to feel God's energy coming into your body.

For almost 20 years I have been experiencing God communicating with me. I have done some bad things here and there in my life, yet my connection to this source of energy has never left me. Proof that God will stick by you no matter what.

In a simple to follow guide you will learn how to experience having God's energy enter you. You will physically feel him, just like you feel it when someone touches you with their hand. That is how real God's touch is.

In all honesty this is probably one of the most important websites you will come across. Knowing God exists without any shadow of a doubt is an awesome feeling.

In our guide we will show you exactly how to invite God to communicate with you. After several years of communication with God's energy we know how to get God communicating with you.

We go in depth on how to feel God's presence enter you, it feels amazing. I am so happy to finally be able to share my knowledge of this with others. You will love the feeling. Imagine the rarity of a butterfly coming towards you and landing on your shoulder or on your nose. That feeling of awe is just a small inkling compared to when God enters you for the first time.

Remember God is a highly intelligent and beautiful energy source, a creative energy, a loving energy.

There is nothing to fear either, God is very calming, his presence is very soothing, I have never experienced anything negative or frightning from God.

Through this website you will discover how to have God's energy filling your body (you will feel an amazing sensation when this happens).

Our guide-book is very straightforward and will guide you every step of the way.

Don't Wait! Start experiencing God's energy physically entering your body today. When you feel it you will never be the same again.

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