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"Discover The Simple Self-Help Techniques That'll Transform Your Hands Back To Normal In 30 Days or Less."

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Massage Therapist Saves Her Own Hands.
And Now Teaches You.

Do your hands get numb?  Do your fingers tingle?  Do your hands wake you up at night?  Do you sometimes suddenly drop things?  Do your wrists or forearms hurt?

Do you think it is just one of those things? That it will just take care of itself?  Think again.
Maybe it comes and goes.  But, what will happen when it never goes away?  

You Can Get Your Hands Back to Normal.

But expecting drugs or shots or surgery to be the answer is not the way to go.

Hand problems can threaten your livelihood? Your enjoyment of Life?

Are You Scared You'll Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery? Are Scared You'll Lose Your Job?
Worried About How You Will Pay Medical Expenses?
Worried You'll Have to Give Up Activites You Love?
Learn Self-Help Techniques To Prevent, Reverse, and Even Eliminate Carpal Tunnel and FALSE Carpal Tunnel Syndromes, as well as other problems of the hands and forearms caused by your occupation or hobby.

Pssst.... At least 75% of the time it is not even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is causing your problems.

That is why, ONLY addressing the Carpal Tunnel is a BIG MISTAKE.

Hilma Volk
Licensed Massage Therapist
Since 1991
Oregon License #3776

Hi, my name is Hilma Volk. I've been a licensed massage therapist since 1991.

While massage training was the basis of everything. None of the techniques I teach were ones I learned in massage school.

Some I developed for myself out of necessity - to work on the problems my own hands were getting, and to keep them in good shape.

Later on, I modified techniques learned through research and Continuing Education Courses - so they could also become self-help techniques that I could teach to others.

By the way, I'm 59, and my hands feel better than they did when I was 18.

[more about me -- click here](abouthv.php)

Whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or any of its many impostors....

I can teach you simple, safe, effective treatments that you can do for yourself.

The techniques are the same for both preventing and reversing your condition – whether it is carpal tunnel syndrome or something else..

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Hilma I would like to thank you for putting up the pec minor stretch and massage info. I am a final year chiropractic graduate in Sydney and have had the carpal tunnel pec minor condition for at least 10 yrs from various sporting exploits.

I came across your website when searching pec minor stretches for myself and my clinic clients for whom I am an intern presently. I must say this is the first time I have come across something that works instantly, at least for myself.

Thank you so much for putting some great stuff out there.
Andrew Hull

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Learn what your doctor probably doesn’t know.
And even if he did, wouldn’t take the time to teach you.

Thank you for the valuable information. I am a professional pianist/organist and have been suffering with numbness in both hands for over 5 months. I've gone to 4 doctors who have not been able to diagnose the problem or provide any relief of the pain. I watched all your videos and have been doing the exercise you demonstated. My pain and numbness has decreased considerably. I have now scheduled a visit to a LMT for more therapy. You are a credit to your profession. Thanks again

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For more information [click here](moreinfo.php). 

You do not have to endure the pain, the numbness,
the inability to fully control your hands, the fumbling,  
your hands keeping you awake at night...

Safe - Easy - Effective

No special equipment needed.

In the process you may get rid of the pain between your shoulder blades, tennis elbow, rounded shoulders and even your tension headaches and a variety of other symptoms.

Course Contents

These Are The Core Videos

the ones that will give you the most rapid relief

In Ways that are Easy to Understand

 How to Know Where Your Problem is Coming From 12.54 min  There are several areas along the nerve pathway between your neck vertebrae and hand where nerves that go down the arm can be pinched. This overview gives insight into locating the cause, as well as how to use this course.

 What You Need to Know About the Hands, Wrist and Forearm -
Part 1 5:34 min.  Most people who do almost any kind of work with their hands, including using computers, have tight forearm muscles.  In fact it is almost impossible to have true carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive use without having tight forearms. 

Demonstrates how your forearm muscles move your fingers, how skinny tendons (that connect  forearm muscles to the fingers) run through hollow tubes, called sheathes, that pass through the carpal tunnel in the wrist.

 What You Need to Know About the Hands, Wrist and Forearm -
Part 2 4:09 min.   Tells how and why those tendon get irritated and can swell within the carpal tunnel.  More commonly, tight forearm muscles, especially one caused by a muscle called the pronator teres is causing your problem.  (Don't worry, I keep everything easy to understand).

 Self-Help Techniques for the Hand Wrist and Forearm - Part 1 9:09 min This technique that I developed is the most effective I have found for loosening up your forearm muscles, the tendons, carpal tunnel, and hands.  Also works for tennis elbow and other tendonitis in the forearm.

 Self-Help Techniques for the Hand Wrist and Forearm - Part 2 6:11 min. Techniques for loosening up the carpal tunnel ligament.  Plus a physical therapy method for keeping the tendons moving freely through the carpal tunnel. 

 Hand Problems Caused by the Pectoralis Minor -  and Wonderfully Simple Self-Treatment Technique.  6:02 min.  Tight pectoralis minor muscles can cause numbness, tingling etc, in the hand, and sometimes the arm. They are one cause of misdiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. Can cause poor circulation in fingers. They also create rounded shoulders - causing pain between the shoulder blades. They are also a main reason you get numb hands when riding a bicycle or when having your arms raised.

 Scalene Muscles - False Carpal Tunnel and Other Nasty Stuff from the Muscles in Front of the Neck.  14:24 min  While you almost never feel pain in the front of the neck - those muscles can cause a lot of problems.  One such muscle, the sternocleidomastoid, can cause any of the following: difficulty turning the neck, jaw pain, cough without phlegm, dizziness, headaches in the forehead, sinus problems that medicine doesn't help.  

Tight Scalene Muscles are a major cause of False Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  That wrist pain, numbness and tingling in your hands from pinched nerves caused by these muscles. They can also sometimes refer pain into the chest and to the shoulder blades.  They can also cause pain and weakness in the shoulder joint by pinching a artery that supplies blood to that area.  Tight scalene muscles are one of the common causes of tension headaches. 

Video also discusses the causes of these muscle problems.  One of the major causes is whiplash - which can make a person's neck miserable for years - even though you almost never feel pain in the front of the neck.  But there are a number of other causes - including the way you breathe.

 Self-Help for the Scalene Muscles and their Mischievous Friends. 13:01 min  How to find the muscles. Areas to avoid. Techniques to loosen up the Scalene and Sternocleidomastoid muscles, plus another little muscle that can pinch on the nerve that goes down the arm.

 Hand Problems Caused by Pinched Nerves at the Neck Vertebrae 5:45 min.  How to tell if your hand sensation is caused by nerve pinching at the neck vertebrae. Frankly, you may require a professional adjustment.  But sometimes there are neck problems that are beyond the scope of a Chiropractor - and these are way beyond the scope of this course. However, sometimes loosening up the neck muscles will allow the vertebrae to align themselves, or at the very least will make your neck feel better and can help with tension headaches..

 Things You Can Do For the Back of Your Neck - Part 1 6:57 min. Self massage for your own neck and tips for a non-professional massaging your neck.
 Things You Can Do For the Back of Your Neck - Part 2 12:13min Self massage techniques using socks and tennis balls, not only for your neck, but for your backmuscles as well.  The "Funky Chicken" exercise.  Do it yourself neck traction.  

Bonus Content

Note:  The Core Videos above should cover the majority of situations.

But here's more helpful information.

Can Supplements help? 10:26 min. Discussion of various vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. which may be beneficial.  Plus some cautions.

Why not anti-inflammatory drugs for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
4:51 min. While they may make you feel better in the short run, in the long run they can actually make your problem worse.

 Thumb Pain 3:33 min.  There are a few causes of  pain in the thumb from repetitive use.  They are quite easy to tell what is causing which - and a pretty easy fix.

Swelling (edema) from Lymph Node Removal 10:26 min.  If you have lymph nodes removed, your arm may be puffey with lymph fluid, putting pressure in the Carpal Tunnel. These are methods you can do to get that swelling down.

 About Doing Stretches 6:35 min.  Note:  Stretches are optional.  I believe doing the techniques in the Core Videos above will give you faster results than the stretches.  I've made the stretching videos because people have asked for them.

 Stretches for the Hand, Wrist and Forearm - 3 Videos 6:07 min., 5:00 min. and 7:38 min.

 Stretches for the Pectoralis Minor 6:23 min.

 Stretches for the Scalenes 4:59 min.

 Stretches for the Neck 7:16 min.

 Numbness in a finger? This could be why 3:29 min.
 About Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 2:56 min.
How and When to Ice. 8:31 min. Cold can be wonderful for reducing swelling, relieving pain, and promoting healing.  However, once you'vd been using the techniques in the Core Videos, you probably will no longer need icing.

Icing- Part 2. 6:36 min.


Self-Treatment Takes Just Minutes a Day.

Then once you relieve your problem -- just minutes per week or even minutes per month.

Hi, My name is Noman Hussain. I am a physical therapist and practice at my own clinic here in Karachi, Paksitan. I have a patient whom the doctors are misdiagnosing as Carpel Tunnel whereas she is having tight scalene muscles. I am already using stretching techniques on her but Hilma’s excellent videos helped me understanding and further counselling the patient in a far better way.

Thanks very much. Thats what we say ” True contribution to the profession.”

More Testimonials [](moreinfo.php)[click here.](moreinfo.php)

These Bonus Items: Included FREE with this Course

Healthy Computing e-book, ($47.00 Value) Stay Healthy and Avoid Injury While Working Long Hours at Your PC

Exercise Without Effort e-book ($27.00 Value)

 Your Body is Your Temple e-book ($6.00 Value) About healthy eating. 


To sum it up:

You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on doctor visits
      trying to find one who will actually help you

You do not need massage therapists, physical therapists or acupuncturists

You do not need special equipment.

You can avoid drugs, risky injections, and even riskier carpal tunnel surgery.

 Whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or any of its many impostors, the Videos and         Audios in this course can show you the way to make your hands feel young again.

If you are uninsured or under insured - you really need this. 

But even if you have great health care coverage, chances are that this program will give you the help you need, with techniques that are simple, safe, and effective.

You only need to spend minutes at a time.  They can be done while watching TV.

Courses and Gizmos that only are for carpal tunnel syndrome will not help you if that is not your problem.   -- Or will have limited value if your problem is coming from more locations than just the carpal tunnel area.

If you have previously had carpal tunnel surgery and your problems are coming back again, this course can very likely help -- assuming your surgery did not cause irreparable damages.  

ORDER NOW.  Don't wait for your problem to get worse.


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P.S.  This is a Multimedia Course.  The videos and audios can be played on-line.  Or you can download them if you wish.  The  Bonus ebooks are downloads.  You have instant access to all of them.  Plus all updates are Free.

P.P.S.   You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  Doctors. Physical Therapists. Risky Surgery.

P.P.S.   Remember, if you are not satisfied, there is a 60 Day, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.  You have nothing to lose, but pain, numbness, tingling, fumbling, etc.  What is it worth to you to get you hands back.

For more information [click here.

WARNING: if your problem has progressed to the point to where your hands feel “dead” most of the time, you are at risk for permanent nerve damage and should see a physician.   [More Disclaimers](disclaimer.php)

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