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Cachelogic Expired Domains Script

Thousands of domains expire and get deleted daily. Our script lets you run your own Expired and Deleted Domains website.

Expired Domains Script runs daily and updates the database with the latest expiring domains.

[View  Demo](http://cachelogic.net/demo)

Script Features:
Fully Automated using Cron jobs Supports following TLDs: .com,.net,.org,.info,.biz,.us,.ca,.mobi Script Updates  on its own populating the database with 50K to 70K new domains daily.
How do I make money with this script?

Substitute each domain with your affiliate code and get paid for each registrations.Here is one my [sites](../../cj.jpg) running this script and making around $200 per month.

Script can be customized to fit your needs.Currently,each domain link is an affiliate link to Godaddy which ,of course ,can be changed so you can earn a revenue.

Is the script encrypted in anyway?

No,source code is open and you can make modifications,add affiliate codes etc…..

Is the script fully automated?

Yes, all you have to do is set a cron job to run daily and script will populate database with 50K domains daily.

Can you help me install it?

Sure, just contact us [here
](../../contactus.php) or email us at sales@cachelogic.net



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