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“Quickly Build Your Confidence
And Let My Simple Inner Game System Get Dates FOR YOU!”

What makes you feel so insecure that you can´t get the results with women you want? That you´re scared of approaching them, don´t know what to say, and fear you might get rejected? And what do women want anyways? Most men don't know the answers to these questions. If you´re one of them, now you can discover the answers
that will DOUBLE your dating... or better...

TO: Every man looking for an easy way to build his confidence and to get more dates with women within a matter of days

FROM: Dennis Miedema

I´m willing to bet that you´re not reading this right now because you´re happy with the results you´ve been getting with women so far.

Although wanting to do something about it is the first step...

TAKING ACTION is the only thing that will give you what you want.

Behave your way to success. Your past easily becomes your future because what you fear, you create.
-- Dr. Phil, [www.drphil.com](http://www.drphil.com)

Like Dr. Phil says: if you keep doing what you´ve been doing so far, you´ll keep getting the results you´ve been getting so far... so you´ll need to change your behavior because you behave your way to success, or failure.

And if you want to change your behavior to get more success with women you need to get your inner issues, or "Inner Game" as I call it, under control...

But How Can You Build Your Confidence?

I can show you a scientific system that will do all the work FOR YOU within 30 days...

Have you ever had trouble with not knowing what to say to a woman?

I know I did when I first started to learn how to meet & date women 5 years ago.

There you are, trying to come up with something witty to say to that beautiful woman you really want to meet...

But she´s either gone when you finally find the right words to say, or you never find them and end up doing nothing. Afterwards, you beat yourself up about it for hours, maybe even days... thinking you´re the biggest loser in the universe.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The problem is not that you´re an idiot who will throw a lame pick up line her way for lack of better words to say, heck, I´ve met plenty of women just by saying "Hi"...

It´s that you FEAR that a woman will react in a negative way to what you have to say.

You FEAR REJECTION... and you fear that you´re going to FAIL, right?

The problem is that you approach a woman, get no for an answer, and think it´s because of something YOU did...

But what if several woman on 1 day don´t want to give you their phone number?

Then it´s easy to think "maybe there´s nothing wrong with what I do, but with who I AM" isn´t it? Have you ever felt like this?

It SUCKS Huh? You Want To Change That?
Yeah, I thought so.

Approaching women, better yet, your entire love life, doesn´t have to suck up until the point of you feeling bad about yourself.

In fact, I went from feeling just like it... to being able to approach any woman, get her phone number, and go out on a date with her in a matter of days.

And many of the women I´ve met and dated are easily a 10 if you rate their looks on a scale from 1-10.

But I´m no superman: I´m an average looking guy, with an average income and an average home... I´m as average as Average Joe´s get.

So What Did I Discover
That Makes Women So Hungry To Be With Me?

When we're talking about attraction and dating, men are much like sperm and women are much like eggs. What I mean by that is that us men have a gazillion sperm cells waiting to be let loose and every single day we save up more and more... 

Biologically making us want to fertilize as much women as possible to produce as much offspring as possible so our genes will survive.

Women however, only "produce" one egg a month and as soon as that egg is impregnated, they'll get pregnant and it will take AT LEAST 9 months before the process can repeat itself...

Biologically making them selective about who they mate with because they can only produce so much eggs in a life time AND because they'll be more and more dependent on the man to provide resources (food, shelter, etc.) the longer they are pregnant.

And that's not meant in a sexist way... ever saw a 9 months pregnant lady be as agile, flexible, and as fast as a woman who's not pregnant?

No? I thought so.

The consequences of a woman being biologically selective are HUGE: she can't just sleep with anybody, so she'll have to separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

Since telling you straight up that she's sizing you up means you can prepare for it and almost any man will achieve good results or so to speak when he can prepare, she'll have to test you without you knowing about it.
Do You Understand What This Means?

It means rejection is actually a TEST she throws your way. It's simple when you think about it: what if 9 out of 10 guys would go away if a woman says "f*ck off" to them in a club? Then saying that would be a pretty damn good test to separate the good from the bad, wouldn't you agree?

But that one guy that continues to try and talk to her, ahhh... now that's the winner because simply by staying he comes across like he knows that it's just a test and because he isn't impressed by it... he passes the test!

Even by only passing a woman's tests you create HUGE amounts of attraction, remember that next time women are quick to blow you off.

Evolutionary biologist Robin Baker talks about this in his famous book "Sperm Wars". And it´s knowing secrets like the one above that make ALL the difference between:

- Not getting the women you want and feeling miserable and desperate

OR... - And being able to get ANY woman you want at ANY time while living a 100% happy and REJECTION FREE lifestyle.
Even an ugly guy with no social or conversational skills can come close to being a modern day Casanova almost overnight with what I´m about to share with you...

If you think I'm joking, just understand that this offer is backed up by an absolutely insane "Axe Effect" guarantee. I'll tell you about that a little later.

First, a quick test to see if my “Simple Inner Game System” is for you, because it´s definitely not for just everyone. Just give an honest answer to these four questions:

1) Is not getting a girl's number a crushing blow to your ego?

2) Have you ever been paralyzed by the fear of rejection?

3) Do you believe women are impossible to understand?

4) Do you secretly envy the guys who seem to get "all the girls?"

1 "YES" answer – You're possibly comatose, but there's still hope for you.

2 "YES" answers – Way too much time spent looking at porn sites dude. You need a “taste” of the real thing.

3 "YES" answers – Couldn't decide on four "YES" answers, huh? You will have the most difficulty remembering the names of all the chicks you'll soon be dating. So be careful.

4 "YES" answers – You're a pretty normal guy and will see the most improvement after receiving your personal copy of “The Simple Inner Game System”.

Oh, I think I should tell you I’ve been using “The Simple Inner Game System” myself. I’m sort of a beta tester. Just a couple of years ago I was a lonely, insecure guy working at one of the biggest mobile phone companies in America. Damn boring!

But since I´ve discovered the secrets of mastering my own psychology and those of women, I´ve met and dated singers, models, actresses, dancers, businesswomen... and I´ve helped more than 80+ guys do the exact same thing. In fact, me and my close friend Cory are competing to see how many women we can line up for dates this month.

Right now I’m in the lead, but Cory´s building his confidence amazingly fast and just went out on a date with a twin. I guess the student becomes the teacher huh?

Right about now you might be wondering just what’s inside “The Simple Inner Game System” that’s causing just average Joes like me to be so successful with meeting beautiful women... how you can have so much CHOICE of who you can date that you can actually start a competition with your friends to see who´s the best modern day Casanova.

Here’s just a sample of what my “Simple Inner Game System” can do FOR YOU...

It shows you the 15 qualities of a confident man and then develops these qualities FOR YOU with a quick exercise that helps
you permanently get rid of your worst insecurities It reveals the single BIGGEST mistake men make that actually stops you from having the success with women you want, and then it gives you an easy way to STOP being your own worst enemy After showing you WHY you fear being rejected by women so much, it gives you 3 powerful techniques that make the fear of rejection and the fear of failure things of the past It reveals the not so obvious secret of what attraction really is... and then hands you the KEY to getting ANY woman you want, ANY time. Long live female psychology! Ever felt like women are from another planet because you just can´t understand them? That´s how women feel about men too, and the System shows you WHY this “battle of the sexes” exists and makes the first step towards creating attraction FOR YOU It gives you the 5 secrets for why bad boys are so attractive
and then it actually turns you into one... become a bad boy WITHOUT a drug problem or the need to physically abuse women! It gives you a simple technique for attracting the people and circumstances into your life that you want, whether your goal is dating success, building your social circle, or being successful in your career. This “one size fits all” monster has actually been scientifically proven to work... It shows you why the vast majority of men screw up their own chances with a woman because they try to “buy” her approval, and how you can quickly STOP doing that and START doing what works It develops the 10 character traits that are UNIVERSALLY attractive to all women from all corners of the globe FOR YOU... and best thing about it is that you WON´T have to pretend like you´re someone else: these traits have been lingering inside of you since birth! For the first time ever, you´ll get scientifical proof of WHY dominant men, social men, confident men, and so forth are attractive to women and how you can be like all of the men above. The Simple Inner Game System gives you a technique you can start using right away to be more successful with women... because you´re more successful with your friends. Getting dates really never was this easy... It gives you 5 ways to playfully tease a woman and create tons of attraction in the process, plus more than a dozen quick tips for what to say to actually pull it off and get away with getting her phone number. It shows you why turning women down and saying “no” is infinitely more attractive to them than agreeing and saying “yes”... and itgives you the exact words to say that will always leave women wanting more, without hurting their feelings or being an *sshole. It shows you what your idol, favorite movies, and favorite music have to do with building your confidence thanks to “The Circle Of Cool” technique It gives you the #1 reason for why most men will horribly FAIL over and over again when they want to approach women... and what to do about it (you´ll feel guilty and stupid for not realizing this sooner at first, but you won´t stop smiling once you know this secret and use it for your own good!) It gives you the most effective way to start a conversation with ANY woman at ANY time and get away with it. Approaching women will only be as difficult as you want it to be after learning this one. It reveals why walking up to a woman is the hardest part of approaching women, even more difficult than knowing what to say... and a confidence trick to make the uncomfortable feelings right before you walk up to her go away. It ensures you will approach women any time you need to go outside to get something done, no matter how scared of rejection or failure you are... or how insecure you feel. It gives you the single BIGGEST reason for you not having the success with women you COULD have, and the funny thing about it is that is has everything to do with how you read a woman´s body language. Knowing this secret alone will DOUBLE your dating, guaranteed! It gives you something to say even when you´re speechless when you see a beautiful woman walking towards you (keyword: telling the truth). You won´t believe how happy you´ll be to always have this technique to fall back on in case of “emergency” It shows you why creating as much attraction as you want is not about finding witty things to say to women, but finding a way to get them talking... and what you do with the information they´re giving you. Fun fact: once you know this, you´ll only have to say like 5 sentences to get her phone number!
Plus ...
It reveals why women test men with rejection... and what to do about it so you WON´T be tested anymore (it´s actually easier than you´d think) Knowing why women hesitate when you ask for their phone number or ask them out on a date will save you lots of frustration... and getting a technique for using these two hesitations “against” them so they´ll immediately say “YES!” is even better, right? It gives you the main reason for why failure is just around the corner when you ASK a woman out on a date, and why it´s all about TAKING her out on a date. It shows you why “naturals”, men who are naturally good with women, can date a woman the very first time they meet her... and then it transforms YOU into a natural who has instant dates all over the place. It reveals the truth of why women don´t usually sleep with a guy on the first date, and then makes you the exception to that unwritten rule with a simple technique that anyone can use It makes it easy for you to get a woman to come inside with you on the first date thanks to 3 powerful strategies that more than 80+ students of mine have successfully used before you. It shows you WHY it´s a very bad idea to be all over her as soon as you close the door after she came inside with you... and an easy way around it Before sex, you need to kiss her first... duhhh. The Simple Inner Game System gives you a simple way to know if she´s ready to be kissed and to kiss her once you know. Most men stop and go away as soon as a woman says “no”, but what if I told you that you always hear a couple of those before she says “yes”? That´s even true with sex, so maybe... maybe you´ll discover a technique that lets a “no” work FOR YOU so you´ll always get what you want (without any rapist activities involved you dummy) It shows you the scientifical proof for why being extremely picky with what your type of woman is will actually quickly get you more dates with precisely your type without much effort... even more dates than when you would get if you fell for every woman! And more. So much more.

Expect a Complete
Mind Transformation

I promise you my program for meeting exciting, attractive women is different from anything else you may have tried ... or thought about trying, but didn’t.

What makes it different? Simple. Everything else I've seen out there pretty much says and does the same thing. Some guy says he had great success meeting women and now he says, “just do what I did.”

He sends you a bunch of pick up lines and routines for you to use. No work involved. Pretty easy.

Have you done this? Thinkin’ about it?
Are You Friggin’ Crazy?
Woman are not dumb. Not even the blonds. Cut and paste some other guy’s stuff into your conversations and this girl’s gonna claw your eyes out when she finally has a chance of getting to know you better on a date.

She's going to know the guy who said the things that got her interested isn't the same guy who's looking to share bodily fluids with her. Fail!
My approach is radically different.
I give you all the possibilities and let you customize them to your own situation, your own personality, your own lifestyle. I’m talking about retraining your brain so instead of pretending to be a boldly confident chick magnet, you will actually be a boldly confident chick magnet!

I will give you everything you need to know about female psychology on a silver platter, all you have to do is scoop it up and use it to your own advantage... and you´ll be able to do that within days.

You won´t have to wear a “Dennis mask” and pretend to be someone else. You´re not my clone and I don´t expect you to be. You´re unique... and if you adapt what I will teach you to your own personality, you can’t lose!

And Yes ... You Will Become
A Different Guy

You’ll feel a confidence deep down in your bones you never even knew existed. You’ll be eager to go after ANY woman you´re interested in, no matter what. You won’t back down. Knowing what to say and when to say it will become second nature.

You’ll become super efficient at making your social circle and new found confidence work overtime for you. You’ll discover a steadily increasing stream of women. They’re rushing to you because you stand out amid the oceans of boring, self-absorbed losers. Guys who simply don’t know the secrets of attracting beautiful women I’m about to reveal to you.
You’ll be able to read a woman (any woman) like your favorite mag.
Flip to any page and you’ll instantly know what’s going on in her head, in her heart, and in any other body part you wish to zero in on. No more mystery. No more confusion. You’re in total control now. In fact I’m so convinced my course will change your life forever, I’m offering you an ...

Axe Effect Guarantee ...
Proof You’ll NEVER Be Disappointed

Listen … I’ve done some crazy things in my life … most of the time without thinking. But I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

Some of my friends say my guarantee to you is the craziest stunt I’ve ever pulled. I say I’m willing to risk it all because I know “The Simple Inner Game System” will work for any guy who wants it to work.

Just imagine … in a few short weeks, you’ll begin to confidently attract any woman you wish … and as many women as you wish.

If after 30 days dozens of women won't chase you around everywhere you go until your friends & family actually start thinking that those Axe commercials on TV really DO work … tell me and I will immediately refund every dollar of your investment. No questions. No hassles. No hard feelings.

In fact, if my “Simple Inner Game System” won´t give your life the “Axe Effect” next month, next year, or next century... I will give you your money back and PAY YOU double the price: $50, THAT´S how confident I am that my system will work for you too.  

I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders. There’s no way in hell you can lose.

I’m Not Done Yet
Here’s Even More …

You can´t change the world or yourself just by reading an ebook, you need to take action to get things done, to get the results with women you want.

That´s why I developed a proven system around my ebook that makes sure you will make the progress you need and become better at meeting & dating women.

So now you can add fuel to the fire of my ebook, making it ...
Freakin’ Explosive!
I originally intended to sell the Rock Solid Inner Game Session as a new product. Then I decided “what the heck!” ... let me just give it all away to the guys who are willing to get up off their butts and actually order “The Simple Inner Game System” instead of just thinking about it.
Act fast and here’s what you get ...

Bonus #1: Three 60+ Minute Interviews
“Interviews With Dating Gurus”
Value: 3x $24.95 Your’s FREE!

As a very special one-time bonus, I'd also like to send you 3 FREE "Interviews With Dating Gurus" with your order right now. I managed to get a hold of 3 of the world's TOP dating experts, put them behind a microphone, and then I asked them a whole bunch of questions.

About what?

About building confidence, getting rid of the fear of rejection, why bad boys are so attractive, the character traits that create attraction, what is attraction anyways, how to get dates, what to say to women, how to approach a woman...

And the list goes on and on.

Each of these interviews is worth at least 25 bucks, but they're yours free just for trying this system - but this special free-interviews offer is only available with your purchase right now.

“Easily Triple Your Dating Success”
Value: At Least $24.95 Each Your’s FREE!

I've handcrafted three UNADVERTISED BONUSES you'll receive after your order as my way of saying "THANK YOU" and delivering even more value to you.

I won't mention anything about the contents of these bonuses, because I want to reward you, as my future customer, with some surprise gifts that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

All I have to say about your three unadvertised bonuses is THIS...

Each bonus alone will easily get you TWICE as much dates with women without much effort, but you'll only get them if you order the Simple Inner Game System within the next 24 hours...

Bonus #3: A Personal Coaching Session
“Fast Track To Becoming A Master Seducer”
Value: $74.95 Your’s FREE!

The “Simple Inner Game System” works like this:

1) The ebook first gives you the "theories" to open your mind for the fact that improvement IS actually possible... with a lot of simple to understand psychology secrets and confidence tips

2) THEN it tells you where and how to start taking action... it gives you
simple confidence tricks and quick exercises that you can start using immediately to improve your "Inner Game"

3) AND THEN it goes even one step further than that because it gives you access to 1 FREE Rock Solid Inner Game Session during which I'll PERSONALLY coach you, answer all of your questions, and give you lots of stuff to try out so taking action will be inevitable. 

I organize a Rock Solid Inner Game Session once a month on MSN Messenger during the weekends, so it won't matter where you live... you can always join it if you have an internet connection.
WAIT - it gets better... If you need even more help with beating your limiting beliefs or with ANY other inner issue after our 1st group conversation on MSN, I'll tell you exactly how you can join a second Session, a third, or as many as you want...
Until you will have extreme confidence and access to the Axe Effect Lifestyle where women will chase YOU around so much that the people around you will think that the deodorant commercials are actually true!

That's why it works - I do everything in my power to ensure that the
Simple Inner Game System lets you take action to get the results
with women & dating that you want.

And about that personal coaching...

Some guys out there charge you $1000 if you want to attend a live event and be personally coached by them, others $499 or $299... 
they're crazy! And then the plane you'll need to take to get there isn't even included in that price!

Don´t get me wrong: they offer some good advice, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg just to get some proper personal coaching...

But me?

I'll give you my first event FOR FREE and a second, or third etc. will
cost you LESS than a 100 bucks... because this isn't about the money, it's about me genuinely wanting to help you improve your life.

If you keep doing the things you've been doing up until now, you will get the EXACT SAME results with women & dating as you've  been getting...

And I trust that you're not happy with those results, otherwise you
wouldn't have signed up for my newsletter that shows you how to build
your confidence to get more dates with women!

So you can choose between... 

- Taking action NOW and getting access to the Axe Effect Lifestyle

OR... - Being in the exact same place in a year as where you are now...
a place where you're not happy with the success you're achieving
with women & dating... an insecure and desperate place.
So if you use MSN Messenger (or even if you use another IM) then you´re in luck! I originally priced the Rock Solid Inner Game Session
at $74.95, but it’s yours free today when you grab your copy of “The Simple Inner Game System”.

.... Just as an aside, listen up if you believe some kind of mental or physical problem you may have is gonna keep you from meeting attractive women online. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s because chicks aren’t anything like us guys.

We gotta have tits and ass (and a nice face wouldn’t hurt either). We’re definitely into the physical side of life. Women are into the emotional side.

Make them feel comfortable around you, make ‘em laugh, even make ‘em cry (in a good way) and they’ll fall for you. That’s why sometimes the guys who look like the biggest losers always end up with the hottest chicks!

So if your entire body is covered with acne, you stutter when you’re nervous, or you fart when you laugh ... stay frosty dude. None of that matters because what really gets women hot is fully explained in my system. You just have to read it.

Add It All Up
I Think I’m
Losing My Shirt!

Holy s**t man! I’m giving away $224.65 worth of goodies. I’m giving away personal coaching FOR FREE while others charge hundreds of dollars for it. The entire Simple Inner Game System costs less than that though. Way less! It only costs $24,99
It’s almost like you give me a dollar …
and I give you two back!
Am I certifiably insane? Nope! I’m just figuring that if I treat you like royalty (even if I lose money now) and do everything I can to help you learn how to attract the women you secretly dream about …

You’ll stick around.

You might try my other products down the road.

Maybe you’ll turn your friends onto my site.

Maybe you’ll write me and tell me how wildly successful you’ve become.

See, right now I just want to get “The Simple Inner Game System” into the hands of every deserving guy on the planet. I can’t give everything away, but I think I’m giving away more than I have to.

And the price I’m asking for the course is probably going to be the cheapest investment in attracting women you’ll ever make. Probably the most rewarding investment too.

Why You’d Be A Fool
To Wait Another Minute

I’m always getting emails from guys who say something like this: “If only I had known about ‘The Simple Inner Game System ’ sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration.”

Some guys tell me: “I could have met more beautiful women.”

Others tell it like it is: “I could gave gotten laid a lot more.”

So why should you be the only guy not getting any? Every day you wait is another opportunity lost. So get with it man!
Fear of rejection haunted Marvin everywhere he went. Now he reports going out and coming home with 6 phone numbers after only 1 night!
Hendrick reports how he turned into an approaching MACHINE after easily approaching 30 different women during the last couple of weeks.

Mark works 60 hours a week sometimes, and yet he still manages to meet & date women now while he has so little time on his hands.

Brad feels better than ever now his insecurities don´t haunt him around anymore and he just can´t stop having fun with women these days.

6 phone numbers in 1 night … approaching 30 women with ease …

What if you could do the same?

What if you could do only half as well?

What if you could meet just one or two new women a week?

Would you pass up an opportunity like this?

And what would that opportunity be worth to you?

Some guys would pay a king’s ransom.

Others would give their left nut.

For you, it’s only $24,99.


Get It All Now!

Click the button below if you have a PayPal account or a credit card ($24,99 one-time payment) ...


If you don’t have a PayPal account or a credit card …

but you still want to quickly get more dates with women without much effort, then contact me at: support@win-with-women.com. I’ll do whatever it takes to get my Simple Inner Game System into your hands.

I want every guy to win with women!

To More Dating Success,

Dennis Miedema
Win With Women

Don’t Forget ...

You’re also getting THREE unadvertised bonuses, THREE interviews with dating gurus AND a personal coaching session on MSN Messenger worth $224.65 combined. You get 'em all for FREE.

But I’m not going to be “a nice guy” and give away stuff forever. I can’t afford to. So if you want all these bonuses worth $224.65 for FREE, place your order below NOW because the deal may be gone tomorrow...


And hey, don’t forget I’ve got you covered with my Axe Effect Guarantee. If it doesn´t give you just as much success with women as the commercials – EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME – I’ll return all your money immediately and PAY YOU $50.

The Simple Inner Game System is delivered to you via email as a PDF-file, which you can open & read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You'll receive a download link on the email address you provide and after you click on it?

It only takes 1 minute or less to download and start enjoying it!

If you have any questions about The Simple Inner Game System
or payment methods we offer you, just email:

If you have any technical problems with my website or your order, just send an email to support@win-with-women.com and I'll get back to you as fast as humanly possible

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Win With Women
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South-Holland, the Netherlands
Chamber Of Commerce Number: 24451143
(this is my business e-mail, you can email all of your
customer questions to me on the address I mentioned above the line)
Read What Others
Have To Say...


"Hey Dennis I just wanted to say that today I had an awesome day.. felt really happy and used NLP when I was bored at school and used it to make me more concentrated. I also noticed and I could see a big difference in my ability to communicate with people (including women).. I was having a lot of fun smiling and had a lot of energy and more positive which was amazing! None of my insecurities came up and I felt so good!

Now I also want to work on being more of a bad boy though and being more mysterious.
so you should let me know about any time you can teach me about more how to bust on girls and have a better personality to make me more attractive. Thanks so much man for everything you tought me."

-Brad F, Ventura, USA


"After getting your Inner Game System I feel like Im part of some secret society, because I seem to know what other men don't thanks to you Dennis. I was skeptical about how effective your techniques would be at first, but the results after going out last night (on a Sunday) are almost scary.

Im an below average looking guy (in my opinion) and I dont have a particularly cool
style of clothing, but I tried to talk with 10 different girls last night and I cant believe 
what happened yesterday: 

I got 8 phone numbers and 1 Facebook after talking to 10 girls!!! I did everything you said: I stayed, I kept talking, I used the words to pass their tests and it worked!!! Im pissed off that its Monday today because if it was up to me I would go out every day of the month right now!!! You're awesome!"

-- Christopher, York, United Kingdom


"Dennis your Simple Inner Game System really has given me an Axe Effect Lifestyle!!
I can't believe it. It has been 3 weeks since
I joined the first lesson on MSN Messenger and my confidence has gone through the roof while I used to be scared of women.
That's right: scared! Scared of what they might say if I would approach them.

I'm starting to notice the effects of more confidence. Last night the cool brunette who moved in next door a couple weeks back
asked me out on a date, I never had someone ask me out on a date!

And my ex suddenly started calling me way more often this week, says she wants to hang out with me soon and stuff. You rock!
Can't wait for the second lesson to start!"

-- Hank M, Boston, USA


"You're like the master of approaching women or sumthin master D! I never knew walking up to women and starting conversations could be this fun, but it is thanks to the playful teasing which you taught me dog.

I use to have problems with getting to talking with women and man, was I wrong about what to say to them. It was like we were from different planets man! I was stumbling and choking up without any
words left to say all the time, but now it's no longer what women say about me but what I say about them.

I feel more confident thanks to playful teasing and after I got your Simple Inner Game System, my life hasn't been the same dog. I got 6 phone numbers from women yesterday, 6 man, that's more than I managed to get in the last 3 months! You're the top dog of"Inner Game" Dennis and I'm a big fan from now on."

-- Marvin C, Los Angeles, USA


"Your situational openers rule! Dennis I was waiting in front of the elevator at work yesterday and this hot Asian woman joined me. We were waiting and waiting and then I thought about what you said.

So I said to her "Then you think you´ll take the elevator early so you won´t come back from your lunchbreak too late, but the elevator never comes!" She laughed and I continued "but the stairs are right next to the elevator, so why haven´t you taken the stairs yet? You´re not a stalker are you?"

By the time the elevator came, I already had her phone number in my pocket! Playful teasing really works well in these kinds of situations. After that I went back to my cubicle after the elevator adventure, and
the cute secretary of the boss was waiting for me and asked if I could help her with this report that was due today. I showed empathy for her stress levels haha, but then I accused her of being a lazy ass who should have started earlier than the day before. Got her digits too!

Consider me hooked to your newsletters from now on, because this stuff works really well. I´m buying your System later this weekend."

-- Andrew, Grand Junction, USA


"Dear Dennis, I was hesitant to try out your advice of failing a.s.a.p. and then I actually tried it. The results have been smashing! I realized what I´m doing wrong with my body language, that the volume I talk with is sometimes so low that it makes me come across insecure, and that I´m focused on myself way too much instead of focusing on
the woman in front of me and having some fun talking to her.

After your email I saw that rejection is othing more than conditioning really, thanks for helping me find that out good sir because now I´m conditioning myself not to make a big deal of it: the more I expose
myself to not getting the outcome I want (because that is rejection), the less value I attach to it.

So far I´ve approached 30 women these last weeks and I´m now almost indifferent to rejection thanks to you, so thanks again!"

-- Hendrick F, London, United Kingdom


"Dennis do you know that movie with Mel Gibson where he can hear what women
think all the time after he bumped his head?? Well, thats how I feel after getting
the simple inner game system!! Its like Ive become a psychological powerhouse
that can look into their minds hahaha!!

After talking for a while to this girl I met I discovered that her father died when she was really young, you mentioned it somewhere inside the System and I remembered so I did what you told me to do: everything a father figure would normally do. This girl has been all over me since. We went on a date last Wednesday and she went all the way with me!! When does that ever happen to a guy that a woman sleeps with him on the first date?? Like never!!

Im so grateful. It was the first time I had sex in months. The psychological needs techniques are more powerful than I though they would be, and I have to be there next time you organize an inner game meeting on MSN!!

Thank you so much."

-- Roger, Dallas, USA


"You're a Jedi master of dating Dennis! I've done everything inside the system: from reading the ebook to joining your free personal coaching session, and I couldn't be happier than I am now. I used to have no sense of humor and was a woman's slave instead of the dominant leader women want.
But I also didn't know what to say to women or how to be attractive enough for them.

With the help of your simple system I worked on being selective first because
everybody always comments on how I complain about everything. I'm surprised
by the results, because I now have two girls who are best friends fighting over me
and trying to prove who's the cutest every time I'm making disqualifying comments!

I didn't think learning something about traits would be useful, because how can you display them if you don't know the words or body language to display them? I was pleasantly surprised that your system contained how to do all of that and more! I treat the ebook as my bible. I'm not kidding!! I go through the part on character traits before I go to bed every night and I always can't wait to get up and attract more women the next day. You went above and beyond all my expectations and I can't thank you enough for putting this system together."

-- Raymond R, Charlotte, USA


"Dennis I can't thank you enough for also organizing a free inner game meeting on MSN that accompanies your ebook, because it gave me ample opportunity to ask you whatever questions I had. Especially with how to use pre-selection and catering to female archetype fantasies you gave my so many examples that even techniques as advanced as those were easy to understand!

There's this woman I've known and liked since grade school but that never showed any sexual interest in me before, but now I got a date with her thanks to your pre-selection tips! Thanks a bunch!

BTW: while we were supposed to talk for 2 hours on MSN, you stayed an extra hour for me alone to make sure I understood everything fully and I just wanted to say that I really appreciated that. You're the most helpful dating expert around and someone who's always ready and willing to answer any questions your students might have. I don't know any other expert that is just as reachable as you are! You're a cool guy. Thanks again."

-- Simon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


"Dennis is the man! And I can't stop saying that lately haha. Dennis I got your Simple Inner Game System exactly 1 month ago, but the difference between then and now is amazing. It has been a transformation from mud to stud for me and all it cost me was 25 bucks! 

I'm a short guy and I had major issues with my length, mostly because most women are taller than me and I assumed they didn't want to date  the dwarf as I would call myself. After going through your ebook I felt super confident and compelled to take action immediately. I did: I met a beautiful Spanish lady at a mall nearby and because I did the quick exercise for getting rid of limiting beliefs I felt free as a bird, walked her home, 
and she invited me in to drink a cup of coffee. We didn't have sex or anything,
but it was the first time a woman invited me in! That was 3 weeks ago.

Then came the Session, do you remember how I asked you all these questions about how to get rid of my insecurities in bed? You urged me to do 3 things and gave me the techniques for doing them, and thanks to your help I had what has probably been one of the best nights of my life with that same lady from before. I didn't expect to get results so fast, within a month! I have to go now because I'm getting ready to go on my sixth date with her, but like I already said: you are the man Dennis! When is the next Session? Mail it to me!"

-- Carlos K, Houston, USA


"I didn't think your system would be able to help me at first because I'm not an educated man and have to work two jobs that ask a lot from my body. I work 50 hours per week and sometimes more than 60 hours so I was thinking that I didn't have the time to use it, but I still tried it.

I was feeling insecure about my life: I don't have a lot of money and I'm not a good looking man and I don't have a big house so why would the German women like me. I quickly read your ebook during my lunch at the construction site and came back too late from lunch because the book was just too interesting hahaha but it made me feel so confident that when a pretty woman walked by I approached her and said I just had to talk to her. She was blushing and she gave me her phone number! 

Dennis your system works so fast that I start to think that I can meet new women even if I work 60 hours. Your price is good too: I don't have a lot of money but could still buy it. If you are ever in Germany, I would like to meet you. Thank you!"

-- Mark, Berlin, Germany  



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