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Get ready to LAUGH at how SIMPLE dating the HOTTEST GIRLS can be once you balance 4 SIMPLE behaviors

From one guy to another, let’s talk real.

Just last night Zack and I stopped by our favorite swanky downtown lounge. As we made our way toward the bar, a table of STUNNING platinum blondes caught my eye. Without even thinking, I strolled over to them and started talking.

After flirting with them for a minute or so, they invited me to join them for a drink. I grabbed Zack and we pulled up chairs next to the two most attractive girls of the group.

Within seconds, I had my girl laughing and leaning her body into me. Since our method balances a man’s natural personality, I knew I could sit back, enjoy the interaction, and watch as my girl’s attraction for me increased QUICKLY and SMOOTHLY.

A few minutes later, when I looked over to check on Zack, I saw his girl had her hand resting on his chest, talking a mile minute to keep Zack’s attention. To anyone in the room, it probably looked as if the girls were the ones that picked US up!

Since Zack and I wanted to catch the end of a game at a nearby pub, we took the girls’ phone numbers. Before we left, the girls had us PROMISE we’d go with them to an upcoming fashion event. Zack and I looked at each other and laughed, both of us knowing if we went to that event—where models would be strutting around everywhere—it’d be like letting two wolves loose in a chicken den. (Obviously, we agree to go.)

After Zack and I watched the game at the pub and enjoyed some buffalo wings, we sent the girls texts to come meet us. Within a half hour, they pranced into the pub looking completely overdressed in their stiletto heels and sparkly dresses!

Zack and I ordered another pitcher of beer and LAUGHED as the girls told us about all the guys who offered to buy them drinks, grind-danced on them, and used lame pickup line to talk to them after we’d left.

Those other guys went home ALONE while Zack and I ended the night with the girls-EVEN THOUGH those guys put in WAY more effort than us.

I’m sure all those other guys are DYING to know: what did Zack and I do? Why did these two blonde bombshells meet US in a cheap pub when these guys were ready to do ANYTHING for them, THEN and THERE?

A few years back Zack and I WERE those guys.

If you would’ve asked us then, we would have said, “IMPOSSIBLE!” We were so wrapped up in following USELESS advice and COMPLICATED theories that we NEVER would have believed it could really BE THIS SIMPLE. But nights like this happen ALL THE TIME NOW.

Almost EVERY night I go out I meet and connect with AT LEAST one amazing girl I wouldn’t have even been able to TALK TO a couple years back.

And I don’t just do well at bars and nightclubs. I’ve met girls:

•  At my job

• In coffee shops

• While they were working (e.g., waitresses, etc.)

• At Burger King

• In the library

• Even walking down the street
In fact, our system probably works BEST on the street, where the sight of a beautiful woman STOPS YOU IN YOUR TRACKS.
Oh and here’s a secret about Zack and myself: We’re NORMAL, WORKING-CLASS guys. I work a regular 9-to-5 office job and live in a TINY studio apartment. Zack’s a full-time graduate student who’s BARELY scrapping by on loans. We’re not guys who have lots of time, energy, or money to put towards courting and dating women. Nor are we very handsome. I’d say we’re average-looking AT BEST.

So how did we go from guys who were ‘just like everyone else’ to now being able to DATE the HOTTEST, most DESIRABLE girls?

The refreshing SECRET to attracting BEAUTIFUL women is something you ALREADY DO EVERY DAY

I’m sure you’ve known a guy with a BEAUTIFUL girlfriend who didn’t have looks or money nor did he study dating advice. Yet women were DRAWN to him because he understood the SECRET of BALANCE.

We both know that you’re NO DIFFERENT from that guy. He doesn’t have ANYTHING guys like YOU AND I don’t. He just applies BALANCE to his behavior and EVERYTHING JUST SEEMS TO WORK FOR HIM.

Learning balance is NOT some incredibly challenging skill! It’s NOT something you only get after countless rejections and embarrassing failures.

Balance is as EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD as putting together a stylish outfit. Once you learn how to match colors, it’s as simple as:

• You put together eye-catching combinations

• You simply get dressed and GO OUT

• People notice your stylish outfit as you pass

It’s the same with LEARNING BALANCE: You get women’s attention JUST BY SHOWING UP. It’s NOT something you constantly need to THINK ABOUT or WORRY over!

After you learn how to harmonize the 4 elements of attraction and dating (a.k.a. “game”), everything else takes care of itself. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!

We have guys tell us all the time that our method helped them to RELAX, have FUN, and feel MORE like themselves—all while creating passionate relationships with women they’d only DREAMT about before.

If you can just remember 4 EASY things, you can attract all the QUALITY, AMAZING women you could EVER want.

Sadly, even the guys who WANT AND HAVE STUDIED success with women will NEVER achieve it

Our attraction and dating system is DESIGNED for guys who lead busy lives and want women of REAL beauty and quality.

I realize some guys DO NOT want that.

If you only want a mediocre girlfriend and are comfortable with “settling,” then there’s NO REASON to continue reading.

Or, if you enjoy acting in ways that make you feel uncomfortable and awkward because you still believe that will SOMEHOW magically improve your chances with women, our system CANNOT work for you.

So, if you’re NOT motivated to date really hot women and you WANT to make dating into a long, painful process, PLEASE STOP READING IMMEDIATELY.

But, if you’re like me, then when you see a gorgeous woman you think, ‘Now THAT’S a girl I want to date!’ Guys like us already know we SHOULD be dating these beautiful girls. All we need is a system that helps guide our behavior so that we’re putting our most attractive self forward, EVERY TIME.

How MANY times have you thought, “If she ONLY KNEW how good I’d be for her, she’d totally fall for me”? Or how many times have you watched a gorgeous woman chase some asshole guy, knowing that if she could just SEE your TRUE personality, she would be SO MUCH better off dating you?

I had those SAME thoughts. I just WISHED there was a way I could display myself confidently and attractively. But whenever I’d see hot women, I felt like I was being VIOLENTLY HELD UNDERWATER. I GASPED for breath, my heart RACED, and I could NOT concentrate. I always thought of things I should have done or said LATER, but froze up when it mattered and a girl was in front of me.

At one point I even feared I’d NEVER date or even kiss a girl again if I did not get this figured out.

I struggled with this for YEARS, trying EVERY system and method imaginable. You and I both know most of the advice out there simply is NOT designed to get us real, quality women. Instead it’s designed to keep us spinning our wheels.

Like you, I’m absolutely sick of the false promises and armchair advice holding men back from dating GORGEOUS, quality women.

It wasn’t until Zack and I revised that information and perfected a system that we started meeting, attracting, dating, and keeping the kinds of women other guys FANTASIZE about. And since our system is so incredibly SIMPLE and NORMAL, you can master it WITHOUT the headache of endless hours of practice or acting outside your comfort zone.

Guys we taught our system to are getting such FAST, UNDENIABLE success with women that they BEGGED us to keep it a SECRET

Zack and I understand how much you want to date beautiful women. What guy doesn’t? But how do most guys go about attracting beautiful women?

Like idiots.

They either have NO IDEA what they’re doing OR they listen to GARBAGE advice—which gets them garbage results. Sure, sometimes you’ll hear a story about a guy who gets lucky and lands a beautiful girlfriend using some angle or tactic. But these stories are RARE, and the guy ACTUALLY KEEPING the girl is even more rare.

Just about EVERY guy I’ve ever met wants to date hotter girls and improve his attractiveness. But the truth is: most guys DON’T want to learn what works. They simply IGNORE the truth.

It’s as if they’re BRAINWASHED to think that they NEED to go through a LONG, PAINFUL process to learn how to attract women.

Other guys believe they’ll ONLY date hotter girls AFTER they have MONEY, GOOD LOOKS, or some other ANGLE.


(And if you have any doubts, we’re going to DEMONSTRATE it for you with the bonus—but more on that in a minute.)

Attracting women has absolutely NOTHING to do with “adding” behaviors, money, or possessions to yourself. Instead, it’s ALL about BALANCING who you ALREADY are and WHAT you already have.

Let me ask you a serious question:

Would you rather GET GIRLS or GET PICKUP ‘SKILLS’?

Really, ask yourself this: if you could ONLY pick one, would you rather:

1.) Have HOT, PASSIONATE, and LOVING women CONSTANTLY in your life,


2.) Would you prefer having TONS of PICKUP LINES memorized, a BUNCH of SNEAKY TACTICS practiced, and a SECRET PERSONA known ONLY to OTHER GUYS?

That choice APPEARS simple, but LOTS of men CHOSE to develop pickup personas IN PLACE of dating HOT women! These guys may SAY they want the girls, but the way they go about it indicates THEY PREFER LEARNING A BUNCH OF UNNATURAL BEHAVIORS INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY ATTRACTING WOMEN!

I don’t care what school of ‘pickup’ you follow, they’re ALL focused more on improving your pickup ‘skills’ and NOT getting you ACTUAL girls.

Once Zack and I realized this, we made a PACT with each other: we’d ONLY do what got RESULTS, regardless if it was considered proper ‘game’ or if it was considered ‘impressive’ to other guys.

Admittedly, SOME pickup skills we’d learned DID help. But to get the REAL RESULTS, we HAD to REVISE and SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING. We had to make the information more NORMAL so that guys like us could QUICKLY and EASILY use it to attract quality, amazing women.

We discovered ALL our problems and ‘sticking points’ with women stemmed from ONE KEY source: IMBALANCE. It WASN’T that we needed to learn new behaviors or dramatically CHANGE our personalities. WE ALREADY had EVERYTHING we needed to ATTRACT the women we’ve always wanted—we just needed BALANCE.

You’re NO different. You already possess ALL the qualities to GET THE WOMEN OF YOUR DREAMS—but to get them, you MUST apply BALANCE. IF you can do that then WHO YOU ARE will attract women in the most NORMAL yet POWERFUL way imaginable. No matter WHAT YOU DO even if you make ‘mistakes,’ the women will DESIRE YOU MORE.

In fact, when you make mistakes with our system it actually HELPS you. Women will see your MOST ATTRACTIVE personality no matter if you are the life of the party or you are more QUIET and CHILL.

One-size-fits-all simply DOES NOT work!

Our system fits to YOUR personality like an expensive, perfectly-tailored suit

Take it from me, I’ve read and tried MORE dating advice THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE. EVERY book, course, and seminar I absorbed only brought LIMITED results because I was failing to balance my behavior. All the other dating and pickup advice FORCED me to ADD unnatural and incongruent behavior to MY personality.

Even if I DID stumble upon attractive behavior, when I FAILED to apply balance that SAME behavior later worked against me. Perhaps you’ve seen this firsthand if you’ve had:

• Women suddenly losing interest in you and have NO IDEA why

• Women NOT returning your phone calls or text messages

• Women making up excuses to AVOID talking to you

• Women saying that you’re “NICE” but have NO INTEREST in a romantic or sexual relationship with you

Even INTERNAL struggles you have like ANXIETY before approaching women and RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO SAY are a result of NOT understanding and applying SIMPLE BALANCE.

Zack and I wrote this book for GUYS LIKE YOU because we KNOW and UNDERSTAND exactly what you’re going through. We were NO different from you… JUST A FEW YEARS AGO we were struggling with the exact same problems!

I can still remember when I’d get CRIPPLING anxiety before approaching hot women. But since discovering how to BALANCE my DRIVE, approaching beautiful women actually EXCITES me now. EVERY DAY I chat and flirt with all the attractive girls I see as I go about my day.

Meeting and attracting new, incredible women is as simple as if it were a reflex

Once you discover the element that COMPLETELY shifted my mindset, you’ll never let those hot girls pass you by again either.

When I met Zack, he was ALWAYS “running out of things to say” when talking with hot women. I remember overhearing him tell girls these RIDICULOUS fake stories about his “stripper ex-girlfriend” that he’d read on the Internet and memorized. We laugh about it now, but back then Zack was HOPELESS when it came to KNOWING WHAT TO SAY.

These days, Zack is one the wittiest guys I know because he got in touch with his INSPIRATION. Once we devised a FOOLPROOF way to ACCESS his CREATIVITY and natural WIT, Zack’s been ON FIRE whenever talking and flirting with HOT women.

Rather than force you to memorize FAKE stories and LAME lines, our system BREAKS DOWN inspiration so that you INSTANTLY tap into YOUR OWN creativity. You’re always going to have a quick JOKE, witty REMARK, or interesting COMMENT at your FINGERTIPS. And the best part is…it is COMING from YOU.


And DRIVE and INSPIRATION are just 2 of the 4 ELEMENTS in our revolutionary attraction system. Once you learn ALL 4 elements and how they work, you’ll know EXACTLY how to BALANCE your behavior. You’ll have the powerful SECRET of ATTRACTION at your comment ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Zack and I have ONLY taught our system to a handful of students, but the results have been truly astounding. We’ve had guys completely TRANSFORM their LOVE AND SEX LIVES faster than anything we’ve ever seen.

Testimonials from students of the 4-EG Method[ ](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/JTtake32.mp3)

“A year ago, I was a 24 year old virgin that had never even kissed a girl. I was also a severely shy, insecure, unconfident, and self-conscious person.

In late February 2009, I heard about Rob Judge and Zack Bauer…their teaching promised a no-nonsense, result driven approach to getting it done; Rob and Zack deliver on that promise. Their lessons resonate with me every day.

Rob and Zack fast-tracked my progress.

They put me in a position to succeed…I couldn’t fail, considering their dedication. I didn’t learn magic tricks, lines, or routines…I was taught the mindsets of a naturally attractive man and learned to cultivate those mindsets into behaviors and taking action.

The structure of game taught was straightforward, simple, and easily applicable; like an A to B approach to getting laid. I am convinced Rob and Zack’s game model will revolutionize the community.

There are nights I’m out where I can feel Rob and Zack’s presence in my mind. Here are some highlights since Zack and Rob’s teaching:

13 lovers
Gotten over 100+ makeouts—sometimes minutes after meeting a girl in a nightclub Have been seeing multiple girls at onceDated a celebrity international fashion designer (the girl I lost my virginity to)Hooked up with a model after minutes of meeting her for a date; still seeing this girl”

[Listen to this testimonial STRAIGHT from JT by clicking this link](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/JTtake32.mp3)

“A week after reading the eBook, I went out and applied the 4-EG system. That night, I broke a 2-year dry spell –Zack and Rob, you guys ROCK!”
James, NY

“FINALLY a system that has it all. I’m done with all the nonsense, the 4-EG has everything. My only complaint: where were you guys two years ago?!”
Ron, TX

“I can not believe the difference in the response I get! It feels like I’m doing nothing, but girls are throwing themselves at me! THANKS!“
Tim, CA

“Forget pickup techniques, this is game 2.0!”
Alex, TX

“After years of trying all the pickup material out there and getting less than optimal results, I finally stumbled upon Rob and Zack. They changed how I viewed game and their system is the only thing that was able to get me the results I wanted. Now I am dating my yoga teacher something I never would have thought I had a chance at!!!”

Sam, UK


[ ](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/FINALCOVERFINAL3.jpg)

Here are just a few of the “insider secrets” our book will reveal to you

  [](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/FINALCOVERFINAL3.jpg) An entire chapter devoted to perfecting your sense of humor so that you keep women laughing and hanging on your every word—pg. 69-77

Avoid 2 classic traps EVERY guy falls for that absolutely repels a woman and sends her running to the nearest asshole guy—pg. 128 An important lesson on vibing with women that you will completely understand after reading about Zack “motorboating” a girl at a dive bar (you are going to be SHOCKED!)—pg. 87

Have you ever feared what people might “think of you” for approaching women? If so, this one statement is going to annihilate ALL your anxiety so you NEVER let another hot girl walk out of your life again—pg. 6

Step-by-step instructions for the absolute PERFECT date that always ends passionately in your bed—pg. 146-149

The 6 failsafe lines that seamlessly transition from chatting with a woman to taking things physical so you NEVER hear “Well, it was nice to meet you, but I’m going to get back to my friends” AGAIN—pg. 136

4 conversation topics that instantly heat up a woman’s mood (even just 1 of these can completely save your next date from fizzling out)—pg. 109

Discover the key secret that separates “cool” people from “uncool” people that is IMPOSSIBLE to guess but will completely change how you are perceived—pg. 73

Have you ever been talking to a woman and just knew it was going nowhere? If that ever happens again, these 2 tips will FLIP the entire conversation and get her hanging on your every word—pg. 67-68

A tip that will make starting conversations with women so simple and easy that it will seem like cheating—pg. 133

I am going to show you a treasured tactic EVERY pickup and dating instructor knows but NO ONE wants to tell you (hint: it makes a woman’s emotional circuitry go HAYWIRE)—pg. 60

If you have ever sent a text message then you are going LOVE the “5 Basics of Texting” as it breaks down text messaging into a simple, easy-to-follow formula—pg. 140

A proven way to inject sexual tension at ANY moment to get women feeling passionate so you can move situations toward sex ridiculously fast (once you learn this, you BETTER buy condoms!)—pg. 75

Learn the exact secret why some women respond coldly or disinterested toward men and use that “insider” knowledge to totally warm her up until she cannot get enough of you—pg. 60

Stay out of the dreaded FRIEND ZONE for life by simply learning how to balance emotional connection with sexual tension using this simple step-by-step formula—pg. 117-119

• Twelve words that will radically shift your thinking allowing you to always approach gorgeous women with cool, unflinching confidence—pg. 25
A mindset trick that will INSTANTLY expand your conversation skills so you ALWAYS know exactly what to say to keep women completely attracted and interested—pg. 57

Have you ever wondered how to get a beautiful woman attracted within seconds? I am going to walk you through, step-by-step, how to do JUST that and prepare you for ANY reaction you can possibly expect to encounter—pg. 48-51

Have you ever searched for “pick up lines” or “canned openers”? That search will end once you read how to craft your own flawless openers that will start great interactions at nightclubs or during the day time—pg. 58-59

If you have ever hesitated when going for the kiss or gotten anxiety about making a move, solve that problem forever by learning the truth about the “escalation stage”—pg. 136-137

Find out the REAL reason why guys get “on-and-off” results with women, then use that understanding to keep yourself consistently “in your prime” and at your best—pg. 20

You can get a woman’s phone number within 30 seconds of meeting her WITHOUT relying on lame gimmicks or trickery once you simplify the process by learning this amazing offbeat technique—pg. 139

Have you ever gotten a woman’s phone number and wondered, “Should I call? Should I text?” That will NOT EVEN cross your mind once you discover the PROPER way to work phone numbers, allowing you to set up AS MANY dates you like—pg. 139

An encyclopedic chapter that addresses EVERY possible way you could improve your appearance so you absolutely maximize ALL your natural advantages to attract women you might consider “out of your league” (you will transform so much, people probably will NOT recognize you!)—pg. 152-157

Uncover the “pacer/pursuer” secret and get in on one of the BIGGEST hidden truths about attraction that will SKYROCKET your sex appeal (if you only read one thing, you MUST check this out—it’s life-changing)—pg. 27

8 traits of unshakable, rock-solid confidence that are so powerful that even learning 2 or 3 can make you irresistible to women (master all 8 and you may put Hugh Heffner out of a job)—pg. 35

Realize the REAL behavior that attracts women (it is going to SHOCK you) and find out why other pickup and dating advice companies are scrambling to keep it a PROTECTED secret (giving this away is DEFINITELY going to lose me some friends, but YOU deserve to know)—pg. 39-35

Develop the mindset that makes touching girls ORGANIC and as if “it just happened” (this is NOT the “kino” you are used to)—pg. 32

Have you ever wondered if a woman was interested in you or not? Cut right to the truth by learning the “3 modes of female reaction” (once you know these, a woman’s burning hot attraction for you will practically take of itself)—pg. 125

A effortless two-step process that makes ANY objection a woman throws at you a CINCH to handle—pg. 43

A 1-question test that will ALWAYS let you know if you are coming off as “needy” or “attractive” when taking things physical (this is so EFFECTIVE and DEAD-ON accurate that it will blow your mind)—pg. 37

A shortcut for attracting SUPER hot women that will take all the complications and anxieties OUT OF approaching the women you REALLY want—pg. 39

Find out what “the waypoint” means and how it ensures you always keep women attracted to you—whether it be for an entire night or an entire relationship—pg. 14

Be a fly on the wall as Zack shamelessly expresses his sexual desire for a woman and learn from what he says to get yourself in-tune with genuinely and attractively expressing your desires as a man!—pg. 23

Eliminate ALL your negative thought patterns that stop you from meeting and dating stunning women in 3 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS (this is so money that you will probably run out to try it immediately)—pg. 26

Know the EXACT signs a woman gives off when she wants a man to “make a move” physically (I guarantee you will NEVER miss another opportunity to get physical with women)—pg. 43

An absurdly motivational passage on overcoming your anxieties and fears that is sure to kick your ass into gear and get you out meeting all the hot, amazing women within a hundred mile radius—pg. 44

5 proven ways to effortlessly get around ANY objection or obstacle a woman can throw at you (this one is going to save you countless relationships and interactions with girls!)—pg. 61

Have you had the awful experience of “running out of things to say?” You will not even remember what that feels like once you learn this simple technique that draws on your environment for inspiration—you are going to have a quick line or witty comment at ALL times—pg. 64

Get the roadmap for taking women home with you the night you meet them with this potent guide that breaks down rigorously field-tested knowledge into a foolproof plan—pg. 145

If you have ever questioned when you should call, kiss, or “make a move” on a woman, get all your answers by just learning with this valuable insight—pg. 129

Read an EXACT text transcript straight from Rob’s cell phone that shows you EXACTLY how to keep women from flaking—pg. 142

Catapult yourself over “all those other guys” by understanding the 5 levels of emotional connection and how to navigate them (this is going to AMAZE you)—pg. 119

Get in touch with something you are already doing NATURALLY but you are not using to attract women—in fact, you are probably hiding it so it is working AGAINST you (and no, you have NEVER heard this before in any other book or seminar)—pg. 92-93

Give new meaning to “breaking the ice” with these surefire ways to instantly make women feel comfortable around you so that an interaction can move forward (if I only understood this a few years back, I would have hooked up with at least a dozen more girls in college)—pg. 98

Put your knowledge of music, movies, and pop culture to good use with this incredible strategy that will turn capture the attention and interest of ANY women—pg. 99

Map out an interaction by the “5 stages of transition” to turn strangers into lovers without ever thinking “What do I do next?” (this is so CRUCIAL that guys once paid thousands of dollars to learn this from us)—pg. 123

And SO MUCH more!
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That price includes these three bonuses

When you invest in dating hotter girls right now, you’ll also receive three supplementary bonuses that will compliment and maximize the eBook information

In the first bonus, “A 7-day All-Access Pass to Pickup Tube: Zack and Rob Edition” you will see real pickups happen with real girls so you fully understand EXACTLY how attraction looks.

I’ve heard so many guys complain that without SEEING the information in action, they ca n not fully understand (or believe) it. The 7-day pass puts you right in the action as you get a front seat to real-world pickups all captured on hidden camera.

You’re going to see:

• Over 7½ hours of real world pickups with over a dozen different girls that will shatter what you thought was possible and vastly expand your potential for success with gorgeous women

• Informative breakdowns and commentary from world-famous pickup artist ENTROPY who gives you in-depth analysis of all the nuances so you know precisely what is going on and how to apply it to your own interactions with women

• Hundreds of witty lines and flirty banter that you can observe and use later

• Pickups that happen both at night and during the daytime so you are prepared to meet and attract women in ANY situation

• An interaction that goes from approach to sex in under an hour that shows you exactly how to get a girl home with you THAT night

• Examples of how to transition women from walking down the street to an “instant date”

• So much more that you have to see it to believe it!
[](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/PU_Tube_Sample2.jpg) [](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/PU_Tube_Sampel1.jpg) [](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/PU_Tube_Sampel4.jpg) [](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/28Days1.jpg)

[ ](http://ebook.datehottergirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/PU_Tube_Sample3.jpg)

In the second bonus, “The 28 Days to Success” Zack and I are going to supplement your learning with an email sent to you EVERY day that tells you EXACTLY how to apply our method to DATE HOTTER GIRLS.

Most eBooks and dating advice simply fill guys’ heads with theory and nonsense, but Zack and I are RESULTS-oriented, which means we want to MAKE SURE you reach your FULL potential for meeting, attracting, dating, and keeping gorgeous women. By following up for 28 days, YOUR success is guaranteed.

You can expect:

• Real-world breakdowns of how our method fits EVERY conceivable situation (from meeting a new woman to a relationship) so you perfectly understand how to use our core principle of BALANCE to achieve consistent success

• Daily assignments that send you out with specific objectives to meet and attract all the beautiful women you can find

• Motivation EACH day to go out and meet beautiful women so you AVOID falling into the “keyboard jockey” trap that plagues the pickup and dating advice industry

• Supplementary links to videos, articles, and other resources that bring outside and secondary references into your teaching so that you have a well-rounded understanding of attraction that puts you light years ahead of every other guy

• Membership into an underground movement to DATE HOTTER GIRLS that makes you a part of something that is genuine, authentic, and in-tune with your masculinity to get you dating the girls you REALLY want

• A motivating incentive to ACTUALLY USE the eBook material to attract hotter women RATHER THAN just letting it sit on your hard drive

• Zack and myself talking directly to you for 28 days—it will be like we are your personal wingmen as we will be with you, every step of the way!

• So much more that you will find out MONDAY MORNING when YOUR 28 days to success BEGIN!


In the third bonus, “Private Forum Access” you get the chance to post your progress and success on a password-protected, private forum where you will get feedback from Zack and myself.

In this amazing bonus, you actually have the chance to interact with the CREATORS of the 4-EG method and let our feedback supercharge your game and take it to THE NEXT LEVEL!

With “Private Forum Access” you will:

• Benefit from live, day-to-day feedback from the masters of the 4-EG system so that you can continually tweak and perfect your interactions with gorgeous women

• Perfectly complement your 28 days to success by journaling each day to maximize the benefits of each assignment and fully solidify the teaching so that attracting women becomes like a reflex—you will not think twice about it!

• Enjoy the “Question and Answer” thread that Zack and I monitor like a dating 911 emergency line so that you NEVER are left wondering, “What should I do?”

• Get motivated to achieve success by reading the amazing accounts of other journals that chronicles men’s 28 days to success

• Feel welcomed with an exclusive membership into an amazing group that is realizing its collective goal of DATING HOTTER GIRLS

• So much more that you have to join to believe it!

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Recap of all you are going to get

To master DATING HOTTER GIRLS, you will enjoy:


1. “The 4 Elements of Game” The revolutionary manifesto that is getting men dating hotter girls worldwide

2. “The 7-Day All-Access Pass to Pickup Tube: Rob and Zack Edition” Over 7½ hours of infield footage WITH optional commentary from master pickup artist ENTROPY

3. “The 28 Days to Success” The supplementary email course that moves you toward dating hotter girls in 28 days

4. “Private Forum Access” An exclusive, members-only forum to interact with the creators of the 4-EG method

This is a total of over $179.97 worth of value. But we want to give you ALL FOUR right now (while our friends-only offer still lasts) for ONLY $37.97.

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90 DAY Money Back Guarantee (Obviously)

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P.S. Our method is build around results. Zack and I demonstrate EVERY concept and teaching for you ON HIDDEN CAMERA in the infield bonus so you know EXACTLY how to apply our method for dating hotter girls. That’s why you should ONLY purchase this product if you WANT to date beautiful women. This offer is not for guys who want useless information—it’s for guys who want serious, real-world success.

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Sample the Table of Contents AND the first few pages of the eBook

Here’s the “table of contents” and a short excerpt to give you a sense of what you’re going to find inside:

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