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If you are one of those who are seeking a way to select baby gender, I would congratulate you once again that you are at the right website. We have invented a new method which can help you work out 98% success rate!

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Louise Vanderbilt from Cleveland OH US is one of the 1567 cases we ever treated. She accepted artificial fertilization in our Laboratory at September5, 2004 and subsequently embryo implantation. A healthy baby boy was given to birth at June 12, 2005.

Dear Jon

When I first saw your add I was a bit sceptical about buying the system. I’ve tried other more expensive lay methods before without much success. They say you have to try a few before you find one that works, your system definitely does. Now I know why I didn't have ababy boy last time. I was using the wrong systems.

I’d like to thank you for providing me with a way to choose my baby gender, Alals is an absolutely brilliant method for selecting baby gender !

Cheers. Louise Vanderbilt from Cleveland  

Ardis Rossetti Cockeysville MD resorted to our new method 1 month before pregnancy and gave birth to a baby boy on December 26, 2007. And the gladness of their whole family that day still remains fresh in my memory.

Dear Jon

Alals gender selection method,best I've seen,many thanks !

Ardis Rossetti from MD

We understand what you want is a tool of practical use. So let us slough off those disturbing and misleading commercial promotion patterns and through rational thinking to choose a way you really want to follow.

This method can be used to satisfy your personal wish of selecting baby gender and prevent hereditary diseases.

The representatives of hereditary disease are hemophilia, achromatopsia, nyctalopia, and muscle strophy. Those diseases or their syndromes are possibly passed down to the next generation. As diseases differ, only baby girl either baby boy will be taken bad and ways of disease manifestation will also be different. In this perspective, if a baby girl will carry hereditary disease, parents can select to have a baby boy to prevent abnormal heredity, vice versa.
Don't worry about it , ALALS gender selection ebook will give you a good problem-sloving ! Most of doctors in HongKong and Japan use this method to solve above question.

Many people are adopting folk remedy to bear baby boy or baby girl.Modern medicine has proven those folk remedies are unconvincing theory, lacking scientific experimentation results and convincing statistics.

Chinese folk custom firmly believe that baby sex can be controlled by magic skill.

In France, a very popular recipe once went around that to bear a baby girl, to hang a girl’s photo on bedroom wall; to bear a baby boy, to hang a boy’s photo on bedroom wall.
Add the age of father and mother together, and divide it by 3. If no surplus, it is to have a baby girl; if any surplus, to have a baby boy...

In some cases, many parents who are desperately seeking a way to bear a baby boy or baby girl will be harsh to consider above methods. Of course, most of such families were quite disappointed.

Every country have many methods to select the baby’s sex, there are some simple ways:

body position
use of orgasm
control of Vaginal pH
take calcium tablet
drink coffee

Some people took them as certain without hesitation and thought that so long as these several terms were fulfilled, the baby sex could be under their control. However, all of these messages are misleading inform ation and the results probably will let you down. These are not the decisive factor!

Don't worry about it , ALALS Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique will give you a good problem-sloving !

We collaborated with the scientists from the baby sex selection seminar of Britain and Japan(Mr. Kung Gung-Ji ( Japan), Lady Lucy. Mange) arrived at the conclusion through 3500 examples of clinical trial: It is utterly a grievous mistake to take the formerly mentioned factors as the determinant factors on baby sex selection.

Accuracy comparison between general method and ALALS Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique

The Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique is able to provide an individual-oriented instruction scheme for you. What you need to do is to follow the instruction provided by the ebook and wait for the birth of your beloved baby.
Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique holds an extraordinarily high accuracy as 98%. Recently in our institute,even 308 cases in succession are all of exact sex selection with 100% accuracy. And what is the point of such an unimaginable accuracy could be obtained from this ebook?


I am employed by Hong Kong sex selection research laboratory.

Dozens of years ago, I got strongly interested with the study of pre- pregnancy sex selection, later on majored in the region of prepotency, barrenness and baby sex selection. During my study, a funny phenomenon seized my attention: The female ova have the capacity of griping sperms and the capacity is found to be related with the electric property that ovum carries.X sperms will be griped by ova when it carries positive electric property whereas the Y sperms by ova with negative property.

Afterwards I specially explored a new method to reckon the time when and which electric property will be carried by ova. When the positive property was carried, I arranged the couples engaged into sexual intercourse and then girls were given to birth; At the same time when the ova carried negative property, boys were born as results.

And this method was almost of a hundred percent accuracy; therefore, I named this technique as pre- pregnancy sex selection technique. And to be further understood by people who are concerned , the principium of this technique is circumstantially illustrated as below.

Under normal conditions,the maturation of ova used to happen once a month. About two weeks after the outset of menstual cycle, the ature ova are released from Ovary into oviduct.

Every mature ovum has a particularly strong or weak attraction for sperm. In case that the Ovum is with negative eclectic property, then it tends to grip the Y sperm. And if any vigorous Y sperms appear around the ovum, one of them will be hauled in. Adittedly,it is possible that ova might present as neutral property, and insensitive to neither X or Y sperms. The circadian rhythm hundreds of circadian rhythm have been discovered by now) and Ovulation date are critical factors for the electric property of ovum.

According to this principle, the baby boys will be given birth when negative property put up; whereas if no adequate Y sperms gather around the ovum, the pregnant opportunity will be lost despite of even much more X sperms available.

Therefore,many couples are harassed of eing unable of pregnancy even a half year after matrimony, which is due to that the ova rejec to accept sperms but not scarce of sperm resence.

And analogous instances could also take place in the course of artificial fecundation. When the ova reject sperm implantation ailure case could be encountered even the leading-edge sperm picking up technique was used . So both the husband and wife are utually involved in sex decision and pregnancy success, and the key point is the time of sexual intercourse.

Some people (include some experts and doctors) thought that the fertilizing time is randomized, however, I preserve my own view on this theory. Randomicity only took place at 30%-65% according to my research of dozens of years.

Since polygyny is legal in some nations, some wives could only give birth to boys while other only girls, accordingly there are sayings about "girl abdomen “or“boy abdomen”. And I had witnessed a case who gave 9 baby girls successively,..Because that even the coin can not land with a same face after being thrown into air in a succession of nine times. This case could not be explained by Random saying.

Later on I finally discovered out the mystery after a long time lucubration. It is because the ova reject the Y sperms that baby girls were given birth at every turn. As it was, so long as the time when X sperms are preferred is circumvented, the so-called girl abdomen will not exist at all.And in some areas, the responsibility of giving birth to boy or girl is ascribed onto wife, which is actually a sort of bias. It was sperm determine the baby sex and the chances of delivering boy of girl are created commonly by both husband and wife.

Two points should be met if to decide sex selection in vivo.

Firstly, to be engaged into sex intercourse at the right time of positive property or negative property is carried by ova (positive property results in girl baby and negative in boy)

Secondly, guarantee adequate Y sperms or X sperms arriving at ova.

Don't worry about it , ALALS Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique will give you a good problem-sloving !


The essences of "pre-pregnancy sex selection” technique is that:

This method is of convenience, safety and extraordinarily high success rate(over 98%), and could completely used under the state of nature. That is it!

The electric property of ova is the exact critical factor of baby sex selection!And the magical accuracy had been witnessed by over 5000 cases of clinical trial ! Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique holds an extraordinarily high accuracy and differs utterly from other folk prescriptions and remedies popular on internet. And you can choose the baby sex at your desire only by strictly execution of the individual oriented instruction scheme provided by this ebook.


Preparation + Correct Method + Correct Time = Baby Gender Of Your Choice
It’s just that simple…

$68!!That's about the cost of dinner for two at a decent restaurant nowadays. We do reserve the right to raise this price significantly at any time to cover the cost of keeping our website up and running. So don't be mad at us if you wait a week or two only to see the price jump to $148 or something like that.

You need not to take any medicament, nor flush vagina with basic or acidic bath, yet not mention heading for hospital at all ! It is a completely natural method, as well as convenient and secure, and with a very high success rate of 98%!

Pre-pregnancy sex selection technique helped the couples who are persecuted by successive girl birth or sex-linked heredity disease to fling their worry aside thoroughly. The method will infer out the optimal intercourse hour according to circadian rhythm and female physiologic cycle. It is a simple but effective method to select giving birth to baby boy or girl! It is the gospel for couples who are expecting for children!
To have a baby girl or boy, it is up to you!


Here we would like to express our sincere appreciation for vast friends who are willing to offer corporations and clinical trials for us ! Particular acknowledgement for: Mr. Kung Gong-Ji (Japan), Dr. Zheng Boren (Taiwan), Japan sex selection Research association, U.S.A. sex selection ERL. Particularly statement: The use of this software in selecting baby's sex with non-medicine purpose is prohibited.


Before year2005, It was widely recognized that the most dependable measurements is in-vitro fertilization. Our clinic also adopted this approach: Artificial fertilization was accomplished in laboratory and then embryo implantation into womb was followed. And the embryo sex could be determined before the implantation. In case that the number of embryo is sufficient, the couple will decide which sex embryo being implanted. The total expense will be over 20,000 dollars if without medical insurance.

Then from the subsequent thousands cases we were more and more aware of such a rule: The female ova have the capacity of griping sperms and the capacity is found to be originated from the electric property. X sperms will be griped by ova when it carries positive electric property whereas the Y sperms by ova with negative property.It is this creative discovery that brings us to cut down the baby sex selecting expense consumedly, meanwhile the accuracy yet run up to higher than 98%. Now you got a method of more convenience, more security and more accuracy! Whereas at present most of the clinics are still use the embryo implantation method that cost an arm and a leg!

Leona Muller Sacramento CA, who had delivered three girls in succession, resorted to this soft ware two months before her fourth pregnancy. And with the circumstantially Individual instruction scheme, a baby boy once being expected by the family for long time was delivered on July 16, 2006.

Joann Arnold Lebanon Junction KY once suffered failure on embryo implantation in USA clinics and came to our Laboratory for consultation on October18, 2007. She successfully got pregnant in November of 2007 under the direction of software and delivered a baby girl in U.S.A smoothly on August 28, 2008.

What mentioned above are only several examples of U.S.A. beneficial owner, according to undercounted statistics, more than a half of families of USA hope to be able to have a boy or girl according to their own willing.In Asia, such families accounted for as high as 70%. Several years ago when we were still in laboratory, the instruction scheme could not be offered to the entire consultant owing to our limited ginger and the large scale of patients.We often felt sorry in heart upon seeing the disappointed expression of those patients.

Therefore, we concentrated our painstaking effort to this method, and hope it will provide you an individual-oriented instruction scheme. We uploaded this ebook to internet with exciting emotions for use of people world wide. When we received mails full of joy and happiness, which really bestowed the sincere rejoice to us. None but your joy could lead us to smile.

Anyway, our joviality is established on the foundation of your happiness.

Download our ebook and throw all your other baby sex selection books into rubbish bin. You will never leaf through them any more !

Instruction covers:

Your best impregnation time
Your biological clock order
Your diet suggestion for next period
Specific questions you need to take care of before pregnancy
Supple tray factors which also decide baby sex (PH, body position, and take calcium pills)
Specific questions you need to take care of after impregnation and your expected date of childbirth.
Updated information on baby sex selecting
what’s of most importance, and decisive factor: personal germ egg electricity-taking period time table (it differs in each personal case)
More unexpectable are waiting for you!

What you are waiting for?


The baby boy or girl you want is waiting for you ! And I can give you the tools you need to find them.Download once and enjoy forever

Our method has undergone a great number of clinical experiments to prove its credibility. We believe that since any goods recognized by our customers, it can enjoy a longer shelf life. So our website is focusing on explaining theory information of baby sex selecting to net visitors so as to make our method understood and accepted by customers as worthwhile and valuable product. We will not boasting as other website to persuade visitors to buy our ebook. Which is taken as shameful way of promoting, actually weakening its credibility of their products.

Your happiness is just in your hands, let yourself decide…


I am not a gainful businessman, but a “seated “doctor buried myself with scientific research 24 hours in the laboratory.
I do not have the capability of a sales person boasting extravagantly of my products here. There is no need for me to aggrandize its function. You should not worry of being deceived because we will refund all your deposit if you are not satisfied with our product.

We give you creditable method, you render us your trust. Thank you.

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Now you have found high accurate method which is tested under over 5000 clinical experiments. It can provide you what you really dream of a baby sex control solution. 98% accuracy rate strongly backs you up. Try right now.We want you to choose what is really in your need over radical thinking. Now deciding right is just hold in your hands.
You only press download button, and then leave the rest part to us.

Press download button, you can take a private doctor home enjoying 24 hours consultant service. We are dedicated to providing you a tailored ‘perfect baby bearing’ solution.

With a money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.So download today and select the sex of your baby now!


We can provide technical support if you has questions about the baby gender selection. Our email address :ALALS2010@Gmail.com



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