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This Is The World's # 1 Chocolate Cake Recipe
Let me give you a bit of background, About 15 years ago I owned a large Bakery called "Slice of Heaven", specializing in real "Homemade" cakes. We sold our cakes to cafes, coffee shops and lunch shops in a 20 mile radius from the bakery and turned down a lot of new business because we couldn't handle it.
Being a Chocolate Cake enthusiast, I was always on the look out for the "perfect commercial recipe" i.e. yummy ! dark ! and EASY TO PRODUCE.

There are plenty of "yummy" chocolate cakes around, but have you seen what goes into them ??. Apart from costing a fortune to make, they all involve a lot of time and effort to produce, heaps of chocolate, lots of eggs, [separated no doubt] and a ton of butter, which had to be creamed, etc. etc. etc.

To do all that commercially took too long... ended up being far to expensive and, more often than not, were not especially great tasting anyway.

I tried 26 recipes trying to find that elusive GREAT Chocolate Cake. It was all doom and gloom !!

Then, about a year after I started looking for "That Recipe" we were on holiday...lazing about...and I decided to jot down a few notes, based on my experience with cakes and producing easy "yummy" recipes.........
THE LIGHT DAWNED !! I produced my own recipe for what I now call, "Black Midnight Cake". It took the next month playing with the mixture, [and getting fatter, trying it !!], before the final Cake was acceptable.

The Result Was Stunning !! Five (5) Minutes to prepare. Yummy !! Oh My......Is it Yummy !!. So Dark....I Called it " Black Midnight Cake". Extremely Moist. (Always leave it overnight....minimum). The longer you leave it the more moist it becomes. Very Economical to make. So good....serve it for desert with a chocolate sauce. You do not need to be an expert cook to produce a great cake. And Best of all, just throw all the ingredients into the mixer and beat it. I am long out of the Bakery and only make it at home now.... but talk about being under pressure to cough up the recipe !!. I have made it for the kids' parties, for other kids' parties, for my wifes' office parties, in fact every occasion that justified it .....out would come "The Black midnight Cake".
Finally after a lot of badgering, and because, in my wifes' words, "you have been too selfish for too long", I have decided to share it with the World.

Problem !!!!!!......What is the World's Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Worth!!!

We decided to ask a pitiful $US5.00for this World Wonder !!
Imagine if you churned it out commercially, as I did....Imagine the friends you'd make at home when you produced it....The mind boggles !!
So buy it.....try it....then you will have to decide whether you give the secret away, or do as I did for so long.......HANG ON TO IT !!

To give you confidence in this site and our "Black Midnight" cake, we are using the services of "Click Bank" to process your SECURE, on-line Credit Card payment. After payment has been accepted by "Click Bank", they will send you to our site that contains the Recipe for the "Black Midnight" cake, which you can then print out.

If you do not wish to use "Click Bank" for your purchase you may post $US5.00 CASH and your e-mail address, to me.....Geoff Bostock, P.O. Box 164, Greenhithe, Auckland, New Zealand.....and I will immediately send it to you.

My e-mail address is: [geoff@nzer.com](mailto:geoff@nzer.com)

P.S. It is Jan 2007 and we have been successfully selling this recipe for 8 years on the internet. To the many thousands of choccy cake lovers we say "thank you!!"......we really enjoy receiving your e-mails, post baking!!......however, some of you have also brought to our attention the large number of fraudsters who have copied, some word for word, others...........well you wouldn't believe the lies and rubbish they try and pass off using my story above. Why it probably annoys me is that the above story about our cake is all gospel truth.....it happened as I related it. SO....be secure in the knowledge that THIS IS THE ORIGINAL SITE OF "The World's # 1 Chocolate Cake Recipe" !!!!!!
Please click on the sales link below to go to "Click Bank" to purchase your recipe.

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