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How to start your own Mobile Coffee Business and make large profits selling coffee! Become your own boss.

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Make Money Selling Coffee

Fed up with a boring, unrewarding job?

There's no need to continue like this: You can become your own boss and run a rewarding business selling coffee!

It is possible to take £3,500 over a 10 hour period selling coffee, but this can only be achieved through planning, training and knowledge.

Enjoy Making Coffee Whilst You Earn

Coffee@Events: A Guide to Setting Up and Operating a Mobile Coffee Business is a comprehensive eBook for anyone wanting to set up a business in the outdoor event market selling real coffee. You can have this eBook available to download instantly in [.PDF](http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/) format for £3.99; the price of a couple of coffees!
PDF's can be opened using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free.

Over 30 chapters, it explores every aspect of starting a new business and tells you everything you need to know about this exciting and profitable market and how to be in control of your own business. This book is the result of almost 20 years experience in the outdoor event market and includes step by step guidance on how to become your own boss and generate great profits from selling real coffee to an appreciative public.

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What this book will teach you
How to run your very own business and be your own boss. How you can earn yourself rewarding profits. A great analysis of the event market. Specialised knowledge about outdoor events and coffee. Fundamental business management skills. How to make great coffee!
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About the author

JACK HARRISON (or Coffee Jack to his colleagues) was one of the first operators in the UK to see the untapped opportunities in the outdoor event market for real coffee and has since become an authority on the UKs mobile coffee scene. Since 1981 when he built his first mobile cappuccino bar, he has attended over 400 of the most prestigious shows and events in the UK such as THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES, PGA GOLF, T IN THE PARK,TALL SHIP RACES, BLAIR HORSE TRIALS, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE SEA,SCOTTISH GAME FAIR AND GLASTONBURY.

As well as high profile events, he has explored many smaller shows that have needed a high quality real coffee outlet and realised that there is tremendous scope for anyone wanting to set up and run a mobile coffee business wherever there is a gathering of people. Over the last 30 years as a professional chef, he has owned and operated a Breton Creperie, an upmarket fine dining restaurant, a community café and a Gastro Pub. His experience in the outdoor event market has seen him run several food led catering operations, the most recent and well know one being a giant American Airstream trailer serving gourmet Lebanese wraps and excellent FAIRTRADE coffee. All of these businesses have had a strong emphasis on real coffee and reaped the rewards of its high profit margins. He now lives in the Midlands and still operates a mobile cappuccino bar and coffee supply service.

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