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Overnight Music Star: A Coaching Program For Musicians and


The page you are about to read
is meant to offer you the edge you deserve. Dear Fellow Musicians:

Admit it! One good strategy can make the difference between five
fans (who are all related to you) and 5,000 fans who really get what
you're trying to say with your music. One decent contact can give you
that one idea to make the difference between having a MySpace page
that no one visits and having mp3s that people are downloading hourly.

If you would like to sell more music through more effective PR,
online marketing and better distribution, while keeping your own
identity, you are in the right place.

At OVERNIGHT MUSIC STAR, we are speaking with some of the finest
promoters, publicists, lawyers, marketers, musicians, authors and
artists to share with you their experience and their knowledge on how
to succeed in today's music world.


* The 3 Insider Secrets That Make It Every Time

* Top 10 Places To Promote Your Music Online And Off

* How To Get Your Music To Top Sellers

* Top 10 Musician Website Solutions

* The Secret To Getting Your Fanbase To Grow

* How To Turn Your Song Into An Additional Recurring Revenue Stream


Every two weeks, you will receive access to an exclusive audio
coaching program. A diverse mix of musicians, promoters, publicists,
internet music promoters, music attorneys and visionaries will share
their secrets and their strengths on what they see as the best way to
sell your music.

It's easy and convenient.

Your membership dues for this program are $39.95. But, for those of
you reading this today, you can come on board for a limited time only
for $19.95 per month. Again, this gives you complete access to every
single audio session that comes out every two weeks. You can also
download the mp3 to your phone, mp3 player or computer.


I am so confident you are going to love Overnight
Music Star, I am willing to let you try it for 60 days. If, after 60
days, you don't love the program, you'll receive a full refund of your
enrollment fee. No questions asked.

By clicking below, you acknowledge that you are being charged $19.95
for your first month and $19.95 for any additional months until you
cancel your service. Our email address is below for your convenience.

Overnight Music Star is a no risk coaching program with a money
back guarantee for 60 days.
Questions? Comments? Need support?
Email [us] at support [at] overnightmusicstar [dot] com
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