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Office Fitness - Stay Fit While You Work!




Do You Sometimes
Feel Like This
At 2:00 Pm?

Would you
like to know
how you can feel like this instead?

Did you know that exercising often, every day, throughout the day,
is the best way to stay fit, to stay healthy, and to stay happy?

You don't have time to exercise? Think again!

"I've been using your program consistently for several years now,
doing both cardio and stretching exercises. It really keeps my energy
level up during the day, and helps me to stay fit and healthy."
-Ian McEwen, Colorado

Ever notice how spending a single dollar hardly matters to your
financial well-being, but it is often difficult to come up with enough
for a larger purchase? It's just like that with the time you need for
exercise. A few moments here and there throughout the day are hardly
noticed. Finding time for an hour's workout seems daunting.

If you sit at your desk, at your computer, on the phone, for most of
the day at work, now you don't have to turn into a "desk-potato"!
Instead, you can use our Simply Fit Exercise Reminder(tm), and get up
and move your body for a few minutes several times a day. It even
tells you exactly which exercise to do, and how to do it!



Download and give it a trial!

Why You Must Keep Moving

The electronic age - with innovations like e-mail, the web, and
teleconferencing - has made office life so efficient that we barely
need to get out of our chairs during the workday. "Inactivity is a
risk factor for many chronic diseases," says Judith Down, director of
the Alberta Centre for Active Living.

Then there's stress. Is your company downsizing, laying off
workers, involved in a merger? Did you have to move to a new
unfamiliar position, or do you feel you have to work longer and harder
just to maintain your current economic status? Do you struggle to
balance work and home -- juggle job, children, caring for aging
parents? Then you probably are one of the workers at every level who
are experiencing increased tension and uncertainty.

Combine inactivity with stress and you've got the perfect recipe for
chronic physical and emotional illness, increased risk of injury,
increased sick time - all leading you to dislike your job, to make you
less productive, and to reduce your overall performance and sense of
well being.

The great thing is that if you bump up your physical activity,
you'll also be doing wonders for your stress levels. "Physical
activity addresses stress and depression and anxiety," says Down. "It
can enhance or improve mood."

"So this is actually a good marriage - exercising in the workplace,"
says Grant Knapik, a certified exercise specialist.

Why Does The Simply Fit Exercise Reminder(tm) Actually Work?

It works because it is fun and easy! If you're like most people, if
something requires you to "make a schedule" or "remember to do it" or
"figure out what to do now", somehow other things end just up being
more important. You are too busy with phone calls, or that report just
has to be done in an hour, or your child's teacher just called and
discussing issues with her is very important. Or it just is too much

Life at work is so serious, right? And exercise is hard to fit in,
right? Well...

The Simply Fit Exercise Reminder(tm) makes getting exercise
throughout the day Fun And Easy! It's Fun because the popup is
lighthearted and encourages you with gentle humor. It's Easy because
you get to choose how often and with which exercises the reminder pops
up. It's Easy because the reminder pops up and tells you what to do
and has a description showing you how to do it. It's Easy because it
only takes a few moments, and you don't feel that you are taking any
time away from your work or other activities that are important to

It's Fun, and it is so Easy, and then you FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

We take you from this:

to this:

How Much Difference Does It Really Make?

It really makes a difference:

* You get up and move, so you are physically more healthy.
* You are thinking about moving often during the day, so you get
the habit of thinking about moving, and will be more likely to
exercise and stay fit in the rest of your life.
* You feel good about how you are staying active, and so in general
are more pleased with yourself.
* You really are more likely to be more productive if you are not
stuck immobile at your desk.
* Check out the testimonials to the left -- you are likely to have
these benefits as well.

Do I Have To Get Up From My Desk?

Yes, if you want to get the best benefit, yes, you do. Go for a
walk, run up the stairs, do lunges, do side bends, etc. And we provide
these exercises for you, but... But if you must stay in your seat, we
also provide you with movements to do in your chair. These stretches
and exercises are really good for carpel tunnel, tired eyes, tight
neck and shoulders, and can be done inconspicuously at your desk. The
best part is, you get to choose. You easily configure the Simply Fit
Exercise Reminder(tm) to show you whatever set of movements and
stretches you want.

How Can I Exercise While Wearing My Suit?

It's Easy! And did we mention Fun? Take off your jacket, and if you
are a woman (or not a woman, even...) and wearing heels, kick off your
shoes. Then, just go for it:

Oh, wait. You say that is not you? You don't do that? All righty
then. But really, you can do simple exercises, for a few minutes, and
not rumple your good looks. More like this:

Although we really don't recommend staying on the phone while you
stretch. But in fact, you can, if you really _must_ be on the phone.

How Will I Know What To Do?

We're glad you asked. The Simply Fit Exercise Reminder(tm) pops up
on your computer screen at the intervals you choose, and gently urges
you to do the exercises you have set it up to prompt you for. And we
give you a description of the exercise, so you know exactly what to
do. It couldn't be Easier! Oh, and did we mention Fun?

You have complete control over how the reminder helps you, from the
choice of times for a movement break, to the sounds and images the
popup will display. We give you groups of exercises from which you can
choose those actions that appeal to you. And even better, you can
write in items of your own choosing if you like.

Of course we send it to you configured for a popular set of times
and exercises, so you don't have to do any customizing if you don't
want to. Like we said, Fun and Easy!

Okay, after reading about it, I'd like to

I am 62 years old, and I ride dressage nearly every day. Dressage
requires strength, agility, endurance, and a lot of practice.
In other words, I have to be an athlete.
I spend most of my day sitting at a computer. Your reminder gets me
up and moving all day, just what I need to stay fit for my athletic

I often give presentations using my laptop, and I am pleased that I
can easily control the reminder so that it reminds me when I want it
to and is quiet when I am giving a presentation.

We bought it for our entire office and now no one is embarrassed
to get up and do a few stretches or exercises. Maybe the best part is
we use it ourselves, and feel better for it.

This is the first job I've had where I have to sit at a desk all
day, and I tend to really concentrate on my work. Your reminder helped
me adjust to the new schedule without getting too intense. Thanks!

My shoulders and neck used to ache almost every day and now they
don't. What a great tool your reminder is!

If you want to, you can do the exercises at your desk without
looking foolish. I like that.

I didn't really think your reminder would make a difference, but
after using it for a couple of weeks I realized I was more effective
at work, and had more energy after work to do the things I wanted to
do. Thank you.

Join the fit folks
who love the results.

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