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Learn to Ride a Bike - Learn to ride a bicycle today!

You are about to discover...

"Exactly how a bicycle is ridden and how to convey these
principles to the youngest of children...(and even adults, too!)"

If rapid success with no tears is your goal then this may be the
most important information you will ever read in your life.

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Well it may surprise you, but 97% of p eople have absolutely no idea
of how and why a bicycle stays upright when it's being ridden.

Even though most people can't explain it, the great majority of
people do ride a bike.

Think about that. That's kinda' scary isn't it?

What if we taught our children to drive a car like that? "Here's the
keys Johnny, go take a shot at it! You can do it! Whoo-hoo! It's not
that hard, everybody does it.

Unfortunately, we do that with bikes. "Let's go Johnny, everybody
else is doing it, why can't you?"

Learn how a bicycle stays upright and how to convey that information
to others who want to learn to ride and teaching others will be SO
EASY for you.

I am about to show you the secrets of riding a bicycle that took me
YEARS to discover...
keep reading.

My name is Matthew Biskup and I've been in the bicycle retail
business for over two decades.

I have spent the last 15 years researching bicycles, riding
techniques, frame construction, design processes, space-age materials,
historical cycles, how to fit a rider to a bike, how people learned to
ride, how to teach people how to ride, how to shift gears, rules of
the road and more.

I have discovered some amazing things. Things that you are not going
to find anywhere else... I guarantee it.

I have found techniques and strategies for learning to ride a bike
that are nearly foolproof. Once you have mastered them falling off
becomes a thing of the past.

You are going to learn:

* How to make sure your rider candidate is ready to ride

* How to make sure the equipment is in order

* How to fit a helmet so it does some good in a crash

* How to select an area to ride that is so perfect it chops hours
off the learning process

* How to keep a rider interested in trying even when they're getting

* How to properly nourish the learning rider - both physically and

* How to set up a bicycle for the most effective take-off ever

* How to keep even a slow-moving bicycle upright and under control

* How to adjust the bike for maximum control

* How to stop quickly without falling off

* Where to get a bicycle that fits your rider properly

* Where to get advice regarding proper fit

* Where not to get advice regarding proper fit

* How to use new riding-assist devices to accelerate learning to
ride for certain types of riders

* How to stay legal when riding a bicycle on the roadways

* How to decide whether to use an independent riding coach or teach
your rider yourself

... and much more

Click here now to get instant access to
"Learn How to Ride a Bike
In less than two hours and nobody gets hurt!"

With this information you will no longer have to worry that yourself
or your child doesn't know how to ride a bike. Their ability and
confidence with riding will improve so fast, you'll find yourself
wanting to show off your new bike rider to your friends to make them
jealous (Oh come on, you know you're gonna' do it).

You will understand exactly what it takes to ride a bike and how to
teach it to others. Can you imagine calling your friend up... JUST to
tell them that you can't decide which bike trail to take the whole
family to today?

Sound too good to be true?

It's not. All it takes is a little bit of direction and for you to
want to learn about basic riding concepts. Aren't you tired of running
pointlessly behind your child and watching them just get more and more
frustrated? Aren't you tired of watching your pride and joy get left
home when his buddies ride off down the street and your kid gets to
stay home and play video games by himself? On a perfectly sunny day?

I have taken those very same "secret" techniques and strategies that
I teach people privately, and put them into an incredible 25 page
eBook which is available for immediate download.

90% of my students are riding in less than one hour. The other 9%
are riding by the end of the second hour. The last 1%? My hardest case
got it on the third try... a little more than two hours and one lady
just decided to buy an adult three wheeler like her friends and tool
around the retirement park on her trike.

Once you see how easy it is to learn to ride with the right
techniques you might find yourself being the "go-to" person in your
neighborhood because you taught all the kids on the street how to

But don't take it from me, listen to what several of my students

Matthew: I grew up riding all the time and even raced in High School
so bicycles were a key activity of enjoyment in my life. I wanted my
son to share that experience in his life. I spent three frustrating
years and two different bikes trying to teach my (now 8 year old) son
to ride. I stumbled across your book in the Dogpile.com search engine
while looking for large training wheels that I could add to my son's
larger bike. Your guarantee of the teaching process with no tears (or
frustration) truely intrigued me. I was wary of spending 15 bucks for
a how-to-book with such claims. But I've got to tell you it's one of
the best $15 investments I've EVER made!

In LESS than 2 hours my son Ryan was up and riding a two wheeler
with absolutely no tears or fear. Just a ton of elation on my part.
He's almost as proud of himself as I am of him. It did wonders for his
self esteem. He's already planning bike rides with me.

I've got to say that the two most important factors in this whole
process for us were being mentally and physically ready (both of us)
and beginning on a slight sloped area with lots of room. Ryan was
physically ready at 5 but had a great fear of falling. The slope gave
him the ability to use speed to aquire balance and to still have
control of putting his feet down if he were to tip. He didn't tip once
- ever!

I want to thank you for putting this whole process in perspective
for ME. I will be sure to recommend your book to anyone trying to
teach someone how to ride.

Please feel free to use my name and any of the e-mail I sent you.
Thanks again...from one Dad to another.


John Catanesi
California, USA

Dear Matthew

Thanks for your email, I would just like to say that we finally
tried out your theory this morning and it worked, by the end of the
day my 7 year old daughter was cycling up and down the path and around
the park. I am just so amazed, especially after months of arguing and
tears as her friends could ride but she couldn't. I was near to
selling her bike. Now we can't get her off it.

Thanks so much for your help

Kind Regards

Natalie H
Marks Tey, U.K.

Hi Matthew,

Yes, it works! Took me less than an hour freewheeling downhill to
get the bike in balance, and not much longer to be pedalling along -
not too expertly! - on the flat.

I'm surprised how quickly I'm improving. My pedalling is still a bit
irregular, gear changing needs practice, and I'm not really "bike fit"
(which shows when pedalling up hills, even in low gear), but I never
thought I'd get so far so quickly. It seems so straightforward now
just to jump on and pedal away. Thanks for the help, it's been well
worth it.


Morris T
Coylton, UK

Click here now to get instant access to
"Learn How to Ride a Bike
In less than two hours and nobody gets hurt!"

As you can see this information is extremely powerful and extremely

This eBook is perfect for you if you're interested in:

* teaching your kids to ride without them getting hurt

* teaching your kids to ride without you getting hurt

* teaching your kids to ride without yelling at them

* teaching your kids to ride without them yelling back at you or
breaking down into tears because they can't do it

* teaching yourself how to ride

* teaching someone that may not have great coordination but still
wants to learn to ride

* teaching an adult who wants to learn yet has never ridden a bike
* riding bikes with your entire family instead of always riding by

Hi Matt,

Just thought that you would like to know that I read "Learn to ride
a bike" Talked it over with my 7 year old yesterday, chose an
appropriate slope and he was riding within 15 MINUTES!!!!! It was one
of the most defining moments of being a Dad that I can remember second
only to his birth and it will stay with me forever.


Kind regards,

Phil S
West Midlands, U.K.

Are you ready to finally understand exactly what makes a bicycle
stay upright? You will also discover:

* The 7 mistakes people make in the first five minutes of trying to
teach a person how to ride a bike. You'll want to be careful about
these, you might be doing one of them without even knowing.
* The 6 main reasons why some kids are successful at learning
quickly and others aren't.
* How to talk to kids to keep their interest up and their attitude
right as they attempt something that is both exciting and scary to
them at the same time.
* One solid multi-step technique and dozens of invaluable tips.

This isn't a book that states the obvious like I saw when I was
scouring the web to see if anybody else had put this information out
there. What I found on the web was ridiculous. Even on some of the
biggest informational web sites the "method" suggested was nothing
more than run and push. Some articles took four paragraphs to convey
all they knew, some took a whole page.

I was floored! My eBook is over 25 pages of pure information!
Without a bunch of useless pictures filling it up! There is not
anything like this out there. I have personally taught hundreds of
people... adults and children how to ride a bike. After over 20 years
in the bicycle business you can bet I've seen it all. My method works.

There is not another person alive with my success track record at

And you can have it instantly.

Okay, what's it gonna cost me?

I normally see coaches like baseball or swimming coaches charge up
to $60 for a brief one-on-one consultation, and I have a list of
parents waiting for me to teach their kids my secret success method.

But I'm not gonna charge you anywhere near that amount. If you place
your order within the next seven days... you can have ALL my secrets
for just $14.99.

Click here now to get instant access to
"Learn How to Ride a Bike
In less than two hours and nobody gets hurt!"

For about the price of taking a couple of kids to an ice cream
parlor... all my amazing secrets and riding techniques can be yours.

Why am I selling such incredible information for so cheap?

Since I am offering you this over the Internet, there is hardly any
overhead cost. No office space to rent, and no employees to hire.
Thanks to the Internet, I can pass my savings directly on to you!

This IS the information you've been looking for.

If you are:

* struggling getting your kids to learn,

* or struggling getting your spouse to take the time to teach them,

* or struggling just watching your spouse attempt to teach your

this information is for you.

Do it for the kids! They deserve to have a pleasant, painless
experience learning how to ride a bike.

It's frightening to me how many parents need this information but
won't get my book because they are skeptical or because they think
they should be able to do this on their own. Heck, get it just to be
able to get your kids up and rolling so you can use the weekends
RIDING instead of WISHING you were out there in the beautiful
outdoors. Get the kids to step AWAY from the video games!

For this reason I have instituted a money-back, no hassles

I personally guarantee that if for any reason you are not 100%
satisfied with "Learn to Ride a Bike in Less Than Two Hours and Nobody
Gets Hurt," you may return it any time for a full refund. No Questions

Is that fair or what?

That means that you can try out all the techniques at my risk, while
you see if the techniques work for you or not. And if they don't
produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. You can even
contact me directly if you have a question while you're in the middle
of training someone how to ride (more about this limited time offer
later). And I'll let you keep everything including the free bonus
gifts as my way of thanking you for giving my material a try.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to
deliver is entirely on me. If you don't produce as many happy bike
riders as you want by using my system and techniques, then I'm the
loser, not you.

Look at it this way - $14.99 is really a painless drop in the bucket
compared to the amount of time you're going to spend running up and
down with your child only to have your child even more reliant on your
presence than when you started if you don't use my techniques.

It is going to take some time. Nobody learns in two minutes. It
takes practice. I set you up to teach your rider candidate how to do
it themselves... and enjoy it!

Everybody loves the satisfaction of learning to ride. Share this joy
with your loved ones TODAY!

You really can't afford not to invest in this manual.

Click here now to get instant access to
"Learn How to Ride a Bike
In less than two hours and nobody gets hurt!"

Please make sure you e-mail me and tell me about your successes.


Matthew Biskup

P. S. Just think, you'll never again suffer through the pain and
hassle of teaching someone how to ride a bike. It will be a joy, and
much of the effort will be accomplished by the rider's own initiative.
They'll soon take off without you so you better be ready!

Do not delay.

P.P.S. I'm doing a little test with this offer so I do not expect to
be offering this for FREE for very long. Order now and get 6 months
FREE one-on-one email consulting with me personally. Having trouble
with some facet of learning or teaching someone to ride? Want to
discuss it with me in detail? With your order I'll send you the secret
email address I give only to my "Learn to Ride a Bike in Less Than Two
Hours and Nobody Gets Hurt" customers. Now that's an unbeliveable
offer isn't it? How can you pass up having a professional cycling
instructor at your disposal? Order today!

Most people spend days or weeks trying to get their kids to ride a
bike... trying to figure out the information that is right at your
fingertips. If you're ready to stop trying to GUESS what the right
method is to teach someone how to ride a bike, then simply...

Click here now to get instant access to
"Learn How to Ride a Bike
In less than two hours and nobody gets hurt!"

P.P.S. Holy cow, you haven't ordered yet? You must have questions
(or an incredible ability to resist persuasion!). Go ahead and Email
me at mbiskup@learntorideabike.com [1] if you have any questions
before you order.

P.P.P.S. This is getting pretty silly, isn't it? How 'bout if I give
you a free report so you can see my style of writing and get some free
insight into my skills as a bicycle retailer?

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"Secrets to Enjoying a Great Bicycle Ride
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