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From a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist that has spent over 60,000 hours helping hundreds and hundreds of couples in his 30 year career as a professional!

“Discover how YOU (Yes, BOTH OF YOU!) can put some serious passion into your sexual relationship while avoiding the pitfalls that are known*, beyond any doubt, to bring every marriage to a crashing end.”

From: Dr. Andrew D. Atwood

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Master Social Worker
Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Dear Visitor,

Have you wondered about what life would be like if you didn’t have to cope with the ongoing frustration that goes with living in a relationship that is, by one definition or another, sexless?

What if there is a way for you and your partner to break out of the gridlock? What if the two of you could get UNstuck from the struggle that is sucking the life right out of your relationship? Imagine… what enormous energy you could get from being able to create a relationship that has not only more intimacy, but more sexual satisfaction for both of you?

Well the honest truth is that there are ways that each of you can break the gridlock that has you stuck! There are actual steps that you can take that will move you both closer to a more intimate and erotic relationship!

You might be tempted to just blow-off this promise of practical help. Don’t do it! Don’t give in to the negative doubts that have contributed to the dilemma you are in right now. Listen to these words of hope. Take just a couple of minutes and read about some of the tips you’ll be given that will help you to work with, and through the struggles that are threatening your relationship.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the practical tips that you will learn.

But first, I have to explain something important to you, or you will be thinking I’m a bit crazy!

I’ve found that a lot of men need to learn about their own sexuality, and their partner’s sexuality. It isn’t that women are so much wiser about sexuality, but they do seem to be – in general – more educated and more willing to learn.
Don’t get me wrong. I know that about half of the people who come to this website are women, which makes the other half men! Simple truth is, guys need a little more help in support and encouragement to work at increasing intimacy and eroticism. Given that fact, here is what I’ve done.

I’ve written a travelogue!

Yes, a “Travelogue through the Land of Sexless Marriage Problems.”

Real straight advice for real straight guys and gals, with some occasional humor! (This can be a tough subject to work with. A lot of feelings can get stirred up. So let’s chuckle a little along the way!)

Is your relationship stuck on the
side of the road because you are anxious
about approaching each other sexually?

Yes, if you are stuck… I’ve got something that can rescue you from your dilemma!

Here is a partial list of the content included in Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage. You will undoubtedly recognize yourself in one or more of these Chapters.
Who else is out there traveling through “the land of sexless marriage problems?” Armed with the right facts you might be able to feel more “normal.”

Anxious? Of course you are! This is an adventure! But too much of the wrong anxiety will kill your libido. Maybe you are already suffering form the wrong anxiety?

Anxiety is feedback on how well you are driving with your partner. When your anxiety is low, you are just fine…cruising along… just fine. If your anxiety is high, you are in trouble!

Let’s look at your driving record – personal history, sexual history, and relationship history. All three are important. And any of these three from your history can be messing up your sexual desire in the present.

Where you now and where are are you going on this journey? Yes, let’s take a look at your present relationship and what is getting in the way today.

Here’s a Pocket Map that will show you where you might be off track. Oh, oh… so many people have found this incredible little tool to be enormously useful. Four levels for building a relationship. Screw up this gradual step-by-step process and you invite trouble. Do it right, and bliss is your destination.

Who are you traveling with? Who is your partner? The works of Myers and Briggs can help you to know. Use this time-tested and deeply researched tool to understand your own fundamental temperament, and your partner’s. Take some of the mystery out of who you each are.

You and your partner are different. You enjoy foreplay differently. Your engine gets turned on differently. You have different attitudes toward oral sex. Lots of differences. Time to stop and take a look at some of these differences and how they might be getting in the way.

Substance abuse, pornography, masturbation, sex addictions, anger… all might be making it difficult to travel together. Yes, when this stuff is present it can be very difficult to get turned-on.

How about the travel games you play, and your different styles of “driving?” Do you like to play games? Does your partner? Some are a turn-on, and some are a turn-off.

Are you test-driving, leasing, or owning? Each is a different level of commitment. Some of us don’t want to make love with a partner that has a partial commitment.

How well tuned-up are each of you? If you have mechanical problems you’ll have a break down. And oh my, can there be a lot of mechanical problems! The really bugger is that a lot of mechanical problems aren’t obvious.

Have enough gas, enough energy for the trip? Exhausted? Empty? Too pooped to pop? This is the single BIGGEST complaint from couples who come into my office. “We are just too tired to get it on.”

Oops, a real breakdown. Where do you go for roadside service? To your M.D.? Some kind of counselor? Here are some practical tips about who is good for what problem.

On a life-long trip, how do you stay psyched up and not bored? I’ve been married 36 years myself, and in almost all ways, I still feel like I’m 21 years old! But, I have been bored along the way. There are smart ways to address the boredom, and there are really dumb ways.

What are those gauges on the dashboard? Your arousal threshold, orgasmic threshold, and your subjective emotional responses can help you to stay on the road. Take a look at these diagrams and figure out how well you are doing. If something is amiss, you better pull over and address it… now!

Some of the common problems encountered on any road trip, such as not being able to turn over the engine, questions of gender identity, female “mechanical” problems, his struggle to keep it up, popping the clutch with premature ejaculation, etc.

How to spend your time while traveling together – talking, growing, being silent, and giving road-head! Yup, this can really be a close and intimate, as well as an erotic trip!

What to do when traveling together sucks (or doesn’t) and you aren’t happy any longer. Should you pull over and call the trip off? What?

Picking up hitch hikers – 7 kinds of affairs of the heart and genitals. Two’s company; three’s a crowd.

Falling asleep at the wheel – benign and hostile neglect. My own father told me that this was the single biggest contributor to marriage problems. He was right.

Necessary pit stops to relieve your self. Yes, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to pull over at a rest stop.

Getting lost on the journey, and finding your way back home. Guys don’t like to use maps, of course. But, you both can get lost at times. Here is a map of the human journey that we are all on, and what you can do to get back on track.

Running out of gas for the journey. Are you too pooped to put out? Back to this subject again! It is so critical. Most of life is sucking us dry!

Unexpected problems that really stop you – mental, emotional, physical, relational and cultural breakdowns. Don’t pretend this stuff isn’t happening if it really is. Take and inventory, and address it now so that eroticism and intimacy are rekindled.

Electrical problems – when the spark is gone. Of course, the spark always goes out after a few years. Here is some advice on how to address this ever so common challenge.

The point system – getting busted by the cops for bad behavior. I’m talking about really bad behavior. When you have done something horribly wrong, or your partner has… it can be a challenge to get past it.

Tips for driving through bad weather – some of them are obvious, and some of them might seem kinky. Enough said.

What to do when you get car sick, or just plain sick physically. How do you make love with someone who is ill and throwing up?

Crashes – like when your erection fails you, or romantic interludes fail, or when you work real hard and can’t come. Broken dreams should be temporary setbacks, not permanent states of despair.

Dead ends – abuse, either physical or emotional. This is the time to drop the peddle to the metal, and get going… and get out!

The role of a regular 3,000-mile maintenance check-up. “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.”

Cruising along and visiting scenic overlooks – everything is beautiful! Yes, there are moments of great joy and eternal bliss… moments that will be remembered forever.

Marking and celebrating your progress. You’ve made it! You have traveled THROUGH the Land of Sexless Marriage Problems. Celebrate! And share your story with others who need to go on a road trip.
There are, in fact, 50 chapters in Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage! I've only shared some of the topics covered in some of the chapters.

Where did I get the information I’m giving you?

Great question!

As you read the following emails see if you don’t recognize your self.

"YES! I'm ready to act now. "


A man wrote me and said…“My wife lost her job 5 months ago and is having a hard time finding a new one. She is feeling down and depressed and is putting our relationship aside. She is also only into her feelings, and our sex life in the past 6 months has gone from bad, to worse. There is hardly any passion or playfulness left. Any advice?” Well, believe it or not, this is a pretty easy one.
Relationships that lack satisfying sex are commonly coupled with depression. What compounds the challenge is that the medications prescribed to treat the depression actually diminish sexual desire. What a dilemma! The cure can cause the disease!
Here is another situation that is pretty clear. “Nearly a year ago, my wife had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 30. Now she says she has no sex drive at all. Maybe I am being a self-centered jerk, but, I am still human and I still have wants and needs. This is starting to put a lot of stress on me. Can anything be done about this before it ruins our relationship? Help!”
There are any number of physical challenges that face men, but women are especially vulnerable because of the complexity of their arousal system. It involves “hardware” as well as “software” and challenges with either can result no desire for sex.
It gets harder when “family enmeshment,” as we Marriage and Family Therapists refer to it, gets involved. “My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we have a child together. He lived with his mother until I got my first apartment, and then he moved in with me. Gradually he started to spend more time with his friends, and less with me. Our sexual relationship just shriveled up to nothing. He wouldn’t talk about it, so I told him to leave. He went home to his mother’s. We have worked a lot of our problems out since then, but he won’t move back in with me. What should I do?”
Enmeshment, alliances, power struggles, identity confusion, lousy communication . . . there are a lot of “family dynamics” that can show up in the bedroom, or keep you out of the bedroom!
Sometimes the issues get complex and layered one on top of another. “Right before we got married I started experiencing a lack of sexual interest. As we have stayed married it has declined to nothing. My husband insisted that I go into therapy about 5 years ago to deal with this. He has an extremely high sex drive, has always been VERY interested in erotica and now is, I think, addicted to pornography. As time moved on, I always felt that he was trying to force me or coerce me or scare me into being more sexual with him. He thinks the greatest intimacy comes from sex, and I don’t think like that. He feels trapped and like he is desperate to escape. He believes he can find someone more sexually compatible. What can I do to reach out to him? How can I help him? I try to listen to his anger and let him know that I understand how he feels. I want to be supportive. Most of all, I don’t want to lose him, but I am afraid it is too late. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.” Wow . . . I had to think about this one for a week before I wrote her back! The very stability of a loving relationship can be upset by incompatible appetites for sex.
There are a lot of complicated issues surrounding one’s “arousal threshold” and “orgasmic threshold” that all mix together under one heading: “the control of sexual desire.”
Then there are the special issues that pop up, such as this. “All of my past partners were always happy to proceed in oral sex. Whenever my new partner pleasures me with oral sex he can’t get an erection. What is this about? No one ever had this problem with me before?” So she has some challenges and he has some challenges, and as is always the case, the relationship suffers. In fact, more than half of the men, and twenty-five percent of the women report through my research that their marriage is in "serious trouble" because of the lack of satisfactory sex in their relationship.
Are you in one of those relationships that is in “serious trouble” because of a lack of sex?

I sure hope not. But if you are, then look at what you are doing right now!

You are here, and you are doing something about the challenging relationship in which you find yourself.

You are not helpless!

You are taking action!

That is a great sign of hope!

Together, with my expert advice, and
your serious effort, change is possible!

You can “Get it on!”

Here are two honest emails I’ve received from people who have taken some action. The first reader is responding not just to my eBook, but to one of the FREE BONUS OFFERINGS that are included.
“Hi - We (read my wife) bought your online book - Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage - which I read with enthusiasm - some of the content was relevant to our situation and gave an insight into our domestic situation. I relate a lot to the "steel donut" as I am definitely B w/my wife the dominant A. Thanks again for the good read."
- Paul
This next reader is responding to an email she sent me… different than the one’s I’ve included above. She gets it! She understands that my advice, my perspective, my encouragement can really help!

"Dear Dr. Atwood:

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you for such a caring, thoughtful and professional response. How blessed I am to have stumbled upon your web site. I learned a great deal from reading your response, and was touched by the time you put into it. I think you're right on the money. . . Thanks to you, I realize my very large part in my own mess; I realize I've played a staring role in my own suffering. I shall read your on-line book and then endeavor with all my might to move beyond reading to taking action on what I've read.

Thank you for your wonderful response - and wake up call. M.G."

I’ve spent over 60,000 hours with people over the last 30 years, and a lot of those people have struggled with a lousy sexual relationship. You see, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Master Social Worker in Michigan, and the co-founder of the Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation. Today, I work with 11 other people in a multi-disciplinary group where we are all trying to help people to take the next step on their journey of life.

“Helping people to get along,
and to get ahead in life.”

That’s my mission. In order to be helpful to people who are struggling with a lack of sexual desire in their relationship, I have created this website. Truthfully, I am the “content expert” and my son, Dave, is the Webmaster. It is a great team effort here; my right-brain and his left-brain! There are others involved as well, but you can check that out on your own by going to our Home Page.

Yes, Dave and I have created HopefulSolutions.net together. I’ve developed the content, and he has created the website.

There is a “Method to my Madness!”

Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage is a tool that will help the two of you to dialogue at a deeper level about the very personal and touchy subject of your sexual relationship.

The people who visit this website are about evenly split, 50% are men, and 50% are women. I find that to be rather interesting, and refreshing.

While both men and women come to this site, it is predominantly the women who are able to talk about the sensitive and personal issues involved in their sexual challenges.

We all know that women tend to go for therapy more often than do men. Women can talk about their feelings more easily.

I spoke on the phone last week with a woman I’ve never met, nor will I ever meet. She was on her cell phone talking with me from inside a closet at her parent’s house. We talked about her relationship with her partner and she said, “Oh, I’m blushing…”

The challenges you both are facing are probably very difficult to talk about… but if you don’t, change won’t happen.

I’ve created a tool that will help you two
to talk with each other.

Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage is written, as I have shown you, around a metaphor… a road trip that the two of you are taking. Yes, it is the journey of life that you are both on.

This literary technique gives me the opportunity to use some humor, some symbols that guys can grasp, and some language that the two of you can share without getting too embarrassed. By publishing through the Internet like this I am able to use common language to talk about common subject. So, YES, all of this is “sexually explicit.”

There are 50 Chapters in Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, and as you can see, they all hang together as “A Traveler’s Guide.” Makes it a little silly at points, but it is a way of working with a subject that all too often makes people anxious. Silly stuff is easier to talk over than heavy serious stuff.

There are three ways to get your own
copy of my eBook.

You can simply click on the ORDER BUTTON below and you will be taken through a simple process that is safe and secure. You can be reading a downloadable version within minutes.

You can order a spiral bound printed copy that will be mailed to you via the US Postal Service.

Or, you can order a copy on CD Rom, and that will be mailed to you via the US Postal Service.

Here’s another email. “My husband and I seldom have sex. I crave for his affection. It’s almost as if he finds sex sinful. I have to ask all the time. He doesn’t kiss, nor does he show me any affection. I don’t feel connected anymore. In fact, I’m not sure if I want to stay married to him. He claims that he loves me, but can’t seem to find the time for intimacy. I’m lucky if we have sex once a month. What should I do?” Take my eBook, Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, and ask him to read it, and then you two sit down and read it together, chapter-by-chapter, and get some dialogue going. Don’t let him off the hook. Read and talk. Read and talk. That will create more intimacy right there! But, DO NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK! Don’t make his anxiety go away by avoiding the whole situation! Hold you own hand, manage your own anxiety, and keep kind pressure on him! Stick with it, and you will get UNstuck!

Believe me, I know that you might doubt my optimism, but I have seen people change, and I have seen people grow to love, and make love with each other in new and life changing ways.

“But, what should I do now to change this?”

"I'm ready to make some changes! Take me to the order page now!"


Don’t give up hope!

So often in life we face a crisis, we work and work to find a solution that will bring us relief, but it isn’t until we are ready to give up (or, until we have given up!) that some miraculous answer comes from somewhere out of the blue!

Stop right where you are, take a deep breath, and get centered. I’ll give you some tips on how you can do that in Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage. The more anxious you get, the worse the problem becomes.

Work TODAY with the advice I am offering you. Discover the truth that will set you free! Read along and “reflect and write.” Look at who you each are, journal some, and get your head straight about the challenges you each are facing.

Use my material to get some healthy dialogue going within your own head, and between the two of you. I know from decades of experience that it is easier for two people to talk together about what is in my eBook, than it is to look at each other – eye-to-eye – and talk about oral sex, (for example). I’ve tried to include just about every subject in my eBook, so you two can talk about “it.”

Don’t misunderstand me – I am working hard to foster more intimacy between the two of you. We are after “making love,” not just “screwing.”

“Okay, so what if I don’t find your eBook to be helpful. Then what?”

Great question!

I know that you have struggled for some time with the challenges that have pushed you to the side of the road. None of this just popped up yesterday, did it?

So, yes, you’ve worked at addressing the challenges before you… but I am convinced that you could do more, and better.

So, I’ll take all the risk. You can purchase Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage and be confident that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can ask for a 100% refund… and you’ll get all of your money back. No questions asked!

I can give you a 100% money-back guarantee because I am confident that:
The content I have packaged for you is comprehensive.

The way I have written it is more entertaining than typical sex manuals that tend to be rather clinical and dry, or just full of pictures about positions. I’m after what creates more desire for sex.

"I'm aware of the guarantee, so YES! I'm ready to take action Now."


The fact is that if either of you, or both of you read and talk, talk and read, back and forth… you will develop a greater depth of intimacy around a subject that is very sensitive to most people. If your partner won’t read… YOU can read out loud!

And I simply know this works!

But that’s not all! I’m going to give you
3 gifts for FREE!
BONUS NO. 1 - Yours Absolutely for FREE – “What Can I Do About My Low Self-Esteem In My Sexless Marriage?” This is one of the most common questions put to me by those who email for help. It is very common for either person to struggle with low self-esteem. If you have a low desire for sex and you are avoiding your partner… your self-esteem is negatively affected. If you are being constantly rejected, your self-esteem is being trashed! I’ve written what I call a 5-page “dialogue paper” and you can have it for FREE as a bonus when you purchase the big e-book.

BONUS NO. 2 – Yours Absolutely for FREE – “How do I confront my partner with a problem I am having with my partner, without hurting my partner’s feelings?” I wrote this unique10-page “dialogue paper” in response to a number of people who wanted an answer to this common question. To be really specific, the email that finally pushed me to research and write was this: “How do I tell my partner that I don’t find my partner to be especially attractive anymore since my partner has put on so much extra weight?” God only knows how many of us have packed on too much weight and in the process turned off the libido! The research indicates that being overweight is one of the big killers when it comes to sexual desire. But as I began to write, I realized that there were all sorts of issues around which one partner struggled to confront another – money, kids, in laws, lack of desire, pornography, an affair . . . the list is pretty long. Most confrontations turn ugly. This paper is also written as a “dialogue paper,” back-and-forth, as I imagine you sitting across from me in my office. This 10-page paper is yours for FREE when you purchase Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage.

BONUS NO. 3 Yours Absolutely for FREE - “The Steel Donut” - Why your relationship is stuck, and how you can get free! Frankly, I think this 26-page paper is incredibly insightful. One of my clients, Kurt was his name, drew “The Steel Donut” on the chalk board in my office back in the 1970’s and I immediately saw how incredibly descriptive his diagram was. He used it to describe how his girlfriend wouldn’t let him either get too close, or too far away; Kurt was stuck in “The Steel Donut.” Every time I go to the white board (the chalk board is long gone) and draw out “The Steel Donut,” I get the same reaction from my clients: “Wow, that is exactly what is going on! That’s us, right there! Amazing…” So, I’ve taken the diagram, the descriptions, and woven it all together with 10 illustrations so that you see how “The Steel Donut” is at work in your own relationship. When one person has less desire for closeness, yet won't leave, then the relationship is stuck. If the other person just can’t get close enough, but won't leave either, then the dilemma is in place. I point the way out in this very helpful paper. This BONUS is incredibly valuable all by itself, and I’m giving it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE! Use it to get unstuck.

"Three Bonuses?! I'll take 'em!"


Whatever you do, do something NOW so that you don’t end up like this forever!
“I’m a male who has been married for almost 23 years and the past 22 have been nearly void of sex. For the past several years, I have given up initiating sex, as my advances were rejected the majority of the time. Which would drive me totally nuts and make me very angry, besides making me feel totally undesirable. I feel miserable and sometimes depressed. I know I would be a much happier person if I had a normal sex life, and it would be easier for me to show non-sexual affection. Please tell me your thoughts on this situation.”

Or, are you already like this?
After all, someone did actually send this
email to me.

And believe, me, I have had others who have challenged me to think and feel right along with them as they struggle with shame, control, anxiety, fear, guilt, anger, and utter confusion.

This all can be incredibly difficult for both of you.

But remember . . .There is hope!

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Because this isn’t like going to a bookstore and thumbing through a bunch of books you just took off the shelf, it only makes sense to offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, or the FREE materials, just email me and your money will be refunded. No hassles. So what do you have to lose if you continue as you are now, or if you try yet one more time by purchasing now?

Where can you go for help around such a sensitive and personal subject?

With whom are you comfortable enough to talk about this sort of stuff?

Right here. This is the place where Hopeful Solutions are being made available for people who are struggling.

Start thinking together and talking together today!

If your sexual relationship is stuck in neutral, or worse yet...in reverse!...then you will benefit from Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage.


To order “Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage" as an eBook (download to your computer for $19.99) and be reading in 5 minutes...



Here’s hoping you have a wonderful life together!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Andrew D. Atwood
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Master Social Worker

PS: Don’t forget that you will receive all 3 Bonus Articles for FREE when you order!

PPS: The “*” in the header at the top of this page is meant to reference you to this fact – My advice is based not just on 30+ years of professional experience, but it is based on what is “known” according to some of the latest research.

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What is a sexless marriage?](redesign/sexless-marriage.htm) [Do you want help with your Sexless Marriage?](redesign/help-with-sexless-marriage.htm) [Why do we have a sexless marriage?](redesign/sexless-marriages.htm) [What BIG challenges are
facing a sexless relationship?](sexless_marriage/sexless-relationship.htm) [How can I get help on a Sexless Marriage?](redesign/help-on-a-sexless-marriage.htm) [How can living in a sexless marriage work?](redesign/living-in-a-sexless-marriage.htm) [I’m a woman in a sexless marriage – now what?](redesign/woman-in-a-sexless-marriage.htm) [Why are men in sexless marriages for years?](redesign/men-in-sexless-marriages.htm) [Is there help for a sexless Christian marriage?](redesign/help-for-a-christian-marriage.htm) [Why not sexless marriage? Can it work?](redesign/why-not-sexless-marriage.htm) [What about a sexless marriage after sixty? ](redesign/sexless-marriage-after-sixty.htm) [Is repairing sexless marrige possible?](redesign/repairing-sexless-marrige.htm) [How does a woman in a
sexless marriage cope?](redesign/woman-in-a-sexless-marriage.htm) [Do you want some FREE relationship advice?](redesign/free-relationship-advice.htm) [Are you in a sexless loveless marriage?](redesign/sexless-loveless-marriage.htm) [Can I do better than living in a sexless marriage?](redesign/living-in-a-sexless-marriage.htm) [There’s no sex and I’m frustrated and angry!](redesign/no-sex.htm)

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