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World Class Ferret Lover Reveals A Proven System For Happy, Healthy, Sweet Smelling, and Well-Behaved Ferrets Without Spending a TON of Money on Supplies – in 7 Days or Less – Guaranteed!”

Dear Friend:

Welcome to Ferrets Made Easy!

My name is Melisa Seligman and I want to congratulate you for considering a hedgehog as your new furry friend! Ferrets are amazing pets – in fact, most ferret owners would tell you that they can no longer imagine their lives without their clever, playful little carpet sharks! Ferrets are becoming very popular as pets, yet despite this fact – there is a LOT of conflicting and incomplete information out there on ferret care! Unfortunately, most new ferret owners do not discover this problem until their new ferret becomes dangerously ill!

Please, let me cover some vital facts about ferret care…and why you shouldn’t even think about getting a ferret until you have the right information.

Did you know -

Most of the information about ferrets and ferret care found in popular pet care books, in pet store handouts, and offered by pet store employees is either currently out of date, incomplete or flat out wrong! Its a sad truth that most pet care information is written just to encourage owners to buy overpriced ferret supplies they don’t need! In many other cases, ferret care books are updated so infrequently by publishers that important health and safety information is outdated within a few years of publication (don’t believe me? Look to see how many ferret books still recommend raisins as treats!)

Insider Ferret Secret #1: Ferrets Are Not for Everyone

It is very important to know if ferrets are right for YOU before you go out and buy/adopt one, and spend lots of money on a cage and supplies! Ferrets are amazing pets, but they are not right for everyone. Spending some time discovering the ins and outs of ferret care can help you decide if getting a ferret is really right for you.

Insider Ferret Secret #2: 90% of ALL Ferret-Related Problems Can Be Prevented or Solved by Having the Right Information

Do you know what makes your ferret tick? Are you able to recognize the signs of ferret anger, fear, or happiness? Learning the exact meaning of ferret body language and common sounds can prevent unfortunate incidents like this one:

Mary, a reader from Virginia writes,

“Melisa – My husband and I had discounted how important it is to understand ferret body language – until one day our ferret Sharky was badly frightened by some construction noise going on in our neighborhood. Without thinking we pickled Sharky up in order to sooth his nerves. Unfortunately, as soon as we touched him, Sharky quickly sunk his teeth into both of our hands before we could act quickly enough to react! It wasn’t until we learned about ferret body language that we realized that Sharky’s frizzed out tail and fur was a strong message telling us to “stay away!” Had we just waited a little while, the whole incident could have been prevented.”

Lewis from Vancouver writes,

“Melisa, when my ferret lost weight and began vomiting – I completely panicked over what could possibly be wrong with my little guy!”

Insider Ferret Secret #3 Know What to Expect – And Where to Find Quick Answers

Many ferret owners like Lewis have never been told about the basics of ferret health. Ferrets can frequently get sick leaving an owner to figure out what to do on his own! This can be incredibly stressful!

Other ferret owners also worry needlessly when nothing at all is wrong:

Susan from Montana writes,

“When my ferret began to lose weight without any obvious explanation – I panicked! It was only later that I learned that weight loss is a common seasonal thing!”

So you see..

Ferrets are unique, but they don’t need to be complicated or misunderstood. With the right information you can have a happy, healthy, well behaved ferret of your dreams without spending a ton of money. Really!

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Let Me Show You Exactly What to Expect, How to Care for Your Ferret, and What to Do if He or She Gets Sick!

I have developed a foolproof guide to selecting the best ferret for you and your family, ensuring your ferret’s health and happiness for years to come AND practically eliminate any chance your ferret will get sick – while saving you time, money, and hassle!

I have put ALL of this information into an instantly downloadable ebook that is your guide to ferret care – “Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guide.”

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This system is guaranteed to show you everything you need to know about ferret care and prevent all of those expensive an unnecessary trips to the veterinarian.

What You Will Get…

“Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guide” will provide you with the most up to date information on ferret care used “in the field” daily by ferret owners, experts, and breeders. Using the tips and techniques provided in this guide will ensure that your ferret will never encounter easily preventable health and behavioral problems.

Keeping your ferret healthy and happy is actually really simple and easy – if you know what to do.

Here is just a brief glimpse at what you will discover…
What to know before you even THINK about getting a ferret (and certainly before you tell your children!) How to know if a ferret is the right pet for you – get simple unbiased information on how ferrets behave and what exactly you can expect! How to select a healthy ferret with a personality perfectly suited for you and your family! A simple solution for ferret aggression – no tricks or training required! How to choose the most luxurious and fun ferret cage and supplies without spending more than your budget allows! Ferret food secrets – how to select the best and most nutritious ferret foods – and here’s a hint – its NOT the commercial ferret food found in the local pet store, but its still simple and easy! How to spot little known ferret safety hazards! Ferrets are fearless and this can frequently lead to disaster if common hazards are left untreated! How to reduce ferret odor – the RIGHT way! Many ferret experts would lead you to believe that ferret odor is no different than that of a cat or a dog – this is simply not true. You will need to know the detail on ferret odor and how to reduce it BEFORE deciding if a ferret is right for you. How to reduce unnecessary damage to your home – “ferret-proofing” tricks of the pro’s! How to understand exactly what your ferret wants and needs! Avoid unnecessary stress and expense – Know what’s normal and what’s not! Litterbox training – it IS possible – we show you how! How to teach your ferret the very best manners! How to make your own fun, safe, and inexpensive ferret toys! Experts would have you believe any old thing will do – but its not true! Commonly used items like paper towel tubes are NOT safe but other household items are! Discover how to tell the difference! and much much more!

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Questions? [Contact us!](../contact/) We are happy to answer any burning questions!

Plus You Will Get These FREE Bonuses When You Order Today!

Bonus #1 “Common Ferret Health Problems and How to Cure Them” $20 Yours FREE!!

Discover everything you need to know to:
Determine if your ferret is seriously ill and needs immediate medical attention! How to treat or cure all common ferret health conditions! What to do when you ferret won’t eat! What to do when your ferret ate something he shouldn’t! How to tell when your ferret just needs a lot of sleep when he or she is really sick! and more!
Bonus #2 “The Complete Ferret Poop Chart” $10 Yours FREE!!

This necessary health troubleshooting tool is usually absent from most ferret care books!

Okay, we know this sounds gross but – as a ferret owner it is guaranteed there will be some time in the future when you will need a pop chart. Trust us.

Ferret poop will tell you everything you need to know about the ferret digestive system – from what your ferret ate to if he or she is ill.

Discover how to identify what is normal and what needs medical attention right away!

Know the secrets to recognizing the tell take signs of:
Stomach ulcer! Intestinal bleeding! Infections! and more!
Bonus #3 “Advanced Ferret Health Care” $20 Yours FREE!!

Most ferret care books do not go into sufficient detail regarding the health problems (such as adrenal gland tumors and insulinoma) that, sadly, most ferrets will eventually encounter despite one’s best efforts.

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Ordering is Safe, Easy, and Secure!

You can place your order right now and literally be reading this guide 30 seconds later – no matter where you live!

This is all you need to do – click on any of the blue links (example: order now) and you will be redirected to my 100% secure purchase page. Do not be alarmed when you find yourself redirected to a third party website ClickBank.com – this is simply the company I use to process payments. This ensures that your transaction is 100% secure AND provides a 60 day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

That’s right, if any of you are nervous about purchasing a product online – don’t be! Clickbank will refund your money and my book is still yours to keep for FREE – that’s how confident I am that you will be 100% satisfied with my book “Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guide.”

As soon as your order is processed (takes less than a minute) you will be automatically redirected to the download page – from here you can download and save “Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guide” directly to your hard drive.

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Questions? [Contact us!](../contact/) We are happy to answer any burning questions!

Let me show you what to expect from your ferret and how to care for it, from before your new pets arrival home until its final days!

Normally, I sell this guide for $19.95 in order to cover my ongoing costs. However, as this version of “Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guides” is my newest revision, I would like to get additional user reviews and input. For this reason I am temporarily lowering my price to $12.99! That’s right for only $12.99 you get the most modern, up-to-date guide to ferrets and ferret care full of insider tips and tricks INSTANTLY – anywhere in the world – along with three free BONUS packs worth an additional $50 – PLUS a 60 day 100% money back guarantee !!!

That’s a total value of $69.95 – yours for only $12.99! That’s a savings of $56.96 – but only as long as I am running this promotion, so don’t miss your chance.

And if you choose to request a refund, the system is still your to keep as long as you like.

So What Do You Have To Lose?

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You have nothing to risk and everything to gain!

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Wishing you and your ferret years of happiness.


Melisa Seligman

P.S. Questions? [Contact us!](http://ferrets-made-easy.com/contact/) We are happy to answer any burning questions!

P.S. S. Don’t forget that I will be raising the price of “Ferret Care: The Ultimate Owner’s Guide” guide to $19.99 after I receive a few more book reviews. Be sure to take advantage of the $12.99 discounted price while you still can! Click here to save!

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