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Experience the Unsurpassed Relaxation, Introspection, and Empowerment of Tibault Autogenic Training & Meditation.

If  you are looking to harness the Law of Attraction, relieve stress, conquer negativity, subdue physical  or emotional pain, discover the principles of autogenic training and biofeedback in meditation, or simply for a gateway to unsurpassed relaxation through a premium guided meditation program, look no further.

In Mere Minutes per Day, Discover How To:

  Relieve pain without medication Manage time more effectively Set and achieve meaningful goals Spend time in worthy pursuits Enjoy life more fully Develop a wealth of gratitude Embrace a paradigm of abundance Fully utilize the Law of Attraction Maintain a healthier lifestyle Conquer addictions and poor habits Create value-based habits Sharpen your mind and learning skills Build true, lasting confidence Realize your untapped potential Control negative thoughts and emotions Effectively analyze thought processes Make sound, value-based choices Calm and focus in any situation Breathe more efficiently Relieve stress and anxiety Harness the power of Autogenic Training Ease tension with Biofeedback Relax with Guided Meditation Visualize with Meditative Ambiance Revitalize with Deep Breathing ExercisesUse Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment
Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation differs from standard non-autogenic and autogenic meditation methods by including meditative affirmations, more biofeedback training, relaxed (less repetitive or "hypnotic") autogenics, guided visualization sessions, binaural beats brainwave entrainment, and soothing meditation ambiance. All of these are wrapped in a fully customizable meditation playlist, so you control every aspect of your own autogenic training and meditation.

Tibault's ever-expanding library of downloadable meditation sounds, autogenic trainings, ambiances, guided meditations, affirmations, visualizations, biofeedback, and progressive relaxation practices provides an unlimited source for all your meditation and deep relaxation needs.

With the  help of special brainwave technology like autogenic deep breathing markers and binaural beats brainwave entrainment, there is no better program to get you to a deep, relaxed, pain-relieving meditation-- I [guarantee](#guarantee) it.

Tibault: Introduction to Autogenic Training & Meditation

$74.99 USD

FREE with your Tibault: Ultimate Membership

Discover how to take relaxation, meditation, and autogenic training to new heights with the world's most powerful relaxation and meditation methods. The Tibault Introduction to Autogenic Training and Meditation will guide you, step by step, to mental, spritual, and physical bliss.

Tibault: Meditative Ambiance

$124.99 USD

FREE with your Tibault Ultimate Membership

Ease into divine states of relaxation with rain, wind, thunderstorms, rivers, ocean waves, meditaiton music, and many more ambiances. Let your meditations soar to new heights with binaural beats brainwave entrainment and Autogenic Breathing Markers.

Tibault: Empowering Affirmations

Monthly Membership: $9.99 USD

FREE with your Tibault Ultimate Membership

Supercharge the Law of Attraction in your life with these empowering affirmations. Reduce negative thinking and generate paradigm-shifting habits of success. Empowering Affirmations in the Tibault Library include:
  Wealth and Abundance Accepting positive thoughts Banishing negativity Mental Control Creativity Spirituality Greater physical performance Attraction Enhanced learning Test preparation Mental confidence Acceptance Physical Control Love Self Control Serenity Health Weight loss Exercise Healthy eating Time management Leadership Forgiveness Fatherhood Motherhood Performing in the workplace Public speaking Gratitude Change Pain Management Healing Building good habits Conquering negative habits Achieving daily goals And many, many more!  
Remember, our thoughts are seeds which will all be harvested in time. With Tibault's powerful, paradigm-shifting affirmations, you will ensure that you are sewing seeds you wish to reap!

Tibault: Guided Autogenic Training & Meditation

$109.99 USD

FREE with your Tibault Ultimate Membership

Thousands of successful people --from athletes to astronauts-- have utilized sensory visualization to achieve incredible feats. Now it's your turn to harness the amazing power of autogenic autosuggestion, intense sensory visualization, and ultimate faith to achieve your greatest aspirations.


NEW! Tibault: Autogenic Sync

$119.99 USD

FREE with your Tibault Ultimate Membership

The Tibault Program allows for completely customizable playlist creation, and now allows for customiazable binaural beats brainwave entrainment "flows" created by Richard Tibault and members of the Tibault Community to ease your mind into divine states of consciousness and meditative bliss.

BONUS: ACCESS to the ever-expanding Tibault Library

Your Tibault Ultimate Membership now grants you access to the world's largest online library of autogenic trainings, meditations, affirmations, biofeedback trainings, meditative ambiances, guided vizualizations, and much, much more.

BONUS: ACCESS to [Richard Tibault's Private Blog.](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/)

Tibault Ultimate Membership now includes full access to Richard Tibault's Private Meditation Blog-- full of meditation tips, positions, exercises, techniques, insights, and more. If you've ever wanted to get into the mind of a meditation expert, this is your chance.

There are No CD's to wait for in the mail. No gimmicks or hassles. The web's largest library of autogenic trainings and meditations can be at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Tibault Library is continually updated with new sounds and tracks from Richard Tibault and the Tibault Community. Access gives you an unlimited source for everything you could need in an autogenic training or guided meditation. You cannot find this in any other meditation program.

Try an entire month of Tibault Meditation with our Risk-Free 30-Day Trial for just $4.95. Monthly membership continues at $17.95, with the ability to cancel any time and keep everything you've downloaded as our gift.
The birth of Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation

"Mr. Tibault, will you please lay in the corner for me, away from the others?" nagged the professor's nasal voice after the third wadded piece of paper glanced off the back of my classmate's head.

"I was not what you would call a model untiversity senior. Or a model anything for that matter."

It was all I could do to even attend university. There was too much on my mind. Too much stress. I was unmotivated and unfocused. I was either bouncing off the walls or sullen and moody. My closest relationships were in jeopardy. I was enslaved by addictions and chained by vices. I was a prisoner in an unhealthy, constantly sick and tired body. My spirituality suffered.

"My life was out of balance and I knew I needed a major paradigm shift... but felt that i couldn't change."

As the lights dimmed and my classmates and I laid on the floor for an autogenic training and meditation demonstration, changing my habits was the last thing on my mind. I wadded another piece of paper.

The teacher's voice was far from the soothing hypnotist's croon. The background ambiance he used was a grainy cassette tape, and the ocean waves loop it repeated was choppy and irritating, with barking seaguls which were way too close to the mic. But there was something immensely powerful about it all. Something incredible happened.

"I listened. I calmed. I relaxed. I, Richard Tibault, the C-minus skimmer with a 10-second attention span, focused."

It was then that I realized the power of autogenic training and biofeedback, coupled with guided meditation. And I never looked back.

From that day, I have logged daily meditations ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours. I have been able to accomplish very hard things. After graduating with studies in Behavioral Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Business, and Leadership, I continued on in a feverish study of meditation and personal excellence.

"This mastery of my mind, spirit, and body has provided continuous focus, motivation, and passion for personal pursuits."

I trained my mind to focus. I repaired ailing relationships. I trained my body to learn to love physical exercise and healthy eating. I tought my spirit self-control, temperance, patience, and forgiveness. I conquered vices and addictions. I became a happy, optimistic, joyful person. My countenance changed. My whole being soon engaged in habits which have blessed my life with health and abundance in nearly every way.

"And it was all because I decided to listen to a drolling professor's nasal-voiced guided meditation, biofeedback, and autogenic training session."

Since that day I have purchased and studied hundreds of meditation methods, most of which were good, but some which were "snake oil." Because this new-found ability to focus brought such a drastic change in my life, I dedicated my life to meditation, the study of it, and the persuit of personal excellence through its power to heal and master the body, cleanse and sharpen the mind, and empower and enliven the very soul.

"I soon discovered an incredible new technology which allowed meditation novices to achieve incredible mental, physical, and spiritual states: Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment."

In the beginning I was jealous. I had spent years of my life training body and mind to obtain clear, effective meditations-- and here was this new technology which allowed anybody to meditate just as deeply-- possibly deeper-- within minutes. Rather than regret the time I'd spent perfecting my own meditations, I gained a new passion for helping others achieve incredible meditative states with this technology, while utilizing this new technology to take my own meditations to an entirely new level.

Once I felt that my academic study of the social sciences was sufficient, I started creating autogenic trainings, affirmations, and meditations which ranged from clearing the mind during a golf swing to relieving lower back-pain. Coupled with binaural beats brainwave technology, these recordings became what is now the vast suite of meditative methods found in my program.

"Now it is your chance to listen and to discover the incredible power behind autogenic training, guided meditation, and biofeedback. If you will listen, it will change your life."

This is it. This is what you've been searching for in a meditation program. Tibault Ultimate is the premier collection for anybody to discover powerful new meditation and autogenic relaxation techniques, as well as engage in autogenic training exercises, guided meditations, biofeedback exercises, visualization trainings, meditative ambiances, and so much more.

"If you will listen regularly, it has the power to change your life for the better-- to transform you into your true self-- to urge you to live life on purpose-- to realize your incredible potential. I [guarantee](#guarantee) it."

Richard Tibault

P.S. "I personally use Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation every day because its tenets truly changed my life. I hope to always live my life is a testament to its power."


To Answer This, Honestly Answer the Following Personal Questions:

• Is negativity clouding your thoughts?
• Are you often nervous or edgy?
• Do you lack self-control?
• Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a rut?
• Are you unmotivated to live the life you want to live?
• Are you lacking drive?
• Do you have difficulty shedding negative habits, and struggle with forming positive habits?
• Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
• Would you like to meditate but don't know how to get started?
• Would you like to meditate daily, but seem never to have the time?
• Are you in frequent pain due to aches that never seem to leave?

Do You Find Yourself Saying Any of the Following?

• "I feel stressed-out more than I should."
• "I think my stress is causing bodily pain, like backaches, headaches, and joint pains."
• "When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes don't feel like getting out of bed, thinking to myself, "what's the point?""
• "I find myself holding my breath or breathing erratically in stressful situations."
• "I feel like my life is dull, repetitive, the same-old-same-old, day in and day out routine."
• "I often get excited about my goals, but never seem to follow through."
• "I often feel pessimistic."
• "I stay upset for a long time, even after the situation has been resolved. I don't know why."
• "I said something I shouldn't have, now I'll spend the next weeks pulling my foot out of my mouth."
• "So much of my life seems to go by the saying, "Ready, Fire, Aim." -- I just don't think things through before I act."
• "I'll never be able to. . ."
• "I can't help myself. I have to. . ."
• "I'll never be able to stop. . ."

If you have had thoughts similar to these in the past month, Tibault Autogenic Training and meditation can assist you in becoming the person you truly want to be.

What Makes Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation Experience so Special?

Find exactly the meditation you need in the exclusive Tibault Library.

Relax, defeat pain, and embrace the full power of the Law of Attraction with unlimited access to an exlusive members area dedicated to the sounds, meditations, affirmations, and relaxation trainings which you request.

A Custom meditation playlist gives you only what you want to hear in the time you have to hear it.

Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation sessions can last anywhere from less than five minutes to beyond fifteen hours. Now you control how long or short your meditation will be.

Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation is designed so listeners can integrate the sounds, affirmations, and trainings they like, in the order they like, and still sound like a continuous track. Perfect for your ultimate meditative serenity.

Every aspect of your meditation is now completely up to you.

Other guided meditation products limit you to what you can hear, how long you hear it for, and how you listen. Not anymore...

Create your own divine meditations in four simple steps:

1. Access the exclusive Tibault Library.

2. Download the meditation tracks that interest you.

3. arrange the meditation tracks to your liking.

4. sit back, relax, and experience powerful personal change.



How Does Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation Compare with Other Popular Meditation Methods and Products?

Before I show you, let me tell you this first: As I have used many of them myself, I believe that most of these methods are absolutely fantastic ways to achieve deep, relaxing meditative states, and I whole-heartedly promote them. However, (and this should be obvious), the reason why I created Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation is because I believe guided autogenic training and meditation to be far superior to any other method.

We are so confident you will choose Tibault Ultimate, we welcome you to Google these other repsected meditation programs.
We've also included links to basic definitions for every criteria.
  Holosync Equisinc Brain Sync TIBAULT ULTIMATE [Binaural Beats](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-binaural-beats/) • • • [Brainwave Entrainment Meditation](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-brainwave-entrainment/) • • • [Biofeedback](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-biofeedback/)       ["Learn how to Meditate" Tutorial](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-meditation-tutorial/)     * [Deep Breathing](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-deep-breathing/)     * [Guided Relaxation](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-guided-relaxation/)     • [Positive Affirmations](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-positive-affirmations/) *   • [Negativity Cleansing](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-negativity-cleansing/)     • [Sensory Visualization](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-sensory-visualization/)     * [Guided Meditation](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-guided-meditation/)     • [Autosuggestion](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-autosuggestion/)     * [Goal-Setting Exercises](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-goal-setting/)       [Deep Breathing Markers](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-deep-breathing-markers/)       [Self-Realization](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-self-realization/)     • [Guided Focus](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-guided-focus/)     * [Subconscious (sleeping) Meditation](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-subconscious-meditation/) • • • [Customizable Meditation Length](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-customizable-meditations/)       [Autogenic Training for Beginners](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-at-for-beginners/)       [Multiple Background Ambiances](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-multiple-background-ambiances/)       [Gratitude Awareness](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-gratitude-awareness-training/)     * [Paradigm of Responsibility](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-and-meditation-paradigm-of-responsibility/)     * [Based on Locus of Control](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-locus-of-control/)     * [Attunement to the Law of Attraction](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-meditation-attunement-to-the-law-of-attraction/)     • [No Religious Bias](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibault-autogenic-training-and-meditation-has-no-religious-undertones/) * * * [No Reported Negative Side Effects](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/side-effects-of-tibault-autogenic-training-and-meditation/)       [Ever-Expanding Online Library](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tibaults-ever-expanding-library/)       12 Month Step-by-Step Program       24 Hour Support *     Courses Range from Novice to Mastery       Become a Tibault Certified Meditation Expert       How many Tracks Included? 5* 3* 43* ∞ Approximate Cost per Track $38.80* $36.66* $18.72*
<$1.00*** Product Cost in $ USD $179.00 +$15.00 shipping All CDs= $104.95 + $4.99/ea shipping All CDs = $804.95 + shipping; Download = $427.85 $4.95 Risk-Free Trial! Instant Download!**
* Program may or may not have a variant. Please see corresponding meditation websites for more information
**No shipping costs, processing fees, shipping time, or packaging hassles!
***New tracks are continually added, so this estimate is continually getting lower.


Who is Richard Tibault?

Since childhood, Richard Tibault has had a passion for helping others succeed. He was raised to respect human life and understand human nature by his parents. His father is a Certified Franklin-Covey Trainer and a Human Resources Manager for a world-wide charity, social services, and non-profit organization. His mother is a business consultant for one of the largest software companies in the world.

Richard Tibault has University Degrees and expertise through decades of study of behavioral science.

Tibault's fields of study include psychology, sociology, anthropology, social work, business, leadership, personal excellence, and more. He has taught religion classes, led meditation groups, and embarked on a lengthy religious sabbatical where he studied multiple religions, meditation methods, efficient study methods, learning methods, goal setting, memorization methods, and principles of personal excellence.

"The book-and-class study of meditation, with its accompanying certificates, degrees, and honors continues to be a large part of my life. And I accept these honors with much gratitude and humility...

However, these academic and personal achievements pale in comparison to what I have learned about the meditative practice and myself during the introspection and serenity of dedicated, daily personal meditation."

   - Richard Tibault

Richard Tibault spent a year volunteering with the mentally handicapped. He loved it so much that he pursued a career at a Class 16 Mental Hospital and Residential Treatment Center, where he mentored and supervised 16 at-risk adolescent boys. While there he honed his knowledge of coping skills and interpersonal dealings, as well as his understanding of the human mind, motivation, and therapeutic techniques. He worked closely with a treatment team to help his boys overcome addiction, abuse, and other obstacles while building confidence, generating positive thinking skills and good habits, and teaching practical coping skills, including autogenesis and meditation.

From that point, Richard has devoted his time and knowledge to the study of combined Autogenic Training, Meditation, Biofeedback, Visualization Exercises, and Progressive Relaxation. He credits this combination as the most effective avenue for spiritual growth, relaxation, personal excellence, and true attunement to the Law of Attraction.

Tibault prides himself on keeping a daily schedule of habits including meditation, calisthenics, productive work, spiritual readings, and meaningful family time.

Not only has he devoted years of his life to its study and teaching, but has also logged countless hours of personal meditation.

He felt Autogenic Training, meditation, and biofeedback by themselves were wonderful, but knew there could be so much more if these practices were combined with one another, as well as with other effective laws and practices. Tibault decided to create his own Autogenic Training and Meditation Program: Tibault Ultimate. It combines Autogenic Training and Meditation, Biofeedback training, deep breathing training, binaural beats brainwave entrainment, autosuggestion, affirmations, meditative ambiance, gratitude training, attunement to the law of attraction, and much more. Indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.



The Tibault Ultimate StraightForward Guarantee

At Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditaiton, we believe in running a completely honest business. We also believe that the people who buy and utilize our products to be honest, just, hard-working people.

Therefore, if you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, we offer a no-hassle 60 day 100% money-back guarantee, even after the $4.95 trial period is over. No questions asked. Simply [request a refund](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/contact-tibault-autogenic-training-meditation/).

It's that simple.

Why distribute your product in digital format?
[]1. We believe it is important to preserve our environment whether its doing little things like using digital documents like e-mail and online banking to save paper, all the way up to conserving electricity and fuel. The creation of a CD boxed set requires resources and packaging such as plastic, paper, and ink. It requires storage facilities. Shipping the product requires fuel (and the burning of that fuel.)

Because of our new commitment to the environment, the old boxed set version of this product is no longer available in CD format. Please help us heal the earth by downloading. You will receive an updated, re-mastered, all-digital version of Tibault Ultimate, ready to be integrated into your custom playlists, without the waste of a tangible product.

2. With digital files, you can easily create playlists so your meditation experience is completely customized to your liking. This is nearly impossible with several CDs. With custom playlists, you can generate a playlist from 5 minutes to 15 hours-plus, depending on how much time you have for autogenic training and meditation. If you'd like to see a step-by-step video tutorial of how to download and integrate Tibault Autogenic Meditation tracks into your custom meditaiton playlist, [click here](#video).

3. With a download, there's no waiting for a package in the mail, no shipping fees, no hassle. You are only a few easy clicks from experiencing the unsurpassed relaxation, introspection, and empowerment of Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditaiton. If you need assistance with your download, [click here](#video) fo a simple-to-follow, step-by-step video.


5 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating, empower yourself, and Start Meditating right Now

1. You have an unlimited future ahead of you, but a limited life to live it in. Seize the day and start living the life you want beginning this minute.

2. Why delay when it comes to reducing stress, negativity, and anxiety? Start a new, more relaxing, more positive life starting right now.

3. See just how quickly the law of attraction will work for you. Start creating real physical abundance right now through grateful, positive thinking.

4. Breathing and relaxation techniques begin healing your body and mind as soon as you start.

5. You can try the program with our 30-day risk-free trial for only $4.95 and be covered for an extra 30 days with our [iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.](#guarantee) That's right, you get 60 full days to try our program. If you aren't satisfied, we will refund the full purchase price. You keep the tracks you've already downloaded as our gift for trying Tibault Ultimate. There is literally no risk.

[](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com) [](/trial/)

Have You Ever Wanted to Know...

What is the Tibault Program, and how does it work? What is a Meditation Echelon? What does Richard Tibault write in his Private Blog? What kinds of meditation mp3s are in the Tibault Library? [Find out by taking a guided tour.](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com/tour)

Would you like to get expert advice, tips, and hints to reach deeper meditations? [Visit Richard Tibault's Private Blog](http://members.autogenicmeditation.com).

[](http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tibault-Autogenic-Training-Meditation/150954641755) Tibault Autogenic Training & Meditation is now on Facebook! Become a fan today, spread the word, and enjoy complimentary downloads, updates, and autogenic training and meditation information. No purchase required! []
Start your 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

How to Download Tibault Tracks

How to Sync Tibault Playlists to an MP3 Player

How to Create Custom Playlists

How to Copy or "Burn" your Playlists to CDs

Since being digitally remastered in late 2008, Tibault Autogenic Training & Meditation has received outstanding critical acclaim from meditation experts, instructors, therapists, and people just like you.

I enjoyed swimming in the ocean as a kid.  When the big waves rolled in, diving deep helped to avoid the buffeting and churning of the sea.  Tibault Autogenic Meditation is like those deep dives.  I've recently been blindsided by a life-changing wave of loss with its accompanying physical and emotional stresses.   With guidance from Tibault Autogenic Training,  I've been able to make the deep dive under the surface turmoil of my grief and anxiety.  I've rediscovered the inner peace to quiet my mind, heal my emotional wounds, and refocus on generating positive energy in my current life and relationships.  Tibault Autogenic Training and Meditation has helped me with all of that. Thank you!


-Shauna, Bay Village, Ohio

I used to carry such massive stress levels that I would break out in hives and have other physical reactions and manifestations of stress.  I really needed to change my outlook on life.  The principle behind Tibault meditation is so simple. "Change your mind for the better and change your life." I am happier, more energetic, more focused, and WAY more positive-- problems no longer stay on my mind all night and cause me to lose sleep. Negativity slips right off, and people have noticed a big difference in my attitude, especially my family. Thank you for creating this program... it truly has changed my life.


-Paul, San Jose, California

It's true: think happy thoughts, and you'll be a happier person!  It has changed my way of thinking and has really made a positive impact on my life.  I don't think "happy thoughts" get any better than the many wonderful affirmations in your library. Thanks!


-Mae, New York, New York

As one with no previous experience in autogenic meditation I have gained a great deal from the Tibault system. As I explore the many different products offered I find they are an invaluable resource for relaxation and self improvement. For those of us who are just getting acquatinted with these methods of improving the quality of life amidst stressful day-to-day demands, this is a must-have! Thank you!


-Ramon, Santa Clara, Utah


Thought Processes, the Paradigm Continuum, and the Feedback Loop

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