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Welcome to the Patriot’s Club Website!

Patriots Club is a place for kids ages 7 years old and up (with parents) to discuss, share, and work on their “Patriots Qualification Card” together.

The “Patriot’s Qualification Card” is a step by step tool to help teach your children about the history of this great nation, and the core values which made it great. The Patriot’s Qual Card is actually a series of cards including: Recruit, Private, Private First Class, Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, General, and Patriot.

[See Sample Card](http://www.fortpatriot.com/patriotsclub/archives/644)

Each card has certain task the recruit has to complete and be signed off on before he or she can move to the next level. By the time the recruit reaches the level of Patriot, he or she will have a clear understanding of the principles which made this country great.

Types of tasks include: Memory Verses, Memory Quotes, History Quizzes, Core Value Lessons, Survival Skills Points (Fishing, Shooting, etc), Bonus Points (Reading list, DVD list, etc).

Patriotsclub.us is a membership only site, but it only cost a one time fee of $12. So, when you join you get access to the Patriots Club website to where you get the “Patriot’s Qual Card” (printable via pdf) with all the tools and links needed to complete the card. Unlike a book you buy at the store, this program is always being updated, added too, and improved.

[Click Here to Join](http://1.fortp.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1263908779)

Who is this program for?

Anybody and everybody who loves Freedom! Daniel Webster once said “God grants Liberty to only those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it“.

What good is it, if we spend hundreds and sometime thousands of dollars (much less the time evolved) to teach are children to throw a baseball, or football without liberty? Don’t get me wrong, we like a good game as much as the next guy, but we cherish our freedom even more! We are raising the greatest generation of athletes know throughout all history, but losing are freedom at the same time. We must change are priorities to have any hope in saving our Republic.

"Philosophy Of Classroom In One Generation Will Be Philosophy Of Government In The Next" - Abraham Lincoln

Unfortunately are children are not learning the spirit and principles of are founding, they may get dates and names, but not the core understanding. Because public schools are not allowed to talk about the real faith of our founders and the biblical principles to which it was established. This is a great disservice to them and we are now we  seeing the results.

…Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

[Click Here to Join](http://1.fortp.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1263908779)

Great for Parents with busy schedules. Unlike, other clubs with set times and actives, this program is self paced, so you work on the Qual Card at your own leisure.

Great for Grandparents. Who better understands freedom than Grandparents. This program is great for Grandparents to sit down and spend some real quality time with their grand kids.

Great for Homeschooling and Teachers.

[Click Here to Join](http://1.fortp.pay.clickbank.net/?sku=1263908779)

Who is this Program NOT for.

Well, anyone and everyone can learn alot from this program. However some people get offended easily by Biblical Truth. You know things like “Thou Shalt not lie”, and “Thou Shalt not steal”.  Like it or not this country was founded on Biblical principles, so we must include them to get a full understanding of what it takes to become a True American Patriot. The further we get away from this truth the more freedoms we lose.

*Note: We just launched this program on March 2nd, 2010, so we are still updating the cards. However the first Cards are done so as you proceed the rest will be done.

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