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Bonus 1: The Garden Master Plan! This 6 part utility spreadsheet bundle contains everything you need to organize and plan your perfect garden!

Bonus 2: Master Article Archive (253 Articles over 386 pages). This rare collection of articles from gardening lovers covers all known areas of gardening and a few you never new existed!

Bonus 3: The Complete Botanical Magazine - Volumes 1 to 4 ( 218 pages) Completely detailing the strikingley beautiful plants cultivated in the open ground and green house and are all here represented in their natural colors.

Bonus 4: Recipes For Outdoors (291 pages) An incredible concentration of information in one place with some culinary surprises that will have your family and friends amazed and begging for more.

Bonus 5: Your FREE invitation to try out the 3D Garden Software. As one of my customers you get an inside look at the VERY POWERFUL garden and landscaping software. Did I mention the very special discount that's waiting for you?



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‘This is the amazing one of a kind collection on gardening that will show you…


“How To Effortlessley Increase The Value Of Your Home By A Massive 30%…Secrets Revealed That Will Transform Your Garden For Your Health And The Health Of Your Great Grand Children!”



“This Is The Amazing Information Your Neighbours Will Wish You Didn't Have; The Magic Ingredient That Will Transform Your Garden Into The Picture-Perfect Paradise you Always Imagined.”



From Paul Frith.
Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Friday 9.37 a.m.

Dear Friend

If you want to easily create your own energy boosting garden as well as put an additional 30% on your properties price tag…this will be the most exciting and valuable information you'll ever read! 


Here's why:


I am… (with your permission)… going to send you my unique collection of gardening know-how that simply puts every single gardening tip, trick and solution to every problem you can think of at your finger tips, titled: 



“The Complete Gardening System”  



I'll tell you how to get hold of the whole collection in just a moment.


But first...


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your garden, put off by the sheer amount of work that has to be done to realize your dream? Is there just too much to remember as different seasons bring different challenges? Bringing out the very best in your garden means that every passing day is critical. Do you feel equipped to avoid mistakes in your gardening projects, mistakes that will take literally months to realise and put right?


Don't fret. You're probably unaware just how squeezing the maximum potential out of your garden doesn't just mean creating a reasonably nice space to sit and relax, perhaps enjoy the children playing. It actually means effortlessly adding the proffessional touch to every aspect of your gardening projects, provide an all-round experience that will enhance your health and happiness, save on your precious time and money and make the neighbours jealous as hell.


‘The Complete Gardening System’ provides all of that. Everything you need all in one place. Help and advice whatever project you are on with. It is literally like having your own expert on hand 24 hours a day. 



“How Important Is It To Bring

Out The Very Best In Your Garden?” 



It doesn't matter what your skill level is in the garden because there are tons of new ideas in ‘The Complete Gardening System’.


For example...


What would it mean to instantly identify plants that will thrive in your garden. This tip alone will save you money and prevent the dissapointment of loosing prized specimens.  


What about a simple tip that will help you identify the soil types in your garden? Unbelievably this takes less than a minute and you won't need an expensive soil testing kit.


Amazingly just by planting any one of 3 commonly available plants you can improve the structure of your soil. You can find out what they are here.


An incredible method revealed for supercharging your compost with this little known technique.


“This is the simplest and fastest

way to the perfect lawn of your




Having complete control over your lawn while your neighbours look on in frustration is very satisfying indeed.


This is a great tip that shouldn't be missed. Discover when and more importantly when NOT to sow seed and the proffessional gardeners biggest secret to establishing a healthy lawn. In fact the success of your lawn may even depend on the very day you sow it.



Amazing techniques applied here means you can identify problems with your lawn and soil based on the type of weeds you find. Weeds can be helpful indicators that will show you how to manage your soil in a more productive and less haphazard manner.



“The Easiest Way I Know To Save

Hundreds Of Pounds On Your

Shopping Bill And Eat Healthily

For Life!” 



“This complete gardening system is fantastic…Its written for both amateur gardener and enthusiast alike.” 


If you are new to organic gardening the indepth advice offered here on growing over 36 different types of vegetables will be indispensable. Find out when to sow, maintain your crop and when to harvest to get the very best for your garden. 



These organic secerts you will learn will help you keep your family healthy and save you pots of money. 


“How Would You Like To

Increase The Value Of Your

Home By As Much As 30%” 



If your homes landscape is designed properly it will always be a source of enjoyment for your entire family as well as enhancing your community and adding to the resale value of your property. 



Landscape design involves so much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is a most fulfilling pastime, organising each pocket of space in your garden for your own satisfaction and enjoyment. Actually having a hand in managing your own garden so that it compliments you and suits your own needs.

The fascinating subject of landscape gardening is no longer exclusive to the proffessionals. You can discover the joy and beauty of having a wonderfully lanscaped garden.


I'll tell you more about what you'll learn from ‘The Complete Gardening System’ in a moment. But first, I have a confession to make…


I have never written a letter like this before so please excuse any mistakes. I'd like to share with you how my thumb turned green almost over night (If we were in any other business that last statement might sound a little strange). 


If you think people are born with a green thumb then think again. I tried raising all kinds of plants and no matter what type of plant it was they ALWAYS died, flowers, cacti, vegetables, everything.


Months past and so did my precious time and money. I knew everything would be O.K. If only I had my own proffesional gardener.


Then I tried the libraries, sifting through countless books and still couldn't find the information I needed. The problem was there was an abundance of information but only one of me. I was sinking fast…


…And then suddenly something happened. Through the magic of the internet I met others who were equally overwhelmed by the oceans of information out there. If the libraries were the forests of the world then the Internet was the wilderness, full of useless information with the occassional polished piece of stone. 



With contacts across the world we began to collect useful bits of gardening information and secure the rights to some very special writings and instructional courses. Then the work began to sift through and organise it into an easy to follow reference guide for every type of gardener.



The Result: 'The Complete Gardening System' was born.


“So What Is 'The Complete

Gardening System And What

Has It Got To Do With Me?”



Because, as you know the amount of information was immense I decided to organise it on my computer. This meant that every time I needed to pinpoint a certain area or problem I could shoot through the material and pluck out exactly what I needed, The hard work of gathering this stuff was done. I was determined to make life as easy as possible for myself.


It was because of the help I received with getting this important material layed out that I realised what a great community of gardeners are out there worldwide. And that is why it just seemed the natural thing, to offer all this valuable information to you.  



“NINE Fantastic Volumes

In One Box!”


For tasters, here is just a small, very small sample of the gardening secrets you'll discover when you take possesion of this download: 



“…This new book contains all the

information you need to create a

beautiful garden just like the Pro's.” 


Hundreds of easy to follow ideas, tips and shortcuts to create YOUR perfect garden.


Just this one amazing tip is alone going to save you tons of money, guaranteed and preventthe dissapointment of losing prized specimens.


How this simple technique to identify soil types in your garden in less than a minute will stop you spending money on an expensive soil testing kit. Why doesn't everyone else do this?


Find out how, by ignoring this one key ingredient you could severly harm the prospects for healthy plants.


Discover which common houshold remedy can be used to dramatically increase fruiting and flowering of roses, tomatoes and peppers.


You won't believe these easy tricks and professional tips for designing or re-designing your garden.These amazing revelations leaked from the Pro's are now yours to create the perfect designs to suit your needs.


How to create your own highly effective pest repellents without harmful and dangerous chemicals.


…not to mention over 30 more topics including Ponds, Greenhouse Gardening, Paving, Water Gardens, Topiary… 


“Be The Envy Of Your Friends

And Neighbours, Save Time,

Effort And Money When You

Discover How To Create The

Perfect Lawn.” 


Acres of great gardener's secret tips that have been put together to give you the ultimate system to creating a beautiful, problem free garden.


Discover amazing time-savers that mean you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining in your garden than working in it.
Just a small sample of the valuable don't-miss information you'll receive… 



A simple method to instantly transform areas that have become bare, weedy or damaged.


The truth about feeding and weeding not to mention the critical timing. Get this wrong and you could destroy your lawn.


How to prevent 'thatching' on your lawn with one quick and easy tip.


Find out how to achieve a 'bowling green' finish and discover why 99% of all other gardeners will think you are mad for what you are about to do to your lawn.


Why the majority of people get it wrong when dealing with weeds. Don't ignore this valuable piece of advice for quickly identifying problems with your lawn.



…more great ideas covered in ‘The Complete Gardening System’ include: How to prepare the soil like the Pro's, How to rest the land. How to make your own Autumn and Spring fertilizer, Vital watering advice…etc 



“The Ultimate Guide -

Landscape Designing

For Your Needs…” 


An amazing guide to landscaping that will guide you every step of the way, from creating a base plan to choosing plants and trees and landscaping for energy savings.



“…Design your landscape properly and it will be a source of enjoyment for your entire family it will enhance your community and add to the resale of your property.” 


“How Would You Like

50 Of The Best Gardening

Articles On Your PC

And On Audio For When

You Are On The Move!”


Not only have I gathered some quality articles but have had them converted to audio for you so you can study them while on the go. The perfect teacher and adviser in your ear as you tend your garden.


What you have just read is a very small sample of the exciting and life-enhancing information that could be yours. I could go on…but…I wont. Suffice to say: It is absolutely critical MUST-HAVE information…if…you want to effortlessley… 



“Transform Your Garden For

Your Health And The Health Of

Your Great Grand Children!”


Everything here has been lovingly organised into these easy to download modules. Read them then study them at your leisure, print them out and take them into your garden, whatever suits you. I really am proud to tell you I have taken all the hard work out for you.


The quality of information here is outstanding and all ready to apply to whatever garden or yard space you have. Don't forget! The garden you create will serve as an investment for your continued health and happiness.


Let me give you a feel for the quality and quantity of information you have here. To set out and find all this information covering every aspect of your garden projects would take an absolute age, indeed one of the books took two years to research and compile. Every greenfly spattered nugget has been collected to give you super fast access to very specific information.


But you know…I don't just want you to take my word for it. I want you to experience the amazing results for yourself… completely at my risk. 



Okay, How Can I Review All This Information? What Do I DO Next?


Well thats the best bit. It's all straight forward, nothing complicated. Thats the way I like it and I'm sure you do too.


Just click one of the buttons (like the one below) and you'll be taken to my 100% secure order page.

As soon as your order is processed (takes about 45 seconds), you'll be taken to the "Download page" where you can instantly access all your course system materials.


And as well as having all the materials on your computer you will have permanent access to the download page whenever you want which means you can access the complete system from any computer in the world.


Click button above to order right away and start to create the garden you always wanted! You'll be thrilled by the vast amount of gardening knowhow we are going to deliver to you.


This complete gardening system including the 5 amazing bonuses I mentioned at the top of this page normally sells for $97 in its offline 'physical' format.


But thanks to a special arrangement I have made with the publisher and the fact that we have made the entire collection available as a quick and easy download so you can have instant searchable access to all your materials, I am able to offer it to you for only $47. That's a saving of $50.00!




But even at a higher price it'd still be a bargain because of the sheer volume and 100% workable tips and tricks overflowing from all this specialised knowledge.


So here's some more good news...


That $47 is backed up by a 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!

100% RISK-FREE Keep Everything Money-Back Guarantee…

I'll make this very straight forward. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your collection, fine, Just let us know WITHIN 60 DAYS and I'll refund your $47 in full.


I want us to part as friends so if for any reason whatsoever you are not happy then I will send you a complete refund.

You don't have to explain to me why you don't want them. I'll just wish you all the very best in your gardening ventures.

It is important to me that you realise right now that with this iron-clad guarantee, I have removed all the risk so you really do have nothing to lose by at least taking a look.


Review this collection now and explore the possibilities waiting to be discovered in your garden…  


All thats left to do now is make a decision whether you want to do something truly different and unique with your garden or yard space.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener or designer I am convinced you will find something new and original in this gardeners collection.


In fact ask yourself this question: “What would it mean to me to have my own Professional Gardener and Landscaper right by my side, whenever I needed them?”

With only a fraction of the information from this collection you will instanly save money, produce remarkable results with less effort.  
All the materials here are downloadable so you can get started in literally five minutes and as soon as you dip into this stuff you will immediately start to see the potential. In fact you'll be hard-pressed to stop the ideas from bubbling over.


Start to really enjoy the fruits of your labour, grabbing that well earned relaxation for you and your family in your own beautiful garden.


It is literally like having your own expert on hand twenty-four hours a day.


Now that has got to be worth at least taking the effort to review this collection especially when all you have to do is simply complete the secure online order form. 


Click On The Button To Get Your Hands On The Complete Gardening System NOW!





Which just leaves me to say, “Thank You…”, for taking the time to read my letter. I genuinely hope you decide to at least take a look at this, simply because I know what it can do for you.


 I have to say I really am blown away by the amount of quality information available to you in this collection.


So with that thought in mind, I leave you now and wish you the very best in whatever you decide to do…


With my best wishes



Paul Frith


 P.S. You are just one click away from starting a unique journey…to knowing how to take control of your gardening projects and discovering the secrets that will transform your health and the health of your great grandchildren. 


P.P.S. You may be very sceptical about all that you have read. That is totally understandable. But remember: This is a NO RISK deal. You are fully backed by a 60-DAY MONEY-BACK KEEP EVERYTHING GUARANTEE - you risk absolutely nothing by checking it out. You even get to keep everything even if you are not satisfied.

DO IT NOW…it will be the best investment for you and your family. 


P.P.P.S. Don't forget that the “The Complete Gardening System” and all the bonuses are in digital format so you can download them and get started in literally five minutes from now. 



Click On The Button To Get Your Hands On The Complete Gardening System NOW!







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