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BJ Wolf's Underground

COULD YOU USE $3,000, $5,000, $6,000 OR _MORE_ EVERY MONTH FOR LIFE?

You've discovered BJ Wolf's Underground - where you'll have access
to a Complete Arsenal of Proven Tactics and Techniques, pulled right
out of Casino Surveillance "Eye in the Sky" operations, up and down
the Las Vegas Strip - Secrets that let Blackjack Players (just like
YOU) win hundreds, to thousands of dollars a day, and NEVER GET

I've worked in Casino Surveillance for 20 years, all over the Las
Vegas Strip, and I've discovered the real secrets to making money in
Blackjack - the stuff that Casino Bosses would do anything to keep
away from the public.

Now, those secret methods and techniques have been streamlined and
simplified so that you (YES YOU!) can use them, regardless of your
skill level, to build a cash fortune!

This is important - Don't let anyone interrupt you while reading
this. Why? It could cost you thousands of dollars.

So, lock the door, turn off your cell phone, and basically block out
the world for a few minutes. This information has the potential to
change your life, or at least the way you make money in your life -

Until recently, my identity was a closely guarded secret. That's
because I've spent most of my professional life up in the "Eye in the
Sky" - doing gaming surveillance for Las Vegas casinos up and down the
strip. They know me as Marcia McDowell, but my friends on the casino
floor, where I play blackjack, know me as BJ Wolf.


What I am sharing in this limited time internet offer, can help you
earn $100, $200 or even $500 a day - or whatever you feel is enough to
give your income the boost it needs in these economic times, or even
quit your job, then go on and make your dreams a reality - whatever
they are!

Why am I so confident that you can make money using the secrets I've
literally stolen out of Casino Surveillance rooms?

It's because I've been teaching this stuff very quietly to people
right here in Las Vegas for a few years now - that's how the name "The
Underground" started..... and I've been doing it right under the noses
of the casino bosses! Believe me, I'm not their most favorite person
right now, especially when my students went out, all over Vegas and
made a killing on Blackjack! I did it for them, and I can do it for
you too!

Here I am, playing Blackjack in Vegas. I won't tell you which
casino, or exactly when. But this is me, when I'm "The Wolf" making
money - all business......

If you want to do this for fun, there's lots of systems out there.
If you want to Make Money, then keep reading.

My goal, in a nutshell is to take beginners to a level where they can
quickly add money to their household income, or even quit their jobs!
If you are already a player, that's even better - what I'm going to
share with you can help you take your play to an even higher level,
where you can make more money than you ever imagined possible!

It's not rocket science, it's EASY!

With the information I'm providing, you'll be 'virtually' stealing
the casino's money - LEGALLY!

This is NOT just another e-book!

What made "The Underground" so powerful was the one-on-one
interaction. That's why I've spent months developing a series of Video
Seminars where you'll see exactly what I'm talking about every step of
the way! It's just like working with me and it's what makes it
possible for you to start playing and winning almost immediately!

Some people think you have to memorize complex charts, and master
difficult counting systems. I'm not going to lie to you. You will have
to learn a little bit, but I've explained why things work and made the
system as simple and easy as possible!

If you can count up and down by one, and remember a few common sense
guidelines, you'll be playing and winning in no time!

You Do NOT want to be left out of this! I'll show you how to bet, and
how to manage your money! You'll get all the secrets that have been
carefully guarded by major casinos - secrets that will let you 'fly
under the radar' regardless of what casino you choose - anywhere in
the world and WIN big on the only beatable game on the casino floor.

These secrets put the house in a VULNERABLE position and they know
it - that's why it has been such a closely guarded secret all these

_I am going to be totally honest with you here. _

I've had hundreds of students achieve great wins, and make more
money than I thought they'd ever make using the Underground
strategies. They've had massive Wins and been Comped to the Max by
casinos, including beautiful suites, meals, shows - you name it!

But it might take you some time to replicate the same results. I
don't know you, and I don't know if you will have the self discipline
to apply these techniques the way I recommend. I don't know how you'll
do in a live game situation, or whether you can leave your emotions at
the door and play the way I tell all my students to handle the game -
as a business. These are personal variables, and every person who
studies these techniques is a unique individual. So for me to say that
you definitely will WIN, and achieve the same results as I have seen
my students do, would be nuts - and I'm not crazy.

But if you are willing to work, be determined and use what I am
going to teach you, as well as using your common sense while you are
in a casino gaming environment (remember that environment is designed
to make you throw caution to the wind) then the Sky is the Limit to
how much you can WIN! Believe me - because I know what I am doing.
I've been in this casino and gaming business most of my adult life,
and I've taught hundreds of successful students!

Now, I'm offering this program to people like you, all across the
country and even the world, using the internet. I wouldn't do that if
it didn't work!

Once You Learn About the Underground Method of Beating Casinos at
Blackjack You Will Have Gained the Edge Over Any Blackjack Game, in
Any Casino, Anywhere in The World.

It doesn't matter if you play online, play in the Caribbean, play at
Tribal Casinos, play on Riverboats, play in Europe, play in Asia, or
anywhere else you can possibly think of - YOU WILL BE IN TOTAL CONTROL


It's because nobody will ever succeed in beating the dealer
consistently, regularly and over the long haul, unless he knows the
INTERNAL OPERATIONS OF CASINOS - That's why you have the edge -
Remember I spent 20 years in the Casino's heart, the "Eye in the Sky"
- their highly secret Surveillance departments.

Here's Why This Strategy Will Work for You. . .

This Program is based on thousands of hours in Las Vegas Strip
surveillance departments, where blackjack was the focus of 85% of all
surveillance activity. Years of experience watching and evaluating the
best players in the game has led to this explosive information!

Knowing how to win money at Blackjack is probably the MOST IMPORTANT
MONEY MAKING SKILL in the world today, that doesn't require an
advanced college degree. ANYBODY CAN DO IT! ANYBODY! Casinos are all
over the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and now of
course, they're ONLINE! You can play without ever leaving home - win
money in your slippers and robe! Hell, earn money sitting naked in
front of your computer - who cares!

Think about it - with the secrets I'm going to share with you, you
could buy in for $35 bucks and transform that into well over $1000
each and every day!

Some of my students make more than that, but frankly I don't
recommend it. Remember, the idea is NOT to get noticed! (Lots of money
walking off a table tends to draw attention) So if you can settle for
a couple of thousand a week, you can easily slide under their radar
and WIN BIG, WIN CONSISTENTLY and make a great living day in and day
out for yourself and your family!

This system is 100% proven to be exactly as represented - Simple to
Use and Understand, and Virtually Foolproof in Operation.

Unlike other blackjack programs, you don't have to find ideal
conditions. In fact, you probably want to avoid the 'perfect'
situation, because that's what the pit bosses are going to be watching
like a hawk. This system will work on ANY blackjack game, and let you
"Fly Under The Radar" when other people can't!


And, you can start on a shoestring! If you've got a spare $30 or $35
bucks, you can start making your new blackjack fortune today!

Here's something that might keep you up at night. Ask yourself - Why
are some people making $100,000 a year, and you aren't?

Some Cold Hard Reality....

It is very, very hard to take a small amount of money and turn it
into a reliable source of income. If you are looking for a get rich
quick scheme, this is NOT it. You're going to have to take a little
time, maybe a couple of hours to learn what I'm about to show you, and
then spend some time playing, either online or in land based casinos
to sharpen your skills.

To make this work for you, you'll need to treat blackjack like your
own personal business - but the rewards are incredible!

I was just like you. I tried probably thirty or forty different ways
to make extra money. I was working in California in the film industry,
playing bit parts for a bunch of different movies, but I was going
nowhere fast. I ended up getting into the casino industry because of
some friends, and a couple of years later moved to Las Vegas. The
problem was, I was so tired of dealing and working directly with the
public, I hated the idea of going back into it again here in Vegas.
That's when I decided to try my luck getting into a surveillance
department. I must have sent out a hundred resumes, and I only got two
bites. But luckily one of them was willing to take a chance on me, and
I got hired in as a surveillance trainee.

For the next two decades I made it my business to learn everything I
could about casino gaming . I was especially interested in why some
people won and others walked away losers.

I became very good at what I did, and eventually was one of the few
female surveillance directors on the Strip! All the while I was
keeping detailed files on stuff the casino bosses never expected me to
pick up on - like how the real blackjack players kept winning day
after day, week after week, and year after year! What techniques they
used that virtually ensured their success! It took me years to put it
all together. And you know what? The truth stunned me!

The real secrets of how these people win consistently is SIMPLE!
IT's Actually EASY! And that's what nobody in the upper level casino
management wants you to find out!

Oh you'll get all kinds of so-called experts tell you to memorize
horribly complicated charts, and spend hours practicing the
intricacies of card counting, because they get off on watching people
fail. It makes them feel more important than everybody else. It gives
them an ego boost.

Well, I couldn't care less about their ego. That doesn't pay your
bills or mine. So forget all their complicated charts and all the rest
of the bunk they want you to believe.

I found out what DOES work, and I've been using it to pay the bills
for a long time now! So Can YOU!

It's been a wild ride. At first, I started playing blackjack myself
at the casinos I didn't protect. I'd work in the "Eye" at night, and
take money off the BJ games during the day!

Then when some of my friends found themselves out of work, I helped
them learn how to win on blackjack, and they started playing too!
Next, I took on some students here in Las Vegas, and well, that's how
BJ Wolf's Underground really got started. My friends who knew my
secret nicknamed me "The Wolf" because I'd go out and play BJ like a

So, the bottom line - how does this all help you?

Simple, I decided to take everything I did for my select students,
and put it into a program that was guaranteed to blow the doors off
every other blackjack system out there - to give you a REAL EDGE
against the casinos. ALL CASINOS! Regardless of where you live!

Imagine, you've got the Underground Blackjack Secrets and within a
few minutes you start to play Blackjack - but you're really NOT
GAMBLING! You're operating your own Blackjack Business - you STOP
leaving money on the tables! Sure, there are going to be good sessions
and bad ones, especially as you get your feet on the ground, but guess
what.... with the Underground Blackjack techniques, you're going to
STOP leaving money on the tables and you're going to Win more often!
You are going to Turn the Tables on Blackjack!
Then, after a few more days, as you put more and more of the
techniques to work for you, get ready to win several hundred to about
$1000 per day, depending upon your playing limits.

Your friends are going to be speechless! And they'll all want to
know how you are doing it!

You'll literally have a money-making machine at work for you, and
yet...... for you it's going to be just another average day!

No, it's not a dream!

This is the kind of lifestyle you can take advantage of for as long
as you want. You don't have to put up with being strapped for cash.
You don't have to put up with your bosses mouth anymore! You don't
have to play office politics.

You can go to 'work' playing blackjack - get comped to great meals,
rooms & shows, and be welcomed by casino bosses who can't wait to have
you play!

While I'm being totally transparent here - I'll tell you something

I started making a little 'too much money' here in town, if you know
what I mean, and my name and face became a little too well known. Now,
Vegas has cleaned up it's act since the 1950's when "Guido and 'the
boys'" used to run everything, but corporate ownership is only 'skin
deep'. So, I've decided to up the ante and throw all the casino bosses
a curve.

That's the big reason that I've gone online with "The Underground".
Once everybody has access to these secrets, I'm a little safer, and
regardless of how angry the casino bosses get at me for giving them
away, there's nothing they can do about it!

It's my little way of getting back at them for all the crap they
piled on me and my friends when the economy tanked. I worked my ass
off for them, and what did they do? They cut the staff, doubled my
workload up in "The Eye" and gave me an ulcer on top of it. ENOUGH is
ENOUGH! I'm giving away their secrets, and there's nothing they can do
about it!


Not only will I tell you how it's done, I'll show you because THE
UNDERGROUND BLACKJACK SECRETS contains a series of video training
seminars, so it's like working directly with me! You'll see exactly
how to play, how to win and even get to practice! Nobody else will
give this to you! NOBODY!

You need proof it works? Time after time I started out with the usual
cash in my pocket ready to buyin, but decided to just buyin for $30 or
$40 dollars. The rest I kept back, and never put it in play. And time
after time I gathered up profits that exceeded $150 in a single gaming
session (usually my sessions only lasted a few dozen hands! Then I'd
go take a break, and come back for another 'session'!)


Ok, so you're thinking, Maybe I'm just lucky. Or, you think I have
some hidden talent because I worked up in "The Eye".
Well, sadly - NO.

The truth is, I'd love to be one of those geeks that can calculate
stuff in his head. I can't. I am what they call "math challenged".
That is a polite way of saying that I am really terrible at math, and
guess what - it DOESN'T MATTER!

I'm not a superstar. I don't have any more talent than the next
person. It's the system I've put together from thousands of hours in
the "Eye in the Sky". And it's so simple anybody can master it in a
couple of hours! ANYBODY!

I know you're wondering if you can make the same kind of money that I
do, and my students do..... RELAX. I am not doing anything that is
difficult - you can do it too.

That's why I am willing to state without fear of contradition, that
by using BJ Wolf's Underground Blackjack Secrets, you can replace your
income, and make as much as $100,000 dollars a year, or even more! For
life! What you make depends on how much you want to play, and how well
you use the system I'm going to give you. Your future, your winning,
and your fortune is finally in YOUR HANDS - where it belongs!

Don't believe me? Prove it to yourself.


PRICE. (The normal price for this program is $199. This limitied time
price is only guaranteed through the date shown above - it may return
to normal price anytime thereafter.)

This amazing offer includes everything I give my private students
here in Las Vegas, delivered to you by INSTANT DOWNLOAD so you can
begin WINNING immediately. THIS PROGRAM IS GUARANTEED to be exactly as
described, and available to you immediately so you can start making
money right away. You have my word and my 60 day money back Guarantee
backing it up!

You'll receive the training program, plus VIDEO SEMINARS (all
through instant download) in MP2 format, playable on any standard
Windows WINMEDIA player, where you'll get real, live-action examples
of how to do exactly what we talk about in the manual. Plus Three FREE
BONUS Reports you won't want to do without!

You'll get to see exactly how to WIN at BLACKJACK using the tools
and techniques obtained from 20 years of work at Las Vegas Strip
casino "Eye in the Sky" Surveillance departments - techniques that
will let you set up your own BLACKJACK Business Engineered to WIN!

You'll get all the information in a no-nonsence easy to understand
format, GUARANTEED! This program will show you every technique that my
students and I personally use to build our fortunes playing Blackjack.

Plus, you'll also be entitled to FREE BONUS material: 1) The real
information about Casino Rules and how they can effect your game. 2)
Where to Play - some of the best casinos in the US, and where they are
located. And 3) Online Casinos To Avoid - the online casino blacklist
- a must if you are intending to play online! All three are free to
say thank-you for your order. Plus, You'll get more free bonus
material as it becomes available by email! So you never have to worry
about other people getting more bonus material than you get! We'll
keep you fully stocked with up to the minute bonus information.

Just look at the numbers and you'll realize that this is an amazing
opportunity for you to earn between $40 and $200 an hour using the
secrets in BJ Wolf's Underground Blackjack - and getting this
information for just $79.99 dollars is truly a one of a kind



Play blackjack anytime, anywhere, and use the most powerful Wealth
Building stragegies anywhere!


Use the power of the Underground multiple phase betting system
(merging the best of three betting systems) cuts your risks to almost
zero while you skyrocket your profits!


Find out how to get the casinos to comp your expenses while you are
"cleaning their clock" using the Underground System.


Discover how to act in any land-based casinos so that the bosses
will love you even though you are consistently beating them!


Set up the unique Limit Betting Strategy that guarantees sky high
profits with very low risk of losses.


Learn the highly simplified Formula Playing Strategy that is very
easy to learn, yet works in every blackjack situation.


Know exactly where to play online to win consistently and very
reliably (this is a method you can use anywhere that has Internet


Learn how to create an easy to use profit generating strategy like I
do so that you won't ever have to work more than ten hours a week and
bring in at least $30,000 a month.


Learn how to avoid ever getting barred from playing in a casino,
even though you are winning thousands of dollars from them.

Get the Underground Blackjack Secrets Now!

What Is It Worth to You To Learn How to Make $1,500 to $3,000 a Week
With Almost No Investment?

What is it worth to you to get the secrets you can use to create
your own Blackjack Business, engineered to WIN, with next to no money

Considering how much money people have lost BEFORE they got my
secrets, playing tired old systems or trying to count cards for hours,
most of them've said they'd easily have paid $400, $500 or even more
for the Underground Blackjack Secrets I'm going to share with you -
just to avoid all those years of frustration and needless loss!

And yes, there are systems out there that charge people that kind of
money. Local Las Vegas "so-called expert players" routinely offer
personal seminars that go for about $2,000 for an afternoon! Can you
believe it? And people pay that kind of money!

But how much is it worth to obtain a method of earning $5,000 to
$6,000 a month - EVERY MONTH! Obtaining a way to make real money
without spending your life in a suit and tie, punching a corporate
clock, and suffering with migranes and ulcers because of the corporate

A system that easily brings in six figures a year, and takes almost
no time to learn! Would it be worth $500? My former students all say
yes, but I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that. It wouldn't
be right, especially in this economy.

If you honestly want to know how you can take $80 and convert it into
$1500 to $3000 every week in any casino, even online casinos from the
comfort of your own home, I'm going to do something I've never done

My normal price for this program, is $199 but I am willing to make
you this unique limited time offer....

How You Decide to Use This Knowledge - It's Strictly Up To You!

I don't personally play full time. But a lot of my friends, and
former students do. One, who is a retired pilot plays about 25 hours a
week and that's enough to keep him happy, and rolling in money.

A lady I trained before she had her baby doesn't go to the casinos
anymore, she stays home and plays online. Right now she's only putting
in about 12 hours of play a week, but her husband a long time friend
of our family plays almost full time, and keeps the family in steaks
and beer (he loves beer) and all kinds of baby things.

The bottom line is, it's completely up to you. However you play, how
much you play, when you play - BJ Wolf's Underground Blackjack Secrets
will allow you freedom to choose what is best for you, and will
perform wherever, whenever you decide to play. All you need to do is
use the system, use your good judgement, and let it work for you!

The best part is - You can enjoy Immediate Profits!

This is not like other methods of making money, that often require
weeks or longer before you begin to see profits. You can go online,
and turn this information into an instant information powerhouse,
right away.

If you are concerned about betting online, just play for a while in
practice mode until you get the jang of it, and develop your
confidence. Then play for real! If you need a good place that accepts
US players, try Rushmore Online Casino. They are very reliable, and
have 24/7 customer service for any questions.

Unlike some money making methods that require weeks and even months
to produce a profit (or never produce a profit at all), you can start
making money with this incredible package as soon as you get it.

If you have ever wanted to work for yourself, and really make a
difference for your family's standard of living, and freedom to enjoy
life, there is no better program than this one!


No other program offers you the quality of information, taken from
the "Eye in the Sky" surveillance departments of Las Vegas Strip
Casinos, and gives you the tools necessary to fly under the radar
anywhere you play!

Not sure? I know you will be totally delighted with BJ Wolf's
Underground Blackjack, and I'm backing it up with our Guarantee - Try
the program for 60 Days, risk free!

You Risk Nothing - "BJ Wolf's Underground Blackjack" is
100% Risk-Free

Try BJ Wolf's Underground Blackjack Secrets at home for a full 60
Days! Try it in your favorite casino, or even online!


No other system, method or strategy is this good, and spring-boards
you to rock-solid profits IMMEDIATELY! I Guarantee It!

BJ Wolf

Remember, it's up to you to make a change in your life. An hour from
now you could still be stuck in the same old rut, looking at bills,
worrying about your future, or you could be building profits, just
like my students and friends.

Unless you take action RIGHT NOW and get the Underground Blackjack
Secrets for yourself, nothing is going to change for you. You'll still
be punching that same old clock, looking at your same old boss,
commuting along the same old highway burning up your money on gas and
convenience store coffee. In other words, you'll be stuck in that same
old rut and miss this iamazing chance to profit from one of the last
real goldmines left in the world.

Do you really want to delay, and give up all the money you could be
making for just one day's play?

If you plan to make just $1500 a week, playing part time (like a lot
of my students do), you'll be giving up $75 dollars an hour. Isn't it
time to grab your copy of BJ Wolf's Underground Blackjack Secrets
while it remains at at this low cost?

If you're ready to take money off the Blackjack Table, we can rush
you the entire Underground Blackjack Secrets Program now, before the
price increases.


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