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Having a mini site is one of the most lucrative online business models you can own and...

"You Are About To Discover How You Too Can Benefit From A Mini Site Web Template That Is So Crazy - Simple It Almost Sets Itself Up!"

You've heard it all before...

But, let's get real here. Most of the mini site web templates you find today can have you pulling your hair out and have your eyes crossing in no time. Trying to figure out how to install and use them can become a nightmare.

Time is money...

and when you purchase the latest and greatest web template, you expect to have it up and running within a few hours. There simply is no time for debugging a web template or figuring out why X, Y and Z files don't seem to work.

We have looked at most of the "high dollar" Web Templates, and while the features vary they have one thing in common... they take forever to learn how to setup. Some web templates almost require you to outsource the site set up because of all the features which are confusing and hard to understand.

You No Longer Have To Worry About All That Techie Mumbo Jumbo ...

...because now your life just got a little easier.
The Select Mini Site web template has been designed so it is easy to set up and easy to use because we know it shouldn't take weeks to set up a site. There is no reason to spend all those wasted hours learning how to install and setup Select Mini Site when you could have your own site up and running within a matter a few minutes. The bells and whistles that most 'big boys' use will be offered to you as well, but we are giving you the bare bones so you can get your site up and running fast.

Don't Let the Low Cost of Select
Mini Site Fool You...

While there are loads of low cost alternatives out there, they lack the power of the more advanced web templates. Low cost web templates often only provide you with a basic admin area and required you to build the content of the site yourself. Why bother spending all that time learning how to create a basic php page and add your content to it? Select Mini Site uses powerful tools with everything needed to run your site already installed and set up!
Here's even more powerful features you will discover with Select Mini Site....
Admin Functions:
Select Mini Site has on screen documentation. Every page of the admin area has explanations of what the options do and how to set them up. Customize site name, meta description, and meta keywords. Customize Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy from the admin area. Emails sent to admin,affiliates,customers, and members on signup or payment are fully editable from the admin area. Mass mail system. Send broadcast emails out to all members who have agreed to receive emails from you. Works with or without cron jobs. If cron jobs are not available to you, there is a function available to send the emails out with just one click. Single user mail system. Admin can choose to send an email to any one affiliate or member. Simple interface for email built right into the manage member page. Manage member details page allows admin to pull up information on any member. Members can be sorted by first name, last name, user name, email, or member id.
Another problem with most low cost web templates is that they have very little power in the member functions. Most of them have very basic signup only and just log members into a blank member area where you have to design what members see. Again you end up having to learn how to code the pages yourself or outsource it. Select Mini Site has powerful customer and affiliate functions that control your member area and every detail of what they can see and do.

Customer and Affiliate Functions:
Separate member areas for affiliates and customers, turn them on or off. Separate affiliate area to keep track of sales, news, and tools. Permanent cookies are set to the first affiliate referral but it can be temporarily overridden by the current affiliate referral. The admin area allows you to set the percentage of each sale that affiliates will receive. Automated payment and signup. Choose weather to use a simple download page or a member signup after payment. Once a new member pays he is returned to the signup page. Affiliate signup is free and in a separate area with built in marketing tools. Automated emails sent out to new customers and affiliates. If you don't choose a simple download page, the system automatically logs the customer into a members area after successful signup. No more making your customers wait for an email to get their products. Select Mini Site has a template driven member area. You can change the header and footer html files to customize the look and feel of your site. Download pages are database driven for added security. Reset password feature. If a member or affiliate loses his password he can have his password reset to a random password and it will be mailed to his email on file. Feature requires both username and email address to be correct in order to protect against members resetting others passwords. All passwords are encrypted for added security. Affiliates and Members have a profile area where they can change their password, email address, and choose to opt in or opt out of your web template run mailing list. Affiliates get clean affiliate links. Using a redirect system affiliate URL's are coded:
This allows affiliates to advertise links that are not ugly referral urls like most systems have. Affiliates can also use keyword tracking for sales with the code:
http://yoursite.com/go/affiliateusername/anykeyword add pages to fit your needs in the affiliate or member areas. All html code is validated as proper code. Every page that outputs html has been tested using the W3C validator. Set up unlimited marketing emails, banners, and blogs for your affiliates. Using a simple to follow interface, you can add and edit marketing tools in seconds.

All Those Features Are Cool, but it doesn't Stop There!...

In addition there are many more features added into the admin that can make your mini site truly awesome. Select Mini Site has lots of great options on how you set up your site and can be controlled entirely from the admin area...

More Options:
Choose weather to use a simple download page that goes away after a few days or a member area to update downloads. Options for a simple exit script. leave the sales page and this will pop over the page. Optional One Time Offers (OTOs) which may be shown before the download page. The OTO is a true one time offer which is database driven and will only be shown once. If you choose, the Free page and Sales page can be split tested. the site first shows one then the other unless someone has been there before it will remember which one it showed before. Optional two level payments to affiliates. An affiliate can earn commissions on sales made by another affiliate that they referred. Option to use live PayPal or PayPal sandbox for testing. All payments are logged in the database as well as a text file. Double logging all payments means added protection against lost payments or payment disputes. Option to limit membership. If you set a membership limit you can customize a page to be shown when membership limit is reached. The web templte keeps count of your members and will automatically switch pages once the membership limit is reached. Option to raise price after each sale. You set an amount you want the price to go up and it will automatically be updated after every sale. Admin receives an email on each free or paid signup as well as each OTO purchase. Protected download directory. Using a hidden redirect you can create links to your product which hide your actual download directory. You can name the directory anything you wish and changing the direct link involves simply updating one field in the admin settings. Select countdown timer start on free page and set a launch time or start on the sales page and end a sale at a certain time.
Select Clickbank ® or Paypal ® payment processing.
Personalize sales page with the affiliates name.
Keyword tracking for affiliate sales.
Keep track of affiliates and customers with any auto responder you choose.
Back office management.
- Manage Affiliates.
- Manage Sales.
- Download Records.
- Sales Affiliate info.
- Manage sales and download pages upsell advertising.
- Easy save database.
- email management

You Want Top-Notch Support and More?...
You Get It!!!

How many low cost web templates have you seen which have no support or offer no way to edit the code to customize the web template? Many of the web templtes found online now are either resell rights web templates where you receive absolutely no support at all or the seller has a less than up-to-par support desk which never gets answered.

Free lifetime upgrades. While some recent web templates have gone to the model of charging for upgrades after a period of time. Select Mini Site comes with free full access to all future upgrades and updates. Why spend even more money just to upgrade a product you already have paid for?

Open license. Buy the web template once and use on unlimited sites. (Sites must be owned by you. You can install the web template on clients sites provided they already own the web template. No resell rights are granted with this web templte.)

Easy to customize source code. The php code in the Select Mini Site web templte is not encoded. This makes it easy to either change the code yourself or hire it out to add your own custom features. (Editing of the Simple Member code is for personal use only. All code in this web template is copyrighted by 1a2b.com. All rights to the code are reserved.)

"Okay, What's this Gonna Cost Me?"

You have a choice. You can waste your time spending months learning how to set up a mini site or you can have your money making site up and running within days or even hours. As you can see the Select Mini Site web template is powerful yet easy to use... and at only $67.00 it is a steal. At this price I'm almost giving it away!

Wishing you much success,

Robb Markley

P.S. I'm offering an 8 week money back guarantee with this product. If you are not satisfied with this web template just let me know within 8 weeks of purchase and I will refund your payment.
This product is sold through Clickbank.com Your sales receipt will show a purchase from Clickbank.

You can download the zip file immediately for use on your website. The download includes the website template, an installation manual, and a user manual. The size is just under 2,000kb. Some knowledge of html is required to create your custom pages.

You can contact me at my[ helpdesk](http://www.1a2b.biz/helpdesk/) or Email me at selectminisite6699@1a2b.com if you have any questions.

To see a video on how to install the web template, [click here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlML9Vl7HZE).

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