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SO! You can inject Amazon products into ANY blog post using whatever keywords you like!

Do I really need to explain anything else?

Cost? Well, I was going to price it at $249.95...

Okay, I bet you're thinking, "HOLY CRAP - why that expensive?" - right?

Well, think about it - you get the product for a one off fee - and you can then use it for the rest of your life to generate income; PLUS you will get an email straight away whenever I release a new version - FREE FOR LIFE (whilstever I'm still coding anyway!)

BUT - you're right. That is a ridiculous price; it may be awesome but it doesn't tidy the house for you does it?

I'll go straight for the kill. Buy it TODAY - and you can have it for just $49.95
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Wordpress Plugin for $49.95 FREE UPGRADES whenever they are available FREE SUPPORT - Send me an email, I'll be happy to help FREE Ebay Plugin - that's right - sell a huge amount of stuff! YOU CAN BE UP AND RUNNING IN AS LITTLE AS 5 MINUTES!
[ ](http://1.bobdeveaux.pay.clickbank.net)

Don't forget, I'm giving 50% commission on this, so you only need to sell TWO of them yourself and you have your money back!
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