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“They Laughed When I Picked Up The Guitar… But When I Started To Play!”

Dear Friend,

Learning how to play guitar can be a lot of confusing work… or it can be a lot of fun.

Most people get to the first part just fine, but never seem to make it to the second…

Let Me Tell You A Story…

When I was six years old – remember the good old days when life was carefree – my parents put me in piano lessons. My teacher was an old woman who lived across the street and down a block. I went to visit her once a week to learn how to play.

You know what? She made learning to play more boring than watching paint dry. And as a six year old, if given the choice, I likely would have chosen the paint!

She tried teaching me music theory, but it was like cutting down a forest with a pocketknife. More on that story in just a minute…

Can’t I Just Learn The Chords?

Most beginner guitar players start out by learning a few chords and some simple songs. That’s cool – its a good start.

But as I’ve helped other people learn the guitar, I’ve observed that there’s a general lack of understanding as to exactly why we play what we do.

More importantly, I’ve noticed this lack of understanding really slows down progress, and even worse – can make learning the guitar confusing and feel like a lot of hard work!

The good news is – there’s a KEY that will…

Unlock Your Guitar Forever!

There’s this concept in music called I – IV – V. If that looks like Greek to you, it’s not – it’s Latin!

I-IV-V (that’s 1 – 4 – 5 in English) refers to the root note (I), or tonic, and the two notes in perfect relation to it (IV and V). Because it is a numbering system, it is universal, and applies to every single key.

Simply put – this lesson on I-IV-V will show you how the guitar fretboard is built on patterns of I-IV-V, and once you see the patterns, your guitar will come alive in a whole new way.

You will play…
Faster than you thought you could… More accurately than ever before… And more confidently, because you’ll know WHY!
Have you ever been in an unfamiliar city, looked at a road map, and tried to figure out what was going on?

Ok, good, so you know it takes a while to get your bearings and to find your way, right?

Now – have you ever had a friend visit your home town, and showed them where to go on a map? Chances are that map just intuitively made sense to you, because it described familiar landmarks, right?

Have you ever struggled to follow the music or tab, without really knowing why the notes are where they are – why you need to play them in that order? That’s because you’re playing in unfamiliar territory…

I Will Give You The Key…

Understanding I-IV-V as it relates to your guitar will be the key that unlocks your guitar in your hands – unleashing your true potential as a player.

I promise (more on that later).

When I was a teenager, I started taking guitar lessons. My guitar teacher approached music from a totally different angle than I’d ever seen before. Suddenly theory not only made sense, but it came alive in my hands!

Now I don’t play a note without knowing the back of my mind why. (mostly =)

From One Guitar Player to Another…

Let me tell you something – one guitar player to another. I-IV-V such a basic concept to the guitar that it is something every single guitar player needs to know (Even the very tuning of the guitar is based on it).

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a rock star, or if your highest goal with the guitar is merely to strum a few chords at a campfire with some friends.

Rockstar or campfire jammer – and everyone in between – you simply have to understand I-IV-V.

I Made Up These Statistics… =)
4/5 musicians don’t understand I-IV-V properly, yet it is so important that the Pro’s communicate onstage in these terms. 95% of popular songs (in every genre!) are built on this formula.
Ok, so I don’t know if the numbers are bang on or not – but from experience I would say they are. And it is 100% true that the Pro’s communicate using the number scale.

So What Happened To The Piano Lady?

Remember I started telling you about my episode with the piano lady? Well, I ended up quitting after three months. My parents weren’t sure if I would ever like music again after that (good thing they were wrong!).


Learning Guitar Should Be FUN!

…. not as boring as watching the grass grow!

Learning guitar can and should be one of the most fulfilling parts of your life – mastering an art that allows you to express yourself is truly priceless.

There are many different guitar courses that can help you learn guitar…

But none of them (so far as I’ve seen – and I’ve seen most of them by now) presents I-IV-V from the same perspective that you’ll be seeing it here.

The Perfect Introductory Lesson to the Guitar…

Unlocking I-IV-V is the perfect introductory lesson to get you started on the guitar, or to reveal the secrets of the fretboard that have thus far been hidden from you…
Learn why chord numbers are far more important than chord letters Write your own songs and chord progressions effortlessly and endlessly! Instantly figure out all the relevant chords in any given key. (see 21:27) Understand intuitively how guitar scales are created and formed (see 28:01) See the guitar in visual patterns instead of letters, names and notes. This is like navigating by familiar landmarks instead of street numbers! Figure out and play along with nearly any song in a couple minutes (I talk about this specifically at 59:11) Play intuitively and confidently by ear, without music!
What ‘Unlocking I-IV-V’ is NOT:
It is not a complete guitar course. It is a single, 65 minute lesson. It does not teach chords. It does not teach scales. It does not teach you riffs, licks, hammer ons, pulloffs, slides, bends or any other fancy ‘tricks.’
Unlocking I-IV-V is none of these things.

But it will perfectly complement any course that does teach these things.

My Offer To You…

If you were to hire a guitar teacher to sit down with you for 65 minutes, and explain I-IV-V to you, it would cost you at minimum $60. Then you’d leave, and if you had questions later on or forgot something, you’d have to come back and pay again.

With the Unlocking I-IV-V guitar lesson you can hit rewind and re-watch any part that you don’t pick up immediately. As they say, video is the most patient teacher in the world!

All For Only $27.95


A Success Story

Hey Jonathan,
Cool lesson, very down to earth. Being an elementary teacher you kept it simple and to the point. What I learned from the lesson was: chord numbers, relative minor chords, and tones and semi tones and their meanings and operations. I’ve been playing since before you were born, so you know I’m a dinosaur, lol. I taught myself and learned by watching other people, like those two guys in Liverpool. I never understood what I was doing , but wrote a lot of songs in the past and recently recorded a couple of cd’s. Your DVD gave me some revelation about chord structure that I sat down and started fooling around with some chords. I also started helping out my buddy at his guitar school so this will come in handy big time. The added weekly tips, I think, will be extremely helpful. I think this old dog is gonna learn and understand some new tricks!

Thanks so much,
Bob Nodzo,
Auburn, New York

Plus… I’ll Throw In Three Killer Bonuses! ($37 Value)
GUITAR CARE TIPS VIDEO: (New!) In this 21 minute video, I go through simple (often overlooked) steps you can take to preserve your guitar. $27 Value CHEAT SHEET: The entire guitar fretboard with every note in beautiful detail. Print this out and keep it in your guitar case! $5 Value CHEAT SHEET: The major and minor chords in every key. Print this one out and keep it handy as well! $5 Value
Print these cheat sheets (they’re in color) and keep them handy in your guitar case!

100% “No Weasel Clauses” 60 Day GUARANTEE

Try Unlocking I-IV-V for a full 60 days, and if it doesn’t improve your understanding of the guitar, email me personally for a full refund.
No hard feelings and no questions asked!


Does Your Guitar Still Seem Confusing? If So…

I’ve explained I-IV-V to quite a few guitar players, and for many, it is like putting the final piece in a huge jigsaw puzzle: finally you get to see the whole picture, and you get it. The final gear drops in place, and you’re off to the races.

Have you tried to learn music, but been intimidated by having to learn each key? Would you like a rule of thumb so you don’t have to memorize anything? Checkout minute 15:45. Discover why all keys are the same, just with different names.

A Success Story

I had a chance to review your lesson on the 1,4,5 theory and it was exactly what i was looking for. It was very informative and easy to follow. I honestly believe that this will take my guitar playing to the next level and then some… the more that I watched the more that it made sense. Very well done and I would have to say that I would not change a thing. Thanks for this lesson and I look forward to future lessons!

Scott Wadlow
St. Louis, Missouri

Is Your Guitar Goal On This List?

Be a rhythm strummer or campfire jammer or living room crooner You want to play guitar but don’t want to learn music or tab or… You know music and/or tab and want to take guitar further You want to learn how to solo and play lead lines… You want to play any of the following: Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Pop, Rock, Metal, Classical, Reggae, Funk, R&B fans (and more!)
But I Already Play Pretty Good – Is This For Me?

Honestly, I’ve met better guitar players than myself who didn’t understand the material I’ll be revealing to you. Any guesses as to what happened when they learned? Yup – their playing improved faster than a speeding bullet, to borrow a phrase from Superman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a good player already to use this?

A: No! Unlocking I-IV-V is equally relevant for players of all levels.

Q: Is this a complete guitar course?

A: No! Unlocking I-IV-V is an intensive 65 minute video that will give you a crash course on guitar theory. This course would be the perfect companion for a more complete guitar program, as it offers a unique perspective I’ve not found in any of the products I’ve reviewed.

Q: How is the lesson delivered?

A: After purchasing, you will be given access to the Unlocking I-IV-V member’s only site, where you can download the lesson and bonus material. On a normal high speed connection, download takes approximately 30 minutes. Videos are available in Quicktime and Flash formats, for use on Mac or PC with free software.


YES! Count me in Jonathan!
I can’t wait to get my hands on this incredible offer for only $27.95!
Once my order is processed via your secure online form, I will instantly be redirected to a download page. I can start mastering  I-IV-V right away.

I understand that my purchase is protected by your 100% “No Weasel Clause” 12-Month GUARANTEE.

Order Now by clicking on the green box below.


With Unlocking I-IV-V, You Will…
Learn to quickly figure out what chords are in any song Play intuitively and confidently by ear, without music! Understand and master other guitar courses far faster than before
Let’s work together to take your guitar playing to levels that you never dreamed possible!

To Your Success,

PS. The I-IV-V lesson will greatly improve your knowledge of the guitar and your ability to play it, and it will also help you better understand many of the other guitar courses out there.

PS. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you’re protected by my 100% “No Weasel Clauses” 12-Month GUARANTEE

PS. Your order includes the main lesson, as well as all the bonus material, including the cheat sheets and additional video content.


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