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Get into a home in one week guaranteed!

Get a customized Pre-Foreclosure List And Take Over An Existing Loan.

Seeking [lease to own](register.html) properties? HomeLineEquity.com is an innovative site for visitors seeking lease to own homes across the country. Users who want to [rent with an option to buy](register.html) can track down [land contract homes](register.html) among a large selection of listings in their desired location. If you would like a better way of tracking down a place to live, you have found the right website. We are the most affordable pre-foreclosure acquisition company in the United States. We show people how to acquire the title of homes that are facing foreclosure in their desired area. The title is yours, the mortgage stays in the other persons name, and you'll just pay into their loan, as the new owner of the property


Our Services
Rent To Own Program Guarantee Availability Simple To follow Guide All the contracts that you need to get into a Home Listings that meet your specifications 24/7 Customer Support

You deal directly with the home owner
Homeowners are facing an eviction and are eager to sell, but no one can obtain financing in today's market. They offer you no credit requirements, little down, among other incentives to pay their mortgage, and protect their payment history also.

No credit checks
Most foreclosures are vacant so there are no delays. Let's get you situated today!
Take over an existing loan
Foreclosures are at an all time high, now is the time to get involved. We'll show you what it means to take over a loan rather than needing to qualify. Now it is just as easy to get into your own home, as it is to get into a rental.

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