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The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

The Story of Emanuel Revici, M.D.
His medical breakthroughs, innovative treatments, and struggle for recognition.

by William Kelley Eidem

"I liked your book on Dr. Revici so much that I am ordering two more copies in paperback from Cafe Press to give to friends that have loved ones with cancer."

Ben Griffin, a reader from Texas

Suppressed for over 60 years, this dangerously cheap cure for cancer now comes to light...

Do You Know Which Supplements
Can Shrink Your Tumor...
And Which Ones Will Grow It Faster?

(See Chapter 33)

Discover the Remarkable Genius Of Dr. Emanuel Revici
And How His Revolutionary Cure For Cancer Has Given
New Hope To Cancer Victims—Even Those With Advanced
Stage IV Cancer...

His doctor told him. But in a desperate search with just weeks to live, Dr. Robert Fishbein, M.D. found the only doctor who could save his life--but it would cost him his career...

"Genius is seeing what everyone else sees
and thinking what no one else thinks.
Revici is a genius."

Dr. Robert Fishbein, M.D.
Cured of terminal brain cancer by Dr. Revici.
(Still alive after 45 years!)

"There was Hippocrates, there was Galen,
and then there was Paracelsus.
He [Dr. Revici] is among them."

Professor Gerhard Schrauzer
Editor, Biological Element Trace Research


FROM: William "Kelley" Eidem, researcher and author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, and other books.

TO: Every person on the planet who is appalled by the cancer holocaust and "modern" medicine's failure to stop it.


Dear Fellow Human Being:

It could be the plot to a Hollywood thriller.

Medical genius discovers the cure to cancer... but greed and professional jealousies conspire to sweep it under the rug.

Sound a little far-fetched?

"Dr. Emanuel Revici is the Louis Pasteur of our time--brilliant, innovative, compassionate, and always at the vanguard of applied research."

Gary Null, Ph.D.
Author, Radio Talk-Show Host

Well, I hate to say it... but in this case, truth is stranger than fiction. The sad part is, this medical treachery worked... and for nearly 60 years!

As you'll discover in The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, key players in the medical establishment have actively suppressed Dr. Revici's work. And in the process sentenced millions of cancer victims to a preventable early grave.

I'm here to blow the whistle. But more than that... I'm here to offer hope.

If you or someone you love has cancer, you're going to thank your lucky stars you found this page... because... in an age of failed medicine, there's one cancer treatment that's had remarkable success for more than 60 years.

And you'll never hear about it from your doctor. In fact, I discovered it by pure accident! Which is why I just had to write this book.

It all started a few years ago as I was doing some research for an op-ed article I was writing for the Washington Post...

A U.S. Congressman Put Me On The Trail
Rep. Peter Defazio
Rep. Peter Defazio of Oregon was sitting across from me as I was interviewing him in his Congressional office.

He told me about a Senate hearing on alternative cancer treatments, which sounded interesting enough to dig up the transcripts and scan through them.

That's when I learned about little Issy, a four-year-old cancer patient.

Vernon Morin, Issy's father, had testified of her remarkable turn-around under the care of one Dr. Emanuel Revici. And I was so moved by her story I felt compelled to look up Vernon and interview him personally...

He told me about the flock of whitecoats who gathered around a conference table to inform him and his wife that their daughter had maybe three weeks left to live. And that she would certainly die in pain.

Dr. Revici's name was mud in the medical community. But in desperation, and against the adamant advice of their doctors, they took her to see him, and—

Issy's pain vanished within 48 hours!

What's more, she was alive and well months later, back to being a normal little girl. Her grapefruit sized tumor had shrunk down to a golf ball.

"Kelley Eidem has mastered the art of reporting the life and achievements of an extraordinary phenomenon and pioneer in cancer treatment."

Dr. A. A. Salman, PhD.

Except her battle wasn't over.

Because before she came under Dr. Revici's care, her kidneys had been ravaged from chemotherapy. You can read about what happened next in the "Prologue" to The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, which appears below.

After three emotional hours on the phone with Vernon, he gave me the number to Dr. Revici's clinic. And as I was poring over the stack of material the clinic had sent me, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks—

"This is no op-ed newspaper article... It's a whole book!"

A Cancer Miracle

In 1938-39, Dr. Revici, while working as a cancer researcher at the Pastuer Institute in Paris, reverses the cancer of the wife of an advisor to the President of France. He is offered the French Legion of Honor, which he refused. It's the first of two Legions of Honor he declined.

So for the next two years, this story would dominate my life as I researched and wrote The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. I uncovered case after case of cancer patients who were knocking on death's door but were brought back from the brink by Dr. Revici's revolutionary treatments.

Yet he'd been branded a "quack" and a "huckster" by the mainstream medical establishment.


I just had to know. Whatever it was, I knew the truth had to get out. I knew millions of lives were at stake, and if I didn't tell this story, who would?

Prologue from The Doctor Who Cures Cancer


"You requested that I look into Dr. Revici's treatment of cancer. This I did, and find it far beyond my wildest expectations.... His results are amazing..."

- Louis E. Burns, M.D., 1955

"We can cure this disease if we can get a national effort behind it."

- Sam Donaldson, ABC News, 1996

Two weeks before little Issy was taken to see Emanuel Revici, M.D., her doctors at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) had estimated she had two or three weeks left to live.

Five-hundred-thousand dollars of prior medical treatments had not cured her because a grapefruit-sized tumor pressed against the four-year-old's large intestine and liver. Meanwhile, the malignant growth had sprouted a six-foot predatory spider leg that wrapped itself around her spine. In addition, one of her chemotherapy sessions at CHOP had injured her kidneys and bladder, according to her father, Vernon Morin.

The Morins were cautioned by Issy's doctors that their daughter would probably die a painful death, although they would prescribe some narcotics to try to reduce her pain. The only "good" news they had to offer was that the end would come quickly.

Her parents would not give up, however. Two days after starting Dr. Revici's treatment, Issy's pain disappeared, so she no longer needed any pain killers. The first office visit cost less than $200. The medicine was free.

Issy spent that summer playing and swimming in the river behind her parent's home. As her treatment continued, she gained weight, began to grow, returned to preschool, and started ballet classes. Her sweet and playful disposition returned as well.

After nine months of Revici's care, Issy's grapefruit-sized tumor was smaller than a golf ball. The dangerous spider leg was dead. Where tests had previously shown 98% cancer cells in her peripheral blood, now there were none.

Meanwhile—when no one else could help Issy Morin—the state of New York yanked Dr. Revici's medical license.

Nor was Issy's battle over. The long-term effects of her kidney damage caused her to go into shock. But the people who said Issy would only last a few weeks had not referred her to a kidney specialist. Issy could overcome the cancer, but like Revici, she was no match for the medical establishment. Five months after her first coma, Issy surrendered for the last time.

Was it just luck that caused Issy's tumor to shrink so much? Why did the invasive spider leg shrivel up and go away? Well, consider that the 100-year-old Dr. Revici has had six decades of success with cancer patients who have benefited from his discoveries. Those patients were just as lucky and just as spontaneously healed as little Issy, for Dr. Revici is the doctor who cures cancer.

More than thirty years ago, Dr. John Heller, who was then the medical director of Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, privately said of Dr. Revici, "I've known him for ten years. I don't know how he does it, but people walk in dead and walk out alive." This is the story of that man and his many lucky patients, and of a medical establishment that has fought him every step of the way.

Who is Dr. Revici, what has he discovered, and why do his patients consider him to be a miracle worker? Furthermore, how did the forces of conventional medicine stop him from helping the vulnerable Issies of the world?

Perhaps more importantly, what do Revici's discoveries mean for the future of cancer treatment and other conditions, such as AIDS and drug addiction, and how can we personally benefit from his work? The answers to those questions—and more—start with an exploding ambulance.


The Tyranny Of Established Medicine—
Why Your Doctor Will Never Say "Revici"

Since 1949, Dr. Revici's cancer treatments have been available in the United States. Yet established medicine has not only turned their nose up at it. They've actively sought to suppress it...

...despite the truly remarkable results, which you'll read about in my book. (More on this later.)

It makes my blood boil every time I think about it.

And as you discover more about Dr. Revici's breakthroughs, you'll also become mad as hell that you've never heard about this before... especially if someone close to you has been a victim.

But before you take it out on your doctor, there's something you need to know...

Your doctor is most likely a good, caring person. And he's probably so busy caring for his patients that he has precious little time to devote to researching new or alternative treatments.

"Dr. Revici's work is an excellent example of advances in medicine that are far beyond the scope of orthodox medicine."

Robert Atkins, M.D.
Author of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution

So he relies heavily on industry publications like the Journal of the American Medical Association to keep him informed.

If it doesn't appear in a mainstream medical journal, then your doctor probably doesn't know about it. And whatever is published in one of these journals is generally accepted as reliable. (A clue as to how Revici was so easily sidelined by the medical elite.)

Not only that, but doctors are actively discouraged from "rocking the boat" and straying too far from 'established' medical treatments.

There's tremendous pressure from medical review boards—not to mention potential malpractice lawsuits—for doctors to just toe the line and stick to program... no matter what they might personally think.

And in many states, if a doctor recommends anything other than the established medical "treatments"—particularly for cancer—he can actually lose his license!

The lesson here?

If you're trusting in the medical establishment to save you from cancer, you're likely headed for an early grave. Because your doctor just isn't free to tell you about Revici's method... even on the off chance he knows the straight facts about it.

But the good news is, as a free American citizen, you're entitled to choose your own therapy. And in The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, you'll discover a proven therapy that has been quietly performing cancer miracles for over 60 years!

The difference between Dr. Revici's method and the mistreatments that are currently in vogue is like night and day...

Precious Little Progress In 60 Years—
Shocking Facts About Cancer And Its "Treatment"

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 1 out of every 2 people will fall victim to cancer at some point in their life.

"We had a conversation with a couple outside the office. They were both members of Mensa, the club for people with extremely high I.Q.'s. They said Dr. Revici had taken the test, but his score was too high to be accurately measured."

Allan Hamilton

If it's not you, look around. It will be someone close to you.

Your chances of surviving another five years after initial diagnosis are about 65%—just slightly better than a coin toss.

Although there have been improvements over the decades, they've been mostly along the lines of early detection rather than any great strides in treatment.

Dr. Seymour Brenner, M.D., FACR, a highly respected board-certified cancer specialist—and former head of the largest private radiation oncology center in the U.S.—writes in the foreword to The Doctor Who Cures Cancer...

"I have fought at the front lines in the war against cancer all my professional life. During my long tenure of battling cancer for my patients, I gradually became rather frustrated and unhappy with the little progress that has been made in the treatment of this disease.

"After more than forty years of seeing almost no breakthroughs on the medical front, it became painful seeing my patients every day, knowing that most of them had very little chance for a cure."

If someone you love has battled cancer, you know all too well the horrible side effects of the established cancer "treatments..."
Vomiting Nausea Explosive diarrhea Constipation Severe pain Fatigue Hair-loss Anemia Immune suppression Infection Blood clotting Reproductive damage Nerve and muscle damage Kidney damage Damage to healthy cells, tissues, and organs... Even death!

Another Cancer Miracle

During World War II, Revici successfully treats the cancer of the wife of the Soviet Ambassador to Mexico. He is offered the Stalin Decoration and $50,000. He turns them both down.

And that's just to name a few. The fact is—

It's an OUTRAGE—
Chemo Drugs and Radiation are POISON!

It really chaps my hide that these mistreatments were ever approved for widespread use in the first place. It's a crime against humanity!

Consider this...

The September 1993 edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute of NIH reported that a major study, which included just about every type of cancer, determined that chemotherapy provided a "durable response" in just 3% of all cases. Another 4% of the patients in the study were found to have a "significantly long survival period."

In other words, only about 7%—less than 1 in 10—of all patients who undergo chemotherapy actually get much benefit out of it.

It's a roll of the dice! That's a lot of hair loss, vomiting, and death for such long odds, don't you think?

Why is it, then, that the medical establishment—after more than 60 years—still dogmatically adheres to these expensive and dangerous "treatments"?

Consider all the breakthroughs in other disciplines throughout the years. Just look at how far science and technology has come over the last six decades!

But these recommended cancer "treatments" are 60 years old and counting. Very little change. Precious little progress.

Maybe it's the way the entire medical establishment is set up to protect the status quo...

'Beneficial Potential'

Revici's entry into the U.S. was facilitated by Sumner Welles, a former aid to President Roosevelt, in recognition for his work with the French Resistance and the beneficial potential of his cancer therapies.

...or the fact that the drug companies have their tentacles so deep in established medicine, that doctors get nearly all of their education on drug therapies from the drug companies themselves.

(Can you really trust a 'tonic and snake oil' peddler to disclose all the facts? Just remember the Vioxx fiasco.)

Make no mistake about it. Cancer is big business. And all those tonic-peddling fat cats are dining on your wallet at the expense of your life.

This unholy marriage between the pharmaceutical behemoths and the medical establishment is the classic wolf in sheep's clothing. They've succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public. But all the while, they've been committing highway robbery—not to mention mass murder—and getting away with it scot-free.

I could go on, and on, and ON. The simple truth is, the medical establishment has failed.

They've failed to end cancer. They've failed the American public. And they've failed you and your loved ones.

Chemo and radiation are for the birds. But there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Let me show you...


Outside The Medical Mainstream,
Dr. Emanuel Revici Was 'Quietly' Performing
Unheard-Of Cancer Miracles

Before chemotherapy and radiation became the standard, Dr. Revici was already making massive inroads into fighting cancer. He had developed effective treatments for reversing tumors, even in Stage IV cancer patients!

Consider the story of Melinda, who in 1948 was a fifteen-month-old girl with cancer of the bowel. It had spread to her lymph nodes, and she was given just two months to live.

But under Dr. Revici's care—and without surgery, chemo, or radiation—her tumor disappeared and she was alive and well seven years later!

Or Francis, who contracted cancer of the tongue in 1942. This type of cancer is typically exquisitely painful and must be removed by surgery.

But without surgery and with Dr. Revici's method, the lesion vanished with no recurrence for at least 13 years!

Dr. Brenner—who we introduced earlier—examined many of Dr. Revici's records. He reported...

"[Revici] has cured many people who were otherwise considered incurable... It is my professional opinion that his medicines have worked for many of the patients whose records I have examined."

"I've seen the case reports. I agree with what Dr. Brenner says."

Rudy Falk, M.D.
Director of Surgical Oncology
Toronto General Hospital
In a 1988 sworn testimony

Not only that, his medicines have little to no side effects. What a stark contrast to chemo and radiation!

"Every patient in this institution is free of, or practically free of, pain without the use of narcotics... This ability to relieve intractable pain is a great contribution."

C. A. Calhoun. M.D.

So why hasn't Dr. Revici's treatments been more widely accepted?

"When Dr. Revici was running Trafalgar Hospital in New York, they had a problem with getting some of the patients to take their medicine. The treatments were totally free to the patients with all the expenses paid for by donations from wealthy benefactors. To get the patients to use the medicine they had to start charging them five dollars. It worked."

Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D.

Perhaps much of it has to do with the fact that his ideas were just too radical—too far ahead of their time—to be easily accepted, despite his results.

But whatever the reason, as you read The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, you'll discover specific examples of deliberate sabotage of Dr. Revici's career by prominent members of the mainstream medical community.

The devastating effects of this sabotage destroyed any chances of Dr. Revici ever securing mainstream support in his lifetime.

And because of it, the medical establishment has condemned millions of American citizens to death from a curable disease... while the established "cure" often kills before the cancer even has a chance to finish its work!

But this wouldn't be the first time the medical establishment dogmatically adhered to bad medicine. Consider the story of another medical scientist who struggled against the common "wisdom" of the day...

A History Of Bad Medicine
And The Semmelweis of Our Time...

Dr. Ignac Semmelweis
In the nineteenth century, it was common for young women to die after giving birth. It was called "childbed fever."

It was also quite common for doctors to go straight to the maternity ward after performing autopsies without washing their hands.

No one seemed to make the connection... at least until 1847, when a Hungarian physician by the name of Ignac Semmelweis discovered that by simply washing his hands before assisting in childbirth, he could dramatically reduce the occurrence of childbed fever.

He meticulously collected data over several years from three different clinics where he instituted a hand washing policy.

The numbers told the story.

Occurrences of childbed fever plummeted and death rates dropped dramatically.

But his contemporaries refused to accept his idea because it went against the currently accepted theory of the day. Disease was caused by an "imbalance of the four humours." It was treated by blood-letting and purging of the bowels.

"[Revici is] a man who is years ahead of his time--laying the foundation for twenty-first century medicine."

Barry Sears, Ph.D.
Author of The Zone
Pioneer in developing drug delivery systems for cancer and heart patients.

It could not be caused by small particles transported on the hands after working with a corpse.

Consequently, he was ridiculed and ostracized by the medical community. He eventually died in an insane asylum, railing against all the "murderers" who refused to wash their hands before delivering babies.

He had a point.

It wasn't until decades later that Louis Pasteur's germ theory of disease—also very controversial when announced—began to be widely accepted.  

Imagine how many lives could have been saved if doctors would have just given Semmelweis' idea fair consideration. If they would have just tested his idea and seen for themselves the dramatic results!

What if medicine would have made the leap to the germ theory of disease decades earlier?

Perhaps we'd be light-years ahead of where we are today.

The Semmelweis Reflex Strikes Again

Witch Hunt

In 1949, The Journal of the American Medical Association publishes an article spewing bald-faced lies about Revici, claiming his method is ineffective in treating cancer. A later FBI investigation proves the article false, but the damage is already done. It's only the first of a long series of deliberate sabotage by the medical establishment which would plague Revici for the rest of his life.

According to Wikipedia, a "Semmelweis Reflex" is the "dismissing or rejecting out of hand any information, automatically, without thought, inspection, or experiment."

That describes exactly the kind of reaction Revici's name often garners in the medical community—even to this day. Like Semmelweis, his ideas challenge the currently accepted dogma.

It doesn't seem to matter he was curing cancer patients left and right.

The medical elite has fought tooth and nail to suppress Dr. Revici's work.

To illustrate the "witch-hunt" against anything or anyone associated with Revici, consider this story from Sam A. Abady, Dr. Revici's attorney...

Abady was interviewing a doctor who had secretly been performing his own research on Revici's method at Sloan-Kettering after hours. The doctor told him it showed very promising results. But when Abady asked him to testify in Revici's behalf, he refused.

So Abady told him he'd have to subpoena him.

But then (according to Abady)...

"The doctor burst into tears and begged me not to make him do that. He said he had a family, and that he could lose everything when the people at Sloan-Kettering found out about it. The doctor was beside himself. I told him I really needed for him to come forward, not so much to testify regarding the results but to testify about the punitive climate that existed at the hospital regarding anything to do with Revici... The doctor's testimony had the potential to show clearly that Dr. Revici's method was not being given fair consideration by the mainstream medical community."

Despite the clear benefit to Revici to have this doctor's testimony, Revici decided not to have him subpoenaed. He didn't want to risk someone else's professional future.


Just Who Was Dr. Emanuel Revici?
The Incredible Story Of A
Remarkable Medical Researcher
Dr. Emanuel Revici, M.D.
To do it right, a proper Revici biography would span several volumes. He was born in Romania in 1896 and lived to be 101 years old!

Most who knew him considered him a towering genius. Even Albert Einstein was reported to have referred to him as the "greatest mind he'd ever come across in his lifetime." (See p. 20, 80-81.)

His career began in World War I, while serving as the youngest lieutenant to be in command of a medical brigade and winning a medal for bravery...

...to graduating top of his class at the University of Bucharest, and becoming the youngest to ever serve on the Faculty of Medicine...

...to his early cancer research at major medical centers throughout Europe, including the prestigious Pasteur Institute...

...to his remarkable early successes in battling cancer while living in Paris in the late 1930s...

...to his harrowing escape from the Nazis, who were after him because of his medical aid to the French Resistance...

...to setting up a new cancer research clinic in Mexico City for the duration of the war where he had many of his early successes...

...to his eventual move to New York City, where he founded his second cancer research institute. (Part I of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer tells only the highlights of his colorful life.)

"His lifework is a rich vein of gold waiting to be mined."

Dwight L. McKee, M.D.

"Revici is a fountain of ideas that could keep an entire graduating medical class busy for the rest of their lives."

Arnold Cronk, M.D.
Former Sr. Medical Scientist
Johnson & Johnson

Throughout his 74-year career, Revici's entire focus was on cancer research. Although many of his discoveries had profound implications in other areas of medical and scientific disciplines, as well.

One notable scientist counted 113 new scientific discoveries and at least 7 or 8 that could have won him the Nobel Prize had he better connections and more mainstream support. (You'll learn more about his amazing discoveries in Part II of the book.)

Revici slept only 2-3 hours a night, and for his entire career was a doctor by day and medical researcher by night—except for a five year period in the 90s when the medical establishment finally succeeded in suspending his license.

He was a brilliant scientist. But it didn't stop him from caring for his patients... As Dr. Lawrence LeShan, Ph. D, put it...

"I have never seen a more dedicated physician. I have never known before a physician who told every charge nurse in the hospital that if he was needed at any time, by any patient, he should be called and, to my personal knowledge, if he was called at two, three or four in the morning, he was always there within twenty minutes."

In Part III, you'll hear more about Dr. Revici's patients and their incredible stories.

"Dr. Revici heard about a patient who was too sick to come and see him. He paid the man a house call, walking up five flights of stairs. Revici was ninety-three [years old]."

Marcus Cohen
Revici historian

It's a crying shame that the "Semmelweis Reflex" chose such a gentle and caring victim as Dr. Emanual Revici.

Be forewarned...

As you read Part IV, you'll become enraged over the deliberate sabotage of Dr. Revici's name and career by a few devious members of the medical establishment who fought tooth and nail to suppress him.

But the real tragedy isn't what Dr. Revici endured.

It's that millions of Americans to this day still suffer and die needlessly, while the cure to cancer—first discovered in the late 1930s by this towering medical genius—was sidelined by the medical elite and relegated to "alternative" therapy, where it was actively persecuted.

Sadly, Dr. Revici died an overlooked and forgotten genius. But his legacy of healing lives on. In Part V of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, you'll discover more about the practical applications of Dr. Revici's research and how it can help you successfully battle cancer and other common diseases...

Plus, when you order I'll also reveal exactly where you can be treated with the Revici method.

Yes... Revici's healing legacy lives on and his method is still saving lives to this day!


He Was Called A "Quack," Branded A "Huckster,"
And Black-Balled By The Medical Establishment.
But When You See The Cancer Miracles He Performed...

"When I first started practicing I never charged. But some of the patients told me they couldn't come to see me because of it. So I had to charge them, so they could get care."

Dr. Emanuel Revici
In a personal interview

Regardless of what the mainstream medical establishment says about him, the real test of Revici's cancer treatments is in the results.

Despite the continued "Semmelweis Reflex" of the medical establishment, his method continues to perform unheard of cancer miracles.

In The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, you'll become absorbed in the incredible stories of patients who overcame all odds under Revici's care... even a mainstream Harvard-educated—but desperate—doctor who was cured of terminal brain cancer!

Take a look at what a few eminent (and brave) medical professionals have said about Dr. Revici...

"...I know of no conventional oncologist who can match his results."

Patrick M. McGrady Jr.
From "The Cancer Patient's Quandary"
The Newsday Magazine

"I've known him for 10 years. I don't know how he does it, but people walk in dead and walk out alive."

John Heller, M.D.
Former Medical Director of Sloan-Kettering
In a private statement.

"His results are amazing... They include cancer of the breast, prostate, skin cancer, melanoma--the highly malignant type that always kills - lung and bone cancer, the majority of these showing signs of retrogression. What a happy group of patients, too... I must say it is the first time we have had a sound chemical aproach or treatment for this dread disease."

Louis E. Burns, M.D.

"The results obtained in the most hopeless of cases were always the amelioration of pain, and quite often the progressive disappearance of large tumors. His research must be continued and fostered, and may change the therapy of tumors completely."

Dr. Chifoliau
Honored Member of Hospitals of Paris
  & Member of the French Academy of Surgery

"I forgot how much pain there is. I was absolutely shocked by the amount of pain that was there at a very good research hospital. They were screaming in the halls. They were lying on the floor tearing up sheets. With Revici, which were really all terminal cases, there was really very little pain."

                                    Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D.
Author, Cancer As A Turning Point
Comparing Walter Reed Hospital with Revici's Trafalgar Hospital

"I tracked down over 200 of Dr. Revici's cases. I studied this man's work for 15 years. I refused to write an article about him for ten years until I had absolute proof from my own investigation that [these] patients had cancer... it was his treatment that put them into remission, and they were alive and well ten years later."

Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D.
Prolific Author & Radio Talk Show Host
In a 1988 Congressional testimony

See For Yourself—
Cancer-Eaten Bones Restored Within Months!
X-ray images of an anonymous Revici patient who was cured of cancer within months.
December 1948
April 1949

"When you see the x-rays of bones eaten away by cancer and then returning to normal, how can one but believe? I hope we can get more medical people to see the light and put his treatment into practice."

Louis E. Burns, M.D., 1955

"It's not alternative medicine;
it's real medicine."

—Caroline Stamu, M.D.


Yes, There Is Hope For Cancer Sufferers

The handwriting is on the wall for the pharmaceutical industry's tight-fisted grip on cancer treatment. This flagrant profiteering at the expense of cancer victims will come to an end.

Because Dr. Revici's breakthroughs give us a glimpse at the future of medicine. It may take a few more decades before mainstream medicine catches on. But it's only a matter of time. And the clock is ticking.

Remember, Semmelweis was eventually exonerated... but only after Pasteur came along.

Fortunately for you, you won't have to wait for another Pasteur...

Because in The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, you'll learn all about Revici's revolutionary treatments and where you can get them.

A glimpse at what you will discover...
The surprising link between pH and a whole host of diseases—including cancer—that doctors still fail to recognize and test for. (Chapter 3)

Specific tests you can have your doctor perform to determine precisely whether you have an imbalance that can lead to cancer... and where that imbalance is located. (Chapter 33)

PLUS... 22 other ways to identify if you have a pH imbalance—including a 15-second breathing technique—that you can safely perform in the comfort of your own home. (Chapter 33)

What potassium levels in the blood serum can reveal about your cancer "pain pattern." (p. 37)

When surgery should be the absolute last thing you consider... and why it can actually cause your cancer to metastasize (spread to other parts of the body). (pp. 39-41)

Why radiation treatments are rarely effective, and can actually activate previously undiscovered metastases. (p. 40.)

Two classes of organic molecules with the power to eliminate cancer pain within a few minutes, and begin shrinking tumors in a matter of days or weeks. (p. 45)

The case of a cancer-eaten 74-year old woman who was hanging on to dear life by a slender thread. Yet, she lived another nine years until she died of... well... a heart attack. (p. 47) Plus dozens of other case histories and stories of cancer-cured patients.

The revolutionary—and heretical—theory of biology proposed by Dr. Revici which even allowed him to develop effective anti-viral drugs with the ability to control AIDS, Ebola, and other viral diseases. (Chapter 5 & 7)

A remarkably effective treatment for radiation burns—still rarely used—that twice had the U.S. Navy actively recruiting Dr. Revici to join their nuclear weapons program. (He refused both times.) (pp. 75-76)

The Revici drug—available only in German pharmacies—that successfully treats a whole host of conditions (including trauma-induced shock) with no apparent side effects.

How Revici's treatments have implications for Arthritis (pp. 112, 322), Heart Disease (p. 111), Migraines (pp. 111, 322), Alzheimer's Disease (p. 112), Viral Infections (Chapters 5 & 7), Drug Addiction (Chapter 9), Alcoholism (Chapter 9), Herpes (p. 112), AIDS (pp. 83-92, 147-154), some forms of Childhood Retardation (p. 112-113), Schizophrenia (pp. 98-99), and other diseases.

Why certain drugs and supplements can shrink a tumor... and others can grow it faster. You'll discover how to analyize your cancer "pain pattern," and identify which substances to take and which to avoid. (Chapter 33)

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Joshua Aaron Stanley
Los Angeles, CA

"I have just recently finished your book, and am about to read it again. I am a cancer survivor (breast cancer) for almost 8 years now, and have read dozens of books on the subjects of curing and preventing cancer, not to mention a more than fair amount of internet research. I had surgery, but refused chemo or radiation.

"This is the most amazing book I have read on the subject, well worth the money. I have forwarded your info on the book to all my family and friends, and I have left a comment on your blog. You did an incredible job on this book, and I thank you for writing it."

Maureen Goldstein
Massapequa Park, NY

"This is the best money I have spent in a long time. My husband is a stroke patient who has dementia and aphasia. He has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Unfortunately, he does not really know what is going on but does know he won't take any more tests.

"I am so impressed with what I have read and looked through in the book that I am taking it to my husband's doctor as soon as I am finished. I'm hoping the doctor will be able to use the book to help my husband."

Jackie Botteron
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"I have many cancer books, but your book stands out as one of the very best! I wish you much luck on your continued path of introducing Dr. Revici's method to the world!! More people need to know about it!!"

Huyen Duong
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Yes! I wish to order a digital copy of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, and discover more about the remarkable life and accomplishments of Dr. Emanuel Revici... and what they mean for everyone battling cancer now and in the future.

I understand I have 60 days (2 full months) to review the book and soak in the information. If I'm not satisfied for any reason, I'm entitled to a complete refund of every penny paid.

Today's Price: $27

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